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Found 27 results

  1. LF 2s and Squads

    Hey guys, Just started playing PUBG not too long ago and I always enjoy FPS games more with people to play with. Basically making this post to find other good players that want to play a lot and develop some form of chemistry together. I have a ton of FPS experience ranging from the first CS days, CoD, Battlefield, Halo, Overwatch, H1Z1, etc. I play weekdays from 4PM -12AM PST and all day on weekends. I play on NA/EU. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018509306/edit If you guys run discord I have that as well if you drop a link ill join. I am posting this here because for some reason I can't post in LFG even though I've verified my account and followed the section...
  2. Hallo Leute, ich wollte euch heute meine Deutsche Playerunknown´s Battlegrounds Community vorstellen. Zu der Community Zählt ein Teamspeak mit 512 Slots, ein Discord Server, eine Steamgruppe sowie eine Homepage. Unser Fokus der Community ist es viele Leute zusammen zu bringen. Entstanden ist das ganze in der Closed Beta und wird seit dem immer größer. Auf dem Teamspeak sind die Leute International vertreten, auf Discord und Steam sind wir komplett Deutsch bezogen. Ich freue mich euch auf einen der genannten Platformen zu sehen. Gut Loot und viele Kills. - HazeProduktion Unser Teamspeak Server ist wie oben bereits beschrieben mit 512 Slots ausgestattet. Wir sind eine Internationale Gemeinschaft mit mittlerweile mehr als 750 verschieden Leuten aus aller Welt. Aktuell sind im schnitt um die 30 - 50 Leute Aktiv auf unserem Teamspeak unterwegs. Dieses soll sich aber ändern, denn wir wollen wachsen. Unser Server ist mit mehreren Channeln ausgestattet. Ihr findet Aktuell 5 Solo Channel, 10 Duo Channel und 25 Squad Channel. Die Channel haben eine Maximale Useranzahl sprich in Solo kann nur 1 rein während in Duo 2 und in Squad bis zu mehr als 4 Leute rein können (die Channel sind jeweils gekännzeichnet). Wir haben einen Musikbot welcher euch auch einen Temporären Channel geben kann. Ganz unten im Teamspeak findet ihr den Bereich "Userchannel". Der Bot erstellt sobald einer der Channel genutzt wird immer einen neuen in diesem Bereich. Wenn ihr einen dieser Channel Joint sendet euch der Bot (James Battlegrounds) ein Passwort für den Channel. Dieses könnt ihr dann an eure Mitspieler weitergeben. Auch haben wir ein Level System auf unseren Server welches auf eurer Teamspeak Aktivität basiert. In Zukunft sind mit diesem System Giveaways geplant für die Aktivsten Leute in der Woche bzw im Monat. Natürlich haben wir auf dem Teamspeak auch ein paar Regeln, diese sollten natürlich eingehalten werden. Am besten wenn ihr auf den Server kommt schaut ihr erstmal im Blackboard vorbei. Neben den Regeln gibt es dort auch andere Informationen wie Waffen Stats, Spawn Punkte etc. Teamspeak beitreten Unser Discord ist rein Deutsch, auch hier verfügen wir über mehrere Text und Talk Channel welche auf Duo und Squad aufgeteilt sind. Auch hier können in Duo nur 2 sowie in Squad bis zu 4 Leute in die Channel. Natürlich gelten auch auf dem Discord Server Regeln. Diese sind in der #News Sektion angepinnt und sollten unbedingt gelesen werden. Auf dem Discord Server sind Aktuell mehr als 100 Leute Aktiv. https://discord.gg/htDHMqY Unsere Steamgruppe ist wie bereits der Discord Server Deutsch Only. Mit mehr als 270 Mitgliedern ist es auch in der Steamgruppe schon gut gefüllt und somit nicht schwer einen passenden Mitspieler zu finden. In der Steamgruppe wird es Zeitlich auch bald Events und Giveaways geben. Es lohnt sich somit auch dort mal vorbei zu schauen. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pubgdeutschland
  3. After partying up with a friend (using same connection) the play button would not work. If either one of us left the group we could solo queue but duo would not work. My friend successfully entered the queue once but I did not enter with her; the play button just showed the ready state. Date Seen:Started August 20, 2017. Working Now. Server: Live server Error Message: Matching Failed Other Information: Occurred when playing off the same network. We have not attempted using different networks. We have logged over 60 hours playing on the same network and have not encountered this issue. Could just be server issue. Troubleshooting Attempted: Completed all steps except for run from admin. Launch Options: straight from steam System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060M CPU: Intel I7 Quadcore Ram: 16 gb
  4. Are you looking for new players? Are you playing solos and want to squad up? Join our community with over 1k+ members in the group and 150+ discord members! There's usually always someone ready to play and we strive to get that number up. We have staff and regional tags as well Hope I can see some new people in the discord ! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PUBG2W (63 Members away from 1,500!) Discord Link: https://discord.gg/hPQJZru
  5. PUBG Arab Group 500+ already

    Hello shabab! I'd like to invite you all to join the biggest PUBG community yet in the Arab world, PUBG Arab Group on Facebook with the purpose of connecting all of us Arabs together! Link to Facebook Group Also I'm running a giveaway on 2x Steam CD Keys for PUBG check it here Hope to see you guys there.
  6. Hello! I am interested in learning to play with a coordinated group that uses mics. I would like to join up with anyone looking for another player. I use TS3 as well as Discord. http://steamcommunity.com/id/DeviantAntrax
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Pubg_stars Hi Survivors! PUBG ⭐️Stars⭐ Looking for players and members! TeamsSpeak 3: We want to extend our team with some people to play around. We prefer players from EU because of the timezone. We have a teamspeak server too where you can join and find partner for Duo & Squad. Just we need to fill up with our community! The teamspeak is also suitable for other games, and other players too. If someone got friend to play with and he/she is a PUBG ⭐️Stars⭐Member then we can make also private room. PUBG ⭐️Stars⭐TeamsSpeak 3: If the staff members not available then just comment under this post! We hope we see you soon!
  8. Teamspeak 3 Server

    If you and your friends want to party up and /or looking for a ts server, You can join here: Use it at any time with any friends.. See you there!

    Looking for players with mic +18
  10. Looking for English speaking group duo and squad. Have mic. NA or EU. My steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016354747/
  11. LF 21+ Group

    Well rounded adult, looking for group team play. Not the worst, LF same.
  12. UK PlayerUnknown's Gamers

    UK First Person Shooter Group for like minded gamers to team up and plenty of banter.No Under 18 as this is Adult ONLY We like to play Player Unknown's BattleGrounds Arma 2 Arma 3 Dirty Bomb and more. . . . . . . We have a Discord Server so message one of the MOD's on Steam Groups http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UK-PUBG
  13. How many times have you solo joined a duo server or a squad server only to have your teammates leave before the plane takes off, or even not matching up with another person at all? It's annoying because now you are either severely disadvantaged without a teammate to pick you up, or you have to quit to lobby and wait again for another match to start (not sure if it counts in your statistics as well). I suggest the developers re-pair up those who don't have a teammate just before the plane takes off. This is to ensure that there are as few solo players in the game as possible. If you want to avoid pairing up people who joined the duo server seeking to play solo by themselves (does anyone even do that?), you can add in a checkbox next to duo where they can deselect automatching to others (just like when you play squad). Thanks!
  14. Hello Everybody! ------------------------ I am looking for a group of people to play with regularly in any mode. (Duos/Squad) I'd prefer for you to at least have a couple wins, and you need to have a microphone. ------------------------ Add me on Discord: KingKirchnrr#3810 or Add me on Steam: KingKirchnrr
  15. Looking to join

    Hey there, Holy here and i am 23 years old. Looking to oin a group for duos or squad add me on steam or discord. my username is KnightofHoliness on both
  16. Hi Guys, My name is Eadul and i have just moved over to PC from console! I'm looking to find some people to play with and get involved in a community! This game is absolutely insane but i'm starting to get slightly bored of constantly playing on my own! If you're up for teaming up and wanting to play DUO or some Squads then please reply on here! My steam name is - zeadle Thanks guys!
  17. Buenas los invito a un grupo de steam que creé recientemente para poder juntar gente para crear partidas en squad o duos, o simplemente para hablar. Mientras el grupo/comunidad crezca voy a ir haciendo actividades y sorteos . A gente de brasil também sao bem-vidos para se juntar no grupo de steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BattlegroundsSA Si tienen alguna duda agregenme si tienen alguna consulta o necesitan a alguien para jugar ID STEAM: kiiev Saludos
  18. Looking to join a community - join the link - https://discord.gg/jt4EgkZ - Some relaxed gamers & some competitive gamers duo + squad teams being made ! join now ! anyone is welcome 16+ Mic+Discord
  19. Hey, I love this game. Looking for a group to play and use TS with. I play on NA servers and am PST. Generally on about 10pm-2am. I value teamwork and a tactical approach. Hope to add some folks on steam or find a group that plays often. Thanks
  20. Just something that i fell would make the game more enjoyable for say 6 friends who are all playing the game, allow them to queue for duos as a 6 or however many and split them into teams so they are in the same server and playing against each other, this would be a really cool and neat idea.
  21. Hey guys im looking to buy the game since a good number of people in my community that i run are buying it, but simply dont group up with each other because of their schedule. So im wondering if anyone would like to hop on and play with us and if you like us enough you could join! If your interested just join the discord https://discord.gg/DHz6wyC
  22. So liebe Freunde! Ich bin ein Deutscher Streamer und habe vor einiger Zeit mit dem Streamen angefangen. Doch nun seit PUBG werde ich sehr Aktiv und Regelmäßig anfangen da es mir sehr Spaß macht einfach mit Menschen zu interagieren und etwas Aufzubauen. Deswegen habe ich eine Facebook Gruppe erstellt um einfach mit anderen Spielen und Clans in Kontakt zu stehen. Hier kann man natürlich sich mit anderen Spielen für Duo oder Squad anmelden und neue Mates finden oder bzw. neue Member für den eigenen Clan oder einen Clan auf zu bauen. Die Deutsche Facebook Gruppe - Tretet Bei! Ich würde mich sehr über euren Beitritt freuen! Euer xDrunkken
  23. ? =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (BF1, DayZ, Tarkov, Star Citizen) clan ? Website: https://uwsgaming.com/ ? Teamspeak Address: ts.uwsgaming.com ⏬ Teamspeak Download (free): Click Here[www.teamspeak.com] Community Information: ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. We are a community that has been around since late 2003, we have 100+ Active and we support the following games listed below (with active players playing them) So if you enjoy FPS and Survival games like us then your taste is similar to ours and we welcome you to be part of our community ~ ▶️ Battlefield 1 ▶️ DayZ Standalone ▶️ Ark: Survival Evolved ▶️ Star Citizen ▶️ Rainbow Six | Siege ▶️ Heroes and Generals ▶️ Playerunknown's Battlegrounds ▶️ World of Warships ▶️ Miscreated ▶️ SQUAD ▶️ ArmA 3 ▶️ Escape From Tarkov WE ARE NOT gonna require you to go through hell just to join the clan like some places do as if its a real life interview and require you to go through harsh steps or answer 20+ questions and have to show up to play on certain days, this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape our good/bad daily lives (be it your a hardcore player or a casual one) and play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us), Play with us and if you enjoy the people, feel free to sign up as a member. As a reminder: ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ? Our community stands 13+ years strong against hacking/glitching/item duping ?
  24. I'm running slower than everyone else I play with.. I play with two other friends and my running speed is abysmal. On my screen I'm running fine, doing the animation, but they can start running way after I do and pass me like I'm sitting still (not literally). On their screen it shows me doing the running animation, but I'm just slower they said. I'm not rubber banding either. Played like this the entire night yesterday and it became quite annoying as I'm literally always behind everyone else, I take more shots getting to cover, takes longer to loot areas, etc. Anyone else having this issue? Everyone in our discord has no idea what could be causing it. I've only re-binded "Crouch" to L-CTRL and that was it. SHIFT is still Sprint. We verified my games files through Steam and nothing was wrong. 40 Down/8 Up.. It's not connection based. Not sure what would cause this?? I can't find anyone with a similar problem.
  25. Looking to join a community - join the link - https://discord.gg/jt4EgkZ - Some relaxed gamers & some competitive gamers duo + squad teams being made ! join now ! anyone is welcome 16+ Mic+Discord