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Found 64 results

  1. Cooking grenades

    I’d like to be able to bind the grenade cooking button, why is it hardcoded to R?? I open the map with R.. it was perfectly fine before gameplay-wise, but also ok now with a aeparate key, but it must be bindable (or if not always be on reload) i’d also like to be able to toggle ‘auto cooking’ in the menu as I never ever want to hold the mouse button unless it is to cook it, why would I ever want to run around with a nade with the pin pulled out..
  2. Traps Suggestions

    I would like to see more explosives implemented into the game as well as tear gas like items. We have gas masks why not make them useful, we have Jerry cans why not make them like a placeable trap. Also maybe c4 could be spawned in the airdrops just for fun. Any other suggestions for explosive or tear gas type devices or any comments would be great! Let's add a little more explosions to PUBG!
  3. grenade can‘t be preload

    My account has a problem. I can't use “R" to preload my grenade .There is nothing action after i using this fouction. My game account name is "gavinhh",and my steam account name is "gavinhh" too. Please help me to check and fix this bug!
  4. If you guys have any video editing tips for premiere pro they would be greatly appreciated! Constructive criticism is very welcome. I have another video on my channel if anyone is interested in critiquing that one as well. Thank you!
  5. I use RMB for jump. Always have, always will. Unfortunately, for some reason, when the toss/throw toggle was added, it wasn't made to be bound elsewhere, so I'm constantly tossing grenades 3 feet in front of me when meaning to throw them 30 feet, resulting in the n0obest of deaths D: Please allow grenade throw/toss to be bindable elsewhere other than RMB. apologies if this has already been raised or in the wrong area KTHXBYE
  6. Cooking grenades drops different one at feet

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfK1zXOwVLQ I had equipped a frag grenade but instead it equipped a stun and not realizing this I cooked it to throw but instead it sounded like multiple ones were being dropped at my feet. Wasn't a different player's frag because none were shown flying towards myself and they didn't get the KO, game showed it as if it was mine
  7. Grenade or Character sync Bug

    out of range but death by vehicle explode https://www.facebook.com/groups/556393367892513/permalink/701898306675351/
  8. So when a teammate got knocked out, all his grenades went off, grenade x2 and smoke after that.
  9. Grenade toggle bug

    Take 2xHE Grenades in your inventory and start spamming the G-Key on your keyboard (toggle Grenades) --> game crashs greetings
  10. Had a game I played yesterday with a squad, we were trying to fight a team that was upstairs in our building and upon going to the door to throw a grenade i threw it and got downed. The grenade flew into the room and exploded but as i got downed a 2nd grenade spawned where my hand would've been and fell to the ground, killing me and a teammate who was trying to get me up. Here is a link to the clip i uploaded (thanks nvidia highlights):
  11. Consistent mid-round crashes and BSOD

    I have just experienced the third time how a grenade exploded inside a house, causing many windows to shatter and my game to crash. But that's not all. All windows getting destroyed at the same time creates such a loud glass breaking noise, it almost blew up my eardrums. It doesn't crash instantly, it freezes for like 4-6 seconds, then the crash happens. The first time I had this bug was a day after the update came out on the official version. I'm using these commands: -refresh 144 -malloc=system -high OS: Windows 10 Pro GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB CPU: Intel Core I7-4790k Ram: Ballistix 8GB DDR3
  12. Just got into a fight where I was cooking a grenade and lining it up with the enemy's anticipated location, he popped up much closer and killed me as I threw it way over his head. I hear my nade explode in the distance after I die and see him come over and start looting my body, then several seconds later a 2nd nade explodes right on my body killing him. I (nor they) ever heard the 2nd nade even hit the ground, and I'm very sure I didn't hit R a second time. No recording.
  13. I don't use the standard key layout. To role a grenade (instead of throw) I understand you "Hold left click (primary fire), then use right click at the same time (aim button)". For me this translates to I hold my primary fire (left click) then click my secondary fire (keypad enter). But, no matter what combination I try I can't get it to work. I suspect it's my key bindings, but I'm not sure why". If anyone has any suggestions other that (brah, why don't you just use the wasd default keys?) I would love to get this to work. Thanks Mega
  14. I had a stun grenade and press G and it says I do not have a grenade this also happens with smoke and Molotov pressing G should be like switching to your 6th weapon slot.
  15. Knocked out while holding HE Grenade

    Hello everyone, yesterday I played with three of my friends in a squad - first person mode. While being in combat I wanted to throw a grenade towards our enemies. While holding the MOUSE1 button to throw the grenade I got knocked out. The red parable which shows the course of the grenade was still there when I got knocked out. It was not possible for me to throw away the grenade nor it laid on the floor. So my death was 100% sure. In my opinion the grenade has to fall down on the floor or has to be thrown away at the last known course. Date Seen:28.08.2017 / 3.30 pm CEST Germany Server: Live server Error Message: Course of grenade was still there while being knocked out on the floor. No way to throw away the grenade. 100% dead. Other Information: Was ready to throw the grenade. While holding it I got knocked out. Troubleshooting Attempted: - Pressing MOUSE1 once again to throw the grenade while being knocked out Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 x64 Graphics Card: GTX970 CPU: Xeon E3-1231v3 Ram: 16GB DDR3-1600 I'm looking forward to your replies. Thanks.
  16. Grenade not thrown when knocked

    When Sacriel held a frag grenade to throw he got shot and consequently knocked out but the grenade was still in his hand and you could see the red throwing arc but he couldn´t release it so it just stayed in his hand until it exploded and taking him out completely. https://clips.twitch.tv/SpeedySpoopyCodDuDudu
  17. Frag Grenade Problem

    So, i faced the frag grenade problem many times. It seems like it doesnt deal any damage at all, only when it is inside the player's mouth. If u throw a nade in the cabin, where is a guy, he wont recieve any damage, wtf is that??? I hope that pubg developers will fix this problem soon.
  18. Smoke Grenades bug (video)

    Hi My friend and I were playing Duo on the Asian server, and it went down 2v2. Before we started fighting the other team, we threw 4 smoke grenades and only one went off. here is a video of the incident. Unfortiontly we lost because of this bug
  19. Tree leaves preventing grenade?

    I was at the end of the match when I suddenly threw a grenade at another guy and the grenade simply hit the leaves of the tree Sorry for my bad english, I'm using google translate Date Seen:17/08/2017 Server: Live Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing Launch Options: Nothing System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Ram: 8192MB RAM DDR4
  20. Date Seen:I believe it was there since I bought the game. Apr 3, 2017 Might have noticed it later. //Server: Main menu. //Error Message: Other Information: https://i.gyazo.com/694dff226f43536628703ee994bdb58f.mp4 Notice the pair of grenades on the right, in the main menu. Seems like they were supposed to be on a box. Mostly noticable when you switch from first tab to another, because the camera will move, making them noticable. //Troubleshooting Attempted: Launch Options: -refresh 75 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Graphics Card: XFX Radeon HD 7970 DD 3GB CPU: Ryzen 7 1800X @ 4Ghz Ram: 2x 8GB RAM - G.Skill F4-3200C14-D-16GFX @ 3200MHz //
  21. grenade 'unsafe'

    hi! i just had a greande explode in my hand, getting ME killed, and not the one i was waiting for - well, i dont know who would be dumb enough to pull the ring, AND release the clip before throwing, but obviously characters in PUBG are maybe possible with molotovs (if the rag burnt down an falls into the liquid, although there might not be enough oxygen to cause an explosion), but a frag grenade is SAFE unless the clip is released - which happens when you trow the grenade... i hope thats an issue that can get fixed ... thanks!
  22. If you are crouched, and pull a pin on a grenade to throw it, you are not able to stand up while 'cooking' the grenade. You have to throw it before you can stand. I was able to reproduce this in the pregame lobby as well.
  23. Unthrowable Grenade

    So I went to throw a grenade while laying down in the grass. The landing indicator was on my body, and I actually couldn't let go of the grenade. I couldn't take any screenshots at the time, but Im curious if anyone else had this issue. Also, I think it's impossible to change stance while throwing a frag. If it's not then it was part of the bug. If it happens again I will take screenshots.
  24. Bug Description: Played a few games today. Every time I opened my inventory my equipped weapon switch to my grenade. Date Seen: 8/3/17 Server: Normal Server. Troubleshooting Attempted: None. Other Information: None. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 Ram: 16GB DDR3 This is honestly a very frustrating bug that can and will mess up the game to the point where it is nearly unplayable. The only hotkey I use is for bandage, so if I'm in a fight and have to use a booster or first aid that means I also have to switch back to my gun that I was using before I can shoot the people I am fighting.