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Found 307 results

  1. Rubberbanding Lag

    This is really this lag is really annoting and disturbing me every time i played this game, i played other games smoothly, but not in this game. i have a stable internet connection. 3 mbps download 3 mbps upload. *i'am playing on sea region ryzen 1500x gtx 1050ti 8gb i'am too lazy to make a video for it but it's similar with these:
  2. Before I start what I'm about to say, from what I have played, this game is amazing. I really wish I could play more though. The first problem was the Network Issue where when I would get out of the plane and fly down, my whole computer would freeze even though I have the right requirements for the game. That was easily fixed by some firewall issues. Then after that I played one round and the ping was pretty bad even though I am in AUS and I played on a AUS server but it was playable but soon after that when I logged back in, I would fly down and everything would be fine until it started loading structures. When I first go down, there would be structures on the map but not in game. I could run around but I would see players floating mid air since they have buildings loaded. 5 minutes later, the game would freeze up. Again, 5 minutes later it would unfreeze and the buildings would be very low poly and ugly. It would do this again and again until I would die and have to turn the computer off and on. I managed to take a couple of screenshots while it was happening but that's all. https://imgur.com/a/XlPaL Specs- CPU- Intel i5 6400 Video Card- GTX 950 RAM- 8GB Storage- 1TB Network- Alienware Wireless Network Thanks. If you need any questions, I'll be happy to reply.
  3. my setup: AMD FX - 8350 eight core processor at 4.01GHz AMD RADEON HD- 7700 series SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 I know they are a bit out dated but i'm getting max 15 fps and when in firefight I barely hold 5 fps. What I have done so far: Added launch options (-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 -maxMem=12000) Used Driver Booster to update all graphics drivers etc... Replaced Engine, GameUserSettings, and Scalability files as per a youtube tutorial by Panjno Used CCleaner to clean cache files etc.. What I have noticed: Minute amount of fps improvement at the cost of not being able to see more than 50 m in game while still not having more than 18-20 fps If anyone can suggest another improvement I can make or is this something that is going to be fixed in later patches? seriously considering buying a new graphics card as well if anyone has suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. At the start of the game everything is alright, If I die early, I start the new game no problem. When i get to top 10 It will lose connection Like "Network Lag Detected" At first I thought it was due to my internet connection. I signed up for a new, more qualified network package, but I still have the same problem. It made me very inhibited. Expect publishers to have early fixes soon. Tks for Reading Sir.
  5. Network lag detected

    Hello, i am getting "net lag detected" even thought i have very good ping. I tried everything, i reinstalled windows,game,changed internet hardware,cables everything. I am getting 30 ping on europes server when i ping them. What else can i do? How can i fix this? Sometimes its really unplayable and annoying, that i cant move or shoot. Not problems in other games
  6. El bug que te hace perder casi siempre

    siempre me pasa esto (en éste caso pude safar) pero cuando estas mano a mano a los tiros se suele congelar y casi siempre me hace perder ¿a alguien le pasa lo mismo? https://streamable.com/6rizl
  7. FPS Boost (reduce lag)

    Hi I recently bought pubg because i was too excited to play it. I was not able to play properly because it was lagging a lot even on low settings which was giving me fps from 10-20. I wanted to know if there is any setting that i can apply to increase fps. My rig Lenovo ideapad 510 Intel i7-6500U (Dual core - 2.5ghz) Nvidia gt 940mx - 4gb gddr3 12gb Ram Thanks
  8. I've died a couple times, few in the top ten, because there sometimes is network lag when a player comes close to me and I fire my weapon. It might even be that the network lags when I'm near a player. My screen freezes, and only returns to normal after I've died a helpless, miserable death, and a "network lag detected" message pops up. I've never had such problems with a game before, and it's not like my PC or network is slow. I understand this is early access, and there are many other problems to be dealt with, but I hope these kinds of problems are fixed first rather than more adding more weapons or changes to the map. Thanks
  9. With the recent patch I am finding it extremely difficult to play the game. My first concern is with the netcode, I'm finding that I losing much more fights than I used to even with getting the drop on people. For context my most recent encounter I managed to fire and land 5 hits(on someone who was already tagged), hitting the target 3 times before he even hit me once and I still lost the trade. It feels as if I'm running into the infamous bloodshots from Halo if anyone is familiar with that, and so I ask was there a change to the netcode? The second issue is a feel of change in sensitivity, I may be going crazy but I feel as if its change especially general sensitivity and the x4 scope sensitivity, it just feels higher than usual and wonder if I'm just off or if the values were actually changed.
  10. Bug Description: There is excessive input lag when shooting. It's higher when a weapon is set to full auto. Here is a link to a video showing the input lag. I was showing off another bug but you can clearly hear me double click before the weapon shoots. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/158951534 Date Seen: 7/16/17. Been this way since April though. Server: Every server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I set all my graphics to low to increase my fps. It had minimal to no effect. Other Information: The input lag in higher when the weapon is set to auto. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU:Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  11. Hello, i suggest to improve loading textures when you are in the plane because when you fall it feels laggy i know SSD is Super Fast but i have only 120GB its for my system HDD its for games So please devs add loading textures whole map before you are in the plane or when you startup game from steam i know it take some time to load all but i think it will be better.
  12. Hey! Since last update, I now always experience lag while driving any kind of vehicle, which never happened before... Anyone else is experiencing this problem and do you know if there's a way of fixing it?
  13. So, I've noticed something incredibly bizarre between Discord and PUBG, where when playing the game by myself, not using Discord for any communication, I have no problem with performance. However if I join my friends Discord server and the both of us play duo's while communicating over Discord the game has severe lag spikes. I've already disabled hardware acceleration as well as disabled "Quality of Service High Packet Priority", yet the lag spikes still persist. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what to do? Specs: AMD A8-6500B @ 3.50GHz NVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 12GB RAM The game is running on an SSD.
  14. Playing a game, fell through map while driving a buggy. Network lag popped up, I ran into a tree while lagging. Moved away from tree, then fell into the map. Landed in under-map water. Able to swim through zones.
  15. Bug Description: OKay so I doubt its a ban cause it would say if it was, but ever since the 2.6.26 update dropped I have not been able to connect to a lobby I get to the main menu and hit play and it takes me into the load screen like normal but then it endlessly loads and it doesnt freeze cause the 3 dots at the bottom right are moving then after like 3-4 mins it tells me "connection time out 2.5.26-" this never happened before and its not my internet connection because I had a worse one and was was able to play just fine I upgraded so its definitely the ping. Date Seen: Since the 2.5.26 update was launched Server: I am not on the test server Troubleshooting Attempted: Ive tried re installing, turning off both firewall and antivirus, ive calls my isp to see if they blocked peer to peer, ive tried to validate the files and another thing I cant remember the full details of Other Information: Im not the only one with this problem since the new update it seems like something very few people got Launch Options: I have not changed any launch options System Specifications: Operating System: Graphics Card: CPU: Ram:
  16. Oceanic Region, Fast Internet, Solid PC, I'm grateful That you guys have added a remove the character model for inventory so i don't Freeze for 2+ seconds every time I open my inventory now, However Laggy loot is a HUGE problem for me, its just as bad or worse then having my inventory lag for 2-3s, If I try pick up loot using the 'tab inventory Drag/right click method it takes me multiple drags/clicks across to get loot into inventory, which more often then leads me to my death when in a hot zone racing for the first gun. I have this problem if i just try to press F on loot as well, Using F to pick up loot is Hugely Messed up in many ways, Because the RNG system is so unpredictable and imo Bad for the game, you get a piece of clothing under every piece of loot and Pressing F always picks up the shirt over the m416 lying with it. Also takes 5+ button presses to pick up once piece of loot among the rest. Please Find a Fix for Loot quickly, as its not enjoyable going to hot zones where the actions at, Further Notes on Laggy loot: I will use Military Base as example, When i drop to apartment roofs some Loot like Lvl.1 Helmets and Melee weapons spawn in while parachuting a good 10s before i land, once i land 10s later the majority of the loot spawns in, Guns/Bags/Armors/ etc, This is hugely disadvantageous because I and others with this issue can't aim to land near the gun to get first, or know if someone else is landing near a gun and we should run? I can try record a video if you guys need it, Thanks hopefully this gets to you Devs, P.S, I really hope you guys Change the UI, BIG TIME It's shockingly one of the worst main screens/ Character inventories I've ever had to deal with (especially trying to form groups, aghhh), sorry if that sounds rude just my opinion on UI
  17. If you die while "network lag detected" especially at the beginning of the game, you will go almost 0 fps for up to 5 mins, trying to get out of the game. you will often see black screen for a while. when hitting ctrl-alt-delete to bring up task manager, PUBG makes this delayed up to 5 mins!! Hitting Alt-F4 will not close the game. When you hold a persons PC hostage, unlike every other program we use, it makes us furious. Task Manager should come up immediately (within seconds!) when summoned. Alt-F4 should kill the program immediately (within seconds!) when pressed. After closing the program, my HDD may stay at 100% for up to a minute longer. Let go my HDD immediately upon closing. one day, things are great, next day, they suck. I have played over 800 hours. Read damn near every forum post. I am an expert user. I am a veteran gamer. Never have I encountered something so good, but so BAD! EDIT: MSI GL72 6QF, core i7 6700hq, 8g DDR4 ram, 1tb HDD (5400rpm), GTX 960M nvidia, normally run everything on very low but have had some results with view distance on medium and AA on Low (much easier to see, almost impossible to see at range on very low even with SC on 120) ... running MINIMAL processes and services (have killed anything not needed). This problem occurs even with all settings on VERY low at 1600x900 and screen scale 70. (currently running AA low, VD medium, SC 100)
  18. So, after all these updates, I can barely see any difference for most of them. The game is still stuttering throughout the game, especially close quarter combat and driving. It doesn't happen every game, but some games, it just never stops until the 3/4 period. Is it my specs or the game servers? Thanks Specs: Gtx 960 4GB OC SSD 120 GB 8 GB RAM Intel i5 4590 3.3GHZ
  19. Hi everyone. Every 30 seconds - 1 minute I have strange lags, in any game on any server. It just start a few days before the new patch arrived and I had never problems like this before. Here a YT-Video that capure it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPOLuIrI3-8 The video starts with lags and right after 30 seconds there are another ones. Date Seen: Few days before the new patch. Server: Live server Other Information: It seems that only the "world-ground" stutter. I have these lags everywhere - when I'm inside, in a town or outside in nowhere. I can't see an pattern. It's very frustrating when I lag outside a door or "flash" beside a tree while a fight. I have no FPS problems or drops when these lags start (still around 50-80fps). The game feels very smooth apart these lags. Troubleshooting Attempted: - reinstalled the current GPU-Driver - deinstalled the PUBG-Config - installed the game on a SSD - with and without reShade - all settings are set to very low - same problem - no new hard-or software was installed Launch Options: No launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Graphics Card: KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 6GB CPU: AMD X4 630 3,4 Ghz Ram: 8GB
  20. FPS Drops & Low Frame Rate Issues

    After the 5GB update (September 14, 2017) the game lags and stutters while driving a vehicle. Before the update my fps is 30-40 inside or outside the vehicle. Now it drops to 15-25 while driving the vehicle. I checked my settings and it was the same settings before the update.
  21. Hey guys und girls, Since about 2 updates ago (monthly and then weekly), I've been having a connection dropout issue where after roughly 4 minutes into each game, my screen freezes for about 5-10 seconds and then rejoins me after telling me network lag has been detected. I've been playing at this location with no troubles, this only popped up after one of the recent patches. I ran Wireshark to see if there were any clear signs in there, but I've no idea what I'm looking for. I can submit this for review if somebody is interested in checking that out. If anyone is experiencing something similar, or has any suggestions at all, please let me know! Cheers.
  22. I have passed the recommeded specs, 1080 GTX TI, I7-7700k. I have 250MBps/Down and 150Mbps Up, So my NET isnt the issue. I have gotten this constantly the since patch, absolutely unplayable. As far as i am concered this game is a Pure Paperweight. You are payed by the community Even with loot boxes, Yet Every Single Patch Has Been Nothing But Rocky. All this money and this team cant figure out the issues? Ubisoft can even get this right. What makes it worse, After the 27th DC, You Get No Coin Credits to go towards skins, even with kills(After DC)
  23. Before the update, the textures wouldn't load from time to time and it would usually take roughly 30 seconds for them to load. Now, the textures never load in properly and they take up to five minutes to load in. On top of this, whenever I enter a game, I don't spawn in on time (I don't spawn in on the island I spawn in already in the plane halfway across the map. The plane is very laggy and jumpy). When I jump out of the plane, everything is normal until I approach the ground. Most times, I won't even be able to see the buildings (I just see the ground) and the shapes of the buildings won't load until a few seconds after I reach the ground. If I come into contact with where the buildings are supposed to be, I'll stutter. When the shapes of the buildings load in, the textures don't load for another five minutes as I said before, which forces me to wait outside the buildings completely defenseless for a good portion of the early game. This bug has gotten to the point where I can no longer play the game. I have a pretty low end computer but I could at least play the game before this stupid update. My specs are as follows: AMD - FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor MSI - 970 GAMING ATX AM3+ Motherboard 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 RAM 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Superclocked Video Card Please fix this issue so I can play this game again
  24. AUTO stuck on AS server.

    I am in NA but server keeps defaulting to AS. When i am on NA server i get stuttering and laggy AF. AS server seems better. Is it defaulting to AS server as NA servers at capacity and system is defaulting to next nearest server since I am west coast USA?
  25. FPS lag

    Hi everyone, I have I5-4690k CPU, R9 390 GPU. Which is above the recommended requirement of this game. But on the lowest settings, I only get about 45-60fps. So I wonder what the problem is with this game, or does anyone have the same problem before. Thank You