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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, so I've been looking around and haven't found a solution yet. When trying to play PuBg I can get into the character screen, but when I start match making it gives me a load screen that takes about 3 minutes and then gives me a "timed out" error. I have been able to bypass this with using Cyberghost free VPN and can get into the game and play and be the horribad player that I am, however, this makes it so I can't use any voice chat, discord, skype, even game. I tried all sorts of options I found online, and even checked which ports the game uses ports 80, 81, and 443. I cannot connect to port 81. So I called my isp to see if they were blocking it, and they said yes, they were, and they would not open it for me because they had been "hacked" through that specific port. So my question is, is there a work around to, I don't know, forward the information the game feeds through that port into another port? Or at the cost of ping, help me set up my vpn so I can be somewhat a socialble human being?
  2. So to preference this, I posted the below earlier today but have done loads of research on what it could be. I started seeing this common ISP provider pop up that I use as well, DirecPath, so now I'm reposting what I did earlier today. I'm wondering why is DirecPath/Gigamonster keeping us from being able to enter the game, and if anyone else who uses these 2 ISP are having the same issues or if you aren't at all. Bug Description: Game loads up to the main screen no problem when initiated and begins the loading screen into a match with no problem. Once the game begins loading in the lobby area with the crashed plane, it freezes up completely. Sometimes it loads up my character, the characters around me & backgrounds (water/trees), but my character can't move and the other characters aren't moving as well. The water and trees in the background though are moving naturally. The image below is an example of what it loads up sometimes whenever it doesn't load up my character/other players. Date Seen: 7/16/17-current Server: Not on the Test server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Updating windows & drivers up to date. Verifying the integrity of the game on steam Installing on HDD & uninstalling, then reinstalling on SSD which contains the OS. Running steam as admin Disabling Windows Defender Disabling Firewall Disabling all Antivirus Manually starting BattleEye CC Cleaner Tried playing with graphics settings Downloaded reshader pack Restarting computer Running switching from both wireless to wired Other Information: Initially, I was getting a "Steam can't Initialize" error message when loading into the main menu, but I fixed that when updating windows/drivers. I've had other issues with multiplayer Early Access games as well specifically Conan Exiles, so it very well could be something with my PC. Launch Options: No specific System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 CPU: i7-4790K Ram: G. Skill Ripjaw (2x8GB)
  3. This is the screen I get when I pull up PUBG today.. happened after the bug where you dont load back into the menu after dying and have to restart. using wired home Ethernet connection.
  4. ISP Homepage in Login Screen

    Anyone seen this issue? I've tried deleting TEMP files in AppData and checked the cookies file. Noticed random websites getting added to the file. Deleted, but they re-populate. Any solutions?