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Found 32 results

  1. The idea to have claymore or bouncing betty as a tactile advantage would be awesome. A delay in trigger with sound alert to help avoid those smart enough to prone the betty or Line of sight the claymore. Make a small kill zone and a reduced damage in zone around depending on range. Have a heavy planting time (8-10 sec) and a delay (2-5 sec) in activation to allow the player time to get safe but also gives time for players close to push the player. Any thoughts?
  2. When you go to the map, or the item screen the character switches to melee items when you come back to the play screen - it makes life hell. That, and the game still crashes all the time.
  3. So at first when i land an start looting everything is alright until a certain point. For some reason sometimes my left looting grade in the inventory menu wont let me go further down. As soon as i press down it immediately switches back up to the first item in that grid. (Other grids are not affected by that) as soon as i have that glitch i stays for the rest of the round and only goes away by starting a new match. Maybe a specific button combination triggers it or a movement. I can not really say much more, but looting manually through 6 items on the floor instead of the startmenu is exausting and quite difficult...
  4. Item management & Item pick up

    Every time I play this game, and I don't lag out, I always have a problem with picking up equipment using the equipment menu(start button(just so you know what button it is, try not to screw this system up more because you definitely ruined the performance of the game more than how it was at launch. Good job at messing that up by the way, it takes a lot of talent to screw up the game more than what it was like)). Somehow the game does not want me to pick up items on the ground when i scroll to them.
  5. Pick up and dropping items

    At random the game makes it where I have to drop and pick up items by only typing the number in the item amount box, and I can't just simply drag in and out of my inventory. Also at random times I can only use meds and boosters by using the keybinds only. If I right click on meds or boosters it only allows me to drop them not use them. Thank you, Godigy
  6. Weapon and item spawn

    Why do some weapons take longer than the others to spawn? Soon after falling the times the weapons appear in front of them, they simply appear. I fall into one place and have absolutely nothing, when I come back in the same place has a shotgun or something of the type
  7. Rail mounted 45° ironsights

    Hey there, Would those be a fair implementation ? They could be quite practical when paired to ACOG and 8x scopes. Besides, and while I don't directly suggest it, red dot sights can also be mounted in this way, for example. "Why not proposing 45° red dots then ?" Because they are already better ironsights than ironsights, no need to overdo it. It might also be an attachement on an attachement, and I'm not sure how it translates in terms of development.
  8. I've noticed for a while now that drops spawns where it probably shouldn't, or if it did, more accessible. I only ss'd one case in Quarry, but i'm quite sure there are more cases here. Do you have such screenshots? Share with us! Here are the screenshots: 1 of 2 2 of 2
  9. Not receiving a crate when purchased with BP yet the price still multiplies. Wanted to purchase a 1800 BP crate, did not receive it and the new price for a crate is now 2800 BP. I Also keep my previous amount of BP which was 1800. So if I wanted to get a new crate I have to get another 1000 BP just to see the multiplier go up again? I've already tried restarting the game and refreshing the UI numerous times. Not all too concerned about losing money as prices are dropping, but I still do fell this should be addressed. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Happened momentarily when I went to loot someone I killed, moved away and back to the crate, which fixed the issue.
  11. tack strips

    i think it would be awesome to have tack strips you can roll out to stop vehicles from speeding by. imagine having one on a bridge and POW tires blow out at top speed and they flip out of control
  12. Unattainable Item

    Encountered this First Aid Kit and was unable to pick it up. Tried using F and tried bring up the inventory with "Tab". Neither way showed that the First Aid Kit existed. Not a huge deal but wanted to bring it to the attention of BlueHole
  13. Customizables parachute

    Hey. As we currently have lot of clothes to choose, I think that would be good idea to add skins for parachute or just special item/coupon that allows us to upload our own logo on it.
  14. Hi, I have encontered a bug today ( 08/25/2017 )when I had my inventory full and removing attachement from a weapon the items disapear instead of droping on the ground. I was playing on the eu server in solo FPP mode.
  15. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

  16. I'm not 100% sure which bind is causing the issue but I have the following keybind and as a result I cannot drop a value of items eg drop 50 x 556 ammo. It's really annoying as it means I in solo I'm stuck or in squads I have to ask a teammate to split items. I use the following Right Click = fire Left Click = ADS Ctrl = crouch I tried changing crouch to not be control and it doesn't work unless I switch right click and left click around. I also can't under arm grenades.
  17. My item image ist gone...

    My item image ist gone... in my inventory.
  18. N00b intel intems.

    Just a suggestion, I don't really think it's neccesary to make a complete game. Just a novelty thing. What if you could find intel, about locations in game. Not too much intel, because that would unbalance the game. I imagine you could find an item that looks like a small briefcase, or a piece of map. With the rarity of a tier 2/3 item. When you pick it up, there is an icon added to the map. The icon could show what intel it holds, or it will be a gamble and the player will only know by clicking on it. Whatever suits the balance of the game. When you click on it while looking at the map dots will show the position of, one of the below, 'things' on the map. These things could be: - AR locations. -SMG locations - Gear locations - Boost locations - Crate locations - Vehicle locations NO PLAYER LOCATIONS, ever! Or something else like: - Next barrier location preview before it is actually shown on the map. - Bombardment preview, intel on where the next bombardment will be before it actually is shown on the map. - An added timer that shows the seconds you need runnnng towards the next safezone (on level ground, no objects) The intel will pop up for only 3 seconds and then disappear, so the player needs to analyze the intel quickly and remember it him self. The intel will be of the entire map or within a certain disstance of your current location.Whatever balances it out the best I think this would be easy to implement as the server always knows the x,y,z- coördinates of every item in game. There will be an overlay needed on the map consisting of dots and circles (we already have that). Just add designning an item to pick and mix it in with the rest of the loot. Add an icon on te map. What are your thoughts?
  19. Awesome game, I've played 50 hours and managed a couple chicken dinners and a whole lot of adrenaline fixes. I'd like to see a higher value attached to cosmetic items. Even if it started at just 70 (10% of a 700 crate is how I figure it) that would satisfy. I think 20 is too inconsequential, you can cover it by turning up in a game and achieving absolutely nothing. Losing 5,000+ BP or even just 700 on a 20-50 point item like another colour of T-shirt is depressing when my average game as an average player doesn't net me very much at all. If that's not too big an ask! Back to the game.
  20. halo, i always get item that i already have form crate , its already 6 times in row, i dunt know what happen, but it seems a bug...pls help me
  21. Item dragging bug

    Video pretty much sums it up If you drag an item and its ground slot changes because someone adds or removes an item you will pick up whatever new item occupies the original slot It's really annoying
  22. Reward Crate - Repeat Items

    Bought my first reward crate for 700BP and received a red t-shirt. Played some more games and bought another reward crate for 1400BP this time, but received the exact same item, a red t-shirt. So now I have 2 red t-shirts. And do they sell for anything? Sure, 20BP. So I wasted my points on the same item and can't even get the points back. Kinda lame.
  23. Incorrect names showing on an Item

    AKM shows "Baseball cap" as name. Might not be incredibly important, but I found this last night during duos. Didn't really have time to check if i put it back on the ground if it would change the name
  24. Item Tooltips

    Hi All, I've skimmed 2 pages of topics and looked through several of the collective posts but I have not found anything mentioning tooltips for items, specifically attachments. In reading the Dev Notes on Reddit, I now know what each attachment does. A minor quality-of-life upgrade that would be helpful in-game would be to add text in a smaller font-size which summarised what each miscellaneous item does, again specifically attachments. If desired, this could be statistic-based or a description. This would only be necessary for items where the function or effect of the item is not 100% clear. For example, the purpose of energy drinks/painkillers is not overly clear to someone that is playing the game for the first time. Thoughts?
  25. Not being able to use items

    So I was in the top 10 and when I tried to med myself I wasn't able to use my meds at all.It ended up killing me because the game is stupid and wouldn't let me use the commands. I couldn't use Painkillers, Bandages, First-Aid.