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Found 10 results

  1. Asus GL552JX

    Does someone play on this laptop? How well does it run? Specs: i7-4720HQ @ 2.60Ghz GTX 950M 2GB 8GB RAM
  2. MSI laptop turbo fan problem

    i using a msi gaming laptop with turbo fan featue. i opening turbo fan first and launchin game. but sometimes when i'm in the game my turbo fan randomly closing. it's only when i playing pubg . can u help me? because when cloesin my turbo fan, my cpu up to 80 celsius and i m scaring this my laptop Msi ge72 vr 6rf apache pro
  3. Intel HD Graphics

    Hi, has anyone tried to play this game with an integrated graphics card (INTEL HD GRAPHICS) after the recent performance improvements? I might download the game on steam, try it and if it doesn't work return it..
  4. This game looks really cool and popular and I know it's not full optimized yet, but I want to run it on my laptop. Is there any chance that I will be able to play this game with a low spec system like with CS:GO and Dota 2 at full release? If they get the average computer to run it, then this game will be pretty popular because not everyone has a high-end computer (people who prefer laptops and especially console gamers).
  5. Will it run?

    Will this game run on this laptop's specs? Intel Core I5-200U (2.2GHz) 8GB RAM Memory nVidia GeForce 940M 3GB. I prefer to ask before buying cause i don't want to waste money.
  6. Hey so i wanted to buy the game because it seems like fun but im not sure if my laptop could run it. May I get some help from the community please. I got a Acer Aspire E-15 (Laptop) CPU: Intel I7 7500U- (2 cored cpu is bad ik) GPU: GeForce GTX 940MX 2gbVRAM 8GB of RAM. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PC: CPU: Pentium Q6600 GPU: GTX 960 OC 2gbVRAM 8gb RAM Thanks for your help <3

    So iv done some guides and the games run great mostly above 50 fps and not much lag My specs are as follows 960M Nvidia Graphics card intel r core tm i7 4720hq cpu 2.60ghz 8 gbs of ram windows 10 64- bit system But after playing the game maybe after 20 minutes the game I THINK the game just decides to switch from my gpu to my cpu and i instantly get less than half fps and get sound stuttering, now i think gaming laptop users only get this issue and i would love if this got sorted maybe next update, theres no way to check the game is using my gpu at the current time im playing, but i have set it to use the gpu but the game seems to refuse after a while. I then have to restart the game and get another good 20 minutes before it goes to crap again. please add to bugs The date was as follows 23rd of april and 24th of april 2017 (Yesterday i did not have any launch options and the game still had this issue, adding it today only added fps but did nothing to the issue) -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4
  8. The game is not playable :-(

    Hey there from Germany, first of all please excuse my worse english. I bought this game four weeks ago on Steam. I know that my Laptop is not the best but the systemrequirements fit to my Laptop (view image). I download and install the game but i can not play it because it's (i dont know a word for this but I think i got 10 fps). So ok - early access. Wait for an update. After the first big update i still can not play this game and i try to exchange the game on steam but they don't do this because the purchase is longer than two weeks ago. Is there still hope that the game will run on my Laptop or did i waste the 30€? Ps. That are my Launchoptions "-sm4 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=24000" Greets!!
  9. Could you please help me?

    Hello,I've decided to purchase this game,but before buying it I would like to know if my laptop can run it well My system : Nvidia GTX 960M (4gb) Intel Core i7 6700hq 8gb ddr4 ram HDD (no SSD) So what fps and setting should I expect? Thank you!
  10. ASUS G751JM performance

    As far the game will be soon buyable, I d like to finally understand would I be able to play it with my laptop. I have ASUS G751JM with i7 4710, GTX 860M and 8Gb. For now I try to play it with lowest settings (very low everything, besides textures which a low) 1920x1080 resolution and 95 resolution scale. And I have mostly 50-55 FPS. Sometimes it drops to 30-35 (inside the buildings and with many other players around). So for me its okay to play a bit for free in beta with such low performance. But if I gonna buy it, I d like to have stable 60 with medium or at least low settings. I heard that it will be some client performance adjustments soon, but still cant realize what can I expect.