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Found 22 results

  1. I personally don't like the servers being refreshed on a monthly basis but I know why it's also necessary, I love looking back on my stats and with the server refresh I can't do that which is why I had this idea a few days ago; Player Profile stats. This would be a player side statistic log of everything like longest kill, most kill streak, longest life, total wins, total kills, total deaths, most used weapon, most killed by weapon, shots fired, shots hit, headshots, vehicle kills, distance travelled on foot/vehicle etc. You get the idea. I'm almost certain that someone has suggested this before but i thought i'd post it anyway just in case. I personally love being able to look at 'lifetime' stats like this in games and I'd love to have this incorporated into Battlegrounds too.
  2. I have a few idea for Battlegrounds and its guns/scopes. Here are my ideas. Idea 1: Replacing 15x Replacing 15x scope with a variable zoom. It would be a variable zoom, zooming to 5-10-15 or 4-8-15 respectfully. I think this is a good idea since 15x's are useless anyways, unless the bubble is in Military, southern Yasanya or the wheat fields, and for the rarity/risking your life to get a crate, its not worth it. However, having a variable zoom between even 8 and 15 would make it more useful, since you can switch it on the fly. Idea 2: Tommy gun and a replacement Remove the Tommy Gun from Crates, and replace it The Tommy Gun without a doubt is not a really good gun to get from a crate, saying as the ammo you get from the crate itself is the only ammo you will probably be able to use, and the tommy guns bigger brother the M249 outplays it in almost every situation. I think replacing it with something like an MP7, which can get 4x's attached, or an MP40, or an M1 Garand. Idea 3. MP40 This iconic gun would be the replacement for the Tommy Gun. The MP40 would be a nice AR/SMG hybrid, with a high damage output and a slow fire rate, the gun would be good for short to medium range combat, and would run off of 9mm. If it had enough damage then it would be a great weapon to get out of a crate. Idea 4: M1 Garand This would either be a crate, or a weapon with the rarity around the same as the Kar98K The M1 Garand, just like the MP40, is a WW2 era gun. It would shoot 8 shots, be accurate, slow fire, and would have the ability to 3 shot kill people with armour/helmets. It would have a new attachment, able to be attached to the front, a Bayonette. It would could attach to the Kar98k, or M1 Garand and would be a barrel attachment like a supressor. It is self explanitory, and would kill in 2 hits. Idea 5: Super Car A car with the speed of about 170MpH, but wouldn't handle good in rain, or offroading and would have bad health. I do not know when the game is supposed to take place so i can't give an example, but maybe something that looks like a Lamborghini Diablo would be something that might look good, (other then the fact that the game takes place in what looks like a communist, USSR country) It would be a nice addition to the game. A more balanced idea, durability of a Dacia, but the speed of the Motorbike, with the rarity of a bike w/o a sidecar Respond to this topic with things you would change or add to the game
  3. so i had this idea for a long time and i think this game gets most of the core stuff out of the way which is really nice but with a few tweaks i think you can have a persistent world survival game-mode where players can group up in teams of up to 5, build survive and thrive. where it isn't always about winning but about survival. below are details on changes to the base game that could be implemented THIS IS ALL AN IDEA PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK AND WHAT YOU WOULD WANT IN THIS sidenote i do have experience in mod development for both arma 2 and arma 3 i could probably make this happen if i can get a few devs together to hash out some of this. would require a bigger map maybe 15x15km? or 30x30 could go either way tbh base building using modular parts from the base game, possibly using the same engine the developers use to create the pubg map. alliances with up to 2 other teams (key thing with friends and alliances you may see them on the map but wont see names until within 10m of the person) (wear clothing thats recognisable) dyeable clothing using RGB colors or whatever dyeable grenades (smoke color for those lit memers or the tacticool guys with purple smoke as identifiers for long distances for their groups) looting system toned down from base game, i.e less loot everywhere guns are hard to find, i.e its a survival game the idea is most of the supplies are taken or gone already and you have to scavenge what you can. more gun attachments (scopes and mounts for pistols shotguns vss etc etc etc upgradable vehicles (like extra exposed seating or better fuel economy or larger storage, more backpacks less airdrops but the ones that do drop drop multiple crates in the same area and contain blessed loot all loot is available somewhere on the map and not only accessible by airdrop but again rarity means itl be tough to find guns and ammo firing would add spent ammunition to the inv (no carry weight) allowing players who have progressed far enough to reload their ammo at a reloading bench crafting added allowing players to craft things like molotovs, grenades etc. metal can be scrapped from tools, weapons armor scopes etc redzones replaced by rolling fogzones that reduce visibility to like 20m and names go away completely. inclement weather provided by a solo player who can take the seat of a sort of god or commander that can control these fog zones. barricadable doors and windows (must have a hammer or crowbar to enable action) allows player to construct barricades in doorways and windows for free(no matertials) also the barricades can only be melee'd to actually come off, the doors can be shot out but the barricades must be hit (once) to come off. more magazines! (45,50,75,100) magazines each with their own respective capacity vehicle speed tweaks i.e cars and bikes better on road and jeep, buggy (maybe an ATV could be added) are better offroad. boats are faster in general but have reduced speed in rivers as water is shallow same inventory capacity! (important its gunna mean players who play for a while dont have that much of an advantage over new players when it comes to looting this should prevent alpha groups from dominating a server. also sidenote playerbases must be preceeded with a plotpole of some sort that acts as a spawn location if so desired by members of a group and alliance(if allowed) the larger the group i.e 5 the less you get from deconstructing parts this should give solo players maybe not an edge but it should lessen the divide, i.e lets say 1 person gathers 1 unit of resource for x amount of time well 2 players in a group would gather 1.8 resources per x amount of time and 3 players would gather 2.6 and 3 players would gather 3.5 4 would be 4.5 and 5 would be like 5 so theres still a benefit to grouping up but its not significant enough to kill off new players before they begin. compass and gps set to obtainable equipment and not already given to player rangefinder as an item in the game?? also player placed markers in your group appear on your screen and map and compass (when looking directly at the marker it loses its opacity) also if a player dies without a base they get spawned at max altitude like when you eject out of the plane in pubg except well without the plane
  4. some suggestions to improve the game

    some ideas: Binoculars: I think it would be cool to add binoculars in the game. I would pay for that. Crossbow improvement: reloading time is too slow to be usable weapon. Please accelerate loading time. Adding favorite new squad players to a list: it would be great to be able to replay again with the same squad after a match or having the option to save squad members in a friendlist for future matches. adding jetskis: would be cool ...fit 2 players only...faster than boats. Players would more easily be able to go around the island looting remote towns out of the plane flight path adding claymores and mines: would be cool to be able to booby trap houses or roads and bridges. hope this helps, Silverstar22b
  5. Please for the love of God change the pistol reticle. It's like I'm using a semi truck to aim my gun. Also reticle customization would be nice.
  6. I would like to share with my idea to upgrade the map with some contour lines with the devs and the community. I think this would be a great thing to be added because i often encounter the problem that i don't see how high a hill is or if the place i marked myself is even a hill. Would be way easier to see with contour lines
  7. I though of a cool idea to add a lever action rifle to the game being able to be found in civilian locations, being a more a longer range rifle. The attachments would have to come down to how the developers would want it, but I think there should be something like this to pair with the revolver. I like to see some of the older time weapons being added to the game and the more obscure and out of the ordinary ones. Tell me what you think.
  8. Map Features

    I think it would be cool to see the players steam photo and/or SN up in the sky once they are killed to publicly show that the player died. This would be similar to what happens in the "Hunger Games" arena after a person is killed off. I think it would make for a more immersive gameplay experience.
  9. 50/50 Gamemode

    Picture this: A gamemode that has nearly identical rules to vanilla gameplay. However the 100 players are split into two teams of 50 each. The round starts normally without indication of which team a player is on. Players drop as they typically would, thus not grouping teams from the start. As players land, you receive your team designation, where half the lobby is enemy half ally. Allied players perhaps show their name above their head in blue, when in direct line of sight and do not show up on the map. (Or they do, both could be interesting, as you could see groupings.) Circle enclosed proceeds as normal, or possibly slightly slower. Players could spectate their teammates (adding more usability to the spectate function.) All players on the winning team receive a small victory bonus. Winning players who survive get slightly more. The gamemode has the benefit of allowing for larger scale defenses, assaults , and group combat I would imagine as well that this would not require especially large tweaks to the game, considering group mode and the base game already exist. The gamemode would have an especially large effect on replay ability however. Would love to hear suggestions and feedback. No cucks allowed.
  10. add a line as map-marker

    add a line as map-marker for mor taktical playing^^ for example to mark the line of the plain on the map
  11. Make pistols useful

    No one is currently using pistols after the beginning of game. My suggestion is to be able to use the pistols when a player is knocked out as a last chance for survival at least in squads or 2 player teams. This way people pick up pistols just in case they are knocked out. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts about this idea.
  12. New Accesories

    It would be nice to be able to get more clothing and camos for guns. THe new clothes and camos should not be crazy colored like H1Z1 but at least like MW2 Camos and stuff like that. Add sweatshirts and shorts. It would be nice to see more.
  13. As said in the title: Wouldn't it be useful if players were allowed to change a single wheel with the spare wheel on the UAZ's? Thoughts?
  14. Reconnect

    Hallo PUBG Team, hier eine Update-Idee: Eine Reconnect-Option für den Fall des Verlustes der Internetverbindung oder dem Abstürzen des Spiels. Es gibt nämlich nichts mieseres als unter den Top 10 zu sein und die Connection aus irgendwelchen Gründen zu verlieren. Solang man noch lebt wenn man das Spiel wieder joint wäre es ja überhaupt kein Problem solch einen Mechanismus einzubauen indem man einfach wieder auf den Server geleitet wird. Liebe Grüße, Mjaaay
  15. Weapon attachment

    Create some animation for weapon atatchment, so you dont need to open the inventory to make changes on your gun. You can pick Warface or Crysis as reference! With that you can make updates on your gun while moving, save time. Sorry for bad english! Lets make this game even more awesome!!
  16. An Idea

    Hello, I've an idea. If we can see our game information when we click on the forum accounts.(via steam) It would be great. Another one; Please remove (close) FF for cars/boats/motorbikes
  17. Match Re-Que Button

    I think it would be a great idea to add a button that ques you for another match in the recap screen. The seconds it takes to load the start menu would really add up when playing continuously. Plus in a game where you want to get better, its nice to get right back in the action ASAP. This was always annoying to me in other battlegrounds type games.
  18. Sugestions

    Inserting optional missions would make the game more interesting and fun, giving reward or better punctuation. 1- Each player / duo / squad receives 3 checkpoints (green circles), they must pass through the place, in the last there will be a special loot / air drop that can be opened only by that player / duo / squad. 2 - Begins the game having 1 player / duo / squad as declared enemy, after the beginning receives the location of a device to detect the player / duo / squad showing location very close to the map, making the target exposed. 3- identical houses / buildings next to each other are awful to locate and tell your team where the enemy is, put different houses, even if it is at least to change their color. 4- I think it is necessary in some places to increase the density of trees, stones, shrubs and rough terrain a little, because advancing in the open battlefield is very difficult, the 3d camera gives advantage to the one who is waiting behind some place. 5- list rank in relation to your friends list 6- put the name of the type of the grenade when selected, since only her drawing is difficult to identify 7- option to disable my xbox control in menu because I do not use it and when I take shot it vibrates. (-nocontroller) 8- play with time at night or with (fog and rain) would be cool, very dark forcing to use flashlight (new item) can put on the gun. It would provide a different experience, where short-range weapons would be as good as long-range weapons.
  19. TL;DR - If you carry an entire arsenal, your going to sound like you are carrying a ton of gear and be louder. If you aren't carrying much weight at all, and keeping your loadout lightweight, then you will be quieter. Having this system could implement a immersive, and realistic way to create more ways to play the game and have more fun! If footsteps would be so subtle that it wouldn't make much difference, then make noises for how gear sounds as your carry weight goes up, cause it would definitely be rattling around. I mean something along the lines of a subtle scale that goes from low sounding footsteps, to slightly louder steps/slightly rattling gear when you move quickly, to loud gear noises when you move from all the equipment jingle jangling on your person. That would give pros and cons to just mass collecting everything you can find or selectively making a loadout to help your gameplan. Read on from here for a more in depth explanation & example: Now now, before you make any assumptions I'm not talking about being able to run around like a ninja and make no noise, but naturally somebody wearing a light outfit wouldn't make as much noise as someone that has a ruck sack on their back, a bunch of guns, ammo, and other goods. So for example imagine two different load out styles... ------ Gunner Loadout ------ Kar98 w/ 8x Scope | M416 w/ Holo and all the sauce | M9 Sidearm Wearing a Lv3 vest, Lv 2 helmet, and has some grenades, stuns, ammo, a trench coat, more ammo, med-kits, etc. Well hey that's pretty good. I wouldn't complain having that, and it's a totally viable option. So let's contrast that with a totally different style of load out. ------ Lightweight Loadout ------ UMP45 Suppressed and has the whole meat | No secondary Primary weapon | M9 Sidearm w/ Suppressor Wearing a Lv1 vest, Lv1 Backpack, Some nice kicks, and a T-Shirt, maybe even a stun grenade for good luck, and no helmet. What a mad man! Just pop em in the dome and he's going down like a hooker that just got paid! What if you stick indoors though, maybe stick to a town area until you get pushed away? Stay in CQB areas and be ready to use full auto and sneak up on someone. Now this is a theoretical scenario, but both of these loadouts are totally possible to attain with the right luck. They also give two completely different play styles. Before anyone says that there is more important stuff to worry about and I need to stfu with all this noise, trust me I know. PUBG has their shit together, and this is something they can add in whenever possible I'm in no rush. Just a suggestion to add to the list to make this game the best it can be. We all play it, and want it better I meeeean am-I-right? So to continue this; lets imagine a scenario using this weight system that effects your footstep volume as you carry more and more: Imagine you're rockin' the Lightweight Loadout because you managed to get a good spot and it had most of the ingredients for the wombo combo. Someone landed near you so you quick snap crackle pop that man before he tries to get slick. You get a dune buggy whip, make a guess on a town the zone might go towards, get there like your late for work, clear a building and piss real quick before you do it in your pants after that dude popped out of the closet on you. Wait a sec and get your bearings back... OH SHIT WADDUP!?! The zones coming right to your town! Gaben blessed you on this day. 10 People left? Oh shit it's real now. Need some napkins to wipe those sweaty hands. Shots are poppin' off right across the street now. 5 left. Whew lads that heart is beatin'. FUUUUUU! The zone just closed down on the house across the street from you. More shots, sounds like people are going to war for that building right about now. You gotta run there before you get caught up in the the bad juju blue blue and die though. 3 People left and 15 seconds left before you get rekt by the zone. Fuck it. YOLO and you start running for the house from the southern side of it even though you know someone is in it. Lets take a moment to zoom out. Just so happens someone using the Gunner Loadout I talked about earlier started approaching the house from the northern direction, opposite from you. Since you are wearing a very light kit and had a suppressor, nobody really knew you were in that building anyways. On top of that the lad coming from the other direction sounds like a damn car trunk full of ammo, grenades, guns, and more driving down a very shitty road. That shit loud. You on the other hand aren't very loud at all. You have your vest tight, your backpack strapped and tightened, you have your guns snug, and you aren't making nearly as much noise as the other dude. Naturally the the guy on the second story of this house is going to look for the pack mule over there hobbling to the house instead of you with your gear tight to your body, light weight, nothing clunking around because it's all strapped to you. Back to reality. You don't know any of that. You just know you are in a mad dash for your life because you are practically a fish flopping in the road til you get to cover. Right as you get to the house you hear BANGBANGBANGBANG! Fuck fu-- oh wait! He's shooting the other guy! While he is preoccupied and gun shots are popping off left and right as they go for each others throat you sneak into the house in crouch. Your footsteps are much quieter when your crouching with this light loadout. The guy upstairs has gunshots to worry about and crazy combat going on with the guy right on the edge of the circle outside the house behind a wall. Your upstairs now, he might hear you now you're getting pretty close. More gunshots and then you see the guy on the second story just ended the last remaining player. Your right outside the room now it's game over he doesn't know what the fuck is happening he's got a boner from winning that fight. You open the door and spray him in the chest with full auto from your SMG. He was already hurt, healing, reloading, and didn't even see you coming. Wait holy shit! You just fucking won! WOOOOOO!!! All joking aside, if the developers think this is possible, and you guys think this would be a good idea, then lets do it! Why not make it happen if it could improve the game! Thanks devs for making such a great game and setting a good example for how things should be done! P.S: Also posted to r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS to spread the word: https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/628su1/what_if_carrying_less_weight_made_your_footsteps/
  20. Leave any gamemode ideas you have here! and who knows maybe Bluehole will add one of them to the game.
  21. Inventory In Duos/Squads

    Not really a practical idea but something I thought about lately, being able to put things directly into your buddies inventory instead of dropping on the ground and them having to pick it up. Good or bad idea, let me know.
  22. THIS IS AN IDEA FOR THE DEVELOPERS TO CONSIDER! I'm a huge fan of Battlegrounds, Played in the Alpha tests and the current beta testing. I'd love to be able to play the game on its final release with a unique item showing I was part of the Alpha/Beta testing times, For example. A hoodie or a Gun skin (IF IMPLEMENTED) It would be so dope and I feel a lot of players will remain playing PUBG with an item like this. The item could be non-tradable and ONLY unique to us testers?