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Found 14 results

  1. These guns would make a great addition into the game. 2 great SMG's and 1 great looking Assault Rifle. Of course, these weapons should be implemented after release so that you can focus on making the game better before adding in new weapons. This would up the SMG gun total from 3 to 5 and the Assault Rifle gun total from 4 to 5. 1) MP5 2) AKS-74U 3) Honey Badger
  2. Kasperuss

    Duplicating grenades (TEST Server)

    Found a bug in which I can duplicate grenades. Only tested on test server. Done as follows: - Have a grenade in hand - Activate it using left click and with R, then quickly open menu with tab - Drag the grenade to the inventory before detonating - The grenade will fall to the ground and detonate, but a duplicate will be stored in the backpack (does not work if backpack is full) - So far only tested with smoke and stun (didn't wanna get killed in the process), and when having 1 grenade only in inventory (not sure if multiple will work) - 5 smokes were tested in succsession, all worked. My friend also tried and got it to work. Other info: Tested on original map only.
  3. Hi this isn't really a bug but I think it's something y'all might want to take a look at. Bug Description: I use extremely odd controls that require me to rebind buttons in mostly every game that I play. This includes me using RMB as 'Move Forward' and W as 'Interact'. The issue I am having is: 1) the grenade throwing style is hard-bound to RMB in both live and test servers 2) In the test server, the parachuting isn't determined by the keybinds. Although my W is bound to 'Interact' in the controls, I still have to use W while I parachute (causing me to release early if I tap it more than once). So, if I try to move forward while throwing a grenade, it changes the throw style. If I try to move forward while parachuting, I have to use W which, if pressed again, releases my parachute. Let me know if any of this is unclear and I can record a lil' vid. Thanks. Date Seen: 12/06/17 (today's date since it's been a thing for awhile) Server: Live & Test Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A
  4. Limpa

    Fire button bug

    Hi, I have rebound my fire/throw button to alt gr. I cant seem to throw grenades and when i have a weapon on auto, it emptys the entire mag with just a quick click on fire. Does anybody know whats wrong? Workaround? Thanks
  5. SciFi_Sainnt

    Binding the Grenade Underhand throw

    How do I rebind the Grenade throw style to something other than right click. I use right click to move forward. Took me a while to figure out why my throw style (underhand, overhand) kept changing randomly and I finally pinned it to being stuck on right click.
  6. ynthrepic

    Rebinding right-click and grenades

    So I use very unconventional controls - my targeting key is shift, and I use right-click for forward movement. Unfortunately, the key binding for "grenade firing mode" isn't tied to "gun firing mode" so even though I use 'b' to switch firing mode, right-click still changes my grenade throwing from toss to lob. Therefore, I'll run at someone to throw a grenade and it'll change to underhand so I drop it at my feet. Needless to say, huge pain in the arse. Not sure what to search for in the 'GameUserSettings.ini' file, and it's obfuscated so yeah.. that is also a pain in the arse. Please fix this for those of us who want to use right-click for other things.
  7. RubyNinja

    grenades won't cook

    My "r" button won't trigger the grenade cooking, but it will reload. I've tried deleting all of my ini files, I haven't tried reinstalling the game. i5-6600k, GTX 1070 Gaming G1, Windows 10 Home 64 bit

    Grenades and Walls

    I just saw this today while I was recording some random duo. My teammate cooked a grenade inside the house, and at the moment of throwing it, his arm was outside the building, making the grenade magically bounce with the exterior wall. Here is the proof... I'm not sure if this is already reported as a bug. In that case... Fix it, BH, sooner or later!
  9. DeltaWing

    Bug Report: Grenades and Windows

    I threw a (smoke) grenade through a window. My client has calculated that the granade was reflected on the glass and I saw it came back to me. A short time later I heard the glass break and the granade behind the window that made the smoke. The server calculated the grenade flew through the glass panes. (With the current game version, Not the test Servers)
  10. I couldn't see anything about this in the thread "Known Bugs" so i thought i would post. If you walk backwards to wall, look straight away from the wall you are backed against and throw any type of grenade. Your throwing arm will clip through the wall and the grenade with grab to the exterior of the building/wall and be place on the opposite side. Again didn't know if this was known but wanted to add if it wasn't
  11. iiM Stevo


    Nearly every time I throw a grenade, the grenade doesn't follow the given arc, instead it goes backwards, or lands at my own feet... This is whenever I'm laid, crouched or stood next to anything, which is 90% of the time in PUBG.
  12. Redronn

    Invisible grenades

    Can't see my own or my enemy's grenade flying through the air, so we killed each other. There's no way I could've reacted fast enough to just the sound of it landing to get away, and vice versa for my enemy.
  13. donnamonster

    Grenades go through glass windows

    Hi. I just played a game where I can throw a smoke grenade through the glass window. The glass did not break. The smoke grenade lands outside and enables its smoke.