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Found 57 results

  1. Since the last update, ShadowPlay has been working intermittently. After updating I noticed that I was no longer getting the "Kill recorded" or "Death recorded" modals and upon investigation noticed that the option for highlights in the settings was greyed out as well as ShadowPlay's "Instant Replay" feature not working for PUBG. After trying to fix it for a while I found that they would only work again after reinstalling the graphics driver. Both then show as available and work as expected. Instant Replay was also working fine in other games before the reinstall. After reboot however, this happens again. The only fixes I'm aware of currently are to either reinstall my GPU driver any time I wish to use the highlights feature or to use the "Capture desktop" option in the privacy settings of ShadowPlay and record the whole match/use "Instant Replay". Has this been logged as a bug already? The only information I could find was a few people experiencing the same thing as me on the PUBG subreddit here and here. Hopefully this is helpful to anyone experiencing the same issue. The attached screenshots show how both the Highlights feature and Instant Replay "Save" button are greyed out.
  2. The Rage Returns...

    Finally we are back with some more random moments from this month's Twitch streams Hopefully there's one or two moments here that you enjoy
  3. Just enter just in time for a chance to win Prizing includes 3 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs and 50 GeForce GTX USB drives. What do you all think, do i have a chance? i think i do. I think im the only one in the world that has a Kar98 head shot in 98km/h moving vehicle! The rules are simple, just play some PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, capture your amazing kills, knockdowns or crazy chicken dinners and share them on Twitter or Youtube, tagging @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @NVIDIAGeForce and #ShadowPlayHighlights. Link to the page - https://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-shadowplay-highlights-contest?ncid=so-twi-psbsct-22146
  4. no se si a alguien le pasa igual que el highlights graba varias muertes y cuando cerras el juego te queda solo la primera,o hay alguna forma de configurarlo?
  5. Highlights #1 | Dz Squad

    Premier highlights de la Dz Squad! Venez voir et laisser votre avis! Et garder bien vos meilleurs clips au chaud on en fera des vidéos! Bientot vous pourrez nous envoyer vos clips pour des highlights abonnés!
  6. Nvidia Highlights not working

    Hi there everyone, hope all are getting chicken dinners and getting highlights. I'm having a bit of an issue getting the highlights system to work...it first of all would show me as the in game option for highlights as "disable" I have managed to kind of sort that error down to another more complex error now. That error being that while I have the nvidia in game overlay enabled the in game option for highlight capture turns into a blank box with no option at all to select anything where as if I disable the nvidia in game overlay and restart PUBG it then gives me the in game option to enable the highlights but then there is no overlay to record the highlights because geforce experience won't give me the pop u asking if I would like to record highlights. I've tried re-installing video drivers, geforce experience itself and also PUBG but it's still doing it. Anyone got any ideas as to what it could be ??
  7. Shadowplay Highlights creates a duplicate folder in shadowplay videos folder with a space at the end of the name, windows sees these folders as the same but still lists both. I don't know if this is a shadowplay bug or PUBG bug, either way the path for it needs to get trimmed when saving. Powershell script to see the difference: PS J:\ShadowPlayVideos> foreach($item in Get-ChildItem) {Write-Output "'$item'"} 'Destiny 2 Beta' 'Highlights' 'New folder' 'No Man's Sky' 'PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' 'PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS ' Attachment is screenshot how it shows in explorer in windows 10.
  8. wenns euch gefällt lasst gern n follow bei ytube da. danke euch
  9. PUBG MONTAGE- NrdRageGaming

    Like, sub and comment for more content!
  10. Twitch Small Streamer EU Eng

    Feel free to pop by and say Hello Twitch.tv/SashaBloodRose
  11. Pubgg Pubg Highlights

    Mind Checking out my PUBG Video? I spent a long ass time on it thanks!
  12. This game is meant to be played in First Person. Will never go back to Third!
  13. Road kill

  14. More highlights from some Duo games tactics with eggjecky, let me know what you think! Cheers
  15. PUBG Highlights

    some highlights of a few games I had. Let me know what you guys think https://youtu.be/-ZGhD5HOcvA
  16. Hey guys, I just made my first YouTube video with the highlights from me and some friends playing. Some feedback would be great or even some shares Thanks,
  17. Some shenanigans. Let me know what you guys think! Cheers
  18. The Carnage!

    !!! Warning some adult language !!!
  19. I just want to see some crazy kills people got and I it's hard to find them around. Post here your Lucky, skilled and/or strategized kills! Here's one I got, it's not that good but I don't want to leave it empty