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Found 141 results

  1. Hey guys, it would be nice when something like a repair tool would be implemented into the game. Something like a med kit just for vehicles. You can use it whenever a vehicle gets damage and the drop rate is like the same of the gas can. It would help the whole game to be kinda faster and more exciting. Greets Ventom
  2. Enemy spotted feature

    For duo or squad games a "pointing function" would be realy nice and helpful and according to reality to. I mean if some stands beside me, ich can show him a direction with my arm/finger. Something like that would be realy helpful. Some examples of implementation: - while u press the "pointing" button an angle shrinking transparent cone appears - the longer u hold the button, the smaller the angle of the cone gets(the finer the cone gets; the more pointy the cone gets) - the more u are away from the player who points at something, the more transparent the cone gets - Ofc only teammates can see the cone - when u stop holding the button, the cone fades away over few seconds - u cant shoot while pointing Sens of this function: - u can show your near teammates a direction very fast - u can show them an percise direction or point the longer u show them this direction
  3. Doors

    Some times when playing the game when the doors are opened they play their animation and audio file but the collision mesh remains behind causing you to need to hit your key to reopen the door twice as the first time it closes then you can open it. this gives the opportunity for anyone hiding in the house to know when someone will be entering and get set up for an ambush. It also makes whoever is trying to open the door stand out in the open the entire time this is happening.
  4. Hello! My suggestion for the Map would be more customization in order to fit everyones personal strategy and gameplay. By adding a drawing tool to the map similar to the one in Arma 3, it would allow the player to play much more planned and logical. I see it as PUBG is not a game, in which you blindly run around, looking for enemies. It´s a tactical shooter, where the right strategy and forward thinking helps to get the much disired chicken dinner! Different markers for different objectives would simplify the squad communication immensly. "Marker skull enemy, North 400 meters!" "Loot Marker X then proceed to marker Y" I hope many Players feel the same way Greetz Schnickk
  5. Blocked Indicator

    When you're ads behind cover is there a way to know if you're going to hit the thing in front of you. I have no idea if I am going to hit the cover in front of me. I've been told that bullets spawn from the barrel and not the sight and you can't always tell where the barrel is while ads. If you can see someone from cover but can't shoot them from cover it defeats the point of cover you shouldn't have to lean every time you are behind cover. I can't think of a way of fixing it without changing where the bullets spawns from, but i'm sure it's past that point.
  6. I have played PUBG for roughly 300 hours now and one of the main things that i get frustrated at is when i land in an area like Gatka or any farm lands with a large field i seem to be running from the blue with no vehicles in sight. I suggest that there be a new vehicles like maybe a dirt bike or perhaps horses in the farm lands. I really support horses since they could be a less noisy way for travel and they would fit in with the surrounding farms and fields. i'm not saying to make them spawn in the military base or even in large cities but for them to spawn in the areas that seem to never spawn a vehicle. if none of my suggestions thus far sound good then i suggest at lease increasing the spawn rate of the motorcycles that are already in game in the fields.
  7. SPECS: Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2901 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM 4GB AMD Radeon™ R7 M445 Graphics I'm not too familiar with computers but I think these are all the needed specs I need to provide. I get about 25-30 fps on average on all very low settings and it's playable for sure but I know it is subpar. What part of my laptop is hindering my in-game performance? Any answers are appreciated thanks. If there is any tips you have or know any pieces of hardware I could buy to upgrade that would be cool too. Here is a link to the exact laptop. https://m.costco.com/Dell-Inspiron-15-5000-Series-Touchscreen-Laptop---Intel-Core-i7---4GB-AMD-Graphics---1080p-.product.100310726.html
  8. Pushable Vehicles

    tl;dr: Vehicles should be pushable forward by multiple players for fun tactics In general, vehicles can be used as a cheap cover in fields, but also, it would be fun if cars could be pushed forward, as movable cover or pushed down a hill for an ambush or as a trap, so you don't actually have to be in the car and jumping out when it's fast enough. This is probably only interesting for squad players, but it would be fun to watch people play around with that option.
  9. Хоть и в ПАБГ мало крутых спусков, но они есть. Есть предложение добавить в игру тактическую кошку. Допустим ситуацию, вы находитесь на трехэтажке и у вас мало ХП, а по лестнице к вам поднимается сквад. Вы точно уверены, что после падения с крыши здания, вы погибните. На помощь приходит тактическая кошка. Так же подобная ситуация, вы находитесь на краю обрыва, вас атакует сквад, вы используете тактическую кошку и благополучно спускаетесь в низ избегая гибели.
  10. While in that circle ( I didn't have time to really check the rest of the town ) me and my other teammates couldn't tilt our head. At that red line it re-enables and I can start tilting my head, also I get like a micro second of fps drop whenever I cross the line repeatedly ( might just be my pc though) I have only tested this in one game so I'm not sure if this was a reacquiring bug. Kind of a weird one.
  11. I swear, wonky vehicle physics are my number 1 nemesis are the biggest cause of ruined games. Having played with it myself, I feel the issue stems largely from it takes to long for gravity to start taking effect, causing parts of cars to remain raised for much longer than is realistic, causing even minor bumps to do horrendous things to your car. I am no expert, but either way, this NEEDS to be looked at soon.
  12. После просмотра видео у меня в голове засела мысль о том , что было бы неплохо создать механизм в игре позволяющий преодолевать более высокие препятствия или те которые одному в принципе не преодолеть, за счет взаимодействия двух или более человек. Например забраться на контейнер/гараж/балкон с помощью своего тиммейта. Или быстрее преодолеть высокий забор , быстрее чем одному. Естественно чтобы это сопровождалось соответствующей анимацией. Мне кажется это бы позволило более полно реализовать преимущество игры в команде, появилось больше вариантов развития событий. Хотя наверное игра от этого стала менее предсказуемой и не всем это понравиться. Но это добавило бы немного реалистичности , который тут многим не хватает. Могу предположить, что не я один об этом подумал и кто то на англоязычном форуме уже писал об этом , но я не вкурсе.
  13. Description: In matches where my hardware was specifically overwhelmed with the game (typically the first couple of matches after launching the game) I wasn't able to move my camera in any direction, but left or right. Whenever I experience performance issues, I lay down directly after landing on the ground. That is because my hardware often has problems loading the map and so I need to wait for the buildings to load and the lags to stop. In some cases when the gae started running relatively smoothly and I stood up, I couldn't move my camera up, down or diagonally. However, this bug was only active when third-person mode was activated. Date seen: August, 10-11 2017 Server: I was NOT playing on the Test server and I played in the EU region. Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried tabbing in and out of the game as well as switching the camera-mode. First-person was always fine, third-person wasn't. Launch options: I use the the following launch options to tackle my performance issues: -sm4 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=8000 -force-feature-level-11-0 -high +mat_antialias 0 window +Vt_maxPPF=8 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version (10.0 Build 14393) Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce 840M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.0GHz RAM: 8192MB
  14. UAZ horn bug

    I was driving a UAZ with a passenger in the vehicle. I was holding down the horn when I was downed by an enemy team member. My teammate riding with me pressed Ctrl+1 to start driving. He exited the vehicle later on and heard the horn continually sounding with no one in the car. No one else on my team could hear the horn except for him.
  15. IMHO the endgame is too fast and based on luck - whoever is lucky and new circle is generated over him, he has like 90% chance to win.. By endgame I mean last 10 players alive, when it's more about waiting and sneaking, instead of rushing.. I would enjoy this part of game, if there would be more time, like 4 minutes for one circle, so we can tactize a little bit and sneak to the circle without being spotted by the camped guys, who were lucky and they don't need to move and just hunting others outside the new circle.. I'm always trying to smoke the area or somehow rush without being in aim of others, but it's more like YOLO gameplay, then strategy/tactic in it.. Those 4 minutes are just a suggestion, not based on any research, it would need some kind of testing & tweaking until it will be ideal.. Not too short but also not too long, cuz there should always persist the hopeless feeling of rush.. I don't think this would be gamechanging, but I'm sure there will be plenty of players complaining, because it won't be so easy to win a round with a bit of luck as it is in currect state..
  16. Placed #2 while being the only one alive.

    While playing in singles, it was down to the final 2 people in the final circle. Once the last shrink happened (where there is no safe place) I stood in the area it was shrinking to, being the last to be hit and surely the last to be alive. Normally I would of placed the victor of the match, however, there was no other player in the area. I was placed as #2, but I was the only person left in the game. Unless someone else was exploiting a new glitch, I believe the counter was bugged.
  17. I was wondering if people think the same. My idea is that in the warmup island the blend between shooting and running/freezing and spawn in plane is quite lame. I would keep all that as it is but when the timer sets on zero the screen fades into a blackscreen instantly, with a closing door/ramp sound similar to this Shortly after, when you spawned in the plane the sound and the screen fades in slowly.
  18. Reconnecting to Game, Camera Issue

    Date Seen:Thursday the 10th of April before the weekly patch, Still able to replicate after patch. Server: Live server Error Message: No error message but a crash and reconnect to replicate. Other Information: Muted sounds in lobby before the i was able to move to force the crash (which i suppose is a bug on its own). Reload into the game with the plane flying, plane has no sound until I AFK jump from it. I can't jump from the plan until i'm kicked AFK. When i land my mouse controls movement controls don't work properly. You can see in the video the movement and aiming only works properly in 1st person Troubleshooting Attempted: None Launch Options: Nil launch options System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 CPU: i7 7700 Ram: 16GB Video link to help you guys narrow it down and understand what I am trying to explain.
  19. Nade hold problems

    All right, so I was playing duos with my friend today and he got killed early on. I managed to make it to #11 but died because of my own frag. How? I threw the first frag from a third floor towards a door on a house where some guys were hiding. I crouched when I had the second frag and when I got ready to throw it, it wouldn't let me stand up, so it bounced back at me and killed me.
  20. Hi,Dear Staff in PUBG. I am a College student in China,people and friends around me are almost all playing PUBG,i think this game give each of us happy and pasion.So i want to apply for a custom server,to invite more gamers to join it,not only my friends,but also everyone i knew. I want use this server to hold friendly matches in my university(you know there are a lot of gamers in china). One of my friends is a Game anchor,he has at least 300+audience,I think if you agree to my little request,this server can also help to advertise PUBG game,this is only my opinion.so i want you to think over and over again.Thank you please~ P.S. my STEAM account is : 953564581 You can reply to me at 3251362399@qq.com You've been working hard.Thank you again!
  21. Recently I was just in a game, and I was shooting at a player in the water. at first he was fully submerged and I couldn't hit him, so then I was like "Oh the bullets must be doing that thing that bullets do in real life. Thats pretty cool." so then i waited for him to swim up to the surface of the water, so I could shoot the parts of him that were not underwater, but to my suprise as i shot him he would not take any hits, no blood, no moans, no nothing. it was like the hit box wasn't even there. Anyway the fight ended with me waiting for him to get out of the water. He pops out, shoots me, gets back in, as i shoot him, then pops back up and puts two more in me and i die. Anyway that is why I am vex'd at this game right now and I would like to know if this is a bug, or if you are invincible underwater.
  22. Hold F to attach to weapon

    I am not sure if this has been posted before but I read this suggestion on Reddit and tought this qould be a QoL game mechanic. So instead of picking up the attachment and having to og into your Inventory and dragging it/ rightclick for it to attach to your weapon, we should be able to just hold F and it would automatically attach to your main weapon, or if this weapon isn't eligible it goes to the next weapon that is.
  23. Hello, I am using a Logitech G300s mouse with the ASUS Republic Of Gaming laptop to play the game. I don't know what happened or what caused this huge uncalibrated mouse only with-in the game. As seen by the pictures and video attached to help show what I mean, I know I explained it terribly, the mouse has to be so far away from what I want to click. This is also while in the inventory and searching piles, this has gotten me killed because I grabbed the wrong thing while trying to quickly grab a gun, and the difference made me grab something else. PLEASE HELP ME FIX IF YOU KNOW HOW TO. I love this game already but it is difficult to play because of this since frustration builds from getting killed because of it.
  24. Awful FPS

    Okay, so before I begin I am just going to list my CPU and GPU: CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six Core Processor 3.4GHz. GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. So I used to suffer with bad FPS when I had my old CPU which was AMD A6 6600K APU Dual Core 3.6GHz, I used to get 25-30 FPS. So I decided to replace it with the above one (Had to get a new motherboard for the correct CPU socket and up-to-date RAM) so that my performance would be better on the game but I still get the same FPS except sometimes it range from 25-40, not much of a boost in FPS? I have tried all the recommended 3D settings that people have been doing with NVIDIA GPU's and also the different launch settings through steam that you can do but nothing seems to want to change or get better? Is there a hero out there that can help solve my problem in the slightest?
  25. I can see through huge chunk of stone

    Soooo these are my screenshoted pictures directly from steam. And for some reason, when I was hiding behind a stone I can see through it. Devs I hope you guys can fix this, because these types of bugs/glitch can definetely change the outcome of the game. Ofcourse, I got killed because hinding behind a rock is just too obvious , anyway sorry for the low quality of the pictures as I can barely run the game on a consistent 30 fps .