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Found 6 results

  1. Brown Ghillie Suit on Miramar

    Please change ghillie suit color to brown on Miramar.
  2. Whenever you get the chance to use the Ghillie Suit take it! If you have the Ghillie Suit; Its pretty much an automatic Chicken Dinner. Heres a clip of Utilizing the Ghillie suit to its maximum potential.
  3. Bug Description: When ghillie suit is equiped with VSS (possibly other scope weapons affected, I haven't tried), it obstructs view while prone. Date Seen: 09/08/2017 Server: Not a test server, but FPS mode. Troubleshooting Attempted: It is definetely not grass... There is no issue when standing or crouching, if you aim quickly to the side then you can see properly for short time, until this part of the suit 'settles' back slowly. Other Information: I am shit, so I can't test it more... Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? No. If so, which ones are you using?. System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: GF 660Ti CPU: QX9650 Ram: 8GB
  4. Ghillie Suit Loot

    Just a thought, but I think it would be awesome to be able to find pieces to a Ghillie Suit, (Example: Pants, Shirt, Mask) Make the shirt lower cut so head is still visible without the Mask. Make the drop rate as rare as Sniper Rifle or 8X Scope. I think that if it was executed right, would allow a even ground from the crate hunters that have more experience than newer players at combat. Just a random thought. All feedback welcome.
  5. When you are using a ghillie suit in a first person only server (custom matches only at this point, obviously), there is a pretty bad bug. When you return to the standard first-person view after scoping in (I noticed with the 4x and 8x scopes on a SCAR, but I'm sure it happens for more weapon/scope combinations too), the forehead area of the ghillie suit shows across your screen for about a half second. This is distracting enough to make the ghillie suit pretty dangerous to use right now, since not being able to see for that long is enough to get yourself killed. I'll note that this is most likely related to a similar but not-as-bad bug, where when first equipping a helmet, you can see the forehead area of the helmet for about the same amount of time. Luckily, I haven't noticed this after first equipping helmets, unlike with the ghillie suit. Hope this helps..!
  6. DependableDanes Suggestions and Ideas

    Suggestions 1) Interactable Map What i mean by this is, playing duo's and squads is all about playing tactical and doing team work. I would really like that you could be able to set "Team Waypoints", Draw on the map for possible enemy activity or last known locations. It would make great for team play! 2) Shared "Markers" I would really like to see an option for placing down markers. Lets say i spotted an enemy, im aiming down my sights and wanna tell my team mate where he is by simply pressing a buttom that then translates into describing the terrain. This should obviously be kept away from hardcore modes, but would be sweet for the casual player. 3) Custom Standard Settings For Each Weapon Being able to have a menu in the "settings" which would allow you to customize each weapon for... lets say a firing mode would be great so that every time i pick up my SCAR-L my character automaticly sets the firing mode to "Full Auto" this wouldn't remove any of realism you're aiming for with the game. 4) Multiple Ghillie Suits So far i have only seen one ghillie suit, and it's all green. Being all green is great for hiding in tall grass or inside bushes, but since 30% of the map is also covered in grains and hay it would make a great addition to have multiple ghillie suits. P.S This is obviously my own personal oppinion, but i like going around being the "lonely sniper" in solo's but just playing as a sniper seems almost impossible since 90% of the snipers and the ghillie suit can only be found inside crates. Make the "sniper class" more playable. As of now everyone can go around and pretend to be rambo, or kimbo slice.. while only 10% get's to enjoy the awesome feeling of being a sniper. 5) Add Wildlife Again this is only suggestions. I saw someone mention a snow map and the ability to track people by the footsteps they make in the snow. So i figured "hey that sounds pretty neat why not lets us track people with wildlife". What i mean is.. Imagine having a flok of crows sitting in a tree, you don't notice them and scare them by walking too close to the tree, so that they fly away. This would alert other people of a possible enemy location. I dunno if this is a good or bad idea.. Maybe it would just be an annoyance to look out for all the time.. But in my oppinion it would be fucking awesome. This Thread Will Be Updated From Time To Time! Kind Regards DependableDane