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Found 20 results

  1. More than 200 boxes, spending BP only on survival box and nothing.. I know that is a question of be lucky, but I won't give up. Do you already have a COAT?
  2. yehwankim23

    *Item Bug*

    Sometimes, I can see items on the ground but they do not appear on the tab screen nor I cannot pick them up. This happens on the Closed Experimental Server, too.
  3. Ryanmhmmm

    Item management & Item pick up

    Every time I play this game, and I don't lag out, I always have a problem with picking up equipment using the equipment menu(start button(just so you know what button it is, try not to screw this system up more because you definitely ruined the performance of the game more than how it was at launch. Good job at messing that up by the way, it takes a lot of talent to screw up the game more than what it was like)). Somehow the game does not want me to pick up items on the ground when i scroll to them.
  4. Godigy

    Pick up and dropping items

    At random the game makes it where I have to drop and pick up items by only typing the number in the item amount box, and I can't just simply drag in and out of my inventory. Also at random times I can only use meds and boosters by using the keybinds only. If I right click on meds or boosters it only allows me to drop them not use them. Thank you, Godigy
  5. Rafamas

    Weapon and item spawn

    Why do some weapons take longer than the others to spawn? Soon after falling the times the weapons appear in front of them, they simply appear. I fall into one place and have absolutely nothing, when I come back in the same place has a shotgun or something of the type
  6. I've noticed for a while now that drops spawns where it probably shouldn't, or if it did, more accessible. I only ss'd one case in Quarry, but i'm quite sure there are more cases here. Do you have such screenshots? Share with us! Here are the screenshots: 1 of 2 2 of 2
  7. Not receiving a crate when purchased with BP yet the price still multiplies. Wanted to purchase a 1800 BP crate, did not receive it and the new price for a crate is now 2800 BP. I Also keep my previous amount of BP which was 1800. So if I wanted to get a new crate I have to get another 1000 BP just to see the multiplier go up again? I've already tried restarting the game and refreshing the UI numerous times. Not all too concerned about losing money as prices are dropping, but I still do fell this should be addressed. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Happened momentarily when I went to loot someone I killed, moved away and back to the crate, which fixed the issue.
  9. Baberham Lincoln

    Unattainable Item

    Encountered this First Aid Kit and was unable to pick it up. Tried using F and tried bring up the inventory with "Tab". Neither way showed that the First Aid Kit existed. Not a huge deal but wanted to bring it to the attention of BlueHole
  10. Hi, I have encontered a bug today ( 08/25/2017 )when I had my inventory full and removing attachement from a weapon the items disapear instead of droping on the ground. I was playing on the eu server in solo FPP mode.
  11. I'm not 100% sure which bind is causing the issue but I have the following keybind and as a result I cannot drop a value of items eg drop 50 x 556 ammo. It's really annoying as it means I in solo I'm stuck or in squads I have to ask a teammate to split items. I use the following Right Click = fire Left Click = ADS Ctrl = crouch I tried changing crouch to not be control and it doesn't work unless I switch right click and left click around. I also can't under arm grenades.
  12. Luigi_chief

    My item image ist gone...

    My item image ist gone... in my inventory.
  13. thornomatic

    Reward Crate - Repeat Items

    Bought my first reward crate for 700BP and received a red t-shirt. Played some more games and bought another reward crate for 1400BP this time, but received the exact same item, a red t-shirt. So now I have 2 red t-shirts. And do they sell for anything? Sure, 20BP. So I wasted my points on the same item and can't even get the points back. Kinda lame.
  14. halo, i always get item that i already have form crate , its already 6 times in row, i dunt know what happen, but it seems a bug...pls help me
  15. nigmanoname

    Item dragging bug

    Video pretty much sums it up If you drag an item and its ground slot changes because someone adds or removes an item you will pick up whatever new item occupies the original slot It's really annoying
  16. DarkBlade909

    Incorrect names showing on an Item

    AKM shows "Baseball cap" as name. Might not be incredibly important, but I found this last night during duos. Didn't really have time to check if i put it back on the ground if it would change the name
  17. JuiceProductions

    Not being able to use items

    So I was in the top 10 and when I tried to med myself I wasn't able to use my meds at all.It ended up killing me because the game is stupid and wouldn't let me use the commands. I couldn't use Painkillers, Bandages, First-Aid.
  18. i was trying to use them by pressing right click like normal and this happend all game and has happend in a few other games
  19. Ive had this bug happen to me i think 3 times now, and it has only happened with the M16A4. Sometimes i find alot of 5.56 but dont see a gun on my vicinity tab, so i look around in first person, and i see the stock of the M16A4 clipping through a wall. I can not pick it up even if i look at it and take the other items away from it. It however does the breathing animation how items you can pick up do. If i go to the other side of the wall, i can not see the front even tho i probably should.
  20. SubZeroFish

    Items blocked in spawn area

    Hi, The attached image shows a Scar-L and some ammo that I was unable to pickup. I tried from every angle I could, and it never gave me the option to pickup the items. It looks like the items were stuck within the prop above it. Hopefully this is helpful, and sorry if I haven't given enough information. Thank you.