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Found 39 results

  1. The vehicle physics and mechanics are garbage. The anti-cheat is garbage. The net-code is garbage. High ping players make the game garbage. The desynch when fighting laggers is garbage. The game performs and looks like garbage. Honestly, it's easy to deal with all of these issues when you believe that the game will be fixed, but once the reality of the situation sets in, you realize, this game is just garbage. Bluehole, why are you putting all of this effort into cheap gimmicks like new maps and features, rather than simply fixing the known issues with this game? People are leaving your game and going to Fortnite because Fortnite is polished and reliable, not because it's more fun per se, but because it's consistent, and you don't have to worry about dying to a well known bug that has existed for a year. Fortnite is cartoony and ridiculous, but they still passed you guys in revenue, and it's a free game. I'm sorry but their success coupled with the fact that you have shown steadily declining players for months now, clearly shows that people are just fed up with the rudimentary programming. All you need to do to keep bringing in new players is actually fix the known issues! Why is that such a foreign concept? Ping lock players, so they can't join servers where they have greater than 300 ping. If they have a bad connection and aren't able to play on any server, throw them on a laggy server where everyone can compete with one another for the "best desycnher" trophy. Stop incentivizing cheating with goods that people can trade. It's obvious that you aren't able to stop people from cheating, but you can at least nip the problem in the bud and stop encouraging it. Fix the vehicle! I jumped from a dock onto my team's boat while it was standing completely still, and insta-died for some reason, which dropped my corpse on the bottom of the ocean, where no one could revive me. I have also died from hitting pebbles in a buggy, but survived doing 100 front flips off of a hay bail at 100 mph. This is just lazy programming from someone that seemingly doesn't care. Fix the hit detection! It could be that someone is desynched, cheating, super laggy, or some other strange reason (god knows there are alot with this game) that this happens, but alot of the time when I shoot someone, they kill me, and when I watch the kill cam, I either didn't even shoot, or I only shot twice and didn't hit them at all. But on my screen I emptied at least 10 rounds into their head and blood was splattering all over the place. Come on guys, how is it that a game in 2018 actually has this problem???? Clean up your net-code! Enough said. You are now in a player decline for the first time in the game's history. Take this as an opportunity to actually look at yourselves and ask, honestly, why it's happening. If you think you need strange gimmicks, you're mistaken. Look at what people are saying that play both your game and Fortnite. People love the concept of your game far more, but they're all sick of shooting at someone, only to have the bullet magically travel through the enemy. Seriously, fix your game.
  2. Potatoe grafics

    So I’m not sure if it’s my internet but since the last I’ve been landing on max distance renderings(potatoe grafics). They stay for at least 2minutes and I can float around the building like a ghost. Not only that I can see a lot of the loot and shoot through walls. just saying it might be my internet but it only started since the last update
  3. Some of us just want to enjoy the game. The thrill of getting into the top 10 and trying to win. Hackers are ruining this because they want BP to get and then sell crates. So do the following. 1. Set up 2 sets of servers (like having a permanent set of "test" servers but they are live and real) 2. Make the new set of servers just like the test server in that you CANNOT sell any crates that you earn on these servers. You CAN earn BP and open your OWN crates only. This way you can still unlock new clothes and things. The hackers will stay on the set of servers that allow you to sell crates. People who want to earn BP to sell crates can play there knowing that they may have to deal with hackers. The rest of us can play a fun game! This way Bluehole can still make money with the crate key system and those of us who don't give a damn about selling crates or unlocking a skirt can enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played. It's a WIN-WIN. I'm begging you, Bluehole. It's a simple fix. You already have a set of "test" servers. Just use those. Use a tiny fraction of all that money and set up clean servers for the people who bought this game and just want to have an enjoyable experience.
  4. PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch

    PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307926052 Eine Positive Bewertung sowie ein Daumenhoch wären im Guide erwünschswert. Aktuell haben wir eine Gewinnspielverlosung, zu Gewinnen gibt es Steam Guthaben. 1. Platz | 20€ Steam 2. Platz | 10€ Steam 3. Platz | 5€ Steam Wie kann man gewinnen? Ihr müsst den Rang 5 bei unserem TeamSpeak³ Server erreichen um automatisch für die Verlosung am 01.03.2018 teilzunehmen. Teamspeak³: ts.grafikstein.de Lg euer Grafikstein
  5. It Just Sucks

    I have played over 1000 hrs and the game is at it's worst, Cheating is in 9 out of 10 fights we come across, hit reg is so bad I think throwing something at my screen would register more than the in game shots, lvl3 gear and get 1 shot downed or killed all the time but it takes up 5 to put someone down when they have lvl1 or no gear and another 4-5 shots to finish them off. Some of this is due to the SHIT servers and a lot of it is the HACKERS/CHEATERS that don't care because BUTTHOLE and BattlEye are doing NOTHING ( don't care what BS they try and feed the mindless sheep about bans ) We are still playing but the above mentioned things are making other games more appealing
  6. Boa tarde Desenvolvedores, suporte e moderadores! É sabido por toda a comunidade e principalmente pela equipe de desenvolvimento que infelizmente o uso de programas ilegais como hacks, macros e outras coisa vem sendo usado de forma LIVRE e inconsequente além de claro constante, tirando completamente a jogabilidade, competitividade e diversão dos jogadores do Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Conforme nota enviada pelo TheSparrow a pouco tempo atrás, informando que apenas em 1 wave mais de 100.000 foram banidos, nesse breve momento houve alivio momentaneo, porém, ilusório. Pois, no mesmo volume em que ocorrem os "bans" um mesmo volume ou superior entra e continua utilizando hacks. Além disso, é mais do que comprovado que em sua grande maioria os usuários de programas ilegais são de outro pais especificamente a china, bom levando por esse aspecto e imaginando que a empresa quer fazer o possível para melhorar seus serviços eu gostaria de tirar algumas dúvidas: 1. Uso de Region Block ou bloqueio por região. Eu em minha humilde sabedoria da área de tecnologia consigo implantar isso em poucos passos com um firewall linux, não consigo imaginar e nem compreender porque a empresa com esse porte atual, não o fez ainda. Pois, se existe um server SA (south America), AS (Asian) , NA entre outros, porque isso ainda não foi feito? 2. Porque ainda não foi implementado um anti hack? Imagino que existam problemas técnicos, dificuldades envolvendo diversos departamentos, mas o que não é facil de compreender é como a empresa, simplesmente não atua em nada nesse ponto, fazendo com que cada vez mais jogadores como eu percam a vontade de continuar jogando. 3. Desestimulo de uso de hack por precificação. Bom, através do link https://steamdb.info/app/578080/ pude comparar que o preço do jogo na china custa em média ¥ 98 ou cerca de R$15,30. Sabendo que o mercado da china é um dos maiores do planeta, porque não aumentar o preço para desistimular o uso de hack, pois se perder a conta da steam o prejuizo será muito maior do que o lucro do uso do hack. Diante de todos esses fatos, diante de todos esses problemas. O que a empresa vem fazendo? Pois, apresentar números é algo simples. Um post informando um ban de 100mil usuários é simples, porém, ações reais que tragam conforto aos jogadores sinceramente não estou vendo. Desde a minha aquisição eu já gastei mais de 200 horas de jogo, porque realmente gosto e me divirto, porém, depois de hoje, sinceramente não sei se volto a jogar. Infelizmente essa é a triste realidade de uma empresa, que tem um produto maravilhoso nas mãos, porém, cresceu tanto que perdeu o controle. até um dia! Omeg4F3nix
  7. Past week i have encounter a lot of people using no recoil, getting kill by a automatic weapon fully unloaded on me with little or no recoil. its getting absurd, is like 8 out 10 times there is some one using no recoil. i did research and i found a hack brand new cost 5 dollars. no wonder 8 out 10 have no freaking recoil, i just got this game about 3 weeks ago and i am starting to dislike it just for the simple fact that people always gotta have a unfair advantage on other people.. yesterday morning a guy unloaded a scar on automatic and shot 20 rounds on auto and hes recoil stayed on my head i got killed instantly.... the other day i knock a guy down and i had to shoot him 7 more times before he actually died i haven't look in to that one yet but the no recoil is just getting out of control.... plz people help me stop it!!!!!!!! just like this
  8. Death cam improvements

    Ever die and wonder how that guy somehow knew where you where at all times but you are not sure if he has hacks? solution, add glowing outlines to your character that show where you were in their perspective during the deathcam. being able to see if the enemy was tracking you through the wall is a great tool to finding hackers.
  9. Hello, in the last 3 Top10 rounds I got hacked 2 times and died instantly, and the cash is gone. So I would prefer a bp comparison if you get killed by an hacker or you just reported a hacker successfully. Love you guys, GaiusLP
  10. Im really upset. These other players from different countries with high ping are ruining my experience in this wonderful game. They are easy hackers in the game they y’all different languages that you don’t understand which is rude and most of them team kill you. I would please recommend any dev. To please minimize others to stay in there own servers. I am trying to play with others that speak the same language as me. Hopefully you guys change this because I might just have to refund the game.
  11. a bug textures

    please see this clip it shows how you can easily see the opponents through walls in small corners: https://clips.twitch.tv/ArborealTrustworthyBaguetteBCWarrior
  12. gostaria de denunciar esse hack norecoil matou meu squad
  13. Today I reported a player that used an AIM BOT. It take my a while, because I attached the probattory videos. So, my suggestion is: to increase the contribution of the community to take some time to report, you can return a rewart, for example BP to use to buy items for costumitzation.
  14. Eu gostaria muito de saber oque a Bluehole está fazendo pra diminuir essa onda GIGANTESCA de hacks no game, está simplesmente IMPOSSÍVEL jogar. A cada 10 partidas, 8 tem alguém usando e acabando com a jogatina dos demais players, é frustante ! Nós queremos uma resposta rápida e efetiva, NINGUÉM aguenta mais passar por isso toda hora. A empresa não se pronuncia (só fala que a luta contra os hacks é a prioridade, faz um site exclusivo pra reports) mas palavras ao vento não servem de nada, queremos ver na pratica isso funcionando ! Basta saber quando isso sera resolvido, 1 mês, 2, 3 ? quem sabe ?!
  15. I'm so over people hacking in this game, every 2nd game there is a hacker shooting through walls / terrain ANYTHING.. You guys need to fix your fucking shit up ASAP. If you guys didnt release it on xbox you could've worked on the hacking situation but you guys are too money hungry, your game will die off if you dont maintain this shit. ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.
  16. Getting headshot, while you are hammering them with your M16 on burst and wearing a helmut, is crap... why cant the coders code checks for things like this I bet theres a lot of other scenarios that they could code in to instaban the priks too, like ppl shooting others they cant even see kms away.. What human on this earth could pull off a headshot on a millisecond while taking bullet wounds to his body ??? There should be delays in bringing up the sniper rifles also to make for more realism, stop the CoD quickscoping rubbish.. Cheats and lag aside its the best FPS game ever written ! Vote 1 for 100-150ms ping caps also... we arent old women with no reaction time !! Oh, i just realised this is a crapbox1 forum, i see PC gets left in the cold again
  17. Ola galera eu jogo muito PUBG e gosto muito do jogo mas infelizmente os hackers chineses estão acabando com o server SA a cada 10 partidas que voce joga 9 tem hack infelizmente se continuar assim o jogo vai morrer no pc. Veja uma prints de alguns hacks que achei so hoje
  18. This idea is not new, but still needs visibility for two reasons that I will detail below. The problem is way too many asian players cloging north american and european region servers. Before anyone cries racism or something similarly stupid, hear me out. I am an advocate of multi-national gaming. I am part of a clan that has both European and North American team members. We routinely play on both NA and EU servers. When we have a squad that is EU heavy we play on EU servers and vice versa. However, NONE of our players play in regions in which we don't reside. Why? Lag... So why is it that people who should use Asian servers hop onto NA and EU servers in such great numbers? Could it be a lack of resources on the server side? Poor performance for players? I don't know.... and I don't care. If players who should be using asian regional servers attempts to load onto a NA/EU server WITHOUT AT LEAST ONE OF THEIR MEMBERS BELONGING TO THAT REGION they should be booted from the game. This will improve server performance for all players that are a part of the region in which they "should" play. This will undoubtedly have a beneficial side effect in the way of identifying and curtailing hackers. How? Simple, the VAST MAJORITY of hackers to date have originated from China. Restrict Asian region players to asian regional servers and the rest of the PUBG players world wide will see a drastic drop in hacks. I get that BlueHole is a Korean company and the thought of something like this might be unsavory to the snowflakes of the world. The simple fact of the matter is, these two issues, which can be easily mitigated risks, are going to kill your user base. All of the die hard players that have suffered through the early release are having to swallow a bitter pill at the moment. Many I know are quitting because they can't go a single game without witnessing someone hacking or lagging out. 3 Million concurrent users is a mighty impressive statistic. Unless you fix this, it will drop drastically very, very soon...
  19. Boa noite players. Hoje, após assistir minha death cam, eu notei algo fora do comum; o player que me matou usava uma AK sem nenhum recoil, zero, nadica de nada, retinho!!! Então um amigo me disse que viu o pessoal da stream reclamando sobre isso e falando sobre uma ferramenta ilegal que esta a fácil acesso no mercado; o macro. No vídeo (em português) o moleque da todas as instruções com demonstração - é para pirar a cabeça do sujeito de tanta raiva .
  20. Why is there so darn much cheaters right now. Its so said and it makes the game not playable.
  21. Invasão Chinesa no servidor SA

    Por favor Sparrow e bluehole, esta impossível de jogar no Nosso servidor (SA), muitos Chineses estão invadindo os Servers principalmente hoje, todos com Cheats de tiros em terceira pessoa, precisa urgente de uma solução principalmente essa semana, esta insuportável tanto para stremers e nos pro players, e qualquer outro jogador, todos estão desanimando do PUBG por conta dos chineses estarem invadindo o nosso server, espero que olhe para a nossa comunidade SA, e entenda que estamos sofrendo a custa dos hacks e não são 1, 2, são entorno de 5 a 10 por partida, todas estão tendo uns morrem durante a partida mas muitos chegam ao final estragando os Ranks e estragando a diversão, ou vai ter que bloquear a AS para SA ou terão que dar um jeito de bloquear esses Cheats urgente
  22. Bugged Kill Cam or Cheating?

    I keep watching death cams and I'm not sure if its a bug or a cheat. It only seems to happen with Chinese players. And most of the time it shows a clean death cam.
  23. 2017-12-28 7:50-8:10 Australian Melbourne Time (OC Server) Squad Cheating player name: huosasa Please solve this, thanks.
  24. Boa tarde Estamos lidando com rollback no incio do jogo, que já é chato, mas que usam programas ilegais, como ta sendo tratado isso, 80% jogos deparo com um, e ainda tem o bug das cercas onde de um lado não leva tiro
  25. There is a glitch I bumped into, and am hoping you guys can patch it soon on the xbox. Here is my youtube video. I was streaming when i caught it. I hope you guys can patch it quick. Twitch.Tv/NotQuirk