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Found 159 results

  1. Hello, I hope all is well and thanks for all hard work y'all have put towards making in game improvements and enhancing the overall gameplay experience! I love the game thus far and have no complaints! My one suggestion that I would love to see implemented in the future is the ability to find Air Drop contents (Weapons, Weapon Mods, Clothing, Equipment, and Consumables) randomly throughout the map. In other words and once in a blue moon, it would be nice to find a M249, Ghillie Suit, Adrenaline Syringe, etc while looting an area. Obviously, the chances of finding these items should be at a very low probability (don't want to take away from the appeal of the overall airdrop or flood the game with OP weapons), but I think a couple of these items randomly spawning at random locations would add an interesting and exciting aspect to the game. In my opinion, Air Drop items are underutilized and too rare to ever find. Such wonderful content should not be restricted to only a successful airdrop loot or killing another, but slightly expanded to the possibility of receiving such an item through random looting luck. To be quite honest, there are several Airdrop Items I have yet to ever use or find. This in no way is a rant, but personally I think the overall gameplay experience would be enhanced by a slight increase in rare content throughout the map. Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear any feedback or responses from anyone. I really appreciate the dedication of the entire PUBG staff and the wonderful community as a whole towards making improvements and a better gameplay experience for all. Have a great one!
  2. how and where to loot lv 3 helm lv 3 armor sks 4x scope and m416 whit silencer under 2 minute someone can tell me. i droped far the best loots point i dont like the early fight but several time i die under 2 minute after the game start because someone whit this equepment kill me.
  3. When you go to the map, or the item screen the character switches to melee items when you come back to the play screen - it makes life hell. That, and the game still crashes all the time.
  4. So at first when i land an start looting everything is alright until a certain point. For some reason sometimes my left looting grade in the inventory menu wont let me go further down. As soon as i press down it immediately switches back up to the first item in that grid. (Other grids are not affected by that) as soon as i have that glitch i stays for the rest of the round and only goes away by starting a new match. Maybe a specific button combination triggers it or a movement. I can not really say much more, but looting manually through 6 items on the floor instead of the startmenu is exausting and quite difficult...
  5. hi guy`s. so I play a lot of pubg with friends and alone on the xbox. and we are usually with 4 people, so perfect to do squad. but the last few days we only play duo`s and solo. which is a lot less pleasant than sqauds. why do you wonder. it is always more fun to play games with friends than alone. but the reason why we no longer play sqauds is really only one reason. and that's the loot drop in sqaud. I can give you a few examples. when we land as a team of 4 in Rozhok and we have the whole city for ourselves. then we need luck to ensure that everyone has an AR when we leave the city. Or if you are lucky you get a M16A4 with 30 bullets. never enough bullets to fight against another sqaud. but if you go there solo or in pairs. then you have all your loot you need to start attacking within 4 houses. 2 AR often and often also an x2 or x4 scope. as a team of 4 we are only working to ensure that everyone has a (normal) weapon so that we can attack other teams. but the loot drops ensure that it does not happen. and we only fight when it is really necessary. and this is not the way the game should be played. IMO I know that the loot in the game is random. but me and my team feel that the loot in squad is a lot less than in a solo or duo game. making the game a lot less fun in sqaud. because you are only looking for a weapon instead of attacking other teams. So what I want to know is are we the only ones who experience that the loot in sqaud is a lot less than in solo or duos. Or do you think the loot in sqauds is fine like it is? thank you if you want to give your opinion below about the loot drop in sqaud and the difference with the loot in duos and solo. p.s. sorry for the bad eng. its not my 1st language.
  6. Оружие и лут спаунятся не просто с задержкой, а с сильной задержкой. - Приземление. Я и оппонент забегаем в один и тот же ангар. Я с одной стороны, он с другой. Я где -то в середине ангара вижу дробовик, хватаю его первым, начинаю заряжать его, и он убивает меня Scar. Реплей показывает. Он подобрал в начале ангара Scar, зарядил его. Убивает меня заряжающим дробовик. Дальше бежит, и на том месте которое я пробегал (и там ничего не было), лежит AK-47 с амуницией. Заспаунился AK-47 с задержкой для меня. Но свой то Scar со своей стороны ангара для него появился как надо, быстро. Что смотреть ? Чего не хватает на моём железе ? Видеопамяти ? Оперативной памяти ? - Лутаюсь в развалинах, на отшибе города, даже не приземлившись там, а уже добежав до туда. Ну, то есть времени прошло изрядно. Подбираю лут. Пистолеты, патроны прицелы. Рюкзака нет. Оббежал окрестности, вернулся. В одном из мест, которые пробегал и лутал уже - лежит два рюкзака.
  7. Poor loot

    The latest update has greatly reduced the loot in both modes solo and squad, in places where the loot was good only one finds shotguns and pistols.
  8. So the loots crates you purchase with your BPs honestly kinda sucks lol. Can we get more clothing options that is not tied to tournaments and special time periods. Looking at the steam market for pubg theres so much better clothing but its all unobtainable by just playing the game and the rewards that are available via the 2 loot crate options are very depressing. Look at HZ1Z for example, they have weapon skins, a huge amount of different clothing options. I hope this is something that the devs are working on because right now the rewards suck total blueballs.
  9. Hello everyone, Before you watch it's a bit laggy at the start I hope you don't hate on it. It's a short video explaining where the best loot is from my experience. There is a link in the description with a map and highlighted areas. I have a poor computer so the quality may not be the best. Hope you enjoy.
  10. Buy crates with real money

    So I was wondering if Xbox is gonna have buy able loot crates like pc because I want to get cosmetic items then six crates. I want to support the development on the game to so some cool buyable crates will support that but anyway thanks for the game I’m really enjoying the game peace.
  11. Add crate keys to reward loot

    When you spend BP to get crates you should have a small chance of getting a crate key, so you will often just get crates but every so often you will get a key to open up a crate with. This will barely affect the key purchases as players with crates who would normally buy keys would not be disinclined to continue purchasing keys, while allowing players who cannot afford or are unable or unwilling to purchase keys a chance at getting the loot in the key crates.
  12. Top 10 Coin

    I'd like to see something earned for getting in the Top 10, like a "rare" coin that you could use to unlock a free loot crate or a randomised crate drop after the game. Others have suggested about a merchandise store, this "coin" could be used for something in said store. Any ideas? I believe something like this could help with the loot situation and change up people's Play styles a bit to get that sweet, sweet coin!
  13. it would be cool if there were 1 of each loot crate hidden some where randomly on each map, if the winner has any of the crate when the game ends they get one of that crate for winning as well as the BP, should they have found or looted any of the 4 crates that spawned. This would change the meta slightly so that players have more of an incentive to explore the map, as well as, add a slightly more valuable win reward should it be found. thoughts?
  14. В настоящее время единственный бонус оставшемуся одному из 90-100 участников это: 1) моральное удовлетворение 2) стата 3) чуть повышенные BP Что слегка не серьёзно, с учётом психических и моральных затрат на победу. Напомню, в настоящее время по карте раскидан шмот, который можно одевать, а можно просто не тратить на него время, что большинство и делает. Предлагаю добавить в игру возможность победителю раунда оставить себе один из подобранных элементов одежды на выбор и переноса его в лобби. Если данное решение "слишком жирно", добавить эту возможность за каждую третью-пятую победу. Это точно не разрушит существующую торговую систему, а стимулов рвать себя для победы, да и просто играть, игрокам добавит. Придётся лутать с убитых не только патроны но и майки-свитера-носки, ради шанса утащить после игры к себе.
  15. Vehicles and loot spawning in very late

    These are some examples of vehicles spawning in late on my end (even though my squad can see it) and late loot spawn.
  16. Military/Fatigues/Gear

    How about some military fatigues? Boonie hats, Desert scarf, Balistic helmet, USMC jackets, Ect ect... More military style gear! Thanks,
  17. So iv played at least 6 games today and only crashed during one of them and the game seems a little smoother. But alot of indoor areas do seem a little too dark and also played 3 games in a row of not finding a weapon on the drop. How do you drop in an area with 6 houses and cant find a gun lol. But besides those small things the update seems pretty good.
  18. Xbox Loot vs PC Loot

    I watch a lot of PC videos and streams, but I only play the Xbox version of the game (don't have a gaming PC)... I've noticed that the loot seems to be 10x better over on the PC version compared to what I find when playing myself... For a long time I thought I was just unlucky, but lately I've been going to a lot of different places than I'm used to on the map and noticed it's still the same there... It very well could be me, but does anyone else think this? Like I'll go through like 2 four floor apartment buildings and come out with a shotgun and a UMP... All just to have to trek across to the circle on the other side of the map... I mean, I played a game where I looted for the entire 5 + minutes until the blue got to me and still couldn't find any sort of rifle... I'll go through an entire building, there won't be a backpack and I'll leave a bunch of stuff behind, then I'll walk into a room in a different building and there will be 3 level 1 backpacks and an SR compensator in the same spawn point... Not only that, but I almost never find a 4x or an 8x scope... suppressors are hard to find for me as well... Then you have the building that you go in and it has 3 solid weapons at each spawn point lol... BUT THEN NO AMMO!! hahaha I don't know, it very well could just be me, but I usually spend as much time avoiding the conflict and loot as much as I can before joining in the battle... I just ended up quitting a game yesterday because by the time the circle got to me I could only find 2 shotguns and a ton of assault rifle ammo, but no assault rifles... Looked for a car until I was at half health and couldn't find one... lol
  19. I’d love to see even half the settings from pc I get we can’t have all but come on (music off is a great start). If your going to make the crate system impossible can we at lest buy crates or have them reset every 3 days or daily or even a daily free crate for playing and winners should get a crate! Game chat would be amazing so I can tell the last 3 fists only I understand microSOFTs little rules but can we try work something out it’s such a good part of the game that once again us console users won’t get. Awesome work with the game so far and keep up the good work can not wait for kill cams and replays!
  20. Hey all you PubG Developers! how about some "Chicken Dinner" swag for our characters when we get the big win? Shirt, Hat, leather Jacket? Something that we can wear to show off our skills. that'd be pretty dope, just sayin'.
  21. This is a loot% and vehicle map I got awhile back.
  22. That I think i'm going to save up my next 50 boxes for a live stream. If it's like my last 50+ boxes it will be all white or grey loot. The percentages need fixing.
  23. I really have very few crashes on the Xbox One X. If, then ALWAYS in Severny! Sometimes even the whole team has problems there! Several times we had there even simultaneous crashes!
  24. low loot.........

    i cannot find any fucking loot on military apartments... is embarrassing
  25. I need a sound file please.

    Hi, I'm making a special video for YouTube for my first 4000 subscribers and I need the sound very clear when you pick up something from the ground (loot), some good Samaritan that use Audacity or copy it from the hard disk and send it to me by mail plis, veresramon@gmail.com, Thank you. Bueeeeenas, estoy haciendo un video especial para YouTube por mis primeros 4000 subscriptores y necesito el sonido bien nítido de cuando levantas algo del suelo (lootear), algún buen samaritano que me lo grabe tipo con Audacity o lo copie del disco rígido y me lo mande por mail plis, veresramon@gmail.com, Gracias.