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Found 107 results

  1. I was thinking it'd be good for main weapons be dropped next to a player and we can quickly pick it up instead of going to the box, just to increase the pace a bit, especially in intense situations.
  2. HEYOOO So the title is prettty self explanatory and straight forward. I would love to hear what are your guys's favorite part of the map/hiding spot/looting place and why. I attached a photo to this thread with my favorite spot to camp . Its close to the middle of the map, and from my experience theres always good loot there. The houses are really big and theyre protected by little dunes so you cant get sniped from windows. The houses also have nice corners for combat and camping.
  3. I'm chasing your thoughts; I was personally drawn to this game, because for the first time ever. You could jump into a survival style game, loot for a minimal period of time, and get into the action really QUICKLY with a FAIR fight. With recent changes, I'm finding certain basic loot is getting significantly less plentiful, your squad is forced to loot for much longer periods of time. Squads can leave entire towns with a collective 40 mins of looting, with barely a single "x" scope between us if at all. To me, sniper rifles, Lvl 2/3 armor, hand grips, barrel attachments, stocks, magazines and ammunition even health could be rare as ever. However I feel we are now forced to door bash and look at the ground for MUCH much longer just to find an AR or "x" scope which really takes the fun out playing. From my recent experience, its fast turning into a looting simulator. Once your out of the first zone, your generally entering into long range battles, so finding something as simple as an AR, and 2x or 4x scope shouldn't consume 10-15 mins of your initial game-play (That's if you even find one - which we haven't been lately!). To me it was a game that had a loot to play ratio of 5 and 20 minutes now, Lately it feels like 15 looting and 5 mins really playing ... Now I'm either consistently having really bad luck (Playing on OC servers), or this is the direction the devs want the game to go. Really; Giving everyone the ability to find an M16 with a 2x or 4x scope within 5 mins of playing wouldn't make the game less fair. Make the rare stuff, the hand grips, special guns, the extended mags, flash sups, even health kits! I don't like the idea of being forced to loot LONGER just to get the BASICS for an open field battle! Who wants to run into the forest with a red dot??? Looting more then playing isn't enjoyable to me, and my most favorite game ever is starting to turn me away in frustration, I don't like Ark or Rust because a main focus on looting and that to me is seriously not enjoyable... Anyone else experiencing the same thoughts?
  4. Bad Loot System

    Hi guys, I just want an explanation for what just happened to me ? I entered 14 rooms in a military building and I didn't even find a pistol !! -Sorry I got angry at the end - https://plays.tv/video/59d92b7ad0ace38ee5/shit-loot-system
  5. прогрузка лута

    Добрый день, не могу понять с чем связано, мое зрение, сервера или клиент!? i7 4470, 24Gb ОЗУ, ВК-780, SSD Текстуры: Ультра, Сглаживание: Ультра, остальное: Очень низко. Захожу в дома, оружие, шмотки на полу прорисовываются сразу а вот обвесы (глушители, прицелы и тп) не вижу вообще, когда бегаем с другом в DUO он постоянно за мной эти приколюхи поднимает и угорает надомной (мол слепой). Грешил на свою не внимательность, но последнее время в связи с этой параноей начал дважды чекать дома на лут и как ни странно при втором осмотре все находится..... Есть у людей такие проблемы?
  6. How does the PuBG Community feel about receiving a "Chicken-Din Crate" for Winning the game? My thoughts were, if you stay alive in a game and Win..you receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" This crate should have Limited Winners items. This Idea could go as far as having "Solo Win Crates", "Duo Win Crates", and "Squad Win Crates": - In Duos if you win with one person you get the "chicken-din crate" - If you win with both players you each player will receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" as well as a "Duo Winners Crate" - In squads it would be the same.. Everyone has to be alive to win both the "Chicken-Din Crate" & the "Squad Win Crate" - If just 3/4, 2/4, 1/4, win the squad game the players only receive a "Chicken-Din Crate" I have won quite a few games and all I received was small number of BP's The BP credit was close to the same as if I placed second or even 12th So why not add a "Chicken-Din Crate" for winning? It could have Camo Bandanas, Hats, Army HeadGear, Camo Clothes, or any other Winner's Gear Normally a Winner Receives a Prize Thanks For Reading My Rant I ADDED A POLL PLEASE GIVE YOUR OPINION OR COMMENT BELOW
  7. I think you should get an 8x every time you get a sniper from a crate. You are going out of your way to fight and get good loot from the supply crate drops, and then you get an m24 or AWM with no scope? I do not agree with that.
  8. LOOT !

    Since the small patch of september 28th the loot is terrible! The worst loot since a very long time! Are you going to solve this soon'? I quitted the game cause it was ridiculous.
  9. ...the need of more helmets 3? I'm sure some of you guys share the same opinion on this subject wich makes reference to the fact that in the last 10 minutes of every match you can hear the sound of ''Kar's'', and other weapons that one shot to the head when using a lvl 2 helm/or less. Either you mr. Punknown lower the drop rate of this gun's per match or increase the ammount of lvl 3 helmets for us. I Believe a game more engaged in automatic rifles and dmr's gives more the feeling of a fair fight then how it stands right now. On another note i think the most optimal resolution to this would be just lowering the ammount of spawns for the kar really, the other ones that one shot a lvl 2 are on drops, wich is pretty nice as it stands. Specially when you think that a helmet lvl 3 brakes trough out the game and guns don't, you see why there's so many kar's in comparisons to people with a lvl 3 helmet.
  10. Hello it's so annoying that we can't see the inventory of the player we are spectating we want to be able to what he is doing with his inventory when he opens it
  11. I personnally wish ammunition was a lot more rare. I think it would make the game more exiting if there was less ammo (or future option to do so). I was thinking of my time playing 'Biohazard 4 'on the ol' Gamecube. On the hardest mode you really needed to make every shot count and were forced to switch weapons because there just wasn't enough ammunition for one or two particular guns to finish the whole game with. That game really felt as a survival game where you had to scrape everyting together to make things work, you didmn't get to take all guns with you but could only acces your stack at certain checkpoints and really think about what to bring and what not. So many games where I fire maybe 3-4 magazines and are able to collect 200+ rounds for the gun. Never using my secondary or handgun all just playing with one layout the whole game. It feels, to linear, collect at least one good weapon, go for the circel while taking every med, compatible ammo and bodygear you come across along the way. Once you start off good there is just no more real resource planning involved. What if there was less ammunition, or if you find a AR don't immediately get 60 rounds with it. But maybe an RNG amount of rounds in the gun it self (10 to max, or something). I'm hearing all the complaints allready,'"If things aren't scarce enough already". Well, ammo isn't. This would naturally solve some 'problems' players complain about. - Less sniping from hills, players don't have ammo to stay up on that hill all the time, they have to come down and get some from their victims to contiue playing. Or switch to a diffrent weapon. - Less camping in the middle of the zone, 'not participating' as some call it. You have to stay active to collect more ammo. - Not everyones favourite because of the "I can't function properly withous an M416 + 4x scope"- argument, but ... , you will have to switch weapon layouts halfway through the game because you are out of 9 mm but collected a fair amount of 5.56 in the mean time. So even the guns found late game will still be interesting. More depth into the resourcemanagement. - Handguns especially 0.45 (or even vector) become interesting again because it's an extra option to fire a diffrent type of ammo when you have no other choice and are all out of other types of ammo. Maybe try the crossbow because you happen to find arrows. - Start of the game. If you can make it hard for someone to hit you, so he wastes all his 10 or so rounds, and you have no gun yourself, there is again a use for the melee weapons. This makes RNG favoured/disadvataged players stand less out. It come down to the players skill (god I hate that word) instead of the luck of finding/ not finding gear. All of this to collect as much ammo and gear as you can for the endgame. Players who just evade action all the time sitting on the toilet wil go into the endgame wit 15 rounds of 5.56 and thats it. What do we get in return. We can trade it all off for some more scopes. Because ammo is scarce we don't want to waste a lot of ammo being 1 pixel off taget do we? What will we do to fill up the Lev. 3 backpack then? Guns are prety heavy aren't they? They can fuill it up quiite nice. Lets put a gun on reserve in there, one you can only use it you switch it for one of the available ones. Select the gun and load it before you can use it. More in depth gameplay. Starting middle of safezone with a few items means you still have to move to collect stuff to kill with. You just can't kill the last 20 players with only 30 rounds.
  12. Every PUBG game ever...

    Hi everyone ! Just a little IRL PUBG video we made. Because we all know this kind of game...
  13. Loot %

    Anyone else notice the drastic drop off in Assault Rifle loot after the latest patch? I've run through 4-5 Apartment buildings and walked away with a pistol and a shotgun. Is there any reason for this? I get IMMMUUURRRSSSIONN and all, but can we place the battleground in America then, where there really are AR's all over the place? Not trying to be all sh*tty, but it's kinda like "Battlegrounds 2: The Pistol Range" Seriously though, it makes RNG even more of an fate sealer. Whoever shall find thy M416 Shall have thy dinner of chicken. In RNGesus name we pray.
  14. ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.8

    Hey guys, it's been a while but with the new update to the map (North East) I updated my map again Two versions: ShatterNL's PUBG Map and Caturner's GIS Overlay! You can also find this guide on Steam Or discuss it on the official Battlegrounds forum Clarification on the legend: Garages: Garage buildings that have a High % of spawning vehicles (Dacia/Motorbike-Sidecar) Vehicle Spawn %: Possible locations where vehicles can spawn. Boat Spawn %: Possible locations where boats can spawn. Military Loot: Places where there's a higher % chance of finding Military Grade equipment. (Lvl 3 Gear, Attachments) High % Loot (Red): High Risk, High Reward locations - Lots of players will go here if the airplane flies over or near it. Medium % Loot (Yellow): Medium Risk, Medium Reward locations - Good for a squad of 3-4 players, but can vary based on RNG. Main map legend idea inspired by /u/Pvtjace 0.8 Changes: Added the new Stalber and new town Kameshki, both Medium Loot in my opinion + an Observatory building with nice high % of Military loot. Changed my custom location names to the official ones (Shelter/Prison/Ferry Pier/Mansion) Added a couple of vehicle spawns, thanks /u/samwalton9 and others of course!
  15. Happened momentarily when I went to loot someone I killed, moved away and back to the crate, which fixed the issue.
  16. loot spawn is the biggest issue!

    please fix the late loot rendering! if someone has a nice jump, they should not get penalized for late weapon spawns! no reason they should appear AFTER we have already looked in the same exact spot on a roof/building 20 seconds ago! other than that, the game runs great for me! thanks devs!
  17. TAB Item Bug

    I'm having a problem with my item list. When I go to loot I press TAB to pull up my storage sometimes it takes 2-3 hit to open it. Then when I'm done looting I press "TAB' again to close my storage and I have to hit it multiple times to close it. I'm having the same problem if I use "I" key to open/close it. I thought is was my TAB button was messed up but it works fine in other games such as Rainbow Six Siege and regular pc use. Also having this problem when I pull up my map, have to hit "M" multiple time costing me precious seconds in game. If someone could help me out that'd be much appreciated. -Thanks
  18. I feel like its not balanced with the loot on teams. Also in places like school, towns or "hot spots" I feel like its lacking. If it was me I would put more AK-M's, M16's or any older popular guns that had high production in its day, personally it makes more sense to me. To be honest its annoying searching 4 to 5 houses to find a AR or a AK when its a "hot spot". This is just my opinion and logic for the AK-M and M16
  19. First off: this thread is about theorizing over what a competitive mode could look like. I'm not suggesting tournaments couldn't be held in the current mode. Like many, I fell in love with this game. What I remember from falling in love with previous games was the pure excitement of watching the top of the world test their skills against each other in a tournament with high stakes (money prize). Now this game is inherently noncompetitive thanks to the amounts of RNG present. A squad could get amazing loot in their first few houses and another one could get stuck with a crossbow/shotgun/pistol combo. A game mode could be added to ensure RNG plays a smaller (or no) role in the outcome of a match. I've come up with 2 solutions. 1. Fixed loot The map's loot will be fixed, there will always be a Vector in this position, and always be a m16 in this house, etc.. This way true competitive teams will know where to drop for which loot, and a meta would form around which zones are important to take control of. It also allows for rebalancing the loot map. (For example: too much good loot in school, so the meta is hung up on everyone fighting to get in the school, so it could be rebalanced in a patch to have less loot in the fixed game mode). 2. No loot The map offers no loot, vehicles are in fixed positions. A squad may have the opportunity to select a loadout in the beginning of a match. They could decide who has which gun etc. Balancing could be done by only allowing (for example) one 8x scope per squad (in loadout, could loot by killing other sniper). Which could maybe play into interesting roles; Sniper, Assault rifle, Smg, and Shotgun guy per squad (again, for example). And keep it interesting by not allowing every single squad member to start out with level 3 armor. This way all the currently made items wouldn't become redundant, and it could offer for some form of strategic input to decide which member of your team gets the better armor. It would also make it so there is a reason to go loot a dead enemy squad, because they'll have armor that would be better for some of your own squad members. An extra thing to think about is game length and interesting gameplay. When I watched and played competitive StarCraft 2, I've seen the change that made the early game a lot shorter. The very beginning of the match was mainly focused around building the same buildings/strategy that was found in almost every matchup and didn't offer anything interesting to watch. By cutting this down was not only the beginning more interesting to watch, but the games were shorter as well. Which also helps for keeping spectators interseted. Having the 'no loot' option, this would cut down the games length by a lot. The blue zone should thus appear much sooner and more frequently. Starting every squad out with full loot. Please tell me what you think, or if you have any other ideas.
  20. Mini 14 seems way too common to find. I am hoping maybe it was so that people could pick up and use the new gun and that they plan on turning down the spawn rate of the gun... I find one almost every town I first parachute into. Sometimes I find 2 in the same house. I get it, it is a good gun. It just needs to be a little less common.
  21. Best Looting Spots

    Hi everyone! Going to start playing the game soon, and wanted to know where the best spots are to loot on the map! I've heard Crater, Novo, Lapovka, and Ruins are great spots, are they foreal? Thanks everyone, and GL!
  22. Too many times have I dropped in Pochinki and looted three buildings only to find a crowbar and 4 pairs of pants. Meanwhile, the guy two buildings down has a suppressed M4 and full level 2 armor. Who's going to win? Let's just say he can use my crowbar to pry open my death box. If everyone dropped with a pistol, everyone would at least have a fighting chance, and the action could start as soon as boots hit the ground. Assuming they're not going to go the route of KotK and put 4 AKs with 300 rounds in every room, this is the best way to help with the randomly imbalanced loot. Let's be real, this never happens.
  23. In the current system, loot is linear, in the sense that lvl 1 is better than 0, 2 is better than 1, etc. An EXT. Quickdraw is 100% better than other mag attachments, etc. The primary reason is there is no tradeoff involved, no drawbacks. What if, there were. EG extended mags suffer from decreased reload times (cause they are bigger and heavier) What if gear had an overall weight, that affected your character's movement speed. So the level of equipment as well as how full your back pack is all factor in to the speed of your character. Especially once vaulting comes into play, this could be a significant factor as a heavily loaded character will climb and move over objects slower than someone who chooses to stay light. I think this would be good, because instead of everyone simply looking for the top level loot which is all the same, people will look for/use different loot for different playstyles. Maybe you wanna be a more mobile player, able to quickly run from cover to cover, or stay ahead of the blue, you'll want to keep your level 1 gear, and only carry what you need. Maybe you prefer more slugging it out, where you will use the current system more or less, to get the maximum protection, but have slower movement between locations.
  24. Right now players are just black masses running around, easy to spot with 95% of the colors being a shade of green. with almost no bushes big enough to hide yourself in you are forced to camp in houses. (house camping is a plague) give players other alternatives.
  25. Linked my twitch prime to my account weeks ago and never got my prime loot... IGN: Spartanise