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Found 147 results

  1. as the title says, it is long past time for a practice mode or map to be added. how hard can it be to add a mode where you spawn next to a few crates filled with all kinds of rifles, attachments and ammo? add a couple of targets and voila, you got a practice mode. pubg is a game where you spend a lot of time looting and running around. that's very inefficient for practicing aim and mechanics like recoil, bullet drop and so on. and no, dropping school is no substitute for a practice mode. it is very inefficient as well.
  2. Would creating a map exclusive to the Xbox for PUBG end or reduce the lag & crash we’re all having? We we all know these are being ported from PC with those super-powered machines running these maps @ 100+ FPS so what if we get a map designed to run on our Xboxes? Or is Savage going to be that map for us? Would love to hear opinions or expert insight.
  3. yehwankim23

    Is this map error?

    I noticed one house was not highlighted yellow on the map. Please watch the video (8:00-9:00) for an explanation. Thank you.
  4. ---Warning my English really bad--- I have some idea for new map. I think if we put vietnam forest into the game it will look great and fun to play because it like you in vietnam war. If you think differently from me you can share your idea too. About map Vietnam forest have many type of tree such as Banana tree and you can use in to hide,ambush. It will keep you excited all the time. when you have to walk through the fields with lots of trees and shrubs so don't forget about marsh too. you can find some wooden house around the map it was a vietnam house style it can be burn by Molotov Cocktail and this map will have viet Cong underground tunnel that can surprise you all the time. Redzone redzone change to napalm strike. Weapons AIRDROP ONLY M79 Grenade launcher - add new type of ammo in game M406 40 mm HE and smoke grenade AIRDROP ONLY M60 Machine Gun instead M249 BUT M60 USE 7.62 AMMO NOT 5.56 COMMON MAT-49 Submachine Gun 9mm ammo COMMON M16A1 5.56mm ammo BUT Only 20 Round Magazine + 10 Extended Mag VEHICLE M151A1 "JEEP" 4 SEAT PBR Mark II 4 SEAT (MAYBE?) With out Machine Gun Turret MH-6 Little Bird (With out gun Only for transpot ) And last one Harley Davidson J Series instead Normal Motorcycle OR Norton 16H THANK FOR READING. HOPE DEV SEE THIS AND CONSIDER ABOUT THIS LOVE YOU ALL
  5. Hello Folks Who of you is positive, that Miramar will drop next Week? They announced 1 Update for every 3 weeks. Last Update was on March 21. So the spring Updates should be: Beginn Spring: March 20 Update 1: March 21 Update 2: April 11 Update 3: Mai 2 Update 4: Mai 23 Update 5: June 13 Beginn Summer: June 21 Splitting Spring in 3 Parts: Early, Mid, Late Spring; April would be the Month of early spring. April 11 would be the last chance to bring Miramar to Xbox in early spring while keeping the promise of an Update every 3 weeks. It would also be the second of 5 Updates in spring - the third update would be the middle update (so not "early" anymore...) Just spreading rumors... ;-)
  6. In Squad FPP, my teammate marked a position to run to and I was not able to see it on the compass on my screen, but I could see it on my mini map. I had a marker down from when we dropped, and my teammate dropped a marker later after we started running. I will attach a screenshot but will start recording to see what specifically triggers the issues I see.
  7. XuluniX

    Misplaced object in "Coastal"

    There is a misplaced object, a blue container, half way in a building, it doesn't look like it should be there. The bug can be found in Coastal at the coordinates E5/J5. Screenshot from inside the building: From outside the building:
  8. I know its a small thing but would help a lot to recognize your squad mates without always checking left corner.
  9. Soviet Squirrel

    Savage map is great!

    I am really enjoying the new savage map! I understand the map is early in development and so there are a lot of issues/bugs going on but that is to be expected since it is early in development. I really like the small buildings with minimal rooms/floors. I also feel like towns are just the right size so fights play out quickly. What I really like in a nut shell: 1. small buildings/small towns 2. games are fast paced 3. visual clutter on map is very minimal reducing eye strain 4. rng death by circle is greatly reduced because of short distance to travel 5. verticality, traversing a structure is no longer reduce to stairs, you can enter from multiple angles allowing for clutch plays. 6. clothing loot spawns have been completely removed... about damn time! what i do not like: 1. red zone feels awkward on such a small map and is much more impactful because of close quarter combat. 2. duo and squad not included
  10. I want to suggest a city map. Kind of like Manhatten in New York where you have less horizontal space but much much more vertical due to a lot of skyscrapers. Obviously there would be a need to link the buildings on upper floors since you don't want to go down to the streets all the time to make this design viable. Make the map small or you won't find any people. Could go and make bluezone alteration to not only close down from the sides but also from the top or bottom to force players to meet on a certain floor in the buildings. (Only for this map though.)
  11. Issue: Boost remains on when holding LB and opening and closing map Workflow: Drive Hold boost button down Open map Let go of boost Close map Boost will remain running without using boost button - until you brake Kind of a nice bug tbf - saves on my finger getting sore.
  12. X314shorty

    Wrong direction

    The line on the map who shows the shortest way to the circle is often wrong - @ Patch#9
  13. Bartfart122

    Map cursor speed

    Why did you nurf the cursor speed? Put it back in. It is brutally slow and almost useless now to put markers without zooming in the map and moving the map itself to the cursor
  14. The icon/cursor for the map is slow again and it's already so annoying. Please fix asap!

    Map Functions

    In the mobile version on the game you can see the flight path on the map from the moment you enter the plane to the time you jump. That’s a great idea because it makes choosing where to drop so much easier.
  16. Almanthas

    Desert Map Stuck

    Hello Dear PUBG team and community, Yesterday I was super excited about the new map and I went everywhere to check everything out. It's amazing! Great work! While chasing someone to kill them though I experienced a very unpleasant glitch. Since the map is new, I am sure you'd appreciate every bit of feedback you can get. So the bug is I got stuck between 2 cars and couldn't move out. Fortunately I caught it on stream and I can show you: https://clips.twitch.tv/FrigidArtsyMouseOneHand I hope this helps you improve and polish the new map! Best Regards, Max
  17. I am pretty much used to it now. However it would be nice to have the invert disabled while using the cursor in the map.
  18. Why is there still not an option to chose which map you want to play on? It would make it alot more fun if you can decide for yourself what map you want to play. I'm not very fond of the new map, and every time I get in a game on it, I exit to lobby and requeue until I get a game on the old map. (and I know alot of others do the same) I get that you want people to play both maps, but there's people on both sides; Some like the new map, some like the old map.
  19. https://pubgmap.io/en-gb/miramar.html#7/-125.645/87.133/w=-125.859,88.047
  20. How about we hold the map button to place a marker on your current location. It’s in the pc version and probably will be added to the game, just a suggestion on where to put it.
  21. I’m not sure if this has been suggested or discussed. Being able to move the map cursor faster would be a huge help. Maybe by pressing both joysticks in the same direction or having a map cursor sensitivity option in settings. Just takes forever to go across map on Xbox. Second, being able to ping where you are standing exactly on the map. Countless times have I zoomed all the way in just to get an accurate ping on myself to notify squad members where T3 items and weapons are. I think having a self ping option to ping exactly where you are standing (maybe with the X button) would be useful. Just a few ideas with map interface.
  22. Love the game. Here is my suggestion: When viewing the map and zooming in (by pressing up on the D-pad), the character always switches to the secondary weapon. A function to disable switching weapons while viewing the map would be great. Thanks
  23. On Miramar, in the middle of Pecado, Power Grid, and Graveyard there is a map hole. This hole is on the mountain and you can go in it under the mountain and stay on the relatively flat ground shooting through at people on the mountain/around without them shooting back. This area under you can access is fairly big. Link to full video showing glitch here (skip to 2:09)
  24. When you go to the map, or the item screen the character switches to melee items when you come back to the play screen - it makes life hell. That, and the game still crashes all the time.
  25. Vuzliin

    Miramar MapBug

    Hi ! I'm here to report a "bug" on the Miramar Map, i fell down a hole that got me under a building, i was stuck between the building and a cliff into an infinite falling situation, i took pictures to help my poor english The First picture is where i am. The second picture is where i fell and the third is where it is on the map