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Found 37 results

  1. Textures are too sharp/shiny

    I recently upgraded my old gpu GTX 760 to a GTX 1060 6GB. I noticed that my textures look too sharp and shiny and the edges of buildings look so irregulars. I tried enabling AA but it makes the game sooo blurry. I reinstalled my drivers twice. Also my in game settings are all set to very low except textures which are so to Medium.
  2. Во время игры в пубг, в последнее время стал замечать, что начала греться видеокарта. И греться до таких температур, которых я прежде вообще не видел. До недавних пор, естественно такого не было. Потому как, вот сидишь за компьютером, и ничего не шумит, играя в кс, доту, или какие либо другие игры. Как только зашел в меню в пубг, можно посидеть 2-3-4 минуты, как начинается постепенный шум, это видимо шумят вентиляторы на видеокарте,(3 шт, они все работают). Глядя в прогу Techpower gpuz, температура от сидения в меню может достигать 77 градусов. Что критично. Некоторые пишут, что это еще холодная карта, но работая на 70-80-ти градусах, она долго не продержится. Использую я как и все, дефолт параметры запуска, которые есть везде в инете, так же конфиги свои, со всякими параметрами. И все бы ничего, все раньше работало, до вайпа, но с недавних пор, началась вот такая хрень. И как только температура доходит до 65, начинаются подлаги, падение фпс, да и вообще не очень приятно играть. Даже спайки происходят иногда. Я пробовал все, отключать решейд, убирать параметры запуска, менять настройки,даже с конфигами делал дела, и ничего не происходит. Просто суть в том, что в других играх, у меня чуть ли не температура простоя, в той же кс, максимум может быть 55-60 градусов, что я считаю не так много, может даже меньше. Да даже в браузере с 20 вкладками температура 40, в простое 30-35, и только в пубг самая высокая температура. Ну и последнее, gpu usage в techpower gpuz достигает 99% в пубг, в меню, только в загрузке из меню в игру, она сбрасывается, как и сама температура, в то время как в других играх, в той же кс го,это значение равно 0 или же 10-20 процентам Вчера играя в портал2,так же шумел компьютер, и было мало фпс, пока не убрал Vsync, как убрал, фпс на высоких сразу под 300,вместе 60, и компьютер перестал шуметь(подразумевается что и карта перестала сильно греться). Так вот, мой вопрос - как это пофиксить,что мне отключить в ЭТОЙ игре и что мне сделать, чтобы не грелась карта так? Наиграл я не много, не мало, 250 часов.
  3. Crossfire enabled?

    Does AMD Crossfire work now? I know when i started in MArch people mentioned crossfire didnt work on this game. Has there been an update to fix this?
  4. Почему когда просто сидишь в меню видеокарта грузится на 100%?
  5. Display/GPU/Crashing issue

    Hello everyone, I bought PUBG last night and have been having problems from the very start... Bug Description: As soon as I started up the game for the first time, my GPU started whining (coil whine). I set the graphics settings to medium and decided to play. Spawned, played for about 15-20 minutes - in the meantime my display randomly turned off and on again (once), with all my programs shifting from it to the secondary and then back again. At the end of those 15-20 minutes, quite suddenly, my secondary display stopped receiving images from the GPU (black screen, it said "no signal", but the display itself didn't turn off). The display I was playing on wasn't affected for a few seconds and then it started getting periodic black screens (meaning that for a few seconds the game would look OK, and then a few fully black frames, as if the display had turned off before returning to normal for a few seconds). I panicked and turned the game off immediately. A few seconds later it all went back to normal and my secondary display turned on, as if nothing had happened. I suspect that all of that happened due to overheating, but I don't know of a way to find some logs to prove it. This morning I decided to play for a bit again, but mostly just to see if it really was overheating. I turned on HWMonitor so I could be able to look at the temperature on my secondary display while playing. As soon as I got into the menus, the temperature skyrocketed from 50ish Celsius up to 80 Celsius. I pressed play and went into the pre-game thingy. I was there for about 30 seconds before the game just turned off (without any error messages, "PUBG has stopped working" notifications or anything). I stumbled upon the Logs folder in the Local AppData, but there were no files in it. I planned to go and clean my computer, so I went and did that. I gave it a thorough and careful cleaning, removing the GPU and cleaning all the fans with a paintbrush and compressed air. When I reinstalled the GPU I accidentally forgot to plug the power cables in it, but I resolved that and the computer was working normally. I tried playing PUBG again so I turned on HWMonitor. As I entered the menus the temperature was around 75 Celsius. While checking the graphics settings things started to get weird and now I regret forgetting to record it - therefore I will try to describe it to the best of my ability: The primary display stopped receiving from the GPU with all of the windows/programs shifting to the secondary display which was "blinking" to black every few seconds. It then started shifting programs from one display to another (I presume, as the primary display was still "off") and that didn't stop. I pressed ctrl+alt+del and tried to open Task Manager to kill PUBG's process, but I couldn't even do that because the mouse reset to the middle of the screen with every blink of the display. Eventually, I hit the reset button on my PC and after it booted up everything was normal again, which confused me a bit. Date Seen: 6th July 2017 and 7th July 2017 Server: I was on the regular (non-TEST) server. Troubleshooting Attempted: As said in the Bug Desc. I cleaned the computer because I suspected the problem was heat. To no avail though. Additionally, I removed and reinstalled my graphics drivers. Other Information: I believe that it is possible the problem is in my GPU, as I had similar problems with it before. Although this is the only game in which this happened (I tested GTA V, War Thunder, Payday 2, Elite Dangerous and Argo, and they all worked fine). Launch Options: None. System Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) GPU: PALIT GeForce GTX 970 JetStream (4096MB GDDR5) CPU: Intel i7-4790K @4.00Ghz with a Coolermaster Hyper T4 Ram: 16GB DDR3 in 2 sticks Primary display: AOC G2460VQ6, 1920x1080 60Hz Secondary display: LG (I don't know the exact model), 1360x768 60Hz ------------------------ If any additional information is required (or if something was badly written, etc.) I will happily provide it in an edit. Thank you for any and all help!
  6. i get a gpu crash when i try and stream now. i have streamed before and it was fine. not i get gpu crash
  7. GPU Temperature

    I've played for a few days now and noticed that a few minutes into the game the GPU starts getting hot. hottest I saw was 91c I tried putting everything down to very low and same thing. this is the only game ive had a problem with have played other stuff on Ultra with no problem?? this screen shot was taken while the game was on with Very low graphics on
  8. Bug Description: Like the title says, CPU and GPU usage never exceeds 60% Date Seen: It's happening about 1 week Server: SA Official Troubleshooting Attempted: Try to use Launch Option -USEALLAVALIABLECORES, Reinstall the game, and all of the stuff i found to solve this Launch Options: I used to play normally with no lag on very low settings with none launch options Try to use Launch Option -USEALLAVALIABLECORES (doesn't worked) System Specifications: FX6300 @ 3.5GHz GTX 750 TI 2GB 8 GB RAM MOBO M5A97 LE R2.0 500W PSA
  9. Optimise the game AMD CPU and GPU

    Please optimise this game for amd My rig isn't that bad I can play Overwatch, GTA, Battlefield 1 on low-medium with 60+ frames but on this game I get 15-30 fps I've tried everything to push out some frames and I pushed out a extra 10fps but it's still unbearable to play. I think this topic needs a little more attention because my friends all have nvidia and intel and they can run their game butter smooth while I'm stuck here with 15-30fps it's a real shame because I would play nothing but this game if this weren't the case.
  10. Excessive GPU Usage

    Bug Description: Whenever i'm in the menu for an extended period of time my GPU temps get up to around 80oc because the GPU utilization is at a permanent 99% and running at max Mhz, higher than it actually runs in game, where temps are about 10oc cooler but lower utilization etc, CPU utilization is also quite low in the main menu lingering from 20-30%, graphics preset is currently on high but no temp changes if lowered, never too much of an issue as I dont sit in menus for that long but thought it should be brought to attention if not already Date Seen: 23rd March to date Troubleshooting Attempted: underclocking GPU, Raising fan speeds, Lowering graphics options, limiting frames Other Information: - Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 but the problem was there beforehand System Specifications:
  11. 99% load GPU in lobby (main menu)

    This problem since the first day I started playing the game, all my friends too (with different gpu). Why in main menu must be loaded video card?
  12. GPU temperatures!

    Hi! I constantly play this game and absolutely love it. However, I am not certain if my GPU runs a bit too hot when playing this game. My specs: CPU: i5 7600k GPU: Dual Fan MSI OCV1 (factory OC'ed) GTX 1060 6 GB PSU: Corsair CP-9020097-UK VS Series ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit, 550 W Case fans: (I do have insufficient airflow in my case, I know) 1 * 120 mm fan, 2 * 80 mm fans (2 exhaust, 1 intake) RAM: 16 GB Corsair 3200 MHz CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO FPS AVG: 62 (I have caplocked at 62 with RIVA, otherwise its like 95+) I have temps of a constant 70 degrees celsius all the time, even in the interface when waiting in the lobby for a game. I personally think that it is quite high bearing in mind im running this on a rivatuner stats fps cap of 62 FPS and everything except for foliage and shadow (very low, and low) are set on HIGH with screen scale on 120. Isnt that too high for GPU?
  13. Game Crash due to GPU Possible Fix

    After a recent update my game kept crashing when I get into the lobby/ start the ride in the airplane. I had my GTX 1080 FE overclocked and found out that that was causing the issue. Once I put it on a profile that was not overclocked the game ran buttery smooth again. If your game is crashing and have your GPU OC then give this a try. I stayed up for hours trying to get it figured out. CPU: i7-6700k @4.8GHZ GPU: GTX 1080 FE Game on SSD RAM: 2x 8GB (16 GB) Corsair Vengance lxv
  14. 1070 Horrible fps

    I have been trying to enjoy pubg, it would be a great game if i could get at least 60 fps. I am using gtx 1070 and i7 6700k and im getting an average of about 20 fps and in a gunfight or car like 10 fps on very low settings. I don't get and substantial fps change between ultra and very low maybe like 5 fps difference. I am very confused because i see people with the same specs getting 100+ fps.
  15. Всем привет Знающие люди, подскажите пожалуйста что в первую очередь апдейтить на моем мусорожелезе?) На данный момент стоит i3 4170+8GB DDR3 1333 (up to 1600)+GTX960 4GB , конфа без ссд, но пластилиновые дома не наблюдаю. Фпс в целом не совсем низкий, где то в районе 50-65 , то есть как только спрыгнул куда нибудь держится на 65-70 , потом уже ближе к последним кругам и большому кол-ву народу по близости фпс падает до 30-40. Частенько пролаги до 20 фпс бывают. Настройки не минимальные, стоят такие чтобы нагружать видео больше чем проц (сглаживание высокое,текстуры высокие,видимость высокая,фуллхд). Понижение настроек, только уменьшает фпс. Что в данной конфигурации менять первым? У меня выбор либо докупать i5 4460 , либо +8 gb оперативки. Подскажите пожалуйста. Нагрузку смотрел , проц постоянно в районе 75-95% нагружен, память стабильно где то около 70%.
  16. Need help with my GPU

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Intel(R)_Core(TM)_i5-3350P_CPU_@_3.10GHz 8 RAM Before the latest monthly update, I was able to turn off shadows in the game files and run it on 40-50 FPS, but now I am not able to anymore, and i can only run the game on 30. I have an NVIDIA 650, the minimum requirement for this game is 660. Do you guys know any way of increasing GPU performance? Even if it sacrifices something else like CPU, I have enough of that. Thank you.
  17. Need help to BUY A MONITOR.

    Hey guys i am going to buy new gpu and i want a new monitor too.my specification are MOBO : Gigabyte GA-H110m-s2PSu - 550 WProcessor - i5 6500.Right now i have VGA samsung hd monitor . 7 years old.Going for GPU 1060 i dont want gpu under performance due to Monitor . I am a casual gamer and netflix chill.What i want in Monitor.FHD IPS panelResponse time less than 5 ms.24 inch screen size.it would be better if i get more than 60hz of refresh rate.75-100 whateverdONT CARE ABOUT INBUILD SPEAKER. NOT A COMPETITIVE GAMER/PRO. So i dont buy benq monitor which have VA panel with 1 ms response time. My budget is 220$. Indian rupees-15000.My GPU will be Inno3d gtx 1060.I wan to play CSGO,RUST,GHOST RECON WILDLAND,Player unknown BATTLEGROUND.want 60fps
  18. Game CPU management

    Hello, First of all, good job on last update, stutter slightly reduced making the game more comfortable to play For now, I think one of the most problem is entities. Actually the game is CPU hungry. I tested to overclock GPU and CPU. Only CPU overclocking work (+0.115Ghz (+11%) GPU OC give me at least 1 FPS where +0.2Ghz (+4%) CPU OC give me 7-8 FPS). I managed to get smoother game with this settings on AMD Radeon Settings : Players position seems to be calculated by CPU then transfered to GPU to display it. Isn't it possible to store and calcul it directly on GPU (or at least calcul it only). For today, I think a lot of game components travel between CPU & GPU. I mean, first processed by the CPU and then sent to the GPU to be finalized, display. Maybe try to store more things on GPU can avoid [[ CPU <-> GPU ]] operations. PC Specs: Thanks for reading, and sorry for bad english.
  19. Game doesn't use dedicated GPU

    So, i noticed that if i right click the game and press "Run with graphics processor -> High-Performance NVIDIA processor(default)" wich really is set as default (I double checked that), the games starts but actually crushes at "loading" in the top right corner. So i think it's something fishy with wich card the game is using.
  20. Bug Description: In this bug, The game will at a random point in the game, drop my FPS to about 5-7fps and my GPU and CPU utilisation will drop by a considerable amount(dropping to about 50% on GPU and 20-30% on CPU) This bug occurs when I have any one of my settings above very low. It happens at various rates with different settings turned up. for example, when I turn textures up to Ultra (or anything above very low for that matter) it will drop to the Low utilisation within minutes or even seconds, but view distance will take significantly longer to mess up, if at all. The only fix I can find at the moment is to turn every setting permanently to very low, which once everything takes effect, will restore the game back to the 90+fps i would normally be getting Date Seen: This has been happening to me for about a month before this post was created. before that (my first 25~hrs into the game) the game ran perfectly for me at well over 60fps Server: I am on the EU (NON-Test) servers, but this has also happened on the NA servers Troubleshooting Attempted: I attempted to first turn all settings to very low (Which works as a workaround) I attempted a reinstall. I attempted to verify game files I attempted to move the game to an SSD Finally, I attempted to delete my whole windows installation and reinstall, in case an unforeseen program was causing the issue. Other Information: As I said, the game worked fine for the first 25~ hours of play on all ultra, so I assume its either an update about a month ago that caused it with my hardware or the hardware itself has become faulty. Please note this has not happened in any other game. Launch Options: No launch options used System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 home Graphics Card: GTX 980 strix CPU: i5 4690 Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16gb (2x8) 1330Mhz
  21. GPU Temperature

    Hello, I've been playing the game for around a week now and initially all things were fine but following an update mid week I have been running into problems, Namely the fact that when I play the game my GPU temperature goes through the roof and then the CPU shuts it down to prevent damage. I have cleaned everything out, removed dust, rewired the computer and added a fan directly cooling the GPU and re configured fan speeds to be higher at temperatures over 70c but nothing seems to help. The card is an AMD R9 290 (with 2 fans and a heat sink) which are known for running hot but this is over the top, the temperature in the menus alone is 94 Celsius on very low graphics and in game runs near 100, other games such as the Witcher 3 on high/ultra run at no more than 74 Celsius. Has anyone else experienced this problem, could it be something to do with how the games is coded because it is loading the graphics card like a test program and super heating it as a result
  22. Bug Description: I have this problem for as long as I play this game (65 hours now). At some point I get extensive lags and sound distortions for 3-5 minutes which makes the game completely unplayable. It happens every 10-15 minutes or so. At least once every round, sometimes 3 times. If it happens more than once I am completely incapable to play that round. In this video you can see the FPS progression in top right corner. FPS dips to 30% of my usual, sound goes completely crazy and control feedback have enormous delays. By the end of the video you can see that my rig is more than capable of running this game at 60 to 100 FPS when this not occur. This video is also recorded before the 1 Month optimization patch. I was hoping the 1 Month patch optimization will fix the issue. It did made this game a lot smoother for me. Now I run it at 60-70 FPS with all High-Ultra. But during the issue its still completely unplayable. After some extensive Googling, research and monitoring I narrowed down the problem to GPU issue. In the second example which is recorded 22 of April after the 1 Month optimization patch - you can see that I can perfectly run this game at 65-70 FPS in one of the most FPS heavy areas. But at random point at 4:00 my GPU usage just drops to 30% which kills my FPS, bumps control delay to 100+ ms and overloads my CPU which makes it overheat. The issue persists for 5 minutes till 9:00 and then goes away for no reason as well. My research told me, that this issue is pretty widespread and common. You can lots of posts in this forum thread AND on reddit about people describing this issue, just without the video. Using words as sound distortion, fps drops, GPU usage drops and UNPLAYABLE. I post my videos to them and they confirm that this is what they have. Literally hundreds of people. So this is a glaring issue that, apparently, you refuse to notice since my previous post here made zero impact. Two of my friends have this issue and refunded the game. I have lost any interest in it since I keep dying to bad players for no reason while holding a top 200 rankings. And as far as I can tell from reddit its a widespread issue. Date Seen: Every single game. Server: Main server. EU Troubleshooting Attempted: Downloading NVIDIA inspector and turning the "Optimus flags for enabled applications" to "SHIM_MCCOMPAT_ENABLE" made the issue appear less frequent, from my personal experience. I don't have anything to back it up in terms of Data so it might be placebo. Nothing else helps, I can go lowest settings or resolution and run game on 144 fps constantly and still get the issue. Neither backing down to DX10 helps. Other Information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing: It will kill your player base if you keep ignoring it. Launch Options: I was using -sm4 -high -refresh 60 -refresh 144 -minmemory 28000 in different compositions Even tried placebo -USEALLAVAILABLECORES and ArmA's malloc=system placebo and lots of other things. People won't fix this with launch options, so don't expect it to just go away. System Specifications: System Model: Alienware 17 R3 Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) (14393.rs1_release_sec.170327-1835)Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980MCPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.6GHzRam: 32768MB RAM
  23. So i noticed that this game doesn't properly utilize my GPU and i wonder if that is the case for anyone else? I can see big dips in FPS when GPU utilization is at about 50% or lower and not clocking up to its max boost/performance. EVGA's PrecisionX OC utility that some people use for overclocking and GPU monitoring also has a function called Kboost that works on Nvidia graphics cards (not on all though). Kboost forces the GPU to run at it's max core clock (up to max boost if the GPU allows further boosting within the GPU Boost spec). Any ideas if this would help? Anyone tried it?
  24. Hello, My specs are : Intel Core I7 4790K 4.5Ghz Turbo 2x SLI GTX 1080 ASUS STRIX A8G 24GB DDR3 Ram While playing the game only loads 51% of my GPU & +- 50% of my CPU. I have monitored my hardware & tried many fps improving changes yet i cant manage to get over 70FPS. Launch options are customized, & have tried alternate frame rendering sli but doesn't change much. CPU = completely unparked & loads are balanced over all cores. Any ideas how i can force the game to use more of my CPU & GPU capacity?
  25. GPU Going NUTS

    So, I have a budget system. Nothing amazing, but it gets the job done for modern games. AMD FX-8350 at around 3.9GHz. An AMD RX 480 with 8GB of memory. 8GB of total RAM. A rather outdated, but still viable motherboard, Gigabyte Tech. M68MT-S2. 500GB HDD. (No SSD...yet.) So, the game runs....fine. It definitely needs to be optimized for greater performance, but for me it works fine. With the settings on low-medium (I'll have to try medium-high) I get around 45-55 fps. It's playable. Problem is this: whenever I engage in combat with someone, my GPU goes absolutely CRAZY. The first time this happened, I swear I thought my dog was barking. It was that bad. Fortunately, nothing is broken. System is fine. I opened up Afterburner and looked at the performance of my GPU. It uses ALL OF MY GPU'S MEMORY TO RUN THE GAME. 100% USAGE CONSUMED. I realize this is an early access game, and that's why I'm giving this a pass. But I'm really disappointed and scared to play again. I don't want my GPU to snap in half. I realize my system isn't the best, and some parts really need to be replaced, but has anyone else encountered this issue? And if so, have you found a solution?