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Found 6 results

  1. Bring back the 10 vs 90 zombie mode, or whatever the right balance may be. Not sure if console could handle that many people on screen at once. Also need a ranking system. Bronze silver gold diamond etc. I feel PUBG needs a system you can grind for. When you die or kill somebody, let us know what rank they are. Good or bad? Exclusive clothing items to represent your ranking, jackets, shirts, hats, shoes etc. give us more. However, performance comes first lol
  2. Earlier today when FPP launched I was questioning the choices that were made, as I thought all of the changes were intentional. Not being able to see teammate location? No team markers? When you die, your teammate freezes? I really thought it was a little too hardcore. But after two matches, me and the 3 different people I queued with all agreed, THIS GAME JUST GOT A MILLION TIMES BETTER. Without knowing where your teammate was by some HUD, you had to constantly communicate. Constantly on edge, always looking around and using coordinates, and having to communicate what you got so you know what your teammate looks like were things I had no idea what I wanted. Your teammate's death meant your death, you had to work together. After that first few games in this new glitched mode, I was hooked. I didn't stop playing unless it was essential. But then it happened. I got into a game and I saw the HUD back. I saw where my teammate was, I saw their tag, I saw their markers, and man, I was really upset. When I died and my teammate was still just running around it really hit me hard. I queued another game and verified it was the right setting, and I shed a tear. I was truly upset. It was like someone handed me a new PC and took it a few hours later with a Xbox 360 in it's place. I would really hope that enough of this community experienced what I went through today and feels the same way, as I need this gamemode back. Not many games manage to make me feel the level of adrenaline and pure addiction this gamemode managed to make me feel. Please spread this topic to others who feel similar to promote awareness, we need this back
  3. This would be something after early access stages. When the time has come and the devs are relieved, we could focus on suggestions even more to create certain events. Examples: We discuss about new gamemodes, which could be Zombie/Horde mode on Halloween for example. Where a squad of survivors has to win against 96 Zombies which have deadly claws and run a bit faster than them. Or car races stuffed with fully equiped co-drivers, which not only have to tell the driver where the next checkpoint is but also make sure they manage to win the race by killing other participants. This way we could bring some more diversity to the game which can also stay as additional game modes if a lot of people like it. There could be rewards implemented the same way as the current state battle royale offers as well. Such as like specific Crates with skins too. Tore up clothing for the Halloween crates or racing clothes for the checkpoing mode. I am 100% sure that these things can lead to more fun if not overdone and set a new basis for custom servers as well. What do you think? Also when the assets are free to access, individual map designers could invest time to create maps or even form a team to decide what should exist in the maps. Once they are done, they send in the files to the steam community workshops and if they are interesting enough, they could be hosted for testing. When every single bug has been found it could also be taken to the official map pool.
  4. New Game Mode Ideas.....

    I loved that I heard several new maps are being worked on and that they will all be different sizes. I have some ideas for new game modes as well. Checkpoint: Checkpoint consists of instead of a single large ever shrinking circle (or bubble as I prefer to call it), there would be several smaller spots on the map, maybe 7 or 8ish to start off with. Players must go to one of these check points to "Check In". Once they do, they are free to leave and travel until the time hits "0" then more check points are randomly picked but maybe only 6 now. Then 5, then 4, then 3, then 2, then perhaps a single circle is generated and players must be in the circle and fight just like it is now. Perhaps for each check point you hit, you are awarded with an item of something that relates to your inventory. Perhaps additional ammo, or an accessory for a weapon, or better leveled gear. For each check point you hit within the time limit, perhaps you get more or even better random drops. This would promote people to hit various checkpoints, keep moving. That being said it could also lead to people setting up traps and perhaps camping check points. What do you think community? Yea or Nah?
  5. New Gamemodes Poll

    Let's tell the developers of Bluehole how many of us would like to see more gamemodes added to PLAYERUNKOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS.
  6. Leave any gamemode ideas you have here! and who knows maybe Bluehole will add one of them to the game.