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Found 459 results


    hi, i play EU server and the server have a fucking lag not is possible... why dont solve this and put unnecessary case in patch 11 wtf only Shroud have a good server becouse he is a partners? he loot in 0.2 me in 1 second guys. resolve the problem with the game not put a shit case i have 8700k oc at 5.3 with gtx 1080 ti with ssd and 32 gb of ram the problem not is my but the game slow and the server shit. stop make useless changes solve this and the problem with cheater.
  2. hi, i play EU server and the server have a fucking lag not is possible... why dont solve this and put unnecessary case in patch 11 wtf only Shroud have a good server becouse he is a partners? he loot in 0.2 me in 1 second guys. resolve the problem with the game not put a shit case i have 8700k oc at 5.3 with gtx 1080 ti with ssd and 32 gb of ram the problem not is my but the game slow and the server shit. stop make useless changes solve this and the problem with cheater.
  3. I am experiencing a lot of frame lag in places like Abandon Resort and Training Center. Even when there are no players inside Abandon Resort, if I look at the area I start to lag. The frames start at around 70 fps and when I look at Abandon Resort, the FPS drops below 30.
  4. although it is the fastest region, there is a delay (0.5 - 1 sec) in game in these days. while in fight, if i spend 1 magazine in replays (after death) it shows that i fired a few bullets. it feels like the stability of the servers has changed.
  5. I read the patch notes for Update 11 and it doesn't address the microstuttering issue tons of players have been experiencing since Update 10. After 1500 hours, I'm gonna have to take a full break from this game (necessarily) until things go in a different direction.
  6. As we all know, the team has been testing its newest map, Savage, for a bit as it nears its release. Obviously PC users do not have quit the same issues as we Xbox users. One thought I had, however, is why not put the Savage map in place of Erangel for now on Xbox while they work on optimizing that map? Side note, the one thing I wonder is why exactly is the PUBG file so small, when it could be larger to help tackle these woes as well? Anyways what are your thoughts? Quite frankly the Xbox community is a bit more casual, so having a smaller, more tactical and faster paced map would be good for the improvement of active users.
  7. Last night was truely the worst yet, lagging, FPS drops, friends and I quitting after only 3 games. You have all heard it before I know but when will this end. I suppose I need a break from this bad habit. This game is like a drug, you know it’s bad but for all the times it makes you feel like giving up you come back for more. This game will end up being known for going cold turkey rather than chicken dinners....
  8. I get that I was going to die anyway, but I get killed while the person has their back to me. Either really bad hit boxes or the lag is unbelievable here. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/king-galahad/video/47760960
  9. I just played a match where i finished 2nd, whole match there was worst lag spikes i had ever seen before in pubg, and it seems like other players got them too (because during long lag spike, i wasnt killed even tho it happened in middle of firefight when someone was shooting constantly at me, i should have been super easy target because i lagged several seconds, but i didnt take a hit) In the end when we were just 3 of us, there was looong lag spike, like 10 seconds. After that me and one other guy were dead. Then i watched the death cam and it seems that the winner had thrown stun grenade and when that blew up lag spike started except for the guy who shot both of us. Winner's deathcam doesnt even show that he shot at me, but top right corner of the screen says that he shot me. I have no clue how the hell he killed the other guy because before lag spike there was 3 of us still alive. Oh and it seems that according to deathcam, the winner shot me while he was totaly blind, his screen is completely white in the deathcam yet he still shot me, and he didnt see me before the stun grenade blew up. Question is, is there a cheat or bug where stun grenades can be made to cause huge lag to other players ?
  10. 1) i was driving uaz and a guy on a motorcycle hit me at full speed....my jeep exploded, obviously i died, he ran away without a scratch 2) after months of getting shot after taking cover behind corners i'm now gettin shot before i turn the corner, my enemies see me 1-2 secs before i see them 3) i shot a guy with lv.2 vest point-blank in the chest with the shotgun, he didn't die....i died with 2 shots from his akm 4) me and another guy we enter the same house, he grabs pan i grab shotgun, both no armor nor helmet, i had to hit him point-blank 3 times to finally get a kill. he almost killed me with the pan 5) i've been one-shotted by SKS headshot wearing a pristine lv.2 helmet....never happened before 6) frame rate is lower than before, i noticed serious lag spike and stuttering quite often but hey....just look at the bright side! finally you removed all the useless, shitty, annoying clothings!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! p.s. i almost forgot....obviously the game still crash

    *Please watch 9:00-16:00 of the video to clearly understand the issue. Thank you!* Dell XPS 15 9560 Laptop - GPU : GeForce GTX 1050 - CPU : Intel i7-7700HQ @ 2.80GHz - RAM : 15.86 GB Windows 10 Home - Power Option : High performance - Virtual Memory : 32 GB on C + 32 GB on E Opened Windows - File Explorer - OBS Studio - Discord - Steam - JetBoost - PUBG PUBG Settings - Display Mode : Fullscreen - Resolution : 1920 * 1080 - Brightness : 67 - Screen Scale : 83 - Anti-Aliasing : High - Post-Processing : Very Low - Shadows : Very Low - Textures : Ultra - Effects : Very Low - Foilage : Very Low - View Distance : Medium - V-Sync : Off - Motion Blur - Off - Inventory Character Render : Off - Equipment HUD : On -Weapons Slot HUD : On - Minimap Saturation : Saturated - Icon Killfeed : Off - Replay : Disabled - Death Cam : Enabled Average FPS While Recording - Lobby : 60-70 - In-Game : 20-30 I know that my laptop is not good enough to run PUBG with solid 60 FPS, but I have changed many settings for maximum performance. However, I get this consistant lag from time to time that lowers my frames to 10-20. (It looks and feels worse.) I have to restart PUBG to get around this issue. Is my laptop not powerful enough? Or can I do something to fix this problem? Maybe it's a bug? Thank you!
  12. *Huge Permanent Lag*

    As you can see in the video from time to time I get a huge permanent lag so that I have to restart PUBG because the frames are below 20.
  13. Hi. I know that most probably I'm not the first one reporting problems like this, but it's been over a year since the game was released and there are still huge problems. Lag? Servers? Cheaters? Well, I don't know anymore; I made a short video so that you can see for yourselves. I hope you won't take this topic as another "harassment" from players, it's just that we don't enjoy playing in this way. Often you start shooting first at one enemy in front of you, something like 1 meters distance with AKM, and after 4 or 5 hits you instantly die. So you watch the kill cam and you discover that only 1 bullet actually hit the enemy. This things happens in 4 games out of 5. You introduced ping matchmaking, I play on EU servers and in every server my latency is less than 50 ms so if the problem is enemies lag, what does this feature actually do? You also introduced a way to avoid Lag switch by displaying "Network Lag" and freezing the game, so why this type of things still happen? And what about the server refresh rate? I hope my post would help to understand the real problem of this game right now. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBFweWu8I3E&feature=youtu.be
  14. Is it true that for players in the UK, the nearest servers are in Ireland? Then London? Ireland having 7 and only 1 in London? Ping to London is way quicker than to Ireland and I'm in Glasgow Scotland. Would it not be better having the server count the other way around? Maybe that's why EU servers(for UK), aren't the best. 7 in London and 1 in Ireland would be better?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DHPB2ei3mQ This short clip sums up everything that is currently the biggest issue in the game: The bad server performance / netcode! Weapons that are not visible by all players evenly Server not registering punches/shots (7 hits should be enough to knock a player without armor out) Desyncing and players disappearing and teleporting Getting hit seconds after hiding behind cover Please bluehole try to fix this problems asap. This is your biggest Problem right now! The game is good, but is the servers would be running stable and at higher tickrates it would be 10x times better!
  16. The vehicle physics and mechanics are garbage. The anti-cheat is garbage. The net-code is garbage. High ping players make the game garbage. The desynch when fighting laggers is garbage. The game performs and looks like garbage. Honestly, it's easy to deal with all of these issues when you believe that the game will be fixed, but once the reality of the situation sets in, you realize, this game is just garbage. Bluehole, why are you putting all of this effort into cheap gimmicks like new maps and features, rather than simply fixing the known issues with this game? People are leaving your game and going to Fortnite because Fortnite is polished and reliable, not because it's more fun per se, but because it's consistent, and you don't have to worry about dying to a well known bug that has existed for a year. Fortnite is cartoony and ridiculous, but they still passed you guys in revenue, and it's a free game. I'm sorry but their success coupled with the fact that you have shown steadily declining players for months now, clearly shows that people are just fed up with the rudimentary programming. All you need to do to keep bringing in new players is actually fix the known issues! Why is that such a foreign concept? Ping lock players, so they can't join servers where they have greater than 300 ping. If they have a bad connection and aren't able to play on any server, throw them on a laggy server where everyone can compete with one another for the "best desycnher" trophy. Stop incentivizing cheating with goods that people can trade. It's obvious that you aren't able to stop people from cheating, but you can at least nip the problem in the bud and stop encouraging it. Fix the vehicle! I jumped from a dock onto my team's boat while it was standing completely still, and insta-died for some reason, which dropped my corpse on the bottom of the ocean, where no one could revive me. I have also died from hitting pebbles in a buggy, but survived doing 100 front flips off of a hay bail at 100 mph. This is just lazy programming from someone that seemingly doesn't care. Fix the hit detection! It could be that someone is desynched, cheating, super laggy, or some other strange reason (god knows there are alot with this game) that this happens, but alot of the time when I shoot someone, they kill me, and when I watch the kill cam, I either didn't even shoot, or I only shot twice and didn't hit them at all. But on my screen I emptied at least 10 rounds into their head and blood was splattering all over the place. Come on guys, how is it that a game in 2018 actually has this problem???? Clean up your net-code! Enough said. You are now in a player decline for the first time in the game's history. Take this as an opportunity to actually look at yourselves and ask, honestly, why it's happening. If you think you need strange gimmicks, you're mistaken. Look at what people are saying that play both your game and Fortnite. People love the concept of your game far more, but they're all sick of shooting at someone, only to have the bullet magically travel through the enemy. Seriously, fix your game.
  17. So most leader boards seem to be still dominated by Out of Region players. The so called "ping based match making" as expected has done very little to improve the gameplay experience of players who play in their own region. The very poor netcode and benefits of having a high ping remain so that the high ping can still rubberband on screen and not take hits, high ping can still jump around corners and shoot before he even shows up on the In Region (lower ping player) screen. So with the ping based matchmaking a waste of time and effort, why not get serious about encouraging players to play in their own region and turn down the lag compensation in the netcode. If there is a competency issue and you can not do that, then at the very least turn down the "Network Lag Detected" warning/freeze to around 150ms on all region based servers. I appreciate that a small percentage of our community live in countries that don't have access to servers that are under 150ms, so setup a region called High Ping North Hemisphere and High Ping South Hemisphere so that any player who can't hit a server under 150ms can play on those servers and the Network Lag Detected can be turned off for the High Ping servers. BH lack of action on this subject continues to encourage the current issues that players continually spam about our China based players and the continual hackusations about China based players. The issue is not the Chinese players fault that the netcode is terrible and hence it makes it easier for them to win gun fights against lower ping players. It is BH that has created the issue that lead to Brendan Greene making comments about Xenophobia. BH you continue to encourage comments about Out of Region players because you are doing nothing to address it and yet you still offer assistance for Chinese players to get North American VPN accounts so that the can play on Out of Region servers with very high ping, which is making the issue worse.
  18. Let everyone know why you stopped playing PUBG, and what it will take for you come back. As always, be kind, be productive, but be honest. I'll go first. Why I stopped playing PUBG: I stopped playing PUBG for many reasons. The game was amazing on the test servers back in November. Since then, the game has rapidly fallen apart. The Chinese Invasion was the beginning of the end for me. PUBG is a failed experiment of a global gaming community. The world's network infrastructure is too weak and too complex to make Bluehole's vision of a global gaming community a reality. The network is terrible. Textures popping in late. Guns spawning ten seconds after I land. Terrible freezes and stutters that only happen in gunfights; due to the servers attempting to line up someone in Timbuktu with someone in Toronto. What would bring me back to PUBG: Its simple really. All of the problems with this game were introduced with the global matchmaking system. This is why it fell apart at the seams at 1.0 launch. 1.0 is also the commencement of The Chinese Invasion. Give us region specific servers with region specific matchmaking servers, then LOCK and BLOCK those servers from people who do not live in those regions. 98% of the problems that PUBG has are due to NETWORK INSTABILITY. The game itself is fine. Its the network that is completely FUBAR. In short, it would take a brand new "PUBG Network" to get me to return. I, like many of you, absolutely love this game. But we can no longer enjoy this game due to network instability. They claim this is going to be an e-sports game. How are people supposed to practice for tournaments in this network environment? Its simply not possible when every encounter with another player is a roll of the dice. In order for a player to be proficient and consistent, they would first need a consistent environment in which to practice. What was once looking like a polished game back in November is now looking like a failed experiment in global networking. Now, tell me why you stopped playing and what it will take to get you to come back.
  19. Remove Clothing to further optimize pubg

    clothing serves no purpose in the game and only slows down the servers/fills up useful loot spawns. It should be removed from the games. I cant think of 1 reason why clothing in in the game its ridiculous. removing it would enhance the entire communities experience because it would reduce lag/loading and more loot options on the map... i mean how times have you walked into a building trying to find your first weapon and you can only see a baseball cap and some jeans...like honestly one of the biggest priorities for this game has been to optimize it and they still have random clothing in the game slowing people down???
  20. Since the last update im lagging so hard, i get teleported during 10 sec. I also see some dudes teleporting in front of me. Before patch 11 i noticed some lag but less often and crazy like this Ps: it does not come from my internet or my provider Im on the Eu servers
  21. Can someone PLEASE explain this??

    Please someone explain what is going on in the video. This is not my first time experiencing the horrible servers of PUBG but this is just taking it to a new low... I didn't get credit for any of those kills and I am pretty sure I didn't get the hitpoints either sine I had 40 by already killing someone and damaging others before getting to this point of the match. Sadly I don't have replay since the game is borderline unplayable as is. With just this video, does anyone have any idea what happened?
  22. So Epic Games has recently managed to achieve a steady 60 FPS in Fortnite for the console versions as shown in the videos below. One would think this would be a sign of hope for Battlegrounds especially given both games use the CPU intensive Unreal Engine 4. BUT, as Digital Foundry pointed out, they are very different games at a fundamental level, specifically when it comes to its graphics. Fortine uses a more cartoonish style of graphics while Battlegrounds graphics aim's for a more photo realistic look. Its quite obvious that this is the main reason why they are having a hard time optimizing this game for the consoles. It remains to be seen if PUBG can pull a miracle and get this game running at an acceptable frame rate. They should probably call up Epic Games and take some note's since they have a f#ck ton more experience making games than they do anyway. Just a bit of friendly advice. PUBG Xbox One/X Performance Is Still Not Good Enough - And The Developer Agrees: Fortnite 60fps Mode Analysis: PS4/Xbox One vs PS4 Pro/Xbox One:
  23. I see this forum and various facebook groups is full of "fix the desync" "how did this guy not die" "how did he kill me" "this is why im leaving" and I'm just thinking this is probably the best online multiplayer game i've ever played in my 20 years gaming (minus halo2 & splinter cell). I get there's issues and bugs but this game is a massive open world online map with 100 players roaming around so theres going to be bugs and the dev team are fixing these issues better than any other game i've seen. Huge updates & new maps are coming out every few months even after release so why is everyone up in arms? Yes i've experienced deaths where i think i got the other person but you watch the replay back and see the person got a clear headshot or i didnt hit and is more than likely my internet connection. In fact every game I've ever played over the years I've said i should of had him there but for some reason on this game everyone immediately shouts out hacker at every death and comes on hear to moan. There is a lot of hackers and cant stand them but come on not every death is by a hacker, its either your crap or your internet! For those that come on here moaning this is why im leaving or im off until they fix this, just GO dont bother posting it here your off we dont care.
  24. South america Server

    Please guys help us, bring the SA server for the players in south america
  25. Getting killed a lot because I wasn't able to shoot when enemies are shooting at me, especially in CQB. In long and mid range, I'm also getting that freezes but able to get to cover. This issue can be from just a micro stutter to a 2 second freeze. The trigger is when enemy is shooting nearby or shooting at you, from close to mid range. Date Seen:from PUBG v1.0 to latest update Server: AS/SEA System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 *Latest build, updated frequently Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 960 2GB CPU: Intel core i5-4460 RAM: 8GB Latest nVidia drivers.