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Found 12 results

  1. Жан Омаров, 30 лет, Казахстан. Расскажи историю появления твоего ника MuMino? Привет. Мой ник, MuMino, существует уже с 2000 года. Тогда я играл в Quake 3. В то время было модно ставить на кон свой игровой никнейм. Так, был такой игрок MiMino — он был хорошим, и я с ним решил сыграть на его ник. Я его победил и позволил ему оставить ник при себе. А сам взял похожий, изменив одну букву — MuMino. Круто! Следишь за текущим Quake Champions? За текущей Quake-сценой не слежу, но в то время игра мне очень сильно нравилась. Играл даже с COOLER — легендарным квейкером из России. Антон, по-моему, даже сейчас на про-сцене выступает за Na’Vi. До PUBG ты играл в Quake 3 или у тебя был еще опыт игр? Опыт у меня в киберспорте у меня очень большой. В начале нулевых сразу подсел на Half-Life. Как только появилась beta-версия CS 1.6, стали играть в нее с друзьями на профессиональном уровне. В 2003 году мы были уже чемпионами Казахстана, а меня признали лучшим игроком турнира (на самом деле, я очень скромный — см. превьюшку). Играл с игроками из нынешнего состава по CS:GO командой Gambit: AdreN, Mou и Hobbit — все они были в моей команде. Некоторых из них сам лично учил играть. В 2004 заняли ТОП 6 мира по CS 1.6, в 2005 чемпионы Казахстана в составе легендарной команды K23 под руководством Арбалета, а в 2007 году я завязал. Это отрывок. Читайте интервью полностью
  2. Gamescom Invitational Crates&Keys

    Hello guys. I have 2 questions. #1: Why are people on the market buying gamescom keys for like 3,8$ When you can buy them for 2,5$ ingame? #2: If I sell my cs:go knife to get 88$ on steam and buy keys ingame for 2,5$ and sell them on market for more, Does anyone think it would go well and will be easy profit?
  3. At gamescom The Shotcaller talked with Avnqr and PONYRIDEREn about their second place in the FPP duos main event and how they experienced the tournament overall. Full quote for context: The qualifiers were played off-stream and while the press wasn’t able to follow the matches the ESL also didn’t cover them on their social media channels. Do you feel a little bit bad for the players who paid their travel and accommodation to get here, receiving no exposure at all? Avnqr: You can just see from the people that streamed that there has been a lot of people who actually wanted to see the Open Qualifier. That’s the reason why I think it’s sad that they didn’t cover it at all. In my opinion, at least 30,000 would have watched it which is a good number for a qualifier in general. No pro teams were participating but it’s been a lot of top level community players participating. It has probably been a question about money since it’s expensive to cover the event. PONYRIDEREn: You still have to think of the fact that there were some players in the Open Qualifiers that are more skilled than the players who got a direct invite to the main tournament [Avnqr agrees]. Some of the invited streamers didn’t even have 50 hours of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS played. They shouldn’t be there. It’s all about the influence. Avnqr: That is what poopieQueen said as well, that this is for promoting the game, for influencing the community. But I mean the game has more than 8,000,000 sold copies while it’s still under Early Access. The game has so much potential and the first event should have been more about recognition to the players who invested hundreds of hours to become the best at the game and also reported a lot of bugs in order to improve the game itself. I don’t understand it, to be honest. Even though poopieQueen briefly addresses the topic on-stream I think the ESL and Bluehole owe the settled and dedicated community an apology for that. They should invite top teams, I agree to that but not invite mixed teams of influencers who barely know the game. I think that’s not the way to go. We will see how they handle this for the next time. I think they will do something in partnership with the ESL again and I’m really looking forward to what happens there. Furthermore, we are looking forward to participating in whatever comes next no matter if it will be duos or squads since we are looking to expand our duo to a full squad. Read the full interview here.
  4. At gamescom we talked with Team Kinguin's ibiza on how he experienced the Invitational as one of the players who attended the Open Qualifiers. Full quote for context: None of the Open Qualifier matches has been broadcasted online and the results of the qualifiers have not even been published officially. Would you have wished for a little bit more exposure for players like you who made their way to gamescom all on their own? Yeah! I would have loved to see them streaming the Open Qualifiers but then again, I understand that they didn’t. It’s been about four hours of Open Qualifiers followed by three hours of Invitational matches. That’s quite a lot of hours that would have been streamed. Nevertheless, it would have been nice for the players in order to get a little bit of exposure instead of played behind closed doors. Read the full interview here.
  5. Totally enjoyed watching the tournament today, however after looking back at some of the statistics, i kind of feel like you don't get rewarded with enough points for your kills. I get that it is all about survival etc, but with how it is setup, there seems to be essentially no incentive to go for kills what-so-ever because the points you get for lasting longer and placing higher so heavily outweigh the benefit of getting into any engagement. I will be curious to see how today's results impact the strategies of the teams playing over the next few days. Just wondered what everyone elses thoughts were on this?
  6. Hello, I made some funny Best Moments from the Gamescom PUBG Invitationals Day 1 I missed the complete 3rd match because they had a vod error.. If you like it i´m more than happy over some Comments, Likes or even Subs. Have a nice day -Tim
  7. Result of first Invitational

    I can't creat this on ''General Discussion'' so i'll post it here. I just came here to post how frustrating it was to watch a guy who stood in the gas ALL THREE of the matches and won in first place!! Please make it so the 2° gas becomes 10x more lethal! I hope you guys take this as an "experiment" for future competitive events and improve the "META" so it doensn't seem like the guy who won didn't deserve it.
  8. Stream Delay

    RE: gamescom invitational broadcast Instead of a live play by play kind of shoutcasting, maybe do a delay of 1-2 minutes so you have a log to guide you around firefights. This'll prevent accidently clicking off a player (like what happened with stonemountain).
  9. Hey, i just wondered if it´s okay to re-stream the gamescom invitational. So like watching it with my community live while its being broadcasted but on my channel. Did they give out permissions ?

    Hello! My team applied to DUO invitational for Gamescom, however, they still have no info if they're invited. We still have to book the hotel and plane tickets together with Gamescom Tickets, could you please tell us how does it work? Does everyone who had 2000+ rating in Duos get invited to the Qualifier on Wednesday, or are the invites going manually and are selected by Bluehole and ESL? Screenshot: Thanks in advance, Best regards, Inaru
  11. Gracze, Dzisiaj podzielimy się z Wami kilkoma szczegółami dotyczącymi wydarzenia Gamescome PUBG Invitational, które zostanie zaprezentowane prze Bluehole i ESL. Jesteśmy zaszczyceni, że możemy przedstawić Wam nasz pierwszy offline Invitional na Gamescom 2017 w Kolonii (w Niemczech). Zaprosiliśmy ponad 70 największych influencerów z naszej społeczności, do udziału w czterech kategoriach. Posiadamy również pulę nagród, w wysokości $350,000 USD, na całe wydarzenie. Od dłuższego czasu cieszymy się na myśl o tym evencie i nie możemy się doczekać, żeby w końcu przeżyć to razem z naszą społecznością, która rośnie wraz z naszym rozwojem. Szczegóły wydarzenia: Lokalizacja: ESL Arena Gamescom Hala 9 Harmonogram (23-26 sierpnia) 23 sierpnia 2017 11:00-15:40 - Kwalifikacje społeczności dla Duo TTP Event 16:00-20:00: Solo Invitational Event (Łączna pula nagród $46,000 USD) 24 sierpnia 2017 11:00-15:40 – Kwalifikacje społeczności dla Duo FPP Event 16:00-20:00 - Duo TPP Invitational Event ( Łączna pula nagród $62,000 USD) 25 sierpnia 2017 9:00-14:30 – Free to Play i Community Games 16:00-20:00 - Duo FPP Invitational Event (Łączna pula nagród $62,000 USD) 26 sierpnia 2017 9:00-14:30 –Free to Play i Community Games 16:00-20:00 – Squad Invitational Main Event (Łączna pula nagród $180,000) Jeśli chcecie wziąć udział w kwalifikacjach do wydarzenia Duo, zapisy są na stronie ESL: https://esl.gg/2u9fci0 Przy naszym stoisku znajdziecie strefę, w której będzie możliwość poznania waszych ulubionych influencerów, jak również wygrać ciekawe giveawaye. Na piątek zaplanowaliśmy rozległą sesję Free to Play, podczas której można grać w godzinach 9:00-14:30. Naszych developerów spotkacie w pobliżu naszego stoiska, gdzie będą odpowiadać na pytania i uczestniczyć w wydarzeniach razem ze społecznością. Zapraszamy Was do odwiedzenia stoiska PUBG. Jeśli nie macie możliwości uczestniczyć w Gamscomie, wszystkie wydarzenia będą pojawiały się na bieżąco na kanałach poniżej. Mixer: https://mixer.com/playbattlegrounds Twitch: https://twitch.tv/playBATTLEGROUNDS YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playbattlegrounds Twitter:https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS Nie zapomnijcie sprawdzić poniższych, oficjalnych kanałów społecznościowych. https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS https://twitter.com/ESLPUBG Chcemy podziękować naszej społeczności, która umożliwiła nam dotrzeć do miejsca w którym dziś się znajdujemy. Dziękujemy naszym głównym sponsorom: Mixer, Intel, NVIDIA i Samsung, za wsparcie w organizacji tego wydarzenia. Mamy nadzieję, że tak jak my cieszycie się tą ważną dla nas uroczystością. Do zobaczenia na Gamescom Zespół PUBG Community
  12. Gamescon crates

    I wanted to make this post for a while but waited to see how other people's experience would be with the Gamescon invitational crates. In my opinion I think the crates are very unrewarding as they are right now mostly you get the loot on the lowest row of the crate meaning trash loot. Some of the items are great but after opening like 4 / 5 of the crates and spending like 9,9k+ ingame currency and more then 10 euro's. That's when i came to the conclusion that either my luck is very low or the loot is just so made to hardly drop the cool stuff at all. This is what i got out of my crates which is a total joke in my opinion: 3x - velcro trainers 1x - orange vest 1x - slacks black Even in other games i don't get this kinda % of duplicates so that's when I knew i'm not gonna spend any more money on this crap. Also when i look ingame at other players i hardly see any of them in the lobby wear any of the new stuff must be fun creating stuff thats good for the market and nothing else. Cause if you look at the market prices of all the new items lets say they start somewhere around 50 euro's + Any of you with more luck with these crates? Because i think the % of it working in your favor is way to low.