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Found 54 results

  1. Hacker

    Salut svp envoyer cette vidéo a les dev de pubg si vous le pouvez et rejoigner nous sur discord https://discord.gg/mx7tKTC
  2. getting knocked down by hackers is just as bad as being killed by one
  3. ID:NMDDSBnmddsb 服务器:ASIA 时间:2018.01.19 12:29
  4. Hello, in the last 3 Top10 rounds I got hacked 2 times and died instantly, and the cash is gone. So I would prefer a bp comparison if you get killed by an hacker or you just reported a hacker successfully. Love you guys, GaiusLP
  5. Report a Player

    I was inside of a building and got shot through a hill by a hacker. I have video proof but the forum does not allow videos, direct message me @StoneyDesigns on Twitter for the video or contact me via email. His player name is '*********'.
  6. Literally across the map instant headshot and then my UI was bugged ONLY from that person killing me and i can't view the death cam only encountered this during this situation.
  7. In game name of alleged cheater / hacker(s):Gg-1030366802 Evidence of offense:
  8. Ban Bug?

    Everyone! There is currently a bug/hack banning innocent players from the game, I know this because I am one of those players. Scrolling through different forums, and consistent messages about the same problem, and a rise in these cases yesterday. Please respond to to this post and do not give up if you have been wrongfully banned!
  9. I want to report this player because he used fraudulent software. I do not accept this action, it is not fair. Expect the admin to review this article and penalize him for this behavior. Name Player In Player'sName's BallteGround is: NOWlover My Name in Game PlayerUnknown's BallteGround is: SkastVnT Thank you. https://pubg.me/player/NOWlover My videos:
  10. I've been playing this game since very very in early access and have always recommended it to friends to come join me. Thus now I have at least got 10~15 people to buy it. BUT YOUR RECENT ACTIONS AS A DEVELOPMENT TEAM DISGUST ME. Nothing has been done about the recent surge of hackers. Currently, 3rd person TPP mode is basically unplayable because I die by double tap headshots 9/10 games either just running or while driving, and kill cam just shows some hacker click their left mouse button without even aiming, or sometimes even seeing me on their screen. FPP I 've met MULTIPLE hackers in the games I 've played, and now the whole game is unplayable cause there is no safe area from aimbots. SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR I WILL DO MY BEST EFFORT TO STOP PEOPLE FROM BUYING YOUR GAME. I know I don't have much power. But the fact there has been a 56% negative rating in the last 30 days on steam proves my fucking point. DO SOMETHING OR YOU RUIN THIS WHOLE GAME
  11. Hey guys usually dismiss what people have to say about hackers on xbox one, but I was in a duos match with my friend he got shot from what sounded like to be in the play zone really far. Then what follows is just odd..... https://twitter.com/RichardGlildano/status/950367571374620673
  12. Okay so .. im srsly tired of this shi. especially TPP its unplayable atm and the hackers doesnt even give a fuck if they getting spotted or not , like srsly ??? So we played a squad game and we played on Erangel ... so we decided to go to the Georgopol Mountain since it was looking like its gonna end there .. and guess what happend , a whole Squad driving and shooting out the Jeep killing ppl like 900m away , they had over 50 kills so ... ppl either thing they're not hacking and not even watching the deathcam or they're just dumb srsly I know its not allowed to call out a cheater but actually i don't give a fuq anymore https://pubg.op.gg/user/EQzzj?server=eu This guy got reported and you can clearly see this fuqer is a cheater since he got 54 kills in a game .. and hes still playing ? i don't know what Bluehole or this fuqing Battleeye shit is doing but they doing it wrong .. this game is dying im telling you I don't need any prove videos now since you can see his clearly stats .. so don't come with like "hes not hacking bla bla bla bullshi." " you got no prove bla bla " This guy and his crew is doing this for literally 3 day's now and still not banned so im pretty sure the "REPORT SYSTEM" is trash Cya
  13. anti cheat dont work (hacker)

  14. Cheater in jeder Runde

    Kann mir einer sagen ob es normal ist das in jeder runde mindestens ein cheater dabei ist? Ich spiele nur noch gegen cheater, jede runde werde ich von 900+ Meter abgeschossen und das aus der Hüfte. Wurde ich als cheater/hacker deklatiert oder warum ist das momentan so?
  15. Obvious hacker footage

    Player name: Clearlove799 Obvious aim hack, sniped me through 2 km of terrain.
  16. Anyone else had this? I am sure this moron was a hacker, but no way to prove it without a replay... It might be hard to see, but death cam option is greyed out and the text says "Unusual movement has been detected from the killer. Therefore, the death cam cannot be played"
  17. i Repoting

    Plz ban this hacker ***please follow forum rules***
  18. due to the report a player function being unavailable for an unknown reason (possibly bc i dont have 10+ posts???), i am reporter the user Lankie11 here for further review:
  19. CsyGGAK-47 aimbot user

    Since the report a player function is no longer working (possibly because i haven't posted 10+ times so it is a restricted option), here is my report. i will follow up in a week if i do not recieve confirmation that this has been obtained and sent to the correct team for further processing or information on where to properly report this user:
  20. After killing three people in the stadium the last man in their group came up as they all said that we were gonna get rekt(through dead chat thing) then he went and suspiciously killed all of us in odd ways appearing to lock and shoot and nothing yet still kill. even if he was aiming in the right direction at the end i was at the top of the stairs making my self impossible to hit.
  21. Hacker

    hacker, nick dachao8 link:
  22. Nickname: Sunny-YB please, report this shitty player.