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Found 39 results

  1. Currently, the weapon HUD displays your weapons in the opposite order of the inventory. This can get confusing, especially if you like to cycle through weapons instead of hitting hotkeys. I see absolutely no reason to have the order reversed like this. Change the order of the weapon HUD to match the order of the inventory. Better yet, give us the option to chose the order we like.
  2. We need to have a display setting option added to the Xbox version of the game. Currently, there is no setting to adjust the safe zone area for the UI and HUD in this game, most of the time half of the kill feed and map is off of the screen for me and my friends so none of us can really use it. The option to add these display settings would allow us to properly use the HUD and play the game the way it should be played. All other console games such as COD and Overwatch have this setting implemented and it makes playing the game so much better. Please add display settings to your game.
  3. Icon for vaulting

    There should be a simple icon on the HUD that tells you if you are going to vault or just jump into the air like and idiot. Sometimes you're not quite lined up right and the system doesn't work
  4. The in game player HUD which incluedes mini map, healthbar, compass ect. I would like to suggest being able to customize the placement of each of these hud items on your screen. For example: moving the health bar to the top and compass to the bottom.
  5. Map/HUD Marking via LOS

    Topic: Feature Suggestion/Request Proposed Feature: Line-of-Sight Map/HUD-Marking Ability Proposed Feature Summary: Similar to the "Tap Insert to Mark Current Location" function, I would like to propose a function to allow players to place a mark on the map for a location to which they have an unobstructed line of sight so that their partner or squad can more easily reference a given location. Alternate Proposal: Marks made via this system could be visible only on the player/duo's/squad's HUD, and not marked on the map, as to only provide an indication of direction, and to avoid this being used as a makeshift rangefinder Proposed Feature Function Options: -Hold Insert to Mark Location -Middle Mouse Button Command Wheel Option -Custom Key Mapping Option for Function
  6. Hey , community i'm probably the only one who has a problem with the new 1.0 Statistic HUD tbh its pretty weak compared to the old one if you ask me.. So there we have the new one and tbh the important thing about statistics in my oppinion are the " WINS" "KILLS" "AND HOW MANY GAMES YOU PLAYED" i know most of the player's really don't care about kills but for its pretty important cause i don't like camping in the middle of the circle and waiting til i won. and the rest of the statistics like top 10 matches played etc are pretty slow and in the background so the main focus is win rating and kill rating. and if you compare the old one with the new one i mean okay it looks pretty decent and stuff but its not the point. So here we have the old statistics and the first thing that jump in are the PLAY / WIN / KILLS thing and after that you see the second most important things like Assists / Top 10 / Win Rating etc. So if we just look at both statistic hud we can see that the old one is way better compared to the new one since you can really see the diffrent between the important things and the not really important things. Maybe you understand what im talking about and maybe fix that just a little bit. Thank you for reading this
  7. Just like to say thank you to anyone involved with PUGB, creators, designers etc etc etc Great game (preview) Just one suggestion - option to change HUD colour, sometimes it's not possible to pinpoint and relay back to teamates were enemies are, due to the white lettering/numbers
  8. suggestions

    Overall thanks for the remake of the Lobby looks much better now. Suggestions for lobby: sitting animation for unready players, dancing for ready, dead for offline, fighting for still in game Give sound feedback if a player in the lobby gets Ready. 16 free to chose Player colors in Lobby. textchat show region and ping of players show server Stats. how many online, how many players, pings,problems. more sound feedback. Invite sound, Game Start sound, open crate sound, open other tabs sound, volume change example sound, and so on.. kick option visualize offline players or still in the last game. trade items in lobby replay of the last game in background invite for steam friends custom music playlist Access to changelog and news in lobby Suggestions UI: Server info (maybe in the map) Server location, Ping Expert inventory without text, only symbols and amount of that kind. drop items (shift+drag and drop) drops 1 of that kind. ctrl+drop makes no sens to have max amount button. +10 would be better. Visualization of Distance to teammates in icons. remove any kind of glow/blur effect on teamicons. Minimap scales with travelling speed (like arma3) Resize option for, minimap, teamicons, compass, HUD, Markers, press G to show up a little grenade HUD with all available grenades and amount. press G again and u can switch thru. click sound if u don`t have any. press H to show up healing HUD with all available heal stuff and amount. press H again to switch thru R to use it. click sound if u don`t have any. audio feedback if inventory is full compass scale is irritating degree number blocking compass N,O,S,W Team icons blocking vision Markers to big to see where they pointing at on minimap.
  9. Remove Notes on Screen

    I think that the little notes that appear on the screen such as "Red Zone has Started" or "Blue Zone restricting in 5 min" should not appear in the middle of the screen because its something that most players will ignore anyways and it also gets in the way when i'm trying to look at what my player has on in case I forgot. I've also noticed that the Note causes a little lag as well. So maybe a little smaller and in one of the corners like where the kill feed comes in at would be fine. I'm sure not too many people will actually miss it at all.
  10. Med icon/quantity added to HUD UI

    As per how the armour items are indicated currently on the HUD left of your health bar, please add small icons and quantities for the different med items you are carrying to the right of the health bar. It is a bit cumbersome to have to keep going into the inventory to relay what you need to your team mates, it be good to have this sort of information available at a glance. If you are not carrying any meds then no icons would appear, only when you pick them up.
  11. HUD Elements positioning

    Allow us to choose layout, IE weapon/health top/bottom Team list topleft/topright/bottomleft/bottomright same for minimap/killtracker
  12. Implement "Squad Kills" display

    Hey guys! It would be very nice to see how many kills your squad or duo mate(s) got after the end of a round. You could implement this feature in the End Of Round Screen! Look at this example: (Yes, I know, it is a solo round, it's just for imagination...)
  13. In the inventory, the weapons are arranged, from top to bottom, as primary, secondary, pistol, melee, thrown. In the HUD, the weapons are arranged from bottom to top. This turns my brain into jelly. It's especially frustrating for players who use the mouse scroll for weapon selection. Please consider giving us the option to reverse this so that the HUD display matches the inventory display.
  14. Squad Hud back to top left?

    Hi I would like to suggest that the HUD for squad members is moved back to the top left of the screen? I feel it is obstructive in the bottom left of the screen. I have found in certain circumstances that it gets in the way of gameplay... such as when guarding steps/stairs and such. thanks Smeg_killA
  15. Test Server Feedback

    Hallo , liebe Community und zwar wollte ich hier einfach mal ein Feedback für den Testserver da lassen. Ich muss sagen das es was die Fps angeht definitiv besser geworden ist " zumindest für mich" - Das HUD / Schriftart finde ich persönlich nicht so schön aber das empfindet sicherlich jeder anders. - Ich finde man sollte die Lautstärke der Red-zone noch etwas runter schrauben da die wirklich laut ist , aber ein Absolut geiler Sound - Das einzige was mich nur wirklich sehr stört ist das die HP leiste nicht mehr Rot ist wenn man unter 70% ist ich hoffe das ihr es vllt. wieder so machen könntet. - Was auch noch schön wäre ist das man die Teamansicht für jeden Individuell aussuchen kann also für mich war es perfekt das es oben links ist. Aber alles in einem wirklich sehr gelungen und ich liebe dieses Spiel einfach (700h)
  16. Capacity meter on HUD

    I understand that in 1.0 if you are out of space items will show up as red to indicate you cannot carry them. But a step above this would be to add a toggle-able bar meter that indicates your capacity, like you can toggle your guns and gear to display on your HUD. I feel this would be a simple feature that would add a level of user flexibility making the game that much more compatible with different player types.
  17. The fact that PUBG doesn't already do this has bothered me for some time. Almost immediately after downloading the game I realized that the compass doesn't align with the environment except at the very point that the cursor is facing. This means that you can't accurately call out something that you aren't directly looking at, and that seriously hurts gameplay. This can easily be fixed by scaling the compass heading markers by a value that I estimated to be around ~611% their current value (this is at 90 FOV, that scaling factor would have to be manipulated based on the user's FOV setting). As you can see, the current compass is made up of a whole bunch of useless information with the only helpful part being the current heading (which they so kindly separated in the test server, making the rest of the compass ACTUALLY useless). Spacing out the markers horizontally would make the side heading labels useful for calling out players on the side of your vision, so you don't have to turn to face them but you can still communicate meaningful information to your teammates. My new proposal removes a small range of the marker labels, true, but I think we're all familiar with the fact that N is bordered by NW and NE, etc. This also creates room for more detailed labels, such as a 5 degree separation factor rather than 15 (I didn't add all the labels to my concept screenshot b/c I'm lazy). The whole imgur album is available here. (Some of the headings in the concept screenshots are slightly off, this due to my faulty GIMP skills) - Os_Reboot
  18. The font for the UI / HUD in-game is completely taking me out of the experience of PUBG. It simply does not fit. It seems like it's a font for Call of Duty's future-set games, essentially a "futuristic"-looking font - the opposite of what PUBG is. It doesn't fit in the world of PUBG and it really makes me cringe. I hope this font does not go live, ever, because this just isn't the game that I used to know. I think this decision on the font is something You need to seriously THINK THROUGH. Also, if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it. The old font is great, it fits the game. It seems like a lot of decisions made for this game aren't thought through - like adding a machine gun from pre-WWII, 1928 specifically, and then adding a font that looks futuristic like 2035. I know that I am not the only one who dislikes the new font. I truly hope You will come to your senses and either revert to the old font, or at least make the font changeable. TL;DR: The new font is UNACCEPTABLE and UNFITTING. Reverting to the old font is necessary for the game's own sake.
  19. Очень нужна регулировка масштаба интерфейса, а то его очень крупным сделали, может кому это и хорошо, но есть люди которые не любят когда на экране огромные надписи, иконки и т.д. да ещё в большом количестве.
  20. Pretty simple. Just a small quality of life update to show what circle number we're currently up to. Purely for the sake of estimating the amount of damage you can expect to take and time you have without having to count them every minute or so. Also helps a ton for when you're downed outside the circle and your team is considering reviving you. Good to know if it's a death circle or not while panic thinking back or having to know the exact diameter of every circle and count the squares on the map. Just something that annoys me. It's a super simple fix for just above the mini map near the timer "o4" meaning circle 4 is now on the map. Hope they implement it sometime soon
  21. I'm afraid I can't upload a screenshot at the moment as I'm on mobile. I will as soon as I can today. I've been really enjoying the game, and as a means of self-imposed challenge, I tried playing a round with no HUD (from pressing Ctrl+U in-game). This is awesome, it's immersive and fun—and I can still see my inventory and map if I need to by pressing tab/M. However, after pressing M or Tab, upon closing that UI the map reappears on my screen. The only way to remove it once more is to press Ctrl+U twice—once to bring the UI back, and once to close it. It's not the end of the world, but it would be a really fun option and way to experience the game. If I am the only one with this bug, I can give my dxdiag/more specific information as needed. Does anyone else have this happen?
  22. WindowsNoEditor = UI?

    Всем привет, везде искал,на любых языках, и нигде все таки не нашел клавиш, которые в WindowNoEditor в cfg отвечают за раздел "Ход игры" по русски, и Gameplay на инглише. В общем, интересует следующее,если можно графику и другие пункты поставить в блокноте и закрепить(только чтение), можно ли(или же какие то значения) как то поставить и раздел "ход игры", то же отключение персонажа в инвентаре, и слоты худа, оружие и броню. Просто хочу включить их навсегда,чтобы как с графикой, поставил, и не мучаешься, и ничего не сбивается у тебя, или придется мучиться и при каждом перезаходе в игру, все включать заново(Отображение персонажа отключать)? И да, мне не нужны советы по типу, " отключи только чтение и тогда у тебя все будет сохраняться" и т.д. Вы либо знаете эти команды для биндов, либо не знаете. Если их нету в природе, то придется мучиться наверно.
  23. HUD Color changes

    Hello. I searched and didn't find anything on it so I'd like to leave a suggestion here. The HUD color is currently white. On the current map its kind of hard sometimes when the sky is in your view to see a certain direction or whatever (want to call out a degree for your teammates to look). What if we had the option to make the HUD different colors? That way we can adjust it to our preference and it would suit us better. If you can't have a bunch of different colors then what about a few options? Orange, light green, black, yellow, whatever. Just a thought.
  24. Hello guys and gals, What do you think of improving visually the compass scale. By having a transparent background behind the scale. Which to blend with the game screen. At the same time to provide a better visibility when we looking at brighter area. Before After. Well, I was lazy and it's just a simple Photoshoping lowered fill rectangle layer. My idea is having a foreground in order to reduce the bright spots of the game world.
  25. Hello guys and gals, What do you think of improving visually the compass scale. By having a transparent background behind the scale. Which to blend with the game screen. At the same time to provide a better visibility when we looking at brighter area. Before After. Well, I was lazy and it's just a simple Photoshoping lowered fill rectangle layer. My idea is having a foreground in order to reduce the bright spots of the game world.