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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys! What about some more difficulties in the game? I suggest to add a Hardcore Mode in FPP. What does it mean? FPP only. No HUD so you don't know how many bullets you have in your weapon if you don't count it. (This can be complex for attachments) No kill feed so you don't know if you kill someone if you don't check it by yourself and you don't know if someone else kill an other player. No players counter on the upper right corner of the screen. You can only know what is your place and how much people you killed if you die or if you win. The only way to know where to go (zones) is to open your map and to find a compass. No mini-map and compass on HUD. The only way to know when the circle is moving is an alarm siren. No revive. No life bar. If you get hit, try to heal. This would be a great add to the game and a really intensive experience. What do you think?
  2. ???????? if so who is on board!? Moderator Edit. PUBG is happy to announce that First person servers are coming Until then you can continue to show you support for 1PP servers using this thread but if you have any detailed & constructive feedback please continue your discussion in the thread linked below. Thank you for all your patience and support so far!
  3. My friends and I beg of you, please make a Hardcore Mode available, we are so sick of literally emptying a clip of 7.62 into someone and them not dying. it is beyond ridiculous at this point, it completely kills the game for us. We respect Hardcore isn't everyone's cup of tea, which is why if it could be server selectable that would be nice the same as first person (Thanks for that by the way, it's fantastic). But I've seen numerous statements about how you want the weapons to be realistic etc. And in that vein, 10 rounds of 5.62 from an HK416 at medium range to the chest should be enough, yet we're forced to give away our positions by firing away madly, to be turned on by other teams. Infinite bullet sponges are ruining this otherwise excellent game for us. Thank you for your time, I looked through the existing posts and I am honestly surprised this could not be found.
  4. Hardcore map

    I feel like PUBG needs a map reminiscent of Stratis from battle royal arma 3. the map had very few houses but they where mostly military buildings. The fact that the map had so few houses forced players to move into the same spaces as other players to get to some of the rare loot spawns. sometimes you had to make due with just a crappy uzzi but would still win with your strategic skills. Stratis playing style was mostly focused on long distance hillfights, while jumping from rock to rock or bush to bush trying not to get spotted. An added benefit to this kind of map is that it has a low count of buildings which gives players better FPS while granting the developers a chance to focus on crafting a believable terrain. Also without having to model new buildings the map could be made very quickly (small effort).
  5. I've been seeing so many threads on this forum talking about suggestions which are completely diabolical and should not be implemented, however, some people are for it, and some people are against it, so I had an idea. Why not make PUBG into TWO gamemodes to suit the needs of the few thousands of people who want these things, here's a general layout: Menu: Hardcore Non-Hardcore [Choose Gamemode] In the hardcore mode, it would be the current state of PUBG, and it's concurrent advancements and implementations. In the non-hardcore mode, it would feature things, that take the game away from being hardcore, for example: Bullet Detection, when you get shot, it shows you where you were shot from Easier loot More health etc. just an idea don't sling me up
  6. After scouring the forums for a few months I think we've firmly established that we have several distinct types of gamers in the community. Which type are you? Do you want the game to be as realistic as possible (ARMA, Squad) or would you rather just treat it as a video game and not some tryhard simulator (Battlefield, CoD)?
  7. Earlier today when FPP launched I was questioning the choices that were made, as I thought all of the changes were intentional. Not being able to see teammate location? No team markers? When you die, your teammate freezes? I really thought it was a little too hardcore. But after two matches, me and the 3 different people I queued with all agreed, THIS GAME JUST GOT A MILLION TIMES BETTER. Without knowing where your teammate was by some HUD, you had to constantly communicate. Constantly on edge, always looking around and using coordinates, and having to communicate what you got so you know what your teammate looks like were things I had no idea what I wanted. Your teammate's death meant your death, you had to work together. After that first few games in this new glitched mode, I was hooked. I didn't stop playing unless it was essential. But then it happened. I got into a game and I saw the HUD back. I saw where my teammate was, I saw their tag, I saw their markers, and man, I was really upset. When I died and my teammate was still just running around it really hit me hard. I queued another game and verified it was the right setting, and I shed a tear. I was truly upset. It was like someone handed me a new PC and took it a few hours later with a Xbox 360 in it's place. I would really hope that enough of this community experienced what I went through today and feels the same way, as I need this gamemode back. Not many games manage to make me feel the level of adrenaline and pure addiction this gamemode managed to make me feel. Please spread this topic to others who feel similar to promote awareness, we need this back
  8. I just think it would be a pretty awesome game mode with limited UI, such as removing how much ammo you have in the magazine and your stockpile, no mini map, Health bar moved in inventory screen, and no being able to see your team mates health (if you have a team or in a due). While going deeper in the game i always find my self with way more ammo than I need and I don't worry about conserving ammo too much, so Maybe in a Hardecore Mode there would be a decreased ammo spawn A Idea for a new animation could be maybe a stealth kill if you sneak up being a player and melee them with weapons. I also feel like there should be a gun melee option when your out of ammo
  9. Предлагаю добавить галочку при поиске игры hardcore которая добавляла бы в игру: Вид от первого лица (не будет теперь просмотров из-за угла за счет камеры) Убрать KNOCK систему в DUO и SQUAD (убили, значит убили. Это уберет аркадности, и не будет таких легкомысленных "рашов" домов, с мыслями ай поднимут после) Убрать HUD (интерфейс в игре) Понимаю что ARMA не ваша игра, но мод к ней мы знаем чей был. И там в общем то все это работало на ура.
  10. Hardcore and Realistic Mod

    First of all, thank you to the developers. Your game is already a reference in its category. PUBG would be the best game in the universe if he was a little more realistic. The hardcore mod to the first person would just be fantastic. But to be perfect, we should find the following options: _ Run less quickly when you are tired. Endurance Bar _ Run less quickly when you have 15kg of equipment on your back. _ Run less quickly when you are injured. _ Remove the compass at the top of the screen. _ Remove the player's position on the map. _ Find compasses on the island. _ The blue zone should go a little less quickly in this mode. The real life in fact ;-)
  11. Competitive Mode / Hardcore Mode

    Hey Guys, I have seen some people talk about "hardcore mode" and was thinking it probably does not need to exist if we had a Competitive mode. Here are a few ideas I had in mind, please feel free to comment and add/change suggestions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Squads 4km*4km Map No UI Knocked down players can still shoot with pistols? zombie style Maybe no third person???? Priority server resourcing Ranking lockout system - Only get place with people in you skill group. "Can verse higher tier for bonus points?" Tier 1 = 1500 Rating Tier 2 = 1800 Rating Tier 3 = 2000 Rating Monthly Tier Squad Winner = Prize?? Realistic damage: Head shot close range any gun = Dead?? Sniper 1 head = Dead 1 Body = Dead 1 Leg = Knocked Down Rifle 1 Head = Dead 2 Body = Dead 2 Leg = Knocked Down Sub Machine Gun 2 Head = Dead 3 Body = Dead 2 Leg = Knocked Down Shotgun = Dead Pistol 2 Head = Dead 4 Body = Dead 2 Leg = Knocked Down
  12. Regarding Third Person

    I think the 3rd person feature is good for casual gameplay, but I have two pieces of feedback regarding it. 1. Implementation of the 3rd person shooting results in unreliable accuracy. I've missed stationary targets numerous times from at mid-close range when using the feature. It would be nice to have this ironed out a little bit, or maybe the implementation changed to something more reliable. 2. I would love to see a hardcore mode implemented in the game where 3rd person is disabled, and free-look is restricted to glancing left/right.
  13. (This is a continuation of a thread that was locked while I was writing this here) ______________________________________________________________________________ The other irritating thing about the "First Person HC mode" is that it doesn't need to be "Hardcore." The game, as it is, seems pretty balanced and is fun. I'm concerned that they'll strip a bunch of stuff away from what they have in order to make it "Hardcore," tack on making it First Person only and then point at it and go "See, I told you guys no one wanted to play First Person." When really it's all the other stuff that is the issue and not the fact that it's First Person only. First Person only and Hardcore mode should be two completely different things. As a sidebar for the Mods: It's a shame that at least 2 of my well thought out, well-written posts with external links and references on the topic have been deleted. I'd just point this post at those, and stop repeating myself every week. Locking or archiving them so that people can see that they existed may be a better way of preventing the same issues being brought up over and over and over. If I'm a new user and search for "First person gameplay" and nothing populates, guess what? I think I'm the first person that has thought of it and makes a post about it. Then we get more discussions like this, and then you delete them. Take a stab a what happens the next time some bright eyed and bushy tailed new person to the forums does when they see that there isn't a First Person only thread. Yep, and the cycle continues. Just lock them. Or don't. I'm not sure why there is such an effort to ebb the tide of people clamoring about wanting First Person only or HC servers. The only reason I can think for that would be that the devs believe it's such a small portion of their market that they don't want to listen to them. I'm not sure that is the case, and honestly, it's a bit insulting if that is the viewpoint they have. 3rd person is primarily an American convention, and if you look at A3:BR numbers at all, you're losing a huge quantity of business from the EU by not having First Person only servers. I understand that "HC mode is in the works with no ETA" but why should that prevent people from talking about what they believe that should/shouldn't include and the benefits of whatever viewpoint they personally believe makes the most sense for competitive gameplay? ______________________________________________________________________________ The irony of the linked post being locked while I wrote the above is through the roof.
  14. Suggestions

    Some ideas: change color of compass (big troubles with white compass marks); make an opaque zone of damage; аutomatic adaptation of weapon addons if there are free slots; add hardcore mode - just first person. Thanks.
  15. Imo, it would be better if the hitboxes would be smaller but only a few bullets should be required for a kill/ko. So long-range-kills would be much harder all the more with a future bulletdrop-system. Overall it even would make more sense, since endgame is on close range. At least those suggestions are good ideas for a planned hardcore mode. Co-topic: Other suggestions for hc-mode: more/multiple red zones no crosshair no weapon/ammo/firemode UI health(bar) only visible in inventar high use of gas when driving (so this huge ammount of gas cans you find every 2 minutes, would make sense finally) parachutes: manually equipping on plane/lobby, only manually opening, crossing redline = falldamage (when you open it to late) more weather/wind/map influence on general gameplay (shooting, jumping, gliding with parachutes...) rare loot of protective gears (vest, helmets), but more efficiency on them no mini-map (map only) zone-time only viewable on map and of course FIRST PERSON ONLY Since one of the goals of this game is a good balance between semi-sim and arcade, i think the current compass(system) should stay in a future hc-mode. But i'm not sure, if a smaller timed or a longer timed circle-system would make more sense. Or maybe none. Maybe the name/icon/map-icon of teammates should disappear on a hc-game. But than friendly fire should turned off. And MAYBE no kill/ko-feed. Not even your own. How about the I think i've forgotten much more common settings suggestions for a planned hc-mode. Maybe you got more.
  16. I can't seem to find any option to MM for "First Person Only"/"Hardcore". I'm pretty sure I've read plenty of times that it would be available on EA launch. Care to elaborate?
  17. Hardcore, I feel.....

    This game has everything anyone could ever want in a First Person Battle Royale, It alone just cutting out 3rd person will most likely beat out other games coming out like Island of Nyne. I just hope when they tweak something that they double check that the same effects happen while in 1st person. I my self will be playing majority in Hardcore Game Mode because I feel I want to submerge my self in the game rather than peaking around corners and waiting for people to make the mistake. I do come from a 3rd person hardcore gaming experience from such titles as Socom Us Navy Seals and I do fully enjoy beating people out by using my camera to the best its situation allows me. But with the deep systematic and hardcore settings and customization I feel Hardcore can appeal to everyone. Thanks Noon.