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Found 20 results

  1. Please use this thread to discuss the anything relating to heal and boost items.
  2. When i'm spectating my friend playing and he is healing himself there are no sounds of this activity. But when he is actualy playing the game when i'm spectating he got the sound
  3. Killstreak team respawn

    This is an idea to try and encourage engagements in the mid-game. When a player in a Duo or Squad match is killed, their teammates can revive them by trading in their kills. Maybe only three or four kills to make it a reachable goal, while also promoting engagements, with a time delay between revives so it can't be abused in combat, and a possible cutoff once the force-field has reached a certain size so it can't be abused in late-game. This idea may not be fully formed, but at least it can challenge the camping meta in mid-game while helping those who died early maintain engagement in the match itself.
  4. Healing in Vehicles

    Right, i think that you should be able to heal in a moving vehicle, I've taken painkillers and energy drinks in vehicles in real like, and i imagine jabbing yourself with a syringe isn't any different so i think that PlayerUnknown and the crew should implement healing whilst in moving vehicles, as it is completely possible (as opposed to drinking an energy drink while lying down) any other opinions?
  5. Dudes for real, what are these healing animations ?! I died three times today because of these awful healing animations. I can not heal with bandages repeatedly anymore. My character flinging the weapon on every single time when i try to heal with bandages. So enemies can easily pushing and killing you now. What is this ? This is killing the game. Use bandage fling on the weapon, use bandage fling on the weapon... Guys please remove these animations. You really ruined the game and playability.
  6. Healing during end game

    Do you know how healing works in end game? I got to the final circles, only 2 guys left, and i thought i'd just pop all heals i have and hope for the other guy to reveal his position, or die outside the zone. This did not work because i couldn't heal at all. For large portion of the last circle (i believe when it was still moving) no heals (packs or bandages) would activate. Only after i was outside the zone for a while, but it was already too late. The med kit wouldn't "load" in time. Is this intended?
  7. Healing mechanics

    Before someone says this is a duplicate topic, it isn't, the search field returns no results on the sugggestions/feedback forums... This suggestion is to amend the health and damage systems slightly so they're more dynamic without allowing players to instantly heal to full or 75% HP after just being shot twice in the head... The damage modifiers are solely player-based amendments in how their gameplay is affected after they have received damage. In turn, these damage modifiers increase the need for certain items (like vests, and Bandages) as well as open the door for potential future items. Damage modifiers Bleeding: If your player is damaged by any projectile or bladed Melee weapon, the player should sustain a wound that causes the player to bleed. Bleeding should result in a 1% health drop over a 3 second period. If a wound is left untreated, a player would start to lose functionality and slowly die. Organ Failure: Right now, the only organ really used in the game is the player's lungs, which is used for both steadying a rifle, and sprinting. If the lungs are hit, this functionality should be lost to the player until they treat the organ failure, or find a way to sustain themselves through it. An organ failure cannot be left to treat itself. Rate of bleeding from that wound should be doubled (2% per 3 seconds). Body failure: If shot in the leg, the player should struggle to run. If shot in the arm, the player should struggle to aim steadily. If shot in the torso and the player is laid down, the player should struggle to stand (or stand much slower). Body failure should heal over time. If the player doesn't treat the wound causing the inflicted pain, after 180 seconds the impact should be reduced to 50% of what it was, and after a further 120 seconds the bodily function should return to normal. Item pickups Bandages: Bandages should stop bleeding, but not heal your player in any way. A single bandage should be used to patch up any points of damage to prevent further damage. Cast time should be instant, and should just use all available Bandages for wounds required. First-Aid Kit: This should heal a player by a value of 60% HP (so if at 40%, would take you to 100, 20% - 80% etc). It would heal you over time 1% per second. It cannot stop bleeding. Cast time should be 2 seconds. Medikit: The Medikit should allow 100% healing at a rate of 2% per second, it can stop bleeding of all wounds, and can repair one major organ/body damage. Cast time should be 4 seconds. Painkillers: Increases rate of healing to 300% so if applying Medikit; you would gain 6% per second until the 100% capacity is used. If you applied a FAK; you would gain 3% per second until the 60% is consumed. Cast time should be 3 seconds, and have a duration of 180 seconds. Energy Drink: Increases rate of healing by 50%, boosts running speed by 10%. Cast time should be instant, and duration should be 60 seconds. Adrenaline: Effects of organ failure / body damage are removed for duration, 10% damage intake reduction for duration, 10% running speed increase for duration, reduce vertical and horizontal climb/sway by 10% on any weapons for duration. Cast time 1 second, duration 30 seconds. This concept is designed to remove the aspect of someone being shot and then instantly being able to heal themselves and re-engage. It puts more emphasis on the survival aspect as well as allowing players to engage more often. Currently some players don't bother to engage with anyone behind cover as the shots fired typically give away their position, and their opposition simply sits behind their cover and heals up almost instantly back to full health. The opposition can continually peak and be headshot, and re-med until their supplies run out. The only time some players engage others now is when there fully exposed with no cover which is usually when players are running for the zone (which is why a lot of complaints are being posted about the zone's ability to kill you). What are your thoughts over a time-based healing system with bodily functions being removed?
  8. my thoughts on vehicles

    What does anyone else thing about the possibility for passengers to be able to bandage or use boosters while riding in a vehicle. I think passengers should be able to use boosters and bandages, i think because of what health packs and med kits are, they should maybe not be able to be used in the car allow me to explain my reasoning. i know it's a game but you have to think about what might actually be going on with the action someone is preforming. I can wrap a bandage around a wound while im in a vehicle, even if it's pretty bumpy. I can also eat some pills or drink a drink. I imagine that a health pack or med kit (irl) would have some kind of stitches or a shot of some sort, stuff that you actually need to not be bumping around to do correctly. same for the adrenaline shot, you can't give yourself a shot (safely) while off roading in a sedan. Maybe the health pack is just antiseptics and better bandages but i still think maybe no in the car. only down side, if you consider it a downside like i do, is that in solo a driver could go full speed, ctrl+2 to a passenger seat, heal, then drive and be on their way and healed. that could be over powered a little cause you are a hard to hit target still and you are healing and repositioning. if you are in a fight with someone and you have a car, it would probably be a little OP. thoughts?
  9. Buddy Healing: Make it so that you can heal teammates with reduced time or bonus effects -Energy drink: other player just uses it -Pain Killers/First aid: reduce time from 7.5 seconds to 4.5 -Med kit/Adrenaline Syringe: Reduce time from 10 to 6 seconds -Banages: Increase use time from 4 seconds to 5 but healing is applied instantly instead of over time New Down System: Annoyed by campers and ridge squatters that will not stay dead? You will only be incapacitated twice and be able to revive normally for those two times afterwards, on the third down the player will go unconscious and just flop on the ground as if they were a dead body (better start a double tap rule) if they roll off a cliff or fall into the water well too bad for you its life. (Special equipment will be needed to revive from unconscious) 4th down will insta kill -Defibrillator Paddles: Rare two or three use item obtained from a crate in only duo and squad modes allowing teammates to revive a third time on an unconscious team member -Adrenaline Syringe: Keeps its full boost while now also resetting your down count allowing you to survive past more than 3 downs (thing does not do enough for how rare it is) Dealing With Water Endings: Because its not fun or competitive not being able to shoot people squatting in water under a cliff or bridge on final zone -Add water penetration: Bullets travel into water a small distance and deal reduced damage to players in water depending on the caliber of bullet -Add punching in water: Who does not want to beat someone else to death in the pool? (Should be added in addition to another solution) -Electric water: Water at the last and second to last circles start to not feel too good the second to last water damage doing 3rd normal circle level damage and the last circle doing 4th normal circle damage to the players in water. (To avoid water town being a death trap the player would at least need to be in swimming condition) More Special Clothing: Because things like the Guilly suit are fun (All lvl3 kind of rarity) (All items will glow to stand out from normal clothing drops) -Running shoes [Shoes]: 3% passive speed boost on foot -(Sneakers) or snow shoes [Shoes]: Reduce sound footprint when on foot depending on map terrain -Shooting gloves [Gloves]: Slight increase to gun handling and reload speed -Ballistic Jacket [Coat]: Rare crate drop that increases all body armor including arms by 5% (Testing for perfect number would be needed) (no help to head) this heavy armor reduces move speed by 5%, has a passive increase to sound whenever moving and slightly reduces handling to guns, 220 durability (Good item but without other special clothing items can be a hindrance) -Triage Pack [Coat]: Player gains the benefit of buddy healing on themselves but now has a bright red pack strapped to their waist -Tactical rig [Coat]: Additional 50 capacity What do you think could be changed or added?
  10. Thought you guys might like our skit:
  11. Some of these are new as of the new patch that caused some issues, others are old that have yet to be addressed. The lag is getting worse by patch, me and my friends consistently throughout the day would have our games freeze but our characters continue to run in game. This has gotten us and many other people killed, its game breaking. Inventory towards end game (when it matters most) will simply not allow you to interact. This means no equipping new items and no healing, its game breaking. I had a motobike get stuck on a bench for some reason, unable to move, very strange, maybe fix how a player can interact with vehicles. Supply drops will sometimes get stuck outside of the play-zone for some reason, not game breaking but very frustrating when you chase after them. Other than that, just more of the same lag issues that each patch seems to make worse, at least in the North American servers. You guys have a lot of work to do before you can sell this to Microsoft.
  12. Hey there, I was thinking about the healing mechanic and find it quite boring that you have to drop med-kits before your mates can heal themselves. There is a way this could be done with more interaction. I would love to see a healing option, where you for example switch to fists go up to your team mate an be able to press F for a "Heal ally" Option. Some sort of a small inventory box opens with specific aiding supplies where you can choose which meds you want to use to patch him/her up. What do you think?
  13. In the past 3 days I've been constantly getting a bug disallowing me to use any sort of healing, it doesn't matter if I use my mouse or keybindings and it doesn't matter if I have low hp to medium hp. it also doesn't allow me to help any teammates up causing team play to be un-doable. Please look in to this as its making the game unbearable.
  14. I encountered a bug that prevented me from using any first aid kits, bandages, painkillers, or energy drinks, and it seems that this bug happens when you have a Vector equipped. I have some recorded gameplay where my health goes down to about 10%, and you can see that I'm mashing my 6,7,8,9, and 0 keys, and I also bring up the inventory and try right-clicking the items, but nothing is happening other than my crosshair flickering, then after a while, I switch to my SKS, and I'm able to use all the items. I've included the footage below, apologies in advance for the formatting, grammar, and length of the video. I've linked it at the time that I encounter the bug.
  15. Healing Bug

    I noticed some healing issues and I don't know if this is a bug or on purpose from the developers. 2 of my mates were down on the ground. I was shot down to nearly 10%. I killed the enemies and wanted to heal my mates but it didn't work. I was as close as I could be to my mates. The information to press the healing button appeared but nothing happened when i pressed it.. So is this a bug or is it impossible to heal if I am almost dead, too?
  16. Could not heal.

    Hello folks i ran into a bug while playing a game in EU server. So i was playing normally nothing wrong and then go into a fight with this dude and after i kill him i have really low hp so i attempt to use my medikit but it would not let me use it, i tried to drop it and all but nothing. (I was in the last 3 btw). Then i see the guy running in front of me and im about to shoot him and boom blue zone kills me. I think this is a really annoying bug because i could've won that match.
  17. Healing Teamates

    When healing knocked out teammates you must have a Med Kit, First Aid Kit, or Bandage. When healing with bandage just brings them up with little health. First aid kit heals teammate to 75 hp. Med kit heals teammate to 100 hp.
  18. Crafting bendages and other stuff

    The game is actually good but maybe something that can be implemented can be a crafting system like in other games. So in that way you can craft few bandages for example from your clothes maybe a shirt give you 2 or 3 bandages so at least you can heal your self at match start if you get hit
  19. Hi. Not the type of defibrillator that you can use in other games without restrictions. Just an idea without throwing away the essence of the whole BR concept in the game. A defibrillator can be used to revive a teammate, but without giving some specifics limitations: It should be a very rare item to find in every match in the loot system. If someone finds it in the floor and grabs it, the defibrillator would be like locked-in within the player. The defibrillator takes a considerable amount of space. If you need space, considering dropping the defibrillator would be discarded and can't be looted again. Only one-time use to revive. It takes around a minute or more to revive a teammate. If the owner gets killed the defibrillator expires and cannot be looted from the backpack. Meaning that, with fair limitations a defibrillators won't guaranteed the survival experience all the time, and teams have to be wise about picking up a defibrillator, depending in the circumstances.
  20. So there has been some arguments around how you can't cancel First Aids or Medkits (you can cancel bandages however). As there has been no response from the development team on this yet here is another possible solution rather than simply allowing a cancel and not receiving any benefit out of it. Have First Aid and Medkits work on a Channeled Timer. For anyone not familiar with what that means it is when you use the Medkit/FA you would actually gain benefit from it while the timer is going. In this case if a Medkit heals you for 100% of your health and takes 10 seconds you would have it heal you for 10% of your current missing health every second. So if you assume you were at 50% health you would receive back 5% every second ending you at 100% by the time it completes. Same concept for First Aid which would return whatever % of missing health from the 75% mark to bring you back up to 75% health by the end of the Channeled Timer. Now add on to that the ability to cancel the Medkit/FA, you could then use the Medkit for example and if you see someone coming up on you and it's only been 4 seconds you could cancel it, still have received that 40% of the 100% it was going to give you, and then be able to fight. Your Medkit would still be completely used up as the downside to cancelling, but you have the benefit of not being stuck in an unresponsive position. Summary Channeled Timer for Medkit/First Aid Gain % of missing health back every second that would leave you at the 100% / 75% marks respectively at the end of the timer Add ability to cancel Medkit/First Aid Cancelling Medkit/First Aid still results in the use of the item