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Found 255 results

  1. Заходишь ты такой после обновления. Думаешь ну все, щас куплю сезонник, буду делать квесты и жизнь станет прекрасней. Но нет. Лишь перегруженные сервера. И нигде ничего не написано по этому поводу. Через сколько решат? Исправят? Справятся ли? Ошибка.bmp
  2. In the event, the FPS sags to 20-30 fps Hardware
  3. Finny_

    Aim/ADS glitch

    I set aim to toggle and ADS to hold. For some reason it set Aim to hold and ADS to toggle. Is there a way to fix this?
  4. What is happening? I want my skins or my money back! Please Help PUBG.
  5. toxicxarrow

    Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    Everything worked fine up until January 9, 2018. Now, I can only speak and hear teammates in the first couple seconds of the match, then the voice chat stops working. If I exit game, then load back in, the chat is fixed for another couple of seconds, after which it goes out again. I've been going nuts re-installing, tweaking, etc. The only game that is affected is PUBG. I'm pretty sure it's not on my end, since I can hear and talk for the first couple of seconds, and then it get cut off. Happens in every game mode. Please fix.
  6. So ive been doing a lot of thinking on the current inventory system and ive come to the conclusion that the current one is built for a mouse and keyboard plain and simple.... So ive been thinking of ways to improve on the design to make it better suited to be navigated by a controller. Heres my first design. Alright so it behaves just like the normal inventory but it should have some more shorcuts. *RT - scroll up 1 row. eg: if i was on attachments and hit RT it would land on AMMO *LT - scroll down 1 row. eg: if i was on ammo and hit LT it would land on attachments *RB - swipe over 1 colum to the right. eg if i hit RB from the ammo tab it would jump to the gun i have *LB - swipe over 1 colum to the left. eg if i hit LB from the gun tab it would jump to the ammo tab So yeah with those controlls I think the looting on xbox will be lightning quick just might be a little hard for new people to learn what stuff is. ( Names would be quite hard to put on items in this looting table.) But yeah this design is very stream lined and it focuses mainly on the dpad and the triggers and bumpers to move through the inventory. This one is pretty much the same concept just bigger icons and I imagine with this design you would be able to scroll down to get to the bottom. I think the main feature that would make this design and the previous design very effective would be to allow the player to customise the order in which things will pop up in. example: say i walk up to some dead guy and I open up my inventory I could have it set to go GUNS first , then AMMO , then attachments and so on. ( would be great for people who prefer to go for meds first or amor first.) And I would make it so if something from one of the categories isn't on the ground or inventory then that category doesn't show up, so its as fast as possible when looting bodies. But yeah thats my ideas please tell me what ya think... I believe that the final inventory for xbox will 100% have to incorporate the same sort of design to be effective.
  7. The game has nearly become unplayable for me since the new patch. I’ve lost over 10 matches due to the game crashing just about 60 meters before hitting the ground from my parachute or the just random crashing mid game. Am I alone in this? Didn’t have this issue before the patch.
  8. TheyCallMeMoNk

    Custom Server Bugged

    hey so my friend plays pubg professionally and has can host customs servers. However after this most recent update he started a server then it crashed/froze and its stuck on there with 100/100 players and it will not let him delete the server so he cant make a new session either. Please can you clear it so he can host customs again. server name is .TV/STABCS 5P POCHINKI-MAXLOOT it is hosted on EU Thanks in advance. MoNk
  9. In no particular order: 1. Ledges on windows, you can get stuck under them and can't vault through window, stand up, etc. They just get in the way of gameplay. 2. Can't vault over small items. if you can vault over something 2 feet high, you should be able to vault over something 1 foot high. It's silly that you cannot. Default fastest vault over small objects or even over no objects. Problem solved. 3. Improve net code. No reason you shouldn't be as responsive as other games using the same engine. Find the problem and fix it. 4. Do not make anti-cheat impede gameplay. if you are hurting game play with anti-cheat, then you have not found the correct answer. 5. Vision problems from Blue zone are too annoying, reduce them so you can still fight. 6. Vision problems from certain scopes seem like bugs. Fix them. Scopes are made so you don't have glare unless staring directly into a light. 7. Vision problems from Sun on Miramar are exaggerated. 8. Smooth out terrain on Miramar. I get what you were going for, but you made it almost unplayable in some areas, from too steep to walk, to too bumpy to drive, etc.. let us play! 9. Vision from buggy bar is often IN THE WAY. This is no realistic unless we are 7 feet tall and driving a buggy made for a child! 10. Vision problem from bar on left side of windshield in Van, is in the way, move it! Should be no vision problems from any vehicle. 11. Vision problem from vehicle where our neck is broken because we can't turn around and look more than 180 degrees very well. We are not cripples. If you could not see behind you, you could not parallel park. 12. It is often possible to run very far from the blue and never make it safely in the circle, using up all your meds to get there, dangerous barely able to make it with vehicle. Let us fight the enemy instead of the blue! Still not acceptable in current form. 13. Slow down the blue so we can fight players while running from the blue. This is what this game is about. Blue is not a player. 14. put more vehicles so more people can make it to the circles! this increases number of people in the circle and thus more gameplay. This gets rid of the slow part of the game where you just run without seeing anyone for a while, or waiting for others to make it into the circle. 15. Fix tick rate on servers to fight desync. Desync will kill your fanbase if not fixed! HURRY! 16. Increase number of arrows by at least 5 per crossbow. (10 to 20, instead of 5 to 15) .. also when you find quiver, it should have 5 to 10 arrows. Finding a crossbow with just 5 arrows is only really going to be used if first weapon you find, or streamers doing challenges. 17. lncrease level 2 helmet to be able to take 1 Kar98K shot! Putting level 3 helm in crate only was WRONG way to fix this problem. 18. make looting and inventory items be consistent! Why sometimes the bottom of the list, and sometimes the top of the list? Why different on the ground than in your inventory? BE CONSISTENT so we can adapt to it, and spend less time in our inventory screen getting shot, and let us fight players instead of UI! 19. ALWAYS pick up weapon first, never ammo. Thank you for removing clothes! Fix priority of looting. Be consistent! Stop dropping items near doors!!!! Or fix your doors to have smaller range for "use". 20. Stop making PUBG partner people who use NO RECOIL MACRO! you STREAMERS/YOUTUBERS know who you are! Stop cheating! IF you think it is NOT cheating, then make a video or full stream on the topic so we can see how big the problem really is! 21. Fix your sounds bugs for enemy players. Sometimes you can hear them, sometimes you can't. Sound bugs in certain directions. This game depends on sounds a LOT. No reason you should not hear a vehicle at LEAST 100 meters away.. sometimes they get really close before you hear them and you can't even turn to see them before hit! 22. MAKE your devs/programmers play the game! AT least 25% of your workforce should be REALLY GOOD at the game. At least 90% should at least play it weekly! 23. Why does the game lag from sound some of the time, but not all of the time? What bug is this? 24. Fix parachuting, especially the landing. It should not be so difficult for and experienced player to land where they want to. You have made it more random somehow. Wind added? latency? what is the issue here? It didn't used to be so hard to aim at landing, get stuck so often between buildings, miss a large roof entirely, fall for damage so often. 25. Did you really fix the "reload sound completed, but doing anything else too soon cancels it!" bug? I hope so! 26. Fix the ALT-TAB bug where you can't steer when you tab back into your game!! Super annoying, super common to alt tab while loading especially for streamers, but even for checking messages, changing music, etc!!! When you alt tab back INTO The game, you can lose control and not be able to walk / steer normally, until you hit the ALT key a time or two. I HATE THIS BUG THE MOST! 27. When you land, if you are holding SHIFT Key to run, it does not work! You have to LET GO of the key, the press again before it works. Very annoying bug. 28. Fix vehicle physics. Everything is exaggerated too much. Reduce all vehicle physics by 50%. Bad shocks, Bad steering, Bad momentum, too much momentum for slow speeds which is often the same as full speed! Bad traction... nice idea, but everything is TOO much. Reduce it to make it more playable. Make programmers learn about INERTIA, how it works on EARTH versus SPACE! 29. I thought you fixed fall damage? When you get out of a vehicle, and you get bumped by a vehicle moving less than 5mph, you die! This is stupid. Give us back gameplay. 30. Fix Friction. If you slide, you shouldn't not accelerate. you should slow down. Cause FRICTION! Not enough friction from movement, etc.. 31. LESS Friction with other players! My hitbox should be circle, same for enemy. Instead, it is like starfish, we get STUCK On each other, especially teammates near doors. We should slide by each other. You should be able to slide into a doorway, not get stuck on it, same for stairs or garbage piles, or anything you walk over! 32. Please lower the "flying debris" like leaves, butterflies, etc.. it just looks like enemies, and lowers FPS for no good reason. Save it for demos or marketing. 33. FIX UI so when you die you can still see the kill feed, to see who killed you, who your teammate killed, who won the game, etc... you screwed it up long ago and never fixed it many months later. 34. Fix spectating, especially for Esports!!! you are really falling behind here! This will also reduce reports on cheaters because we'll be able to see if they are cheating or not more easily and you will have less reports to go through. This should be "top of the list bugs that will cost our company money in the long run". 35. What is this bug where you lag when you crouch? Seems worse in TPP. 36. to be continued...
  10. vMetamorphosis

    Glitches and Bugs found so far.

    Here’s what I’ve come across so far that makes this game some what unplayable. I understand it’s still beta phase and adjustments and recalibrations are necessary before full release but this is what I’ve encountered so far. - Glitching: (Game Crashes) : Half way through a game session, the Game will systematically crash. This happens maybe every few games but it means closing the game down and restarting in the hope that you come back alive and well. In some cases, when you return and you’ve died, a pop up will give you the choice to rejoin in, in which you will be stuck at the lobby screen, staring into the distance. In other cases, the pop up may not appear at all to rejoin but one will appear after you’ve died to tell you so. If you are playing duos or squads and the game crashes, the game will give you a pop up allowing you to spectate, only this will send you back to the lobby screen, staring into the distance. - (Driving) : While Driving through the map, I’ve come across a few hills except on the occasion of trying to drive up them, my vehicle seems to hit an invisible brick wall and refused to go further, so I have to detour and find another way to drive up. In other cases however, the Driving is smooth until my vehicle decides to flip on flat ground. The way this happens is quite amusing, not while being shot at by the other players in the session however. - (HitBoxes) All Characters have the same hit box however on some occasions, firing at an enemy with the same weapon as you seems to fail even after hitting them with the perfect headshot with a shotgun. You’re dead and the other player is running off with all your loot and other items simply because for some reason, your headshot hit didn’t recognise. The Hit Box on Vehicle is also nigh on impossible until they’re driving anything less than 20Kph or they’re stationary. Either way, head shots or face shots don’t mean much when you’ve got an UAZ Flying towards you. - (Environment) Graphics and performance get better with time however, firing a weapon through a broken door or a stair rail for example seems to be once again, like firing at a invisible brick wall and your rounds seemingly bounce off these items and waste your precious ammunition. As far as grenades go, throwing that perfect swing, aiming straight through the window to your unsuspecting enemy doesn’t always work in the way you want it too. Especially after said grenade, bounces off the window ledge, back down between your legs and explodes, killing you instantly and sending you straight back to level 1 again. - (BP and Reward Boxes) After every game, you receive BP or Battleground Points to customise your character and buy your Rewards crates, granting you the ability to change the appearance of your character and also trying to acquire that fluffy jacket you’ve had your eyes on for a while. However, especially after gaining yourself a hard fought chicken dinner or a place within the top ten. Any BP amount over 400 will subsequently be lost by the system and you will not receive it meaning that all the effort put into the last game was for nothing and you’re no closer to the fluffy jacket you love than before. However, every buy on the reward crate doubles the amount needed for next time, only the chances of better gear do not raise with the amount spent as all items for rewards are common. meaning spending 4800BP on a white tank top seems rather pointless. Being giving a random crate out of the 4 to choose from also dampens the mood when you receive a pair of high tops you didn’t really want. Anything you’ve come across yourself, please post below so we can get these issues fixed and on the way to the full release. Thank you and happy hunting!
  11. newest update has blocked on of my driver files from battleye and i no longer can launch the game. [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_5601d21ccd639df9\nvwgf2umx.dll".
  12. Whenever my display mode is on full screen, it loses its mind until I change it to full screen (windowed). Is this just due to the update? I can provide any additional information if necessary. Thanks!
  13. Adamsz

    Match can't start

    Hi guys! I write about bag when I don't get loot box and My customization Isn't working. I Get new bag after new update. I can't start any matchmaking. I have only information. "Matchmaking failed. Try Again later" and sometimes "Servers is busy" but My friends can play normaly, but They don't have this bug with customization. How I can repair This Bugs?
  14. Proxy404

    Voice Chat does not work

    Ever since the beginning of owning this game, which has been since early July 2017, I have never heard a single voice in a lobby, or been able to speak in the game either. Here is a list of my specs for my PC before I talk about the problem in depth. Intel Core i7-6900K CPU 3.20GHz 128 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SOUND Blaster Z Audio Card Windows 10 64-bit I also want to list the steps I've already taken to attempt to resolve this issue. Made sure my Voice Input device in Windows was set correctly. Made sure my Speakers were set to default. Turned Chat to "ALL" or "TEAM" Pressed ctrl-T Changed "push to talk" key binding (and then back to default) Uninstalled the game and reinstalled Uninstalled Steam and reinstalled Verified game files in Steam more than 10 times (no errors) Tried without my Audio Card Tried on another PC with no Audio Card (still doesn't work) Attempted a VPN (couldn't connect) Tried 3 other USB microphones Tried 2 quarter-inch microphones, each, plugged in to the on-board mic input, or the Sound Blaster mic input Went to %APPDATA%/LOCAL/TsIGame/Saved/WindowsNoEditor/ and opened GameUserSettings (within that I made sure that "bIsVoiceInputMute" "bIsVoiceOutputMute" were set to "False" and that "bUsePushToTalk" and "bUseGlobalVoice" were set to "True" Attempted to run Steam in Administrator mode Attempted to run TSiGame.exe in Admin (doesn't connect to server) I think it's important to note that this game is the ONLY game I have that doesn't seem to work for voice chatting. Other games in STEAM like CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Rocket League, Arma 3, and 7 Days to Die work perfectly. Non-steam games like, Battlefield 1, Battlefront, and Overwatch work perfectly. My microphone(s) also work in Skype and Discord. I have attempted to use a phone hotspot connection, thinking that maybe my firewall is blocking ports that allow me to voice chat. I would then, need to know what ports to open for this, and that hasn't been officially released. However, same story with a VPN, it didn't allow me to connect to the server to even attempt to test this. However, I was able to connect to a lobby, but saw no icon for VOIP working, and my friends also did not hear me in their lobby, so I am assuming this was unsuccessful as well. VOICE CHAT IS IMPORTANT. Many players use VOIP for tactical advantage, talking to friends, or just having fun listening to the shenanigans people do while dying, or in the lobby. It adds so much character to this game and makes it more fun and addicting. There are MANY other players who experience this problem as well, and PUBG Official Twitter posted a PSA about non-functional Voice Chat, and how it would be fixed soon. This was MONTHS ago. By the increasing number of threads related to this problem, it only seems to be getting worse. Are the developers still aware that this problem persists, and is there a fix for this issue already out, or in the works. I would love some input on this situation. Thanks for all your hard work.
  15. Kevin19831

    failed to launch steam overlay

    I have this problem when buying a key to make a box for the PUBG and I don't know what this fault should be, I would like a help please.
  16. toxicxarrow

    Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    Everything worked fine up until January 9, 2018. Now, I can only speak and hear teammates in the first couple seconds of the match, then the voice chat stops working. If I exit game, then load back in, the chat is fixed for another couple of seconds, after which it goes out again. I've been going nuts re-installing, tweaking, etc. The only game that is affected is PUBG. I'm pretty sure it's not on my end, since I can hear and talk for the first couple of seconds, and then it get cut off. Happens in every game mode. Please fix.
  17. DeathGunStrike

    PlayerUnknown Screen Stuck

    Ok, So I am able to load into the game pull it up and get past the Bluehole company page then it will go to the screen with the character with the cart exploding behind him. Then it will stick there forever. I've restarted my PC and uninstalled this game and reinstalled it. I need help.
  18. was playing desert map, inside bluehole thing, then 2 messages popped up, here is screenshot the messages. i've also been having freezes during the loading screen after match making.
  19. Rockpart

    Фильтры NVIDIA

    Доброго времени суток. Кому не лень, скиньте свои настройки фильтров NVIDIA, ибо все что у меня получается - это "вырвиглаз" картинка, либо мультяшка. p.s. Интересуют больше именно настройки цвета, нежели четкости.
  20. Собственно играл себе, как ни в чем не бывало. Катка завершилось и пошли ошибки. Перезапустил лобби, сыграл еще одну и... все. "Сервера заняты и бла, бла, бла". А потом выдает вот такое чудо. Help Pls.
  21. madnetgaming


    Okay the following problem occurred : I was riding a car when i suddenly wanted to jump from it at not max speed maybe half speed or so ... And i died falling on round ground. Can you please fix that somehow .. Like .. When you jump from the car at least take some damage depending on the movement speed of the car because this is ridiculous .. I can jump from a 2-floor house and take half my hp dmg or even less , i jump from a car and i die , when 5 people shooting you for example how in the love of god im supposed to STOP and then go out? I would die 20 times in the time that im stopping , i hope you read my report and do something next update because this is getting really freaking annoying . Good wishes , Madnet
  22. Howdy! So.. I have this problem for a long time and I need some help. My pc: GTX 950 2gb, i5 6402p 2.80ghz, 8GB ram, Asus VG245HE Monitor (75hz). Whenever I play PUBG, a loud noise is heard from the pc and I don't know what to do, it sounds like: "VRUUUUUU", like a tractor. (I dont know much english LOL) (It's the game bad optimised or it's just my pc?) pls help
  23. Thomas278

    Bad_module_info Help

    I keep getting this Bad_Module_Info crash. It's happened too much now and I've just had it happen again when I was in top 9. Is there actually any fixes for this because I can't seem to find anything that works. My reasonably new and shouldn't have any issues. This didn't happen in the early days of PUBG only for the past 3 or so months. Any feedback is appreciated.
  24. barabawka98

    Infinity Game Loading Screen

    Hello. I have an in game issue and i cant find any solving in internet. When I open game i have loading screen and Yesterday it was okay. I Already Re-install the Game, Update my Video Card Drivers, and Reload Computer. But nothing is helping. i Hope you know the way how to fix it. Thanks A lot. Also didn't get supply from Moderators. My game screen like this(look at screenshot below)
  25. barabawka98

    Ошибка в Игре

    Захожу в игру и у меня Стоит этот Мужик, и если зайти в папку Crash Report Client у меня всегда одна и таже ошибка там (смотрите на скриншоте) ктото знает что делать?