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Found 56 results

  1. Purchased Key but didn't Receive it

    Hello there! I made a purchase of one gamescon in PUBG, I was charged for the key but I did not receive said key (neither in my game inventory or inside PUBG). Upon looking for a fix or help I found a forum saying to contact PUBG_Harusol via Direct Message but he hasn't been online since August the 17 (unless it's what it says in his profile) . I'm anexing several screenshots that might help or serve as proof. I know there are many people with the same problem and similar threads, but I don't see any actual place to file a complaint or to get direct help from someone so I'm posting this hoping that we get some kind of costumer support. Thanks in advance and have a great day
  2. Hello, I purchased 6 GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL KEY. There is four single "GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL KEY" and one "2 GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL KEY". Please can you separate this "2 GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL KEY" into two single keys. I think you can do it by removing all GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL KEYs from my account and then giving me 6 single keys. My Steam ID: 985148541984 Ingame ID: LilJ
  3. Описание бага: Помогите пожалуйста!!! Играл позавчера соло от первого лица на eu сервере, занял 2 место, должны были дать 600+ монет ( уже не помню ), но не дали. Только что сыграл сквад в соло от 3 лица в eu, должны были дать около 640 монет, занял 2 место, но опять не дали. Что делать???? Куда обращаться? Мне уже должны дать около 1200 монет, а это как минимум 1 кейс. Ниже скрин сразу же после игры в скваде, где не дали около 640 монет. Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 25.08.17 и 27.08.17 (16:30) Сервер: 25.08.17 - eu solo fpp 27.08.17 ( 16:30 ) - eu squad (solo) Попытки устранения: Перезагружал игру, нажимал сверху справа кнопку "refresh", но не помогало!! Другая информация: Параметры запуска: - Игра стоит на минималках, масштаб экрана - 120. Верт. синхронизация есть. Характеристики системы: Операционная система: Windows 8.1 Профессиональная Видео карта: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series ЦП: InteL(R) Core(TM) i5-3550 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.70GHz Оперативная память: 8,00 ГБ
  4. Gamescom Invitational Crates&Keys

    Hello guys. I have 2 questions. #1: Why are people on the market buying gamescom keys for like 3,8$ When you can buy them for 2,5$ ingame? #2: If I sell my cs:go knife to get 88$ on steam and buy keys ingame for 2,5$ and sell them on market for more, Does anyone think it would go well and will be easy profit?
  5. I cannot find purchase in the game (Key) But in steam they tell me this 'If the purchase is missing in-game, you will need to contact the game’s support department directly. They can verify the status of your purchase and add the missing content if there has been an error' '
  6. Помогите пожалуйста!!! Играл позавчера соло от первого лица на eu сервере, занял 2 место, должны были дать 600+ монет ( уже не помню ), но не дали. Только что сыграл сквад в соло от 3 лица в eu, должны были дать около 640 монет, занял 2 место, но опять не дали. Что делать???? Куда обращаться? Мне уже должны дать около 1200 монет, а это как минимум 1 кейс

    I buy GAMESCOM INVITATIONAL KEY*1 but I didn't receive anything. Transaction number 1301958545668656804 help me please!
  8. Hi, bought an gamescom key through the ingame store in pubg, and did not recieve the key yet, and my funds are gone. Its been 2 days now, and i am not getting any help. Created a ticket through the En Masse support site, have also tried to contact pubg forum administrators such as Pubg_sylvinlisha and Pubg_Harusol. I just want my key guys, i kinda feel like ive been scammed atm.
  9. Ok i wanna open the Gamescom Crate. Payed 2.5$ in-game and dont received key! Here is the payment: http://prntscr.com/gd84d3 (or 1st related screenshot) Later I wanted my money back, then http://prntscr.com/gd84yu (last related screenshot) - I CANT BECAUSE OF "SERVERS". And yeah, there is no key in my steam/game inventory ( 2 and 3 screenshots) Help please, devs.

    I paid for one key, but I didn't get the key .Transaction number is 2153138878694922812. PLS HELP ME!
  11. Key not appearing in Inventory

    Hi, I encountered a problem with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds key system. I have bought a key via steam, my money dissapeared, but appearantly I did not get a key. I've seen other people with the same issue. Any way I can request a refund of that key or get it in my inventory? PROOF: Photo of my transaction: 1. 2. Photo of my inventory with no key
  12. I opened a gamescom crate and it said I looted Tracksuit pants (yellow). I´ve been waiting for awhile now and still haven´t received it.
  13. invitational crate keys

    I purchased 2 invitational crate keys to hopefully give to some friends but they are in a stack of 2 in my steam inventory. is there a way to not have these keys stacked as 1 inventory item?
  14. are we able to get keys for opening the "gamescom invitational crates" after the 27th august? or will the option to buy them for $2.5 not longer available after that?
  15. I bought 40 Gamescom keys today and when I received them, they appeared as one item in my inventory with the title: "40 Gamescom Invitational Key" I am wondering if this is considered ONE item, or a quantity of 40 that just takes one inventory space. Because from other games (like CSGO), I understand that each item should take its own inventory spot in the Steam inventory. Thanks
  16. Controls /change keybindings #BUG

    BUG! I tried to change my zoom zeroing keybindings to increase and decrease with my "scroll wheel". However if you try to change the keybinding it will just keep scrolling in the UI. MY PAIN! 1. I personally think swaping weapons with scroll wheel is pretty inaccurate, but changing zeroing distance can be pretty useful for that since it is close and easy access on your mouse. 2. Players should be able to have 0m zeroing distance on their red-dots and holo-sights at least even 2-4 times scopes as well. I dont like the fact I missed some headshots cuz the bullet flys over your aim. 3. I seen some players have issue rebinding the "F" key, so I figured your controls for changing keybindings is absolute garbage and you guys at PUBG team should really fix the entire keybinding system. #FirstPersonServerHype
  17. Hi there, since the new patch which releases FPP I have a problem with assigning my key. I'm lefthanded, my controls are oklö instead of wasd and since the patch I can't use L or I. I have tried a few thinks, like reset the controls to standard and assign them to "my" standard again or delete all controls by assign one letter to all buttons, save it and go back to my old controls but nothing worked. A friend of mine tried it too, but he had the same problem when assign his buttons new and wanted to use L or I. I don't know if it affects other buttons as well, but I and especially L are very important for me. I can't go backwards without L and that's annoying (I have tried ok.ö but it's like using waxd..). Does someone else have this problem or does someone know how to fix it? Date Seen: since the patch which include FPP (thursday, the 3rd of august I guess) Server: live server, in DUO and SQUAD, FPP or normal Error Message: no Other Information: / Troubleshooting Attempted: I have read the list, but I think it doesn't affect my problem Launch Options: no Sorry for the mistakes I made, but english is not my native language.. kind regards, Skamatria edit: sorry, I have seen the same problem in another topic ( ). This topic can be deleted (since I don't know how ).
  18. (I hope this is in the right place on the forums I'm new) I'm wondering if it will be possible to open Gamescom crates (by buying their keys) after Gamescom is over, or if they have to be opened with keys bought before the end of Gamescom, Thanks in advance
  19. KEY

    Why does not it work for key purchases? I click the button and it just does not happen !!
  20. New store and no keys

    I think the current "Rewards" and overview of crates, along with keys could be streamlined. Call it "Loot" instead, and just stop selling keys. Have boxes only. Keys are an obnoxious part of loot that should be sent back to the stone age of microtransaction history. It is not a good thing in CS:GO, and neither is it here. The way one buys keys is also weird. Why are they not displayed in the same area as crates? If you insist on having keys, have them in the same menu as the crates, and let us open them straight away instead of having to go to yet another menu to do so.
  21. Help Game Code dupluicate

    I Bought the game on amazon for the digital code from BlueHole, Inc provided by Amazon digital as soon as they sent me the code i put it in Steam and i get a duplicate code it is already attached to an account. Now if you go to amazon they say contact steam steam says contact retailer neither has an option to contact them about this. I have the proof i bought this code how i can i fix this. No one will help me. No one to contact i have tried everything. I am literally just screwed? Cant they void the previous code and give me a new one. I tried to contact someone at battleground no luck. I bought this today tried to use it 10 min after i bought it. Please anyone i need help and no one will help.
  22. Looking 4 PUBG

    Hello... if anyone can buy me PUBG it will be thankful + i will play with you and we will hv sum fun
  23. ReAssigning F button?

    If I re-assign my F button to another button, I still interact with stuff on F. But now also with the new button. Problem is - I cannot use the F button for any other actions either then.
  24. Key bindings

    So i tried using an xbox one controller. game let me change the bindings as i wanted. got into a game only to realize that the apply didn't work . went back to my mouse and keyboard and the game will not let me re apply default settings. i can click default but the map and in game menu will not map. i tried to manually map them and it will not let me apply them. help please!! we all know the map is a key function in this game