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Found 8 results

  1. Here is a glitch i found that lets you get under the map at any time and never lose. this needs to be fixed soon thanks.
  2. PUBG Vehicle Honking Glitch

    I made a Video showing this weird glitch with the honking of a Jeep's horn. It's quite funny and could be used tactically to suppress footstep sounds but the person who did it does not hear the honking which is way too over powered right now. I didn't show how it was over powered in this video but a glitch is a glitch and I'm showing it so it can be patched
  3. Just some of the glitches I have experienced in the last month or so of playing, I hope my video can help in patching them or finding new bugs you haven't seen before.
  4. "Head Glitching"

    Now I thought this wouldnt be a problem with the game, due to your rifle being held up by the player model when you are too close to a wall or low cover. I can only imagine this to be a mechanic to eliminate the infamous "Head Glitch" that fps' suffer. Kinda like how in planetside 2, the bullets come out of the character's eyes, allowing you to have just a cm of your head sticking from cover, allowing you to shoot enemy players with only the top of your head sticking out. I encounter this problem in the concrete trenches of Pochinki. I was engaged in a firefight with another team inside the trenches. He and I were taking cover behind the wooden pallets that are stacked to allow you exit said trenches. As I zoomed in with my 4x, I saw the top of his head sticking out from behind the pallets, much to small to hit him accurately. He started to shoot at me, at first I couldnt believe that with only the top of his head visible, surely there couldn't be a possible way for him to shoot me. Alas he did. A suspicious set of circumstances to be sure, at first I thought that head glitching is possible; now im starting to think it was simply the location that allows head glitching. If the game had a debug mode that allows you to enter the map and spawn idle player models and spawn weapons, I would test the theory myself. Whining about it on a forum is all I have for now. I hope that if this problem exists (Or I just encounter a once in a life time bug) it gets patched as soon as possible. (At the time of writing this, the AKM compensator glitch is still a problem, in case it matters)
  5. Hey! I'm gonna list some glitches / Common errors I've encountered my self while playing through BETA & EA Release, if you have any other glitches or perhaps known fixes for the following, please feel free to feed-back. Bugs Game freezing for 0.50 seconds when pressing tab - FIX: Lower Foliage graphics? *Not confirmed* Houses / Buildings / Enter-able environmental features not loading in when landed from spawn, said objects left looking like un-textured melting candles. When player is caught between objects / Rocks / Walls / Bins / Ledges - A constant animation of falling is shown rendering the player completely immobile & vulnerable. Dacia vehicle sometimes spawn with bottom half of wheels in the ground - Rendering it immobile / Unusable ** BIGGEST ISSUE** VERY COMMON De-sync style lag / Rubber banding mainly when entering doorways / Entrances. Invisible wall when running / strafing - Randomly stops player from being able to move in intended direction When a player is under water they are completely invincible / Water acts as a bullet proof shield. Feel free to add any other bugs you know of! Cheers!