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Found 382 results

  1. Need help embedding video

    I need help on how to embed a video on the forum, I'm on my video's with xboxdvr.com but can figure out how to post them on here. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. To change the zeroing distance to farther away press up on the d-pad. To make the zeroing distance closer press down on the d-pad. I actually just figured this out on accident so I just wanted to tell all of you.
  3. Community reputation?

    So I have been on these forums for a couple weeks now and notice my community reputation is now 16? my question is what exactly is that and how do you get it higher? Please dont laugh if this this is a stupid question, but I am just super confused how it works
  4. Can the mini kill a player with 1 round with full health, lvl2 helmet and vest?
  5. Whenever my display mode is on full screen, it loses its mind until I change it to full screen (windowed). Is this just due to the update? I can provide any additional information if necessary. Thanks!
  6. Whenever my display mode is on full screen, it loses its mind until I change it to full screen (windowed). Is this just due to the update? I can provide any additional information if necessary. Thanks!
  7. I have a question for any streamers out there... how does one stream this game and make it enjoyable or entertaining for the duration of the match? This game has too much downtime, which adds to the great feel of the game, but makes for a boring viewer experience. I try to drop in hot spots and go for kills, but sometimes the game has different plans. So my question is... how does one keep the stream of this game interesting WHILE maintaining focus?
  8. I am sure a lot of you have heard to turn off your DVR settings on Xbox and a lot have responded saying that isn't a troubleshoot, but some still argue it is. I believe the issue is more a matter with the auto upload feature Xbox has when you capture a clip. When you capture a clip or a screenshot, it will upload to your feed for whoever your settings allow to see when you capture a clip and cause lag spikes as well as even crashes in the process, since it is eating data to do so. Instead, turn off the auto upload to Xbox Live feature and when on your captures, manually upload them instead. For this thread though, I wanted to start one that is simply captures of glitches and bugs that need to be addressed and proof of such happening, so the devs can address them. We as gamers complain far too much for fixes with statements such as, "Where are their play testers to discover them." I can't say enough this is a tiny studio that is growing tremendously, so please, ease up a bit for the time being. We, however, can be the greatest ally in aiding this cause. We need to show how this happened, so they have a better understanding as to why and how they can address the issues at a much more efficient rate. I along with several of you, I am guessing, want this game to succeed, but we need to step up and help if we expect results faster than they already are. A visual representation goes a longer way than just a descriptive one, so below please post all of the following that you can: A photo of where on the map you are when it occurred (zoomed out and in if possible) A clip of how the glitch or bug happened A clip of the actual bug or glitch if continuous (ex. Stuck in a door or a rock) A brief description of the event so the devs don't have to watch the clip a few times to discover exactly the problem you are trying to address Network statistics at the time of the crash or directly after if possible (upload/download speeds, packet loss, latency, NAT type) PLEASE ONLY INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING SOURCES: Use the file uploader for clips/screenshots you have downloaded If you do not wish to download the file and use the uploader (in all honesty I have no idea how large a file can be uploaded) please only use one of the two following sources. Your official xbox live captures page www.xboxdvr.com DO NOT INCLUDE: Any download link as this will be flagged for potential virus An image or text of anything that could harm you (ex. Mac address, personal account info) Try to keep any capture as concise as possible. We do not need 5 minute clips to see one bug for 20 seconds. Xbox has its own DVR editor, so this should not be an issue if you have your settings set to record more than just a 30 second clip. Thank you for your time and may you be stuffed with chicken dinners!
  9. Lost connection to host.

    I contact twitter support and nothing. I try pubg support and nothing. reinstal game, check firewall, antivirus game name: Kawwka 17 digit Steam ID: 76561198072149640
  10. Fire from hip or using the holo or red dot sight sometimes I have a red dot right on them firing multiple shots and they kill me I don’t get it?
  11. PUBG in Pakistan

    Any hope for getting PUBG servers for Pakistan?
  12. Shadows are too dark

    hey i noticed coming from outside to inside areas it’s too dark or anything with shadows is too dark the side of the school building looks black when it’s suppose to be red, you need to brighten up the shadows
  13. was playing desert map, inside bluehole thing, then 2 messages popped up, here is screenshot the messages. i've also been having freezes during the loading screen after match making.
  14. Фильтры NVIDIA

    Доброго времени суток. Кому не лень, скиньте свои настройки фильтров NVIDIA, ибо все что у меня получается - это "вырвиглаз" картинка, либо мультяшка. p.s. Интересуют больше именно настройки цвета, нежели четкости.
  15. PlayerUnknown Screen Stuck

    Ok, So I am able to load into the game pull it up and get past the Bluehole company page then it will go to the screen with the character with the cart exploding behind him. Then it will stick there forever. I've restarted my PC and uninstalled this game and reinstalled it. I need help.
  16. Custom Server Bugged

    hey so my friend plays pubg professionally and has can host customs servers. However after this most recent update he started a server then it crashed/froze and its stuck on there with 100/100 players and it will not let him delete the server so he cant make a new session either. Please can you clear it so he can host customs again. server name is .TV/STABCS 5P POCHINKI-MAXLOOT it is hosted on EU Thanks in advance. MoNk
  17. Собственно играл себе, как ни в чем не бывало. Катка завершилось и пошли ошибки. Перезапустил лобби, сыграл еще одну и... все. "Сервера заняты и бла, бла, бла". А потом выдает вот такое чудо. Help Pls.
  18. region error occurred please

    i cant select my region on the game, by that i cant play, like really cant please help
  19. Hello, I recently obtained the sleeveless biker jacket and upon ADS-ing with the tommy gun, the collar was taking up half of my screen. I picked the gun up multiple times to see if it would happen again but unfortunately it did. Please look at this small issue and patch it please! Thank you
  20. Solo Squads

    When playing "Solo Squads" what leaderboard does it count towards, Solo or Squads. I couldn't find the answer for this anywhere so any info helps thanks!
  21. Playing at 10-30 fps

    CPU i5-7200U 2.5ghz-2.7ghz Ram 8gb Gpu nvidia geforece 940mx 2gb and everything set on very low and playing with 10-30 fps pls help me
  22. Okay so my current DPI is 800. I use 35 for general and driving sens, 27 for aim sens and use 28 for ads and scopes. I want to know if its possible to get close to the raw DPI of 800. If not, what is the closest sensitivity to that? and what should I do to find it? Thanks!
  23. Howdy! So.. I have this problem for a long time and I need some help. My pc: GTX 950 2gb, i5 6402p 2.80ghz, 8GB ram, Asus VG245HE Monitor (75hz). Whenever I play PUBG, a loud noise is heard from the pc and I don't know what to do, it sounds like: "VRUUUUUU", like a tractor. (I dont know much english LOL) (It's the game bad optimised or it's just my pc?) pls help
  24. Bad_module_info Help

    I keep getting this Bad_Module_Info crash. It's happened too much now and I've just had it happen again when I was in top 9. Is there actually any fixes for this because I can't seem to find anything that works. My reasonably new and shouldn't have any issues. This didn't happen in the early days of PUBG only for the past 3 or so months. Any feedback is appreciated.