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Found 314 results

  1. My husband and I use the same computer but have seperate steam accounts with shared library, does this mean he's screwed for a character because I played first even though I played it on my steam name and not his? Is there anyway to delete my character completely so he can play? Or a way we can just both have a character?
  2. Controller ADS Trouble

    I got the game when it released and I love it it's fantastic. I just need help with the ADS, double tapping on the trigger is quite difficult due to my disability, I have Cerebral Palsy on my left side of my body.(including fingers and hand) Itd be much easier for me in First person if I can hold the trigger to aim into my gun, do you think changing it to that will be possible? I lose many gun fights in distance due to this. Please help
  3. Help please

    I just don't know will the code for pubg still work if i use it on Christmas?
  4. Okay I just recently bought pubg for Xbox one and got one for my cousin as well. I go to download it on his Xbox first and then I go to my house and download it. I finish downloading it and load up the old game system and get into a party with my cousin. We start playing it and I load us into a duo match. So here I am waiting and waiting when my cousin asks where I am at I am like I’m in a loading screen, he says he’s in the game so I’m like okay maybe I will load me in, it does not. So with that said I tried various ways to fix it by switching connections hard wiring the game system to my router, tried my mobile hotspot, etc nothing worked. Now we tried everything to make it work and he says try going in a solos match and see if it works so I go into a solos match and get the same thing every time. Now with that said my cousin has a Xbox one S while I have a standard Xbox one I had an open NAT type while he had strict he has a mobile hotspot while I have a WiFi connection. Also I get a thing saying this: connection timed out 0.5.24 - now I don’t know if this is some kinda error code or if it’s something other than that but I thought I might as well put that in there just to make sure. Now with that all said I hope to hear from anyone that has experienced this issue to see if they may have a solution and/or if the creators of PUBG are able to help me at all because I was really looking forward to playing and kicking some ass with my cousin but as of right now that is not possible so please do help me!
  5. Hearing help

    First off, I'd like to say: FUN game. Seriously. Awesome. Stuff. I've encountered my mortal enemy however: hearing. I'm deaf in my right ear so I struggle with directional sound. I've tried running mono in my xbox audio settings, but many a times I've had people run up on my right and blast me away. My natural instinct is to turn left because that's where I think its at. Is there any possibility of implementing some audio settings to help compensate for this? I know alot of people want some kind of visual cue, but that's just cheating. I was thinking more of an audio difference. Perhaps make the sound more ehcoish or something. All in all, I'm really just looking for suggestions on what I may be able to do to help combat this at the games current state. Perhaps there is nothing I can do. And that's fine. Just looking for suggestions. I play with some Afterglow lvl 3 headphones, if that makes any difference.
  6. How play on test servers?

    How can I play on test servers??
  7. network lag deteckted

    so i've had this game for 3 days now and ive enjoyed it so far but today i've encountered an issue where it says i have network lag detected with 0 lag at all and it will stay there which always results in my death i shouldn't be getting this as i'm having no lag at all is there any way to fix this
  8. Every 40 minutes to an hour me and my friends games keep closing. really messing up the game play. seems to happen when there’s either a lot of people around or driving a vehicle to fast
  9. Ban appeal

    In game name: TsuBon97 17 digit Steam ID: 76561198393855177 Ban appeal reason: I dont hack/cheat and dont use 3rd softwarel. Pls open banned account.
  10. Banned For "Cheating/Hacking"

    PUBG Account Name: LosBogus Steam ID: 76561198354147147 Today I went to log onto PUBG and found that my account was banned for 875,000 hours. I am beyond confused with the ban since I've been playing this game for a few months now with no intentions to hack or cheat. Please review my ban and reply to me with reasoning since I cant find anything about my ban. I don't use any macros or anything and I just want to play the game with my friends.
  11. Não aguento mais

    Olá sou novo por aqui se tiver qualquer erro me desculpe. Não consegui achar o erro do meu problema em nenhum lugar foram dois problemas, o primeiro era que o meu Pubg ele trancava demais, demorava para renderizar aí depois que eu pus dois pentes de 8GB ele parou só que aí dava erro da minha memória RAM aí formatei e parou, só que agora o jogo tranca definitivamente enquanto estou jogando e fora que da CRASH também e não sei mais oque fazer, não sei se é meu computador ou se é o jogo. Minhas configurações do computador: Processador: i5 4590 Memória RAM: 2 pentes de 8GB Placa de vídeo: GTX 1050TI 4GB Placa Mãe: B85M-D3PH LGA1150 Fonte: 700W Corsair Se poderem me ajudar agradeço muito. Abraço
  12. As i sayed i cant even start a singel Game ( ONLY ON TEST SERVER!!! ) After every thing whats to do like the forum posts saying i have realy no plan what should i do now ! driver up to date Normal Game works fine reinstall and so on ! sorry for my bad english cu and hope u can help me !
  13. Bug Description: Came home ready to play last night and when i loaded up the test server the game reached the new PUBG logo(looks nice btw) then my computer restarts itself (thank god i have a SSD), now before anyone says "well have you tried uninstalling the game" YES I HAVE OKAY! Date Seen: 12/13/17 Server: Test Server Troubleshooting Attempted: Driver updates, OS Updates, Windows 10 reinstall. nothings worked. thanks god i have gigabit internet or this all would have taken for ever. Other Information: i can play the regular server perfectly fine with no issues. Launch Options: didn't touch any launch options System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10, Latest update. Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i5-6600K Ram: ADATA - XPG Z1 32GB
  14. Hi I was playing on test server and I opened one crate and got a skirt, but it's worth nothing due to the fact that it's on test server. I was hoping you would be some cool guys (or girls it is 2017) and switch the skirt to reg because I have spent around 300k BP on cases and pretty much got nothing beside a 2 dollar shirt. So I would think it would be very nice if you could send the skirt to my profile on reg. Its name is Rainbow_Frog, my test server name is Rainbow_Frog http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026802777/screenshots/ there is the screen shot of my skirt.
  15. I was playing test servers when it crashed so critically, that I was forced to do a hard reset. Doing so has caused my computer to completely break down now and won’t start up. It just gives me a white rectangle and no inputs seem to do anything other than the power button. Not gonna lie, pretty upset that my couple hundred dollar computer that I built myself is broken
  16. Erro BattlEye

    Jogo abre, porém logo fecha com a seguinte msg do BattlEye: 14:16:19: Installing BattlEye Service... 14:16:21: Successfully installed BattlEye Service. 14:16:24: Launching game... 14:16:57: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 14:16:58: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\aetcrss1.exe". Help me!
  17. How to play TestServers

    Hello I juste want to know how can I play in test servers..
  18. Voice chat not working

    Basically I can not hear any voice chat in game even though my audio settings are set to all chat and unmuted. I been having this problem for a few months now and have been unable to find a solution. Reinstalling the game and verifying the files does not help. This problem happens on both the test servers and regular servers. Any help would be appreciated. I believe it has something to do with Windows 10 settings. Thank you in advance!
  19. Game crash: Megathread

    To whom it may concern, i have currently already spent about 15hours into this game... and you have not acknowledged us on some of the big issues which you should of. You address problems with some stupid cosmetic items but not actual game changing and infuriating issues. I have loved this game on PC and find the xbox version to be fun also because I feel more at home with the controller and my friends... However.. Having the game constantly crash mid game, resulting in leaving you running/driving to death whilst you scramble to load back in, is unacceptable. I and the more resonable players understand this is going to happen due to its preview state, but where is your communication.. a few lines such as “we know, there is a problem. We are working hard to fix it, would be sufficient enough”. Your lack of communication is what will kill this game before it’s of the ground. This is a game changing bug, happening often and in horrible place and needs to be acknowledged. Thankyou for making a game I enjoy to the max, but give me back the effort that I have put in with you by purchasing the game multiple times.
  20. hi, so I just bought PUBG last night for me and my friend on Xbox One. after waiting a while for it to download we both started it up and tried customizing our character but my screen glitched a little bit and I kept pressing A because I was confused and it was only for a few seconds so maybe it was my tv but I have no idea. but I couldn't customize my character and it looks like an old lady lol, so I un downloaded it after playing 3 games with my friend since he waited forever for it to download and then when he went to bed I did that and redownloaded it so I could remake my character. it didn't work and all my few points and lady character was still there so was a bit disappointed so as a silly of a request it is, I was wondering if it's possible to have my game progress reset completely? idc if I lose my points I don't have that many so is that possible? ya'll probs think I'm dumb but I want to make my character not look gross and old so rIP.
  21. I can't view my player and what hes wearing when I go into my inventory, all I see is a goddamn black outline of a person standing?? RESPOND PLEASE***
  22. Missing BP points

    Hi so I played pubg 2 days ago and got my first solo chicken dinner (yay!) But, I didn't get the 901 BP points I had earned during the match. It didn't even register in my statistics. For proof u have attacked a photo clicked by my phone. I was just staring at the page after I won clicking pics then I got a message saying you have been kicked. Please give me my points I want a crate
  23. Server: US Connecting from: US when I start the test servers and go into a game, the game is basically unplayable because of how laggy it is. I had task manager open and my GPU was constantly at 100% but my CPU was at 20%-60%. It also kept giving me the network lag detected popup, but I know for a fact that my ethernet connection is fast enough to play this game.

    I am having problems using the zoom when in first person mode. Instead of zooming in it decides just to make the cross-hairs smaller. Any help would be great #Xbox
  25. @PUBG_help - Bug = Crashing loading game and, loading into a match | - I've already tried all the suggestions to try to fix the problem, ranging from restarting my pc and uninstalling the test server and reinstalling. As well as, Verifying the integrity of game files. I'll include the 2 common error messages I get... * Very Common Error Message: * Other Common Error Message: - PC Specs: - So if there is any fix, please let me know, and if not, if the developers see this or anything, can you please fix this error or bug in the game? It's stopping me from trying out the Test Servers. Thanks!