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Found 164 results

  1. So people are complaining about the loot X and A, which i find is fine and works as intended. But things i think you guys need 2 do though to improve it for XBOX only because in PC its fine and revolves more about skill oriented players. Is you need to organize it better Meds on top, then pain-meds, then ammo from magnum bullets, to 7.62, 5.66, .50, .99 then armour, weapons and last but not least attachments. now this in itself sounds good, but heres the next step. alot of times, you run across a better AR, or a Better sniper and wanna put your attachments on your gun without having to take it off. Why not highlight the gun then the gun u wanna replace it with and any attachments on your gun that fits that gun get replaced to that gun and rest either gets put in your bag(which i think can get messy and crowded fast when u dont need it) or just dropped then you can pickup what is left if u wanna keep it on a spare or put on another gun... this would be a great feature i find because i dont know about you, but how many people i have killed on the end circle just 2 have the circle moving and they have either a Groza, or Aug or a sniper that i want that i cannot loot because i cannot be fast enough 2 re-switch the attachments. On PC its easy but with the way this game runs and the way the controls are it just isn't as easy here. anyways hope you take the time 2 read my suggestion and possibly implement it into the game, hopefully this post gets a lot of exposure and a lot of other people feel the same and it gets run into a patch.. would stop alot of people crying about how hard it is too loot in general with just a bit of organization.
  2. Free weekly/monthly crate?

    Would anyone else appreciate some free loot once in a while? Maybe a free random crate every Friday? Or a crate of your choice every two weeks/monthly?
  3. So...playing this game and thinking about it, and the pacing, and how it works, it seems to me a lot of the player base has two different radical philosophies for how the game should work. Currently, we have long games, slower games. Some players have expressed disinterest in these kinds of games, saying they're boring. These are the people who hot drop. They drop in populated places, get good loot, and want to KILL KILL KILL. They want the loot times to be faster, the circles to be faster, the game to be faster. Force people together, have faster rounds, more actiony rounds. These people tend to bash 'campers" and "looters" without understanding these are essential parts of the game. On savage test last week, they changed the meta around this, and it worked a bit better than live did. They greatly upped the loot to the point you could find an M416 every 5 feet and most people found it boring. However, it worked...if the goal is to get right into the action. Everyone drops, gets the best guns the game has to offer, and goes to town on one another. Everyone is equal, everyone is competitive. It was fair. It was dumbed down, removing core aspects of the game, and made the meta samey, but it was fair. On the live patch 10 before it was rolled back, they reduced looting time, without any of these changes loot wise. The circles were radically different, but the loot was the same. Not too much of a problem on miramar outside of its size and the fact that people dropping edges were screwed over, but the crowd these changes appeal to dont care about edge players. Edge playing is slow, boring, looty, campy, they wanna KILL KILL KILL. They want everyone to drop hot and loot fast, and if you decide to loot slow and go to the edges...well sucks to be you. On erangel this is a big problem I think actually because loot outside of the major areas...sucks. Heck loot sucks in general. Miramar has "wacky jacky" buildings everywhere, and they work. Have certain kinds of buildings, everywhere on the map, where you can just drop and get good gear. On erangel, these don't seem to exist and the only place on the map that seems to be super good is military. Sure, warehouses can sometimes be good, hospital type buildings (prison, north georgopol) can be good, crate areas (novo, georgopol) can be good, but most settlements are crap recently. I used to be able to loot remote settlements and at least find ONE AR. Lately I'm finding crap and leaving with an S12K and an uzi. The hot drop crowd, who wants to reduce time, will tell me to "git gud" and basically punish this kind of play. Again, because to them, it's boring, people shouldn't do it, people who do do it deserve everything coming to them apparently (crap loot and a circle on their butts the whole time). But honestly, this kind of makes the game unfair if you respect play styles outside of the hot drop meta at all. I think loot needs to be buffed on erangel in general. A lot of cities you need to loot the entire place to get decent loot sometimes, and more distant rural areas you're lucky to get anything better than an UZI these days. So i think we need loot buffed regardless on erangel, but it doesn't need to be extreme like the savage test was. ARs should be more common, SMGs should be a lot more common (meaning SMGs other than uzi), and snipers should be slightly more common. I dont care if the super hot drop people get slightly better gear, have a slightly better chance to get that 8x kar98k with level 3 armor, but if they get that i should at least find a SCAR or mini 14 with a 2-4x with level 2 gear. Not the CRAP I've been getting recently. But again, this is if you're of the other game philosophy, that's not hot dropping,, which I am. I think loot should be RNG based but fair, everyone has a shot, but not everyone necessarily gets the best. Still it should be GOOD ENOUGH to be competitive. I think the mobile version of the game has far better loot tables than the actual PC version. If anything they're TOO good because I get too many 5.56 rifles and stuff there. SO maybe something between the 2 metas. We should be given a decent time of loot and then we should have the game slowly pick up. Mid game might be a little duller because of the hot droppers, but there's a sense of build up and anticipation as we enter say, the third circle when the looting phase is over. Players start crowding together, fighting over remaining compounds, being forced to move from one compound to the other as the circle moves, etc. And everyone has a shot. Some people might be slightly better armed than others, have better armor, etc., but again, entering the mid game phase everyone should be competitive. Some people might be rocking an M16 and an UMP, others might have that sweet kar98k/M416 combo. What they shouldn't be rocking is uzis and shotguns....which is what the current meta on erangel encourages if you dont drop hot. So...if we're gonna make the game faster paced, the loot tables need to be upped A LOT to make the game competitive. If we go for a slower pace, I think we can afford more variation in the loot tables but would still like to see more "mid range" gear in more remote areas (vectors, umps, m16s, akms, maybe a scar or m416 or two). We can't straddle the line here. If the game is gonna be geared toward more instant gratification with faster circles, and a more aggressive meta, the loot needs to match that. If we're gonna have a slower game, then we need time to get the gear we need to be competitive. We can't have it both ways. Either the game is shorter and geared toward instant action, or it's slower and more deliberate and gives people the TIME to do things they need to do. A huge issue with patch 10 was that it had the worst of both worlds...a fast game with crap loot unless you hot dropped...it was like the game was trying to punish all play styles but the all mighty hot drop meta that has become so prevalent recently.
  4. Event: Loot

    Hi, How long has it been and we still have crappy loot system. I search a whole 3 storey apartment and 5 houses and only find a single shotgun...
  5. Hey everyone, I created a loot timer which provides the maximum allowable loot time outside the circle before you have to leave. This is helpful if no vehicles have spawned around you to give you time to avoid the blue circle of death. You may choose to stay in the blue a while longer in the beginning depending on your strategy, however this should help give everyone better estimates and peace of mind when looting. This also helps you determine whether you should take the time to engage an enemy outside of the blue zone too or leave a firefight and continue onward. Visit the sheet, download it and open it within Excel, or Google Docs on your PC, or download it to your phone and open it within your app. Use a timer on your phone to keep track of your loot times. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HTOCOLOIgR8qtE0zDKaTYYDSOfmoVfniLWuJb3BFfzM/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Weapons/Loot Appearing Late

    I've discovered on numerous occasions, in particular last night on the OC servers, weapons taking sometimes up to 5-10 seconds to appear. Incredibly frustrating when you just want to hot drop and start an early fight. I thought it might only be in highly populated areas, but I had a case of a SCAR-L, 3 clips of 5.56 and an extended mag that didn't appear on a rooftop for at least 10 seconds after I landed. Was myself, teammate and an enemy duo on the area. This is for me at least, game breaking. RNG in the first 30 seconds is a factor, but you take away the first 5 or so seconds of a hot drop waiting for weapons to render in and you're near on death without fault of your own. i57600k 16g ddr4 GTX 1070
  7. Описание бага: После приземления нахожу дробовик и револьвер на мирамаре в режиме FPP. Пытаясь залутать кучу выборочно через инвентарь, я не увидел в нем дробовика. Дробовик стал доступен для поднятия только после того, как я взял патроны из кучи. Вот наглядное видео: Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 03.30.2018 - 21.30.30 Сервер: ЕУ. FPP Попытки устранения: Взял патроны. Другая информация: Я так понимаю что окно отображения заспавненного сервером лута маленькое. Подобных проблем с лутом из игрока я не разу за всю историю игры не наблюдал. Параметры запуска: Нет. Изменяли ли вы параметры запуска игры? Если да, то какие? Нет! Характеристики системы: Операционная система: win 8.1 Видео карта: gtx 960 2bg ЦП: amd phenom II x6 1045T 2.7ghz Оперативная память: 16gb
  8. Storage space in vehicles

    How about that? I mean, why can't I put a Medkit in the trunk of a Dacia so my team mates could grab it? Or I'm in Polyana and find a M16 that I know a team mate in the Hospital wants and I'm already carrying 2 weapons? I would love to see that in this game. It won't be hard to do it, since Dayz had it and I know that the devs worked on Dayz mod. What do you think?
  9. Military outfits/Boonie hats/Camos

    Can we please get Boonie hats, more military style camos, military style bags ect ect? Thanks!!
  10. Remove Clothing to further optimize pubg

    clothing serves no purpose in the game and only slows down the servers/fills up useful loot spawns. It should be removed from the games. I cant think of 1 reason why clothing in in the game its ridiculous. removing it would enhance the entire communities experience because it would reduce lag/loading and more loot options on the map... i mean how times have you walked into a building trying to find your first weapon and you can only see a baseball cap and some jeans...like honestly one of the biggest priorities for this game has been to optimize it and they still have random clothing in the game slowing people down???
  11. Loot spawn on the old Erangle map is terrible. If I can avoid it, I do not play the old map anymore. I hate it when I feel I have to jump into 15 houses and find only around 20 pistols, 10 shotguns, lots of clothes, maybe a Uzi, or Tompson, but no LVL 2 Gear, no AR, no Sniper, but lots of Atttachments for Weapons I do not find. In my opinion and many of my teammates have the same, the following should be changed so that you like playing the old map again. Random loot spawn must be more equitable. More AR weapons and matching attachments. Fewer handguns or shotguns. Remove clothes or spawn away from other items. Under the backpacks, other items are often hidden. therefore do not allow objects to spawn "under" the backpack. Not 5 guns on in one room and all other rooms are empty. Build some kind of highloot buildings that are spread all over the map. Similar to the brown halls and mostly nearby small twin buildings on Miramar, many of which are located in Los Leones and can be found sporadically throughout the map and often in the cities. More vehicles in zones where the circle will be far away. If anybody else of you have the same opinion as me , please add your comments and push this topic. LG Angora
  12. How is everyone feeling about the shorter parachuting travel? How do you feel it is affecting the game? What about the level and spread of loot? I'll put my opinion up front in case you can't be bothered to read to the bottom. My opinion. I think it was a terrible decision to change the parachuting, I think it's negatively affected the game by making it less varied and a bit boring. I think the loot level and spread is also making the game less fun. Before they changed it we could fly much further out if we wanted to and everyone had more choice of where to go. You could choose to drop near the path of the plane and have the obviously manic 'warm up' shootout at Pochinki, you could drop to a little village and hope there was something decent to run with, you could drop on a road to grab a car and boot it all the way to Mylta Power or Georgopol or you could glide to a host of 'medium quality' places and have a peaceful time of looting. This gave everyone the opportunity to get to several medium or high loot areas, everyone would spread out much further and fewer people would end up fighting for more loot. So more people could bring some really decent loot to the mid-game fight. It seems like there's less loot in general now, unless you're big on pistols, uzis, shotguns, holo-sights (in which case you're in heaven). There seems to be fewer vehicles on the roads in which to travel further out and there are obviously fewer places in range of parachuting. So now there's a lot more 'action' near the beginning of the game, as people have to choose whether to go to small villages of huts with almost no loot (but only 4 enemies to fight for it) or go to one of the few 'in range' hotspots with 20+ other people. I'd estimate that 40 people are already dead by the time I've found a red dot now, or I find 8 red dots in the first few minutes and no gun to put them on. Only a few weeks ago I would expect that killing a squad mid-game would mean that we could then grab a big stack of ammo for ourselves, top up some meds, maybe grab that suppressor or a couple of 4x scopes to 'finish off' our kit. But I'm finding that most people I kill mid-game have next to nothing on them, no meds, little ammo, no scopes, probably a shotgun. Playing 4-squad the other day, we had several games where we'd get halfway through and we don't even have a red dot each, we must have killed 2 or 3 whole squads before we found a scope. It's not always the case of course, we found seven 4x scopes at Mylta Power and three 8x in a garage+house combo-building. And today I killed a enemy and he had 7 first aids, 12 painkillers and 16 energy drinks (I was virtually full boost until the end of the game). I get that the loot is RNG but it's just not very interesting if you loot for ages and find a shotgun and an uzi. Or two half-decent guns between a 4-Squad but not even a red dot and less than 30 rounds of ammo. Or no meds. And I don't understand why it would put seven 4x scopes in one place either, that's some weird RNG. It's clearly random but couldn't it spread out a bit better and less skewed in favour of very small pockets of 'awesome' and very large areas of sweet FA? So I don't understand why they changed the parachuting on top of this, there's already much less loot than there was a few weeks ago (or I've been very unlucky). I really don't see the point in forcing people together at the beginning, for fisticuffs over scraps of loot and then getting a handful of pistol/shotgun kills on unarmed people. Personally I felt it worked much better, was more varied and more fun before they changed things and this is a step in the wrong direction. I expect trolls, bring it on.
  13. I don't Know if its just me, but i feel like loot is garbage after update, im landing in normally very good loot areas, Georgopol crates, Novo Crates, Military base, and the Loot just seems lack luster after update, ran on top of 3 sections of crates in Georgopol and found 2 grenades and a Tommy gun, ran on top of a stack of crates in novo and found nothing Military with a squad of 4 and found maybe 1 gun each and like 0 healing
  14. loot spawns

    Anyone else struggling to find loot? Had 3 games in a row where i couldn't even find so much as a pistol in well populated parts of the maps. Ive noticed this today mostly, not sure if its due to the latest patch? Anyway, it makes the game even more infuriating than it already is!
  15. Looting is too slow when there's a lot of items to scroll through. Holding dpad down to scroll faster would make this much more pleasurable
  16. Please get rid of the in game skins and add more loot to the game that will make thousands of players happy
  17. What I like best about PUBG is the unpredictability that makes each match different. A big part of that is of course the randomness of loot. Some times though, it can lead to odd situations. Earlier today I landed at the three white/grey apartment buildings that are side by side on the Northern part of Georgopol. Not a prime location, but I usually leave reasonably well kitted out. This time though, after looting all three buildings (3 floors - that's 18 apartments in total + the roof of each building ) I left with just an UMP with no attachments except a grip and 60 bullets. Not a single AR in sight, and generally very little loot - I don't think I even had a motorcycle helmet. Several of the apartments were as good as empty, and I am pretty sure I was the only one there since I landed at the spot directly from the plane. It was so barren that I started wondering if the loot distribution for the game had changed. Landed at the same spot a couple of games later just to check it out once more, and the story repeated itself - I did find a M16A this time around, but that was the only AR in the three buildings - and it was very little loot compared to what I used to find there earlier. Probably just the RNG doing a number on me, but I have to say it left me quite puzzled. Any other stories like this out there? Do you feel like there is suddenly less loot around?
  18. Auto Loot Grab?

    Instead of mashing X a bunch of times till you pick everything up, hold down a button like R3 and it quickly grabs all grab-able (Ammo, grenades, attachments) loot in a specific loot pile. It'd be useful on first drop when you have no gear Loot Crates - Grab everything and GO! Grabs ammo, grenades, attachments rather than clothes, other weapons, or not needed armor Great grabbing all the ammo off of your recent kill The button wouldn't work while moving or while aiming (as it's used for leaning). It would also not pick up duplicate attachments
  19. Auto Loot Grab?

    Instead of mashing X a bunch of times till you pick everything up, hold down a button like R3 and it quickly grabs all grab-able (Ammo, grenades, attachments) loot in a specific loot pile. It'd be useful on first drop when you have no gear Loot Crates - Grab everything and GO! Grabs ammo, grenades, attachments rather than clothes, other weapons, or not needed armor Great grabbing all the ammo off of your recent kill The button wouldn't work while moving or while aiming (as it's used for leaning). It would also not pick up duplicate attachments
  20. i havent had a change to spend it yet, but did anyone get anything good?
  21. Improvements for Miramar.

    So I thought I'd post a few thoughts on the latest post about the boring Miramar changes. 1st, I'm so glad they're doing this. I'd rather play the older map most of the time because I think it's just better. So being forced to play the new map over and over has gotten really frustrating at times. Here are some of my pros and cons about the 2 maps. I'm hoping people will give their own below to give some decent feedback to the devs. (of course this is all opinion) Erangel - Pros: For the most part a good balance of open areas to covered, different and interesting locations, I like most of the color scheme compared to the dessert, easy to drive across most of the map, I like the water surrounding giving the option to take a water craft around. Although some would argue it's too flat overall, I think the amount of elevation is well balanced. Cons: A few areas that could use less open space, I don't like how you can prone in the "tall grass" and it's very hard to be seen (resulting in alot of end games where everyone is prone), Some of the loot could be better balanced (taking out clothing would help alot), there are a few bumps in the grass that are like brick walls when you hit them in a vehicle but they look like they shouldn't be. Miramar - Pros: The different types of buildings and building heights make for interesting game play, It has a cool and much different appearance compared to Erangel, I like the Islands to the south even though it rarely ends there , Although there's alot of open space, some of the ridges and rocks can provide cover, Struggling to find any more pros. Cons: I think the map is way too big. If they got rid of about 30% of the map entirely it would be nice. It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many mountains to drive over. The terrain is very annoying and slow driving over. Making it worse, the VW looking van could just be replaced entirely or given more torque or acceleration, There seems to be so many angles to get shot from compared to the other map. The loot could use some balancing, but again, if the map was smaller it would be better. Very often there are less than 50 alive before the 1st circle even starts closing, then the mid game is very slow (this doesn't happen as much on the other map). I could probably keep going, but I'll leave it at that. I realize some of this will be addressed in the upcoming changes, but I felt like typing out my thoughts on it.
  22. In-Car Trading

    Hi, First post and suggestion! Not sure if someone else has suggested this before, however, I'd like to see implemented a way for trading within a vehicle. One of the only ways to trade whilst on the move is by stopping the vehicle, getting out and trading from the ground. This could be added quite easily by bringing up the inventory and under vicinity, you could drop items and it remain in the vehicle until someone picks it up. The developers then have the option of whether the items remain in the vehicle once everyone leaves or if they automatically drop onto the ground. This could obviously be exploited by people using it to carry more items than what they can in their backpack, so I would suggest that the amount that can be put into the vehicle is no more than the combined remaining amount the squad could carry in their backpacks. The other option is to have a hard limit on how many items can be trading at any one time. Any thoughts, suggestions or criticism is appreciated. Cheers, Zoperd.
  23. Cars contain loot

    Why not put loot in car? They have trunks. also, if a squad was in a car driving this would make it easier to share equipment on the fly. Ive lost numerous stuff because I panic and hit the drop button while a passenger, so many guns lost haha.
  24. So ive been playing the game for a month now and have one dinner to my name. i started landing at tiny clusters of houses away from popular zones like Pochinki, but since they added the controller type B and aim acceleration, i am a lot better at shooting, so have started landing in more populated zones, tho i have found the Loot isn't necessarily a lot better. i seem to always end up better landing where i can search 5/6 houses freely, than when i drop in a in a busy zone and searching 2/3 houses before you run into someone else. TLDR : what kinds of buildings and in what areas have the highest chance of the best loot, and is there anywhere particular for scopes\snipers\meds\attachments to go for specifically. thanks in advance,