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Found 92 results

  1. An awesome grenade throw followed by one of the most funny superman punches I've landed. Let me see some more funny clips like this. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/jkxx47/video/48067857
  2. Smoke Grenade Bug

    This bug is greatly harming the game, especially in competitive matches... Sometimes a player thrown a SMOKE GRENADE, but the other player didn't get affected by the smoke. That is, at the same time that the smoke is blocking the view of one player, the other is not.
  3. I would love an explanation. https://webmshare.com/Kw5Qv
  4. *Motorcycle Physics*

    Please watch 2:50-4:10 of the video for an explanation. I was able to hear my friend's stun grenade, but my friend could not hear mine. Why is this so? Thank you.
  5. New grenade

    Gas grenade. The grenade works the same as the smoke grenade, but it has a bigger range, and the gas effect spreads out way faster. Effects: People affected with the gas have no breath - the same effect as ADS'ing too long, or being under water - "red-lungs". Thus you can't sprint, and ADS'ing is way harder. Alongside this, you also have hindered vision - Haze around the edges of the screen, blurring it out, making your FOV effectively smaller. Kinda like this: https://imgur.com/a/WL68A If you stand in this for too long, you also receive a bleed that will last 30 seconds. The same damage that level 2 or 3 circle does.
  6. bigger icon more visible in first and third person when holding it. more distinguishable sound when switching There are times that we threw a frag/flash grenade to knocked down teammate instead of smoke. When breaching into the house, I was trying to throw stun grenade into windows... seconds later, everyone can't see anything because of the smoke grenade I threw.
  7. Pop smoke when knocked

    I believe it would add an interesting element to be able to throw a smoke grenade, if you have one, when you are knocked. I know it is controversial whether or not you should be allowed to use a pistol after you are knocked. A smoke grenade would cause no damage to the other team, and would add another layer of tactics to a gun fight.
  8. To me is not fair that people could use smoke grenade to their advantage, inside the smoke cloud they could clearly see everything that is against the wall, i recently end 2nd because of this trick, watch video below to see how the guy inside the smoke cloud could clearly see my silhouette. This is unfair to me, and see many times people abusing this trick during the final circles. Inside the smoke cloud people shouldn't be able to see things so clear. what's your opinion about? I'm the only one here who feel it this way?
  9. Grenade Launcher should be awesome for mid range bombardment and more accurate (projectile path should be longer too). M203 Grenada launcher under barrel attachment for some explosive action, because EEEXPUROOOOSHON! *Mr. Torgue approves! Grenade belts for extra slot for grenades? or maybe the limited quantity 40mm ammo for M203/grenade launchers (like AWP's ammo) Grenade Launcher can load throwables, equiped in grenade slot. M203 can load throwables, can be attached to M4A1 and SCAR-L *The belt is for extra grenade slots so backpack can have more space. Grenade Launcher can only use 40mm ammunition explodes on impact, can only be found in crates. can load 6 rounds. equip to primary weapon slot M203 with 40mm HE ammo. Can be attached to M4A1 and SCAR-L. can only be found in crates *Belt that holds 12x40mm HE ammo for Granade Launcher and M203
  10. Grenade sound

    I’ve noticed that there is no more sound for the grenade. Figured it was a one time thing however it happens with ever one I throw.
  11. Grenade Trajectory

    Please have the grenade trajectory indicate if my grenade is going to hit something within the first few meters. I don't need to see a full trajectory. But it is really frustrating when the trajectory shows the grenade has a clear path only to have it bounce off a chest high railing as it leaves my hand - less than a meter away. I don't know what would be a fair distance but if you are going to have a trajectory indicator it should alert you of imminent collisions (our hold-right 3rd person aim does this with weapons). Thanks
  12. Frag grenade push

    I don't mind the frag grenades radius or it's damage, but the push when they blow up needs to be examined. Here is an example I saw another thread on this topic but given that it was 1 week old I decided to make this one.
  13. If you are somewhere on the edge of a frag grenade's effect-radius it will propel you away from it. However, if you can not be propelled away from it on account of being firmly seated by terrain it will still propel you away from it and does so in a manner that is inconsistent with what would have happened if you weren't firmly seated both damage-wise and direction-propelled-wise. In other words if you are in a corner when affected by a grenade that would harm you--but not necessarily knock you out--it will knock you out. A video of the bug happening: https://clips.twitch.tv/CuteDependableWalletTBTacoLeft A video proving it is inconsistent behavior: https://clips.twitch.tv/CloudyVictoriousBoarPJSugar Date Seen: 7th of February 2018 Server: Live server Error Message: N/A Other Information: N/A Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: N/A
  14. Whats the point of having the red line for throwing nades if they always miss the mark?! Just get rid of the friggin line or fix it! And forget about throwing them through windows. I'm like 1/5 and the red line is always in the middle of the window so IDK why they did this....
  15. Cook off frag grenades

    Sure would be nice to have the ability to hold LT and cook time off of frags.
  16. Cook off frag grenades

    It would be nice to have the ability to hold LT down to "Cook off" time on a frag. The current time is way to long.
  17. Audio explosion sound crash?

    This seems to still be happening fairly often from the bombing or grenade explosion. It sounds like every window in the game is breaking at once and the audio crashes and freezes for 5 seconds. Is there a fix in site?
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkZZDzpOqJU&feature=youtu.be Hit me, My team mate and the enemy across from me (I think)
  19. right dpad is used to pull out a grenade. But to use a different grenade, we have to go into our inventory and select it. Repeatedly pressing right on the directional pad should cycle through the grenades.
  20. So I've seen this bug/glitch happen twice now. Someone will throw a frag, it'll explode, then I or a friend will walk into the room where it was and we instantly die. This is really annoying. Shrapnel doesn't just fly around the room after it lands. Next time it happens I'm going to clip it and post it under this thread.
  21. Please fix it so that when you switch to a grenade and then hit Y, it switches back to the original gun instead of switching weapons. Thanks
  22. Grenade throw

    Why does my guy always under hand grenades throws? Is this a bug? Or am I missing something here...
  23. Pull Pins of Grenades While Downed

    i have a couple of ideas im throwing into this topic. 1.it would be a fun feature that if you have grenades and you go down in a team game you can pull the pin to go out in a blaze of glory (or activate a smoke or a flashbang) instead of watching helplessly as your assailant guns you out of the game. this could give you a vengeful beyond the grave or help your team after death 💀 2. Map scaling it would be extremely handy if the map had the numbers of how big the map squares are dependant on how zoomed in you are. zoomed out is 1km and zoomed in is 100m but sometimes i like to have the map zoomed only a little, but i cant do the quick mafs to determine the scaling of the squares between max and min zoom.
  24. So just died in a game, where we were on the second floor and guy tossed a grenade through a window. It landed at the top of the stairs and rolled down. We move to back hallway farthest from stairs. Grenade explodes, we start to move back to cover the top of stairs. Never made it, because we both received message we were killed by falling damage. I tried to record it, but it just showed us dead because of my DVR time interval wasn’t long enough.
  25. Grenade Throwing

    Not sure if this was a random glitch or the usual as I’m new to the game. Went to throw a Molotov and there was no guide line and instead of going anywhere near where I thought I was aiming it the Molotov only went a couple feet in front of me.