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Found 24 results

  1. Yes I did put boys and girls because I wanted to be nice and make sure that all genders are equal. But aside from that really fun topic and discussion what do I mean by big boy and big girl guns. Well let's go with the Ma deuce the 50 cal and I'm pretty sure the bigger guns then that. But let's go ahead and focus on the 50 cal also called the Ma deuce which is actually the gun the Browning machine gun but we all know what it is. Now this is a very hard-hitting and Powerful round known for its numerous of anti-vehicle capabilities and not to mention it's horrifying scary anti-personnel capabilities. Oh and let's not forget it's range either which is just phenomenal. What I see for this round and especially the gun to be in the game it would have to come into forms I'm talking about the gun which would be bolt action and also semi-automatic. Usually most bolt-action guns give a weapon more damage than a semi-automatic gun but either way a boat action or a semi auto action model for the 50 cal would be very devastating especially the vehicles. Yes yes I'm going to get to the real juicy part of this,...... why put it in the game as some of you may ask?? I see why the heck not!! Like really think about it a gun this powerful was in the game would be a good competitor to the 300 Magnum and be something worth taking screenshots of you holding it and yeah taking out a vehicle and possibly like two shots depend on the coding that they have they use within the game. Plus every gun Phanatic who has either purchased, held it within their hands and even fired this beast knows the sound of a 50 cal going off is something of the most enjoyable and frightful sound you would ever hear. Also to our military vets and active duty personnel thank you for serving our country and I hope you had quite a fun time with this fun toy.
  2. Hello So as the title suggests the different type of shotgun shells would be most interesting asset within the game. Because we all know when it comes to shotguns there is different types of ammo for. So why not having any game they could plate Awards crucial moments within a game especially when you have a slug which can cause a very large amount of damage but you need to be accurate. And for those of you who are Hunters I'm pretty sure you know the difference between Buckshot and birdshot so I won't go into detail on those two shells. So overall what would these 3 shell types do in a game probably make shotguns more playable and useful instead of them being something as a early game item just to have to clear the rooms or take down players who don't have any armor. Because technically and realistically shotguns or a very vital to within Urban combat within those ranges of medium and close range. But really who would he knows what would happen if the makers put in these different types of animals or other types because there are many types even for the rifles and even for the pistols as well. I say a different ammo types first for the shotguns and see where it goes from there it would be very exciting.
  3. FluffySheep222

    Can't Shoot

    Get bug where can not fire gun after a variety of animations. If mouse is clicked to fire during animations will act as if gun is jammed. Does not seem to have consistency as to when, where or why. Have experienced it just after doing the following: stopping running, jumping, finishing a reload, after firing - especially when on automatic but have experienced in all firing modes. Wondering if anyone else has this issue. It's incredibly frustrating to have the gun "jam" either prior to or during a gunfight. Not sure if this is just a failure on my own inputs and I need to wait for animations to finish or not but the inconsistency of it makes me unsure. If anyone else has had issues where they click their mouse and nothing happens maybe this is in fact a bug. Unsure but have had it happen enough where I wanted to annotate it for developers. Thanks for all the work you guys put in, looking forwards to when the game is fully developed and bug free!
  4. I recently find a lot of guns and loot spawn on places where you can`t get them. This only happenes on the old map as far as I know.
  5. Like you said you migrated the Test servers into the Official servers. So then how about you... 1.) Change the preset the of maps so we don't have the Desert map 75% of the time compared to the island map which is 25%. 2.) Edit the Zero Distance, which hasn't been fixed. Original SMG, AR and SR only have 100m unless given the 8x or 15x scope. The only weapons working with the Zeroing is any weapons that were added into the Test servers ------- These are the VSS(patched) , Mini14, Win94,DP-28, and AUG 3.) The drop rates have not been patched in to bring in the DP-28 when you are in Island and the Win94's loops in the desert. if you can fix these issues that be highly grateful!!~
  6. First time posting so sorry if I mess up. I noticed this bug while playing before Miramar was on the test server. While running I noticed that I can't switch weapon. It really came to my attention when I was running in-game and an enemy appeared in front of me. My natural instinct was to switch to my weapon but I noticed that there was a noticeable amount of input lag. I had to come to a complete stop in order for me to switch from being unarmed to a gun. This applies to any gun. I would hope that this would be fixed by now but this bug is present again in the most recent test server update. Hopefully, this gets the attention it deserves in order to get it fixed. Date Seen: 11/22/17 Server: Test Server Error Message: N/A Other Information: I'm using a Logitech 502 mouse with binds set to the mouse for weapon switching as well as other binds. Troubleshooting Attempted: Attempted to bind to keyboard instead of mouse and problem still persists. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications:
  7. LilJashy

    Guns don't appear

    I don't know if this is the right forum, but at the beginning of every match it seems like guns appear for other players before they do for me. I landed, went inside a room right in front of someone else, and there were no guns on the ground. So I run into the next room, and hear an s12k load behind me. Where did that come from? Why didn't it load in for me? Is there a fix for this?
  8. Im sure im not the only one but man i hate this bug that effects me, Seems more often then anytime now i go to scope in (clicking left button) it either delays or doesnt scope at all other time it works perfectly. Shooting the gun it self seems like it just ar becacuse ive tested it for handguns and submachine guns those are ok. When i go to scope in and start fireing it doesnt fire at all or delay fire...... make sure admin see this people its making me not want to play anymore. =(
  9. uzishooter123

    Delayed bullets

  10. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this, but I've had multiple occasions where I would press the LMB to fire a round, or start tapping rapidly, only to find out my gun didn't fire and gets me killed. I am sure there was ammo in the magazine, so I don't know what could have done it. I'm also sure I clicked on my mouse, as I heard the clicking but nothing was happening. Anyone else experienced this?
  11. Dipnlik

    Melhor Setup

    Pessoal, gostaria mais de uma dica... Fico meio perdido referente a qual setup de armas utilizar... Por exemplo, no começo do jogo, pegava sempre Scar-L e UMP. Ultimamente eu vejo as armas e não sei mais quais escolher kkk, gostaria de uma opinião das armas que melhor preferem... Por favor, setups possíveis... Não vem falando AWM e M249, porque é foda conseguir isso em um jogo... Outra dúvida, qual a melhor pistol? Ouvi dizer que é o revolver, mas achei ele totalmente estranho...
  12. BioWave

    Weapon Not Firing

    Had a full clip and plenty of ammo but for some reason I'd just hear a click like my gun was out of ammo almost won that game too
  13. 5avage

    Loot Spawn Lag

    since last repatch, great speed of loading from lobby to game, unfortunately the loot seems to take to long spawning in or resolving in when we land, playing 4 man last night and every time we had to run back through buildings to 'reloot'. playing OC in NZ with a Gigabit connection on a Kray supercomputer.
  14. Zenblast

    Guns not firing (BUG)

    I've been having some issues when playing the game, it seem there is a 50% chance that when I try to fire my guns (every bullet) it will not do anything. I've seen many reedit post and videos on youtube of people experiencing the same bug, anyone know if the developer are aware (courtesy question)?
  15. Zenblast

    Guns not firing (BUG)

    I've been having some issues when playing the game, it seem there is a 50% chance that when I try to fire my guns (every bullet) it will not do anything. I've seen many reedit post and videos on youtube of people experiencing the same bug, anyone know if the developer are aware (courtesy question)?
  16. Aegisx5

    Gun Won't Fire

    I am unbelievably frustrated at this point. I would say about 25% of the shots I attempt to fire with my gun, I click click click and NOTHING FIRES!! This is unbelievable to me in an FPS game, that I would be having an issue like this. It does not make a difference whether it's hip fire or scoped, semi or automatic. I have noticed is does it VERY OFTEN when I am using just hip fire with no level of zoom and automatic fire, and seems to do it more when playing on servers from other regions (although happens all the time on NA where I live). Date Seen: Every. Single. Day. Server: Live Server Error Message: No Other Information: See Above Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried closing as many processes as possible. It helped a little bit, but not much. Might have been my imagination that it helped. Launch Options: None System Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Intel i7 5820K Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler (not overclocked) Samsung 850 EVO SSD 32GB DDR Memory Nvidia GTX 1080 Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse This does not happen in any other game. Please, if someone knows a solution, help!
  17. So the pump action shotgun (S1897) when reloading will play the sound of inserting the shell into the gun a total of 6 times when the gun only holds 5. This happens pretty much all the time but can easily be replicated by reloading 1 shell then performing an action to cancel and continuing the reload. Counting the audio cues for the shells there will be 1 more extra shell that is inserted but non existent. If this is a placeholder for "pumping" can it just be removed, it only adds to confusion.
  18. WyrmDude

    8X scope removed off of AKM

    I moved an RDS from my UMP onto my AKM. My AKM had an 8x at the time, and I expected it to swap onto the ump or into my inventory, but inseat the 8x scope was removed and wasnt even put on the ground.
  19. RichieGutz

    Shotgun pump

    the shotgun doesnt always pump after a reload and this has killed me numerous time
  20. Car

    Weapon problems only

    Yo! I couldn't seem to see a thread dedicated solely to the issues found with firearms in game so, I decided to make one! Please only post here your issues that you've experienced in game while handling a weapon be it pistol, rifle, sniper or shotgun. ( This includes ammunition ) It could be anything from chamber problems, reload issues, glitches in peripheral vision, or 1st / 3rd person vision detriments due to optics. ( Don't post any vision related issues if you have your FOV changed in your config files, as the DEVs recommend we don't change it & it doesn't count as a legitimate glitch as it's been tampered ) Issues that I have experienced that are causing problems in game Shotgun loading infinite amount of shells including audio with no shells actually being loaded - FIX: Press R again Shotgun being fully loaded with 5 Shells ( pump action ) But when coming to fire the character chambers another shell instead of shooting. **I have included a video for this as it's a big issue for me, WATCH IT HERE - ** When aiming down sight with any shotgun while moving forward while crouched, the rear stock / plated receiver section will clip through the players vision slightly. Having to press F 3 to 4 times to pick up a weapon or ammo. Usually ammunition. Once having reloaded a rifle, AK / M16 / M416 or SCAR - When coming to fire it changes to a red ammo capacity, example - 0 / 90 - Weapon sounds not playing until after I've been killed Weapon sounds are reversed / Inverted / in the opposite direction while in spectator mode Also, what happened to the crossbow? I can never find it anymore. *Daryl Dixon grunt* Other issues include pistols being very under powered, takes at least 8 - 10 rounds with an M9 to down a player with no armour. However I'm not sure if calibre types apply yet. Post your issues here!
  21. lemo_nade

    1st person ambiguous proximity

    So this is hardly game breaking, however Its defiantly something that will need to eventually be addressed. Basically it is too ambiguous how close you can be to an object before it stops or redirects your bullets. Several times ive been killed behind cover that from a 1st person view appears under or beside my weapon, i will then fire and the cover stops my fire or bounces it away. This gif kinda illustrates it, its been more intrusive than that though.
  22. I had a red dot sight and a extended mag on my SCAR-L.
  23. Greetings, today I played a game and this happened. (Got #2nd ) These weapon's and ammo are not lootable, even when I press tab all around I could not loot them. They seem to be stuck under this ?silo? thingy. I wonder if this is just bad luck or a problem. Thank you for reading, GL & HF & Have a nice chicken dinner! day! EDIT: I did this quickly and I did not notice the template so here is some stuff that needs to be added: Date: |04/24/2017| Server: |EU|
  24. pulsiV

    Sight Aiming

    Hi , Just two things I saw when playing , that might be a buggy or maybe my lag. When aiming with a weapon in 1st person , by pressing right click once it doesn't aim down the red dot / holo or any scope ,I have to double click to let it aim down sight. Don't know if you are aware of this. Second thing is , while I was driving the dune buggy car and climbing out at a bit of a speed , it seems that when I climbed out the buggy the back wheel hit me , obviously damaging me. It might have been the lag , bug just wanted to point it out. Not that major but can maybe help. Thanks. +South African server