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Found 310 results

  1. Darth Ioannis

    PTS is unplayable

    On Thursday the game ran perfectly even in NA server and I was playing from Europe. On Friday the game was shuttering. Today no hit is registering. Even when someone is in 2m away I am shooting and there is no blood. Please fix the live server and give as game worth playing. We love the game and all a we want is to have an experience like we used to.
  2. Darth Ioannis

    Lag, Lag, Lag...

    The game is unplayable tonight. It’s very laggy and me and my team are having big lag issues. We are getting shot behind walls etc. seriously with every update the game becomes worse. come on do something.
  3. I would very much like it if a developer gave me an explanation about this or if this guy got banned. I am playing this game since day one and I don’t tolerate such bulls**t. Bluehole, PUBG Corp or Microsoft give me an answer or ban this fool or anyone else that is using these tactics to get a kill. And here is proof: http://xboxclips.com/Darth+Ioannis/705666b7-42b9-439d-b551-8ffa8cf27694
  4. anyone have any tips to lessen the desync since update 19? having trouble with being killed by enemies who are still around cover on my screen. never had the issue until now. internet- 30mbps down, 5up (wired) system- windows 10 evga gtx 1080 ftw2 (up to date drivers) intel i7 8700 asus z370-a 16 gb ram @ 3200 evo 960 nvme ssd
  5. Hi, The in game lag is getting really hard to play with. I have a system that is capable of running 4k gaming ( i7-4790k @4.6Ghz, GTX 1080Ti , 24Gb of ram and game on SSD drive ). my FPS is fine at around 100 on medium settings. The problem is ping to the game server. It always connects to east-2 server while i live in west coast. I have played over 200 solo games and it's always been connecting to east-2 ( VA) and east-1 (OH). I have 50Mpbs down and 10 Mbps up with no issue playing other games. When I pick up an item from ground there is a delay, when I loot someone there is a delay. There is a delay in shooting others. First how can I make pubg connect to west coast AWS servers, where I get ~20 ms ping? Is there a plan to place a limit on the server ping? or at least is there a way to select to play only on NA West or NA East servers? please, make sure this fix makes it into the game as soon as possible. I have also tried outfox service to see if it helps my ping, to no avail, but I'm hampered by the fact that game is always on east coast.
  6. Everytime I get some stutters or chops of lagspikes back and forth there is always players near... it is so sad and breaks immersion every single time. Perhaps not alot of people think about it. But it surely strikes true every single time. Please work around this and solve this problem. I would vote for having ping caps in matchmaking to smooth things out.
  7. De-sync horrible, lag and rubber banding, I still can't pick stuff up, loot still loads in late, bullet reg is still horrible, I still cant drop attachments off my weapons when my inventory is full. I am not even sure what the update really did. A worse company could not have control of this game.
  8. MrHappyPenguin

    Input Lag When Attempting to Shoot

    Bug Description: There is excessive input lag when shooting. It's higher when a weapon is set to full auto. Here is a link to a video showing the input lag. I was showing off another bug but you can clearly hear me double click before the weapon shoots. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158951534 Date Seen: 7/16/17. Been this way since April though. Server: Every server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I set all my graphics to low to increase my fps. It had minimal to no effect. Other Information: The input lag in higher when the weapon is set to auto. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU:Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  9. Hello there, inside the One Shot One Kill Event, we had some huge lag spikes and network lag. So I disconnected from current match and rejoined it. No network isses after reconnecting. At first I wondered why my teammates were shooting at me after dropping/landing next to them. Well, my colored Team Indicator was gone and I weren't been visible within the Team Group on the left screen at all. Though personally for me I had a yellow marker just as our "Team/Group Leader" as seen on the minimap. Been killed by Friendly Fire a few times. This time I was kinda lucky to insta spawned or I would had reported my teammembers for nothing, ... until I noticed where the real issue had been and started. P.s.: Not sure if this issue also might happen on regular gameplay. Regards, N3
  10. I have passed the recommeded specs, 1080 GTX TI, I7-7700k. I have 250MBps/Down and 150Mbps Up, So my NET isnt the issue. I have gotten this constantly the since patch, absolutely unplayable. As far as i am concered this game is a Pure Paperweight. You are payed by the community Even with loot boxes, Yet Every Single Patch Has Been Nothing But Rocky. All this money and this team cant figure out the issues? Ubisoft can even get this right. What makes it worse, After the 27th DC, You Get No Coin Credits to go towards skins, even with kills(After DC)
  11. Avirex


    hi, i play EU server and the server have a fucking lag not is possible... why dont solve this and put unnecessary case in patch 11 wtf only Shroud have a good server becouse he is a partners? he loot in 0.2 me in 1 second guys. resolve the problem with the game not put a shit case i have 8700k oc at 5.3 with gtx 1080 ti with ssd and 32 gb of ram the problem not is my but the game slow and the server shit. stop make useless changes solve this and the problem with cheater.
  12. Hear me out. I was having major issues with getting this terrible freeze and stutter during close quarters gunfights. It would also happen when I opened my inventory, and when I'd aim down sights. This is what it looked like. Well I was going through a box of PC parts the other day and I found an old 256Gb Adata SSD. I decided to do an experiment. I used Acronis True Image to clone my current 480Gb PNY SSD over to the old Adata drive. And lowe and behold...the freeze and stutter was gone. I made an image of my current Windows installation in order to rule out any driver compatibility issues. Keep in mind, my 480Gb PNY SSD had no issues running any other multiplayer or single player games. PUBG was the only game that hiccuped continuously. I suspect it has something to do with the way that Windows and certain SSDs handle TRIM and the way PUBG's game engine allocates resources. So if you are having this specific issue, and you have a spare SSD laying around, clone your current install to it and let the good people of these forums know if it worked for you.
  13. Every time i see an enemy the game freezes for a second. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VPH_EThP-w Asus GL553VD GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ @ 2.50GHz Memory: 8 GB RAM
  14. yehwankim23

    *Huge Permanent Lag*

    As you can see in the video from time to time I get a huge permanent lag so that I have to restart PUBG because the frames are below 20.
  15. This has been an issue for the past few months perhaps ever since the 1.0 update. It comes and goes. When it happens, it's like this: every time you try to engage someone in short-range gunfights, the game freezes for like 1 whole second. obviously this causes you to die most of the time since you lose a whole freaking second. Many people have posted clips of this if someone can do that here as well it would help.
  16. Spider689

    Lag ONLY when getting hit

    I only experience lag when getting hit and it is making it impossible for me to react properly. I have videos but cant attach
  17. i dont know how you could say these update improves some fps and fixed lag issuses. me and all my friends has problems with the game it is unplayable. i had always 120-130fps now i have only 80 with stuttering and it falls near any 10 seconds to 30fps. at some buildings i have constant 40 fps till i go out and it goes back to 70-80 fps WITH stuttering. even in the lobby my fps drops from 110fps to 85-92 fps with big stuttering. when i click something like replay or costumes it lag. i tryed to close all unnessessary programms at windows 10 but without any improvement. 2 of my friends with i play everytime cannot even start the game anymore. some guy maked a fix file for the pubg not starting bug and spread it at the steammessageboard (how it could be that a random guy makes a fix and not the devs?) looks like there are more ppl has problem with the game as ppl who has no problems with the last update. just look at the update news cmd, 5k ppl raging 1k gave positive thumbs up. and when i have recordet with nvidia experience i had -2fps with it. now it is -10fps and sometimes my fps falls from 80fps to 7fps till i turn off recording. whhhhat da fuck?
  18. Rakun94

    Weird Lagging Issue

    Hi everyone, so i am back at this game after a while and even though my internet connection seems fine and appears to be working well with other games such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Forza Horizon 3, GTA V so on - - I am having a really strange problem with PUBG, whenever i try to sprint, run or walk my character starts the animation and after about maybe 6 or 7 steps the character stops and warps a step back. Im located in europe and i tried other servers but no luck.. Here is a video to help understand better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxeOpJF21Cc&feature=youtu.be
  19. Tin Foil Hat Brigade

    Odd Server issues and weird lag problems

    For the last few days I've been getting "the server is busy" messages after almost every round! Anyway, I was on the NA server playing Miramar and encountered some very strange lag issues and I rarely see lag issues on that map. In one case I just hung in the air then suddenly was on a building, etc. The next issue was where I heard a player approaching and I crouched down and waited for him near the doorway, then ZOOM, I'm suddenly outside the building and have to fight for my life (lost that battle). I hadn't even touched my move keys! Replay was mostly recorded at 75% speed for that last part.
  20. Normally, the game runs... alright. Getting anywhere between 40 and 70 fps depending on the location and action - nothing great, but bearable I guess. However, when I get into a close quarters firefight with another player, my framerate tanks horribly, going into single digits and even freezing for a second sometimes, mostly while I'm getting shot at. Here's video illustration of the issue from my live stream. I apologise for the strong language; I was obviously a bit frustrated at that moment. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/217296460 Others have also recorded and reported similar experiences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsejUreGiew Date Seen:Started along with 1.0 release and has been going on ever since Server: Live; EU & NA Error Message: N/A Other Information: I have seen many mentions of this behaviour, and they seem to converge on high-detail rendering of blood splatters when close up. Cannot confirm anything, though, of course. Troubleshooting Attempted: Updated graphics card driver (to Radeon Software 17.12.1) Installed important Windows updates Tried disabling Death Cam, Replays and both of these features Tried running both in borderless window and fullscreen All to no avail. Launch Options: I normally run the game with no launch options, but during the troubleshooting I have tried these combinations, all to no avail: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -d3d10 -maxMem=18000 -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition (Pitcairn XT) 2GB CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 RAM: 32GB DDR4-2133 in dual channel Pagefile config: 2048 ~ 16384 MB on HDD + 256 ~ 2048 MB on SSD I use these graphics settings:
  21. Lucian2018

    Lag! Lag! And did I mention Lag?

    Hello! I want to mention this first: I am stupid and I don't know where this kind of issue should be reported. I don't know what happened yesterday, but Jesus Christ and almighty Buddha, I was having Lag EVEN in the Lobby/Game Menu!! Even my mouse cursor was lagging in the Lobby... I restarted the game a couple of times, then the PC, nothing changed. I changed the Graphic settings to ''Fullscreen Windowed'' and it was worse, then changed it back. Two days ago I was getting the ''bad module error'' and ''game crash + error report'', now the servers and client slowed down 80%... Of course, I reported those too. By the way, I'm playing on the EU region, since I'm from EU, if this matters or not. My rig is brand new and very capable. Everything runs perfectly, so it can't be my PC. Drivers and updates are up to date too. Did anyone had or still has this issue? Thank you!
  22. I have dual GTX 970 sli enabled. Whenever I have sli enabled, the game seem to run better which is good. BUT... when I'm in the main menu, it's all screwy. When I'm scrolling through my items in the inventory, some items stay where they are some lag and go to the middle. Some disappear until I put my mouse over it and it appears on screen. When ever I open and close any tabs in the main menu, it stutters and leaves almost like a shadow behind. This includes opening friends list and the play button options. Sometimes nothing is visible and it's black in the tabs (just the tabs when I open it). This all goes away if I disable sli. ALL of my drivers are up to date. I've tried pretty much everything out there for improving performance etc like the launch setting all that. I seem to be the first to talk about this. It's really odd. Anyone know a fix for this?
  23. Prebendorf

    Where does the bullits go???

    This is what I fight with every time I play PUBG. Why should we be punished like this in Denmark? And why dont you do anything about it? And no, it's not my compiter or internet that's anything wrong with. Lan 50/10 Mbit - normal ping 15/25 in CSGO. Computer: I7700k, 12gb frame, GFX 1060 etc.
  24. I have stuttering that freezes my game when I take fire. I have been having this issue since the tiny update on 1-16-18 only on matches with people not on east coast. I have normal stuttering when running but that was only momentary. When I take fire the game just stops for a second. This was every game I played with randoms on NA servers. It did not happen to me on solo games. My specs: I7 7700k @4.5ghz(AIO Water cooled) MSI gtx1080ti (AIO water cooled) Windows 10 Profesional ver. 10.0.16299 Build 16299 16GB System ram at 2600MHZ I have my game running at 1920 x 1080 monitor @ 144hz I have all setting to very low except AA and Textures I average around 120-144 (144 seems to be the cap the game will allow me to go) No Vsync My internet connection has 26 ping to the closet server(VA) with 122.24Mbps Down and 12.25Mbps Up. PUBG Server Tests show 38 average latency to closest server. (see attached image) Here is a vid showing it off: Here is a vid showing it
  25. fatido

    Pausing While Running

    Hello, I have been having an issue that started about two weeks ago. Since then or before I had no system changes in hardware or software including driver updates. Yesterday I did update drivers though and the problem still persists. I have a very good internet connection (fiber, second video) and a computer that can run the game just fine. Windows 10 64bit Ryzen 1600 EVGA GTX 1070 16gb 3000 ddr4 ram game and OS installed on SSD Running Malwarebytes but I have checked and it is not interfering with the game. The game will stop me while running, constantly, to the point where the game has become unplayable. (see first video, audio is a little messed up, it didn't sound like that in game) I do not get the rubber banding problem while shooting, driving in the vehicles, parachuting, flying in the place, opening doors, picking up items, or vaulting. The problem ONLY happens while I am running or walking, a lot more while running though. I am perplexed and cannot find a solution. I have reinstalled the game and run steam in administrator still nothing. I have done just about everything under the sun to fix this but no luck. It has to be a problem with the game. Since apparently it isn't a wide spread problem I doubt any developers to take notice of this but I hope they still care about the few that are struggling with these unique problems. Here are the links to the videos... Gameplay - Internet -