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Found 462 results

  1. Hi there guys, I’ve been playing PUBG since day one but I can still not manage to stabilize the game properly. My specs are I-5 Processor R9 280x graphics card 1920x1080 monitor i believe 8GB of Ram.
  2. Always at beggining of game takes forever to start picking up things, weapons etc, sometimes I land on the roof, and I ended up being on the 3rd floow, also.. so tired of game crashing most of the times! Very annoying .. please help or fix
  3. I have noticed this recently, but in solo I don't lag that much and smoother gameplay than if I'm in a duo or a squad game. Anyone else notice this? Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -maxMem=8000 System Specifications: GTX 960 4GB OC 8GB RAM i5 4590 3.3 ghz on SSD
  4. Hits registering??

    Is anyone else shooting people and having it not register? Last game I played, (duo) we knock one guy no problem. Flank his buddy and I'm probably 3-5 meters away max. Unload the UMP full auto sights on his chest and I'm about half way threw the magazine when he starts shooting. Idk if this is a me issue or if this is a widespread problem. Iether way I was pissed.
  5. I am curious why when ever I drop near anyone else I have issues picking up items. It negates a huge part of the game where I can't drop at school or military or anywhere in the beginning where there will be actual fighting. If anyone is in my vicinity it just won't let me pick up items. I run a 7700k, 1080, 32 gigs of ram, an ssd so it definitely shouldn't be a rig issue. There are enough issue with this game that this shouldn't be one of them.
  6. I am so freaking sick of droping into a town only to be killed seconds later by someone with a X that can actually load these stupid textures faster than a toaster can make bread. Then to just be instant kill with an M416, or a phantom player... WHY??? Why do i have to land in BFE just to get bad loot and survive? Why can't you fix these issues already that ruin every single start to a game? These are all fresh installs ( yes i reinstall this game every single day) and i fully restart my console twice a day while playing this game. 100mb net with 60 ping. This is insane and needs fixed asap. http://xboxclips.com/MWJW/d5415428-1a89-4810-8fe5-34f5e7be9d33/embed http://xboxclips.com/MWJW/49d84ae9-f8d4-4559-af4b-095a236a068c/embed http://xboxclips.com/MWJW/49d84ae9-f8d4-4559-af4b-095a236a068c/embed http://xboxclips.com/MWJW/1c843326-80d9-4b10-b6a8-d0f963fb26a5/embed
  7. Verly laggy early game

    Last week the game started to be VERY LAGGY, I cant pick up weapons or open doors, it literally takes more than 10 seconds just yo open a door, however, when 30-40 people have died the lag seems to stop for the rest of the game. Is there any soultion for this?
  8. So I've got an issue noone else of my friends has. I have continuously lags although my Ping nor my connection is bad or below my standards. I can play every other game f.e. CS:GO or anything else. I recorded my problem and i made sure that my connection is usually fine. You can see the link here: I searched on Youtube and on Google for fixes but didnt manage to get anything helpful. I hope someone has a fix for this or an advice how to bypass it. Still wishing a nice day ~Roman aka BotRom (If neccessary heres my ING: ImRom)

    Meu pc roda pubg ? Queria comprar mas não sei se otimizaram mais nem sei se meu hardware suporta... i3-2120 6gb ram Gtx 750 ti 1gb Oc da gigabyte Resolução : 1280x1024 , monitor de 17 polegada , nem é full hd , oq deve ajuda eu acho , em fim se roda pelo menos acima de 30 fps ?
  10. Since the game came out after it by about a week me and my friend who also live in dubai have been experiencing unusual movement of the player even though they fixed it about 2 days or so, me and other dubai friends are still having this issue and when i watched the replay i spectated anyone and none of them had it so is there any thing that I can do to fix this issue? Ps its only in the beginning of every game.
  11. Accidentally posted in Xbox sub-forum a week ago, but the problem seemed to resolve itself, had a tiny little update the other day, issue now worse than ever. Now you're all caught up Just wondering if anyone else has had similar performance issues since the latest update? For reference; my system: i5 6600k @ 4.1GHz 8GB DDR4 @ 2400MHz (Single-Channel) EVGA GTX 970 4GB For what it's worth, it's on an MSI Z270 SLI PLUS Windows 10 installed on a SanDisk 120GB SSD Games installed on a 1TB WD Blue 1920x1080 All settings on Medium, apart from Draw Distance on Ultra and Anti-Aliasing and Post Processing on Low (As of 18/1/18) All settings on Very Low, Including Draw Distance on Very Low. Screen Scaling as low as possible. Before the update was rolled out I was running the game flawlessly, 50-60FPS medium - high settings, I could Stream 1080p 60fps and play simultaneously with no noticeable frame drops, with even usage across the board (CPU, RAM, and GPU sat around 80-100%). Since the update I've been hit pretty hard it would seem, my GPU is barely getting over 45-55% usage, my CPU is pinned at 100%, and my RAM is gone in an instant. (Possibly huge memory leak?) My resource usage is to the point where I've tried to run with no major background applications running, and it makes no difference, yet, one of my friends' PCs (AMD A10 series APU, 8GB DDR3 and R7 370 4GB, Windows 7 and Games installed on the same Mechanical Drive) runs with absolutely no issue at the same settings. I'm really just making this post in the hopes of someone saying "A hot fix is in the works and will be rolled out in the coming days" CHEERS BOIKS 👍 A little video demonstration (Captured with DxTory, which made no difference to the performance... Or lack thereof) can be found down there somewhere ↙ For your viewing pleasure :) And a little screenshot to show the bottleneck that has come about since the update
  12. Cursor Lagging/stuttering

    Just recently i have noticed that when i play PUBG it get really bad stuttering, I get 90 fps and when i go to move it will either not move at all or will stutter around. Not sure how to fix this i have tried reinstalling drivers and restarting the game not sure what else to do. Any help My Build: CPU: i3-8100 MOBO: MSI z370 PC PRO GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 3GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16 GB PSU: 750 Watt GOLD+
  13. Mouse Polling Rate

    Having a polling rate higher than 500 on your mouse, makes the game unplayable since you can't aim at all, essentially. It makes it laggy and stuttery and the mouse moves 2cm on the screen when you move your mouse from one side of a large mousepad to the other.
  14. (Desync or Lag-Switch)? Also Bugs and Glitches. (lag switch or de-sync) - Lots of de-sync or lag-switch, there seems to be one unaffected by the lag completely but others were. It was not my internet connection as i was streaming and have seen i dropped only 173 frames total out of thousands and thousands and hours of streaming. I would know if it was my connection. This is not what happens when I lag. I've lagged plenty a times before. from roommates downloading their entire steam library. - crate that appeared there without any sound of planes is included in this clip. Other bugs/glitches 1.(Extended Mags-Quick Reload) disappears when dropped, so far happened twice in duos. 2.Random crates with loot appear near you without any sounds of planes or anything. *BONUS BUGS* 1. Game has been black screening into a bug-splat crash. 2. Game switches to second monitor and flashes green. *i will be reporting these in another thread they are unrelated to this post and no i will not remove or edit those post to erase this section of bugs I will just make sure to keep that one about these and go more indepth in that post.
  15. I've had a problem for about a week now. While I hardwire ( 100mb/ sec) I get great connection yet lag worse than ever as if it didn't ever update. Funny thing is I connect through my hotspot and get terrible connection,( .5mb/sec gameplay is wonderful. What the heck?
  16. Just curious to hear from some other western canadians struggling with the lag and savage frame drops and terrible hit reg. i know everyone is experiencing some form of aforementioned problems, but watching people play on twitch and just spectating squadmates, im jealous of the quality of their experience! Im running shaw 150 with dl speeds averaging 80 mbps and upload speeds averaging 76mbps with a .50 latency and alot of my US friends are literally raping kills and only have speeds of 12dl mbps and 8 ul mbps with .70 latency. So what the hell? My dvr is packed with wtf moments and at the moment I am really frustrated with pubg. Only thing i can think of is that our closest microsoft azure server that pubg chooses to use is over 2500 kms away, it takes 3 seconds from when i do an action on my xbox until it registers on my room mates system right beside mine. Any thoughts or input?
  17. I have stuttering that freezes my game when I take fire. I have been having this issue since the tiny update on 1-16-18 only on matches with people not on east coast. I have normal stuttering when running but that was only momentary. When I take fire the game just stops for a second. This was every game I played with randoms on NA servers. It did not happen to me on solo games. My specs: I7 7700k @4.5ghz(AIO Water cooled) MSI gtx1080ti (AIO water cooled) Windows 10 Profesional ver. 10.0.16299 Build 16299 16GB System ram at 2600MHZ I have my game running at 1920 x 1080 monitor @ 144hz I have all setting to very low except AA and Textures I average around 120-144 (144 seems to be the cap the game will allow me to go) No Vsync My internet connection has 26 ping to the closet server(VA) with 122.24Mbps Down and 12.25Mbps Up. PUBG Server Tests show 38 average latency to closest server. (see attached image) Here is a vid showing it off: Here is a vid showing it
  18. WTH????

    Not sure if this is the right area to post - Apparantly its the only place I can post so if a Admin/Dev could place it in the right spot that would be appreciated. I am getting pretty fed up now of the Hackers, Cheaters and exploiters - Is there no way to enable an autoban function - i.e like BE detects a file/script being used that is not in the original game and just autobans people - Problem solved... Literally - On this game, right now - The desync / Lag is terrible - Unable to move for like 3 minutes at a time while slowly dying to the blue zone - All the way through the game... - I have it recorded if devs wish to see, Honestly the worst game/experience I have had so far in PUBG - I died from randomly being ejected out of the vehicle and being thrown 400m away - "Died from falling".... But enough is enough - Just start autobanning anyone that runs a script ig that is not part of the original game - And then modders will have to have an approval system - Gaming is meant to be fun for people, but when your dying from snapshot - Insta headshots 24/7 its ridiculous - Not even looking at you and killing you - Its pure BS.... Devs/Admins - I get your working hard to resolve this, and alot of us REAL gamers are appreciative - But just end this insanity - AUTOBAN on script detection is the way to go - Its easier to appeal a mistake than it is to get banned in this game apparantley......... Let me know if you wish to see the vid of the LAG SWITCH/DDOS Insanity.... Alot like 50% of the server died from the first BZ due to being unable to move.....
  19. seem to be encountering more bloops since last patch. yesterday had level 3 helm and lev 1 vest, dp 28, lying prone, comes thru door, unleash untold amounts of bullets in him and bloop. insta dead, seems to hit me with 2 bullets which is fine if they're head shots but i have the level 3. just happened again, doesn't know i'm there, comes in, empty 13 vector acp's in him and bloop. the previous patch was so good!?
  20. Servers too laggy

    Since yesterday, the game became IMPOSSIBLE to play, Early game is so laagy that it would take 10-30 seconds just to open a door or take a gun/reload WITH alot of ruberband, the game had this issue before but after half a minute the server gets stable and resbond normally.
  21. Lagando Pubg

    Bom tenho um pc razoavel, tenho uma gtx 1050 2gb, um processador amd phenom x4 955 3,2gHz, 8gb de ram, 1tb de hd eu deixo em 1920x1080 na qualidade média e o jogo ta rodando 60fps daqui a pouco cai pra 30/20 e continua assim só resolve derrepente sozinho, quando resolve e volta pros 60 fps e no lobby os fps fica em 15/20 e qnd eu caio no mapa qnd aterriso com o paraquedas começo com 60fps mas vai baixando os fps sozinho
  22. Ok so the biggest problem myseld and my friends have noticed with this is the initial spawn, buildings take about a minute to fully render and it seems to be partially system and partially server side. So why not just extend lobby wait time by a minute to reduce the load while dropping in.
  23. Bug Description: Most of the time I get into a fight with someone I lag and usually end up dying. Especially in close quarter. E.g. Last time I died was someone chasing me with a pan and I had no weapon. I went into a house then upstairs and as I was about to enter a room to jump out the window, my game lags. It comes back and I'm half health. Then it freezes and jumps in again, I die. It is very frustrating. This is just a recent example, others are a lot worse and have made me want to uninstall. Not what you want your gamers to feel. Especially if you care about them. I hope the money and "success" hasn't gotten into the devs mind. I wish them the best. Date Seen: Every single day. Server: OCE. All modes. Troubleshooting Attempted: Removed all launch options I used and put them back in to see any difference and no. Other Information: I get a steady fps of 50-80. Average 60 in most areas. It's highest in more open areas. My settings are on very low settings, except anti-aliasing on high and view distance on high. When it stutters and freezes, my fps drops all the way down. Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -maxMem=8000 System Specifications:
  24. VERY laggy early game

    I used to play the game with no problems, now every time I spawn I cant pick up a wapon or open a door because of the lag, there is also HUGE ruberbanding, however the server gets stable after times passes when there is around 50 - 60 players left. // Im from UAE, playing on either EU or AS same problem, edit: my FPS is + 60 all the time