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Found 9 results

  1. jamqdlaty

    "dup" error

    Is this a joke by some polish developer, or is "dup" actually an abbreviation for something?

    i cant register on the test server

    i cant register on the test server its says AN ERROR OCCOURED i cant login or register
  3. Twintar

    Wrong MathcState

    Hello, why does i have sometimes this bug, all my squad members can join the game but i get this error message and can not join the game? regards
  4. Apvaris

    Text selection

    Well, it`s a small bug, I tried to write down text "Фзмфкшы" as my nickname, during first app run ( this text is equals to "Apvaris" ) and I can not select all text by Ctrl+A. It`s only visual effect.
  5. HighwayTea

    Game ask login and password

    Bug Description: Loaded up PUBG after the latest update and am faced with this, both login and register do nothing. Date Seen: Today (6th of July) Server: N/A Troubleshooting Attempted: Reinstalled PUBG, restarted PC, steam and router Launch Options: Default System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia 980 CPU: Intel i7-6700 Ram: 16gb
  6. Ayuda no se por que pasa eso, tengo el juego original mas de 150 horas estuve jugando hace unas horas y todo bien
  7. TooDaft

    ISP Homepage in Login Screen

    Anyone seen this issue? I've tried deleting TEMP files in AppData and checked the cookies file. Noticed random websites getting added to the file. Deleted, but they re-populate. Any solutions?
  8. Shinigami9376

    Username Issues

    Hello, my name is Braden and I am new to the PUBG game. I was wondering if I can have my current PUBG name edited or a revision to the name policy when creating accounts. My online name across all my services is "Shinigami9376" and your game was not allowing me to create that name because it violated the policy because it contained "niga" in the text. I am aware of why this would be a flag, and humbly request a white listed name or if someone could manually edit my account. I had to create the name "Shinagami9376" to get past the name policy. Twitter, YouTube, YTG, Twitch, IG, G+, Discord, etc all have my name as Shinigami9376 and I would very much appreciate it if I can have that be my name on your services. The only service that wouldn't let me change it was Origin and we all know that EA sucks. If this is not possible, that will be disappointing but understandable. I appreciate your time and efforts and amazing game, I know that the company will be highly successful with this New IP. Congrats on the game success and have a great day!
  9. Inferiex

    Unknown Login Error

    Just got the game today and tried logging in, but it's giving me an "Unknown login error (service unavailable). Asked my friend if servers are down, but works for them.