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Found 17 results

  1. I prefer to play without aim acceleration, and I've noticed that in some situations even with all values set to 9 or even 10 the turn rate is far too low. This makes it difficult to respond when taking unexpected fire, especially in close quarters. I think a good fix would be to add higher values, instead of making the current values of 1-10 have higher input and therefore higher gaps between them. It's important to give players as much flexibility as possible and fine tuning sensitivity is a crucial component of a players experience.
  2. Hello there, I can't get more than 60 fps while playing pubg. Sometimes between 15-30fps and if lucky between 30-60fps. I've been reading a lot of solutions but none of them worked for me, so I decided to ask help myself. My comptuer specs are the following: Geforce gtx 1060 6gb Intel core i5-4440 3.10GHz 8Gb RAM Also, I've installed the game in a ssd. I have similar fps with low and ultra settings, no big difference. Thank you so much in advance!

    Meu pc roda pubg ? Queria comprar mas não sei se otimizaram mais nem sei se meu hardware suporta... i3-2120 6gb ram Gtx 750 ti 1gb Oc da gigabyte Resolução : 1280x1024 , monitor de 17 polegada , nem é full hd , oq deve ajuda eu acho , em fim se roda pelo menos acima de 30 fps ? O jogo ta mais otimizado , ou vai ter muito drop de fps se rodar .
  4. Game runs like shit pls help

    i dont understand why i am having such poor fps. it is consistently running at 35-40 fps, but very frequently drops to 1-10 fps, and the rare jump to 140ish fps for 10 or 20 seconds. i have a ok system so this doesn't make sense to me. obviously this is not very playable for me. i am running mostly on low settings. i have anti-aliasing on ultra and textures on high. everything else on very low Specs: GTX 980 ti matrix platinum 8 gigs of ram core i5 6400 1tb hard drive
  5. 1024*768 resolution

    After PUBG 1.0 i cannot change my resolution 1024*768 i have low pc and i need this setting how can i change my resolution please help
  6. Hi everyone! Please can someone explain me what happens: I have intel i7700K Radeon RX580 8GB RAM SSD disk 240 GB Monitor resolution 2550x1440 I am set medium and even some very low video setting and steel have not much than 60 FPS in the game. Why? What can i do to reach 100-120 FPS?
  7. Hello guys!I experienced bad hitreg a lot,and it was really annoying so I started to read topics,and I saw that some players experience the bad hitreg especially in cqb,and some not.Now you know it's just can't be random,so I was thinking,what if the efficiency of hitreg depends on the amount of your fps?Personally I have 60 when running around and 20-30 in cqb,what's your opinion?Can this low fps cause the problem?
  8. Since the 1.0 patch has hit live servers, I have had just horrible FPS, we are talking unplayable. I never had any FPS problems before on either the live server or the test server, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this or knows what I could do to be able to play the game again.
  9. GTX 1080 underperforming?

    Hi. Well... a friend and I decided to build our very own pc. We both ordered following parts: EVGA B3 550W Modular 80+ Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5" SSD ASUS Prime Z370-P, Socket-1151 Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 3200MHz 16GB Intel Core i5-8600K 3.60 GHz My friend decided to go with the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC and Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo CPU cooler, I went with the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 ICX SC2 and Noctua NH-14. We downloaded PUBG after installing several drivers so we could test our new PCs. Here's the funny part. We run exactly the same video settings in game and basically in nvidia control panel (untouched settings) and he runs more stable FPS, like around 135-140 easliy stable, sometimes with drops to 110-120. Me? Well, I get around 100-120 and if I'm lucky I can get 130 - Which is a shame because I that extra money after 1070's big brother. This is kinda frustrating because I feel like I've been screwed. I also changed the Nvidia Control settings to max performance in case it would give me some sugar... sadly with no luck. I know I shouldn't complain at all since there are so many people who struggles even more, but can anybody explain wtf is going on? Should also mention that we both run 144 Hz 1080p
  10. What is wrong with FPS?

    my PC specs are: My old ram were 2 x 4gb = 8gb 1333Mhz DDR3, and i was getting 40-50-60 FPS. But my FPS was usually 30-40 FPS. I'm a little tired of this and bought 2 x 8gb = 16gb 1600Mhz ram. And gues what, my FPS decreased to 20-30 . I'm trying to play with average 30 FPS (max is 45, and rarely i see 60) now. Is my MOBO guilty or am i doing something wrong?? - steam startup command that i'm using: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES-high-malloc=system-maxMem=13000-sm4 (i tried all combinations, and dx12, dx11, dx10) - ingame graph settings: all very low. (full screen or windowed mode, resolution between 1920-1080 and 1024-768, all i tried but nothing changed. my fps is still 30 with 1024-768) - engine.ini extra commands: [/script/engine.renderersettings] r.DepthOfField.MaxSize=0 r.SeparateTranslucency=False r.CustomDepth=1 r.DefaultFeature.Bloom=False r.DefaultFeature.AmbientOcclusion=False r.DefaultFeature.AmbientOcclusionStaticFraction=False r.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur=False r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing=0 r.ViewDistanceScale=1 r.ShadowQuality=0 r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=1 r.Shadow.MaxResolution=256 r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold=0.1 r.Shadow.DistanceScale=0.1 r.Shadow.CSM.TransitionScale=0 nothing changes if i'm using this commands or not. - nvidia program settings: threaded optimization = on vertical sync = off power management = max performance nti-aliasing = off Any help?
  11. Então pessoal, eu costumava ter o bug de render então resolvi instalar um SSD, porém depois de ter feito isso o meu FPS dentro do jogo está abaixo de 20, o maximo que consigo é 15 com os gráficos no very low, sendo que antes tinha uma média de 82. Agradeço demais uma ajuda. Setup CPU: AMD A10 7870k 3.9Ghz GPU: GTX 1050 2GB RAM: 8 GB 1600Mhz
  12. As you guys can see the crosshair is pretty much a dot at lower resolutions giving my enemies a huge advantage.
  13. Crossbow Effecrtive Fire Range

    The crossbow is INSTA KILL Weapon ... OK i understand but the 25 meters of Effective range is a JOKE ...
  14. Hey Leute, Da mein PC mittlerweile ziemlich veraltet ist und ich Ingame unter max. 30-40 FPS leiden musste, habe ich mir einiges an Zeit genommen und nach vielen Stunden einen Weg gefunden, das Spiel trotzdem Spielbar zu machen. Ich wollte mein Ergebnis einfach mal teilen, in der Hoffnung auch anderen Spielern helfen zu können, die sich keine 1080 leisten können oder wollen... MEINE SPECS CPU: Intel i7 960 3,20 Ghz RAM: Kingston HyperX 8,00 GB DDR3-1333 GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660 Windforce 2x OC 2048 MB GDDR5 HDD: Seagate ST33000651AS 3000 GB SSD: N/A Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit INGAME FPS 1600x900, 120% Screen Scale, Vollbildmodus Im Menü ~ 100 Fps In Lobby 25-40 Fps Im Flug 25-30 Fps Am Boden 60-90 Fps Bei einer Auflösung von 1920x1080 mit 70-100% Screen Scale, sind neben der hässlichen und unscharfen Grafik, auch starke Performanceprobleme aufgetreten. Bei einer Auflösung von 1600x900 mit 120% Screen Scale, läuft mein Spiel jedoch flüssiger. Das Bild ist schärfer und Gegner sind auf Distanz besser zu erkennen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLGENDE EINSTELLNGEN SIND SPEZIFISCH AUF MEIN SYSTEM ANGEPASST UND FUNKTIONIEREN EINWANDFREI. DIE ANWENDUNG IST JEDOCH AUF EIGENE GEFAHR. ICH ÜBERNEHME KEINERLEI HAFTUNG BEI SCHADENSFÄLLEN! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCHRITT 1: In Steam die Eigenschaften von Battlegrounds öffnen und folgendes in die Startoptionen hinzufügen: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 -d3d10 Optional: -d3d10 (DirectX10 für ältere & leistungsschwächere Hardware) SCHRITT 2: Zur Sicherheit ein Backup der alten Config Files machen "AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" Ich habe folgende Dateien bearbeitet: Engine.ini [Core.System] Paths=../../../Engine/Content Paths=%GAMEDIR%Content Paths=../../../Engine/Plugins/OceanPlugin/Content Paths=../../../Engine/Plugins/Mutable/Content Paths=../../../Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Coherent/CoherentUIGTPlugin/Content Paths=../../../Engine/Plugins/RoadEditor/Content Paths=../../../Engine/Plugins/2D/Paper2D/Content Paths=../../../Engine/Plugins/Wwise/Content [/script/engine.renderersettings] r.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur=False r.LightFunctionQuality=0 r.ShadowQuality=0 r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=1 r.Shadow.MaxResolution=256 r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold=0.1 r.Shadow.DistanceScale=0.6 r.Shadow.CSM.TransitionScale=0 r.DistanceFieldAO=0 r.DepthOfFieldQuality=0 r.RenderTargetPoolMin=300 r.LensFlareQuality=0 r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0 r.EyeAdaptationQuality=0 r.BloomQuality=0 r.FastBlurThreshold=0 r.Upscale.Quality=1 r.TonemapperQuality=0 r.LightShaftQuality=0 r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim=24 r.RefractionQuality=0 r.SSR.Quality=0 r.SceneColorFormat=3 r.TranslucencyVolumeBlur=0 r.MaterialQualityLevel=0 r.SSS.Scale=0 r.SSS.SampleSet=0 GameUserSettings.ini [/Script/Engine.GameUserSettings] bUseDesiredScreenHeight=False [ScalabilityGroups] sg.ResolutionQuality=100.000000 sg.ViewDistanceQuality=2 sg.AntiAliasingQuality=1 sg.ShadowQuality=1 sg.PostProcessQuality=2 sg.TextureQuality=1 sg.EffectsQuality=1 sg.FoliageQuality=0 sg.TrueSkyQuality=0 sg.GroundClutterQuality=0 sg.IBLQuality=0 sg.HeightFieldShadowQuality=0 [/Script/TslGame.TslGameUserSettings] ScreenScale=120.000000 Gamma=75.000000 bIsLanMatch=True bIsMasterSoundMute=False MasterSoundVolume=100.000000 bIsEffectSoundMute=False EffectSoundVolume=100.000000 bIsUISoundMute=True UISoundVolume=100.000000 bIsBGMSoundMute=True BGMSoundVolume=100.000000 bIsVoiceInputMute=False bIsVoiceOutputMute=False bUsePushToTalk=True bUseGlobalVoice=False bUseTeamVoice=True bSavedGraphicOption=True bMotionBlur=False CultureName=en CustomInputSettins=(ActionKeyList=,AxisKeyList=,MouseSensitiveList=,bInvertMouse=False) bUseVSync=False ResolutionSizeX=1600 ResolutionSizeY=900 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1920 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=1080 WindowPosX=-1 WindowPosY=-1 FullscreenMode=0 LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=1 PreferredFullscreenMode=0 Version=1001 AudioQualityLevel=0 FrameRateLimit=inf DesiredScreenWidth=1280 DesiredScreenHeight=720 LastRecommendedScreenWidth=-1.000000 LastRecommendedScreenHeight=-1.000000 LastCPUBenchmarkResult=inf LastGPUBenchmarkResult=159.652740 LastCPUBenchmarkSteps=153.905563 LastCPUBenchmarkSteps=inf LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=243.251724 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=115.452866 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=206.918747 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=156.549866 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=85.055725 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=162.994553 LastGPUBenchmarkSteps=287.425446 LastGPUBenchmarkMultiplier=1.000000 Scalability.ini [ScalabilitySettings] PerfIndexValues_ResolutionQuality=100 100 100 100 [AntiAliasingQuality@0] r.MSAA.CompositingSampleCount=0 [ViewDistanceQuality@0] r.SkeletalMeshLODBias=5 [ShadowQuality@0] r.ShadowQuality=0 r.Shadow.MaxResolution=16 r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold=0.12 r.Shadow.DistanceScale=0.01 [PostProcessQuality@0] r.RenderTargetPoolMin=100 r.Upscale.Quality=0 [EffectsQuality@0] r.TranslucencyLightingVolumeDim=1 [FoliageQuality@0] r.ParticleLightQuality=0 Wenn fertig, auf "Schreibgeschützt" stellen. Die Dateien enthalten jetzt modifizierte Befehle, die in den Standardeinstellungen nicht existieren. Einstellungen wie z.B Hotkeys, Mausempfindlichkeit oder Sound müssen eingestellt werden, bevor die Dateien auf schreibgeschützt gestellt sind, da die Einstellungen sonst nicht übernommen werden. Schritt 3: "AppData\Local\Temp" öffnen und kompletten Inhalt löschen. (Daten die nicht gelöscht werden können, sind in Verwendung) "Systemsteuerung\Alle Systemsteuerungselemente\System" öffnen (Hotkey: Windows-Taste + Pause) "Erweiterte Systemeinstellungen" (links) öffnen -> "Erweitert" -> "Leistung - Einstellungen öffnen" -> "Erweitert" -> "Virtueller Arbeitspeicher - Ändern... öffnen" -> Haken bei "Auslagerungsdateigröße verwalten" entfernen -> Festplatte auswählen auf der sich Battlegrounds befindet und "Keine Auslagerungsdatei" festlegen. (Benötigt Pc Neustart) Schritt 4: Festplatte bereinigen (Eigenschaften -> Allgemein -> Bereinigen) Festplatte defragmentieren (Bei SSD nicht notwendig) Virenscan durchführen Grafiktreiber aktualisieren und die Nvidia Systermsteuerung anpassen (siehe Links) http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4691/z7qyprhz_png.htm http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4691/rzas4n76_png.htm "Driver Booster" installieren -> Programm als Admin ausführen -> Systemtreiber prüfen, gegebenfalls aktualisieren und PC neustarten (sämtliche Hintergrundprogramme schließen und offene Daten abspeichern) Bei Bedarf "Driver Booster" deinstallieren. http://www.chip.de/downloads/Driver-Booster-Free_62401917.html CCleaner zum Abschluss drüber laufen lassen, um restlichen Datenmüll zu beseitigen. Je sauberer das System, so schneller arbeitet es. Optional: "Razor Cortex" herunterladen, um den Arbeitsspeicher zu leeren und unnötige Prozesse zu schließen. Ich persönlich benutze es nicht, weil die Anwendung im Hintergrund mehr Arbeitsspeicher verbraucht, als sie mir frei gibt, da ich mein System stets so sauber wie möglich halte. Bei mir hatten diese Schritte einen enormen Fps anstieg als Folge und hoffe, dass es dem Einen oder Anderen genauso hilft, wie mir. Lob, Kritik und Vorschläge sind natürlich auch gerne gesehen. MfG Timatras
  15. Suddenly low fps?!?!

    So on the EA release day i had like 80 fps everywhere. One day later I only had like 15 fps in citys and 45 outside of citys. I don't know what happened and this problem is very weird. My specs are i7 6700k, GTX970 and 12GB RAM. Can someone help me out?
  16. Bajos FPS con una Pc HIGH END.

    Buenas, quisiera que me comentaran como les anda a ustedes el juego. Les comento que yo soy de Argentina, y segun tenia entendido en el ARMA III suele suceder que ademas de tener los FPS que te contabiliza tu pc el mismo servidor en donde se encuentre alojado el juego tambien afecta a la cantidad de FPS que tengas para jugar. Se que es una cuestion exclusivamente de hardware el tema y optimizacion del juego, pero esto es posible en PUBG? Tengo una GTX 1080 junto con un AMD FX 9590 y 8GB de RAM. El juego lo tengo instalado en un SSD. Y aun asi me anda en general probando las opciones de arrancado y modificando los archivos como sugieren varias guias (Que eso me ayudo un poco en el rendimiento) a tener 50 fps. Pero no logro superar de eso. Si intento jugar en ULTRA o mas alto me tira a 27fps. Y en ciudades suelo jugar con 19fps. No se como hacen los streamers o youtubers para jugar tan bien a este juego con los graficos al maximo. Espero puedan ayudarme. Saludos!
  17. Review/Suggestions/Bugs

    Combat is amazing, needs to be Optimised!! but its alpha so what do you expect. 3/23/17 Combat and overall gunplay feels great, it's very fluid and responsive (It just feels really good, I can't really describe it. xD) Map, is decent, however, they need to clean up some terrain bumps that can cause cars to crash suddenly or get stuck etc. I get like 20fps starting off, later on in game it hits 50-60 but still commonly drops back down to lower 20's My biggest complaint would be the how Un-Optimised the game is, I have a decent computer and there is no reason I should struggle to get 30fps on lowest. [Once they fix the performance [Its Alpha] there are little to no Negative things to say. It's a solid game] My PC is medium-end with a cpu bottleneck. ======================================= Graphic Card: GeForce GTX 970 4GB Processor: AMD Athlon II X3 450 Processor 3.2 Ghz Ram: 8.00 GB =======================================