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Found 12 results

  1. Controller Bindings Won't Save

    Since this morning, the new update allows the game to recognize controller buttons and be keybinded. For example: After selecting a bind window, if you press the B button on an Xbox One controller, it will register as Controller Face Button Right. The problem is, after setting all my bindings the way I'd like, when I hit Apply nothing happens. The apply button will still work if no controller buttons were binded. Restarted the game a few times, but I can't get the Apply button to save my bindings. For now, back to the Steam Controller Configurator, I guess.
  2. When I bind the "F" key to movement it doesn't work. It works for in air actions like the parachute. But strafe or turning it doesn't.
  3. Hi, Just started playing the game and I'm having a blast, but I would like to use my controller rather than my keyboard. I've tried with the default in game binds but I cannot find a list of what each button actually does. Is there a list of which button does what action or has somebody made a optimal bind setting? I realise I will be at a huge disadvantage and this isn't how the game should be played etc etc but I would like to play the game like this. Any input is appreciated. FightMe
  4. Alt+Shift should be disabled in game

    Hi there! I've come across this issue while trying to look around me while sprinting. In Windows, Shift+Alt (which you would press to do that) switches languages and keyboard layouts, so if one has several keyboard layouts setup, not only does free look not work, but the key bindings are then completely out of whack. I can provide more details if needed, thanks for your awesome work on this awesome game! Equilibrium__
  5. Please give us a feature to bind the scope directly instead of dubble tapping on the right mouse. I always keep missing enemy's due too clumsy missclicking in the heat of the battle. Even beter would be to make it a toggle.
  6. Hi, I would like to add a melee attack attached to an other key than the left click attack like it's actually in game. The best example I have in mind is Warframe. There is plenty of time I wanted to punch someone when I had no ammo. We can unequip the weapon to do so, but it's not user friendly.
  7. Can only fly and drive backwards

    Hey, I have this issue, after googling and browsing reddit, it seems like I am maybe the only one that have it. The issue is I can't fly or drive forward, only backwards. When I am not holding any keys, I am driving or leaning backwards while in parachute, but if I press my assigned forward button, I stabilize, my car won't move and it shows 0 mph on screen, when I fly, i am just stabilizing like I am not pressing any keys. https://gyazo.com/0240d3c5e5180a47a28f83c08817ed31
  8. Last four or five games I've played, the crouch keybinding of "Z" keeps changing itself to "Y". Once I've realize this has happened, I manually swap the keys back to their former state. Unfortunately, the why and how of this bug isn't obvious. Either this is a direct bug with the keybinding themselves or some other key combination is magically altering the defaults while I'm playing. (Frustrating as hell) Side Note: Saw earlier today that an an entire city was off in the water. (Rather just above it) This was located on the north/middle of the map and appears to be a graphical glitch of some sort. Should I see this again, I'll snap a screen shot and post it.
  9. Hold Breath Keybinding Needed!!

    Can we please get an official statement on what plans Battlegrounds has to add "hold breath" as a keybinding in the settings?? Currently it is binded automatically to Left Shift with no way of changing it. This has completely removed left handed players from being able to hold their breath while taking ranged shots.
  10. I get everyone is super jaded because of h1z1, but put a rolling animation in the way y'all did with the far fall landing. it takes a good two seconds to go through the recovery animation when you jump from a certain distance. it doesn't hurt you, but if you mis-use dropping behind someone you pay for it by not being able to fire during the entire animation. this entire problem could and should be handled the way jumping/falling has been, and I'm hoping the devs seriously consider a duck&roll animation with a damage penalty when the jump remove/vaulting system is implemented. beyond that, a quick fix for having an instant death key one button away from wasd while driving (and one that is functionally locked to the exact same key that you hit to activate everything else in the game, no less), would be to add a different key binding for exiting the vehicle in the vehicle section of the keybinder. it doesn't have to be mandatory, but we shouldn't have to rebind the "Activate" key to the other side of our keyboards to avoid misclicking into somehow running ourselves over. this is a problem that can and does instantly ruin matches for people who have a (usually manageable) problem with misclicks. please seriously consider a duck&roll. if it doesn't come through that's fine, I do understand the potential for abuse. but seriously, the separate keybind needs to happen and is the easiest fix.
  11. Last seen 2017-03-24 01:00 Using an azerty keyboard, Win10 French, Steam French, game in English. Parachuting controls are still under wasd, even though I rebinded movement and vehicle control to zqsd. We should either be able to rebind parachuting control, or maybe a simplest cleanest way is to use whatever is bind for movement control.
  12. Cannot Change Keybindings

    Bug Description: After attempting to keybind necessary buttons to an xbox one controller, the keybinding settings started to fail. First, a change in settings would not allow to be "applied" and "okayed" after starting and restarting games. Eventually whether changing settings at the main menu or in-game the player can create new keybindings or restore to default, but the settings do not save. Date Seen: March 24, 2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: I restarted the game multiple times, tried only "applying", tried only "okaying" and both together. Tried to restart steam, then finally uninstalled an re-installed the game, but the settings have been locked into my account. Other Information: could be linked to controller usage. System Specifications: Operating System: Win 10 Graphics Card: gtx 1070 CPU: i7 6770k Ram: 16GB 2017-03-24 15-51-55.mp4