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Found 1 result

  1. The hacks weren't stopped, ofc.. But right now, is when anyone with slight intelligence could check all new season 6 accounts made.. and ban hackers 1 by 1. Their usage of aimbots, wallhacks and no recoil macros is obvious. After being incredi-hacked into 2nd place.. I look up their stats.. and they look like this https://pubgtracker.com/profile/pc/wjiushiniubi?region=agg Season 6 only.. they've played 6 games ever.. already 1 win. But clearly they could see through the walls, their guns are 100% macro'd, they lay down 7 consecutive aimbotted headshots to win the game. But now that BH announced the suspension of any accounts with egregious over-the-top stats. Their stats are basic.. normal looking. While somehow they are all godlike players with the map knowledge of players with 1000's of hours. Dpi, aiming and recoil control like Grimmz and Shroud.. yet they are playing their 6th game ever? BlueHole is complicit with allowing everyone's online experience to be ruined for their own profit. If you can't stop the hacking, start banning by more than just the account and PING LOCK THE SERVERS. Otherwise you are just greedy as$hats who are allowing the honest players to be f*cked over.