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Found 331 results

  1. I remember a few months back there was talk of a 3rd map with an area of snow in it? Is there any ETA for this map being released? I feel the need to dress in white and lie in the snow like the master camper that I am...
  2. Go in with guns you choose

    Why not make a game type that is a slightly smaller map where people get to go in with guns they choose and instead of finding guns you find weapon upgrades that further increase the weapons ability? Or have an objective that people can work towards while they search around other than surviving? I know a lot of other pubg competition has come out lately so pubg could just take some of their ideas and use them to evolve the game
  3. Bikes

    Maps are broken so dont make those freaky bikes so unstable many times im riding on bike on the ground where there is nothing just a road and suddenly my bike is making those funny flips and im dead

    Hey how about a useful change for once? "It's really complicated to make a map choose". It's not. At least it's not for decent game developers. Who the hell needs an update where you spawn on random places on map? That's the dumbest idea ever. We want updates that do something.
  5. I'm not sure if there is already a poll for this but close this topic if it already existed.
  6. I am pretty much used to it now. However it would be nice to have the invert disabled while using the cursor in the map.
  7. So i think the Winchester 94 should be able to at least add a scope like you can in real life What do you guys think? Leave Comments below please
  8. Map choice

    Why is there still not an option to chose which map you want to play on? It would make it alot more fun if you can decide for yourself what map you want to play. I'm not very fond of the new map, and every time I get in a game on it, I exit to lobby and requeue until I get a game on the old map. (and I know alot of others do the same) I get that you want people to play both maps, but there's people on both sides; Some like the new map, some like the old map.
  9. Доброго времени суток, уважаемые пользователи. Как-то раз пришла идея в голову, о проекте новой карты для "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds". Концепт-арт прикреплю позже, как закончу. Итак - основные характеристики карты: 1)Практически ночная карта, поздний вечер, после заката. 2)Постоянный дождь. Для чего нам одна карта с различными эффектами? Проще получить новую. 3)Туманные области. В лесу, на болоте будет туман, не густой, сквозь видно. 4)Замененный маскировочный костюм и новое оружие. Редкость - Аирдроп, редко. 5)Новая возможность игры - ПНВ(Прибор ночного виденья). Даст маленькое преимущество в игре на данной карте. Редкость - Средняя. 6)Введение новых звуков и мелких спрайтов. 7)Использование более приближенных моделей домой к реальным. История получения данной идеи: Я видел, что есть два режима для карты Эрангель. Дождь и туман. Также есть эффект карты - закат. Многие просят ночной вариант. Но почему их нельзя объединить? - Пришло мне в голову. С тех пор я как-то позабыл данную затею. И спустя некоторое время мне дважды приснился геймплей на данной карте. Это было довольно интересно. Вместо привычного Маскировочного халата я видел костюм Специального подразделения. Что-то типа американского спецназа. Атмосфера наполнила меня данной затеей. Звуки кардинально отличались от привычных. Ты теряешься в лесу, пытаясь найти источник звуков(Выстрелов), звук бомбардировки сильно приглушен и слышится довольно отчетливо только на близком расстоянии. Хочу узнать мнение сообщества насчет данной идеи. Просьба ко всем приставлять переводы своих комментариев для англоговорящего сообщества, большое спасибо. Всем топ-1. For my English friends: Kind time of the day, dear users. Once the idea came to mind, about the project of a new card for "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds". Concept art will be attached later, as I will finish. So - the main characteristics of the map: 1) Almost night map, late evening, after sunset. 2) Constant rain. Why do we need one card with different effects? It's easier to get a new one. 3) Misty areas. In the forest, in the swamp there will be a fog, not thick, through the seen. 4) Replaced camouflage suit and new weapons. A rarity is Airdrop, rarely. 5) A new game option - NVN (Night Vision Device). Will give a small advantage in the game on this map. Rarity - Medium. 6) Introduction of new sounds and small sprites. 7) Using more approximate models home to real ones. The history of getting this idea: I saw that there are two modes for the Erangel card. Rain and fog. Also there is a map effect - sunset. Many people ask for the night version. But why they can not be united? - It occurred to me. Since then, I somehow forgot this venture. And after a while I had a double dream of the gameplay on this map. It was quite interesting. Instead of the usual Masking robe, I saw the suit of the Special Unit. Something of the type of the American special forces. The atmosphere filled me with this idea. The sounds were completely different from the usual ones. You are lost in the forest, trying to find the source of sounds (Shots), the sound of bombardment is strongly muffled and is heard quite distinctly only at close range. I want to know the opinion of the community about this idea. The request to all to put translations of their comments for the English-speaking community, thank you very much. All the top-1.
  10. Choice of what map to play

    Why is there still not an option to chose which map you want to play on? It would make it alot more fun if you can decide for yourself what map you want to play. I'm not very fond of the new map, and every time I get in a game on it, I exit to lobby and requeue until I get a game on the old map. (and I know alot of others do the same) I get that you want people to play both maps, but there's people on both sides; Some like the new map, some like the old map.
  11. https://pubgmap.io/en-gb/miramar.html#7/-125.645/87.133/w=-125.859,88.047
  12. Improved minimap

    Hello everyone If there is one thing in PUBG that I cant seem to get used to, It's the minimap. The minimap is northed and static, meaning that your own player indicator is locked in the center and has some sort of arrow pointing to where you are looking. Sometimes I find it hard to understand where I am really going when watching the minimap because it is so static. The solution to that is a dynamic minimap that points to the direction you're going. A good example to this kind of map is in all GTA game. The map is circular and the top of it will always be the direction i'm going, and not north only. Another example is Last Man standing which is a very similar game to pubg. I believe that making an option in Settings to decide if the map will be anchored to the north. or a dynamic one, will make many players play more smoothly. Also I have had a hard time finding my teammates sometimes because if they leave the area my minimap shows, their indicators disappear. I think their indicator should linger at the edge of the minimap showing the direction they went. I believe an ally indicator should also be added to the compass. Thank you (and sorry for any grammatical errors).
  13. Map cursor sensitivity & self ping.

    I’m not sure if this has been suggested or discussed. Being able to move the map cursor faster would be a huge help. Maybe by pressing both joysticks in the same direction or having a map cursor sensitivity option in settings. Just takes forever to go across map on Xbox. Second, being able to ping where you are standing exactly on the map. Countless times have I zoomed all the way in just to get an accurate ping on myself to notify squad members where T3 items and weapons are. I think having a self ping option to ping exactly where you are standing (maybe with the X button) would be useful. Just a few ideas with map interface.
  14. Hi, I've done a gif with my photo editor to suggest a change to the loading screen depending on the map. There is a sample with the current maps. I Write "Desert" and "Island" as sample name. Thanks for reading.
  15. How about we hold the map button to place a marker on your current location. It’s in the pc version and probably will be added to the game, just a suggestion on where to put it.

    We want to choose what map we want to play, because I just spent the last 20 minutes doing this: -Start game -Miramar -Leave game ~REPEAT 10 TIMES
  17. Love the game. Here is my suggestion: When viewing the map and zooming in (by pressing up on the D-pad), the character always switches to the secondary weapon. A function to disable switching weapons while viewing the map would be great. Thanks
  18. Map Selection

    Hello all. I may not be the first with this idea... but how about we get a way of SELECTING what MAP we get to play on? Preference based matches... erengel, desert, or both. Why is it so random? Does it make sense you can go to a lobby based on perspective but not based on the MAP?
  19. Hey everyone, I have been playing PUBG for a while now, and since the last month I have constantly issues almost every time when I try to open/close the map or the inventory. I have to press several times the keys to open or close. Its really annoying. I already delete all configs in the windows user folder and didn't solve the issue. I also found some one complaining about the same issue while back in this post. Can anyone help? Thanks:)
  20. How long until the Xbox gets the new map and maybe some new guns? Also possibly a graphics update? I see the people on PC and it looks so much better (I am aware almost anything looks better on PC) but the game is in need of some new stuff! Great game though!
  21. On Miramar, in the middle of Pecado, Power Grid, and Graveyard there is a map hole. This hole is on the mountain and you can go in it under the mountain and stay on the relatively flat ground shooting through at people on the mountain/around without them shooting back. This area under you can access is fairly big. Link to full video showing glitch here (skip to 2:09)
  22. Not sure if this is the correct sub, but I'll try anyways. Controls have changed around a little which is fine with me. The only issue I have is when I'm zooming in on map map it switches my weapon to my handgun. It's just annoying. Also I think it is better to only use Y to switch between all weapons.
  23. Smooth landscape (just a bit)

    While the new map is good it is still VERY bumpy in places, to the point that your vehicle can stop dead on some pieces of rock. A little bit of smoothing here and there wouldn't go amiss. Some places there are little pyramids about half the height of your person that look a little unprofessional (no offence) and could do with being smooth out completely. Even on the 'old' map there are places that your vehicle takes a battering. You gave us 4X4 pickups and dune/dirt buggy's that aren't a lot of use in some areas,seems a waste when that's what they were intended for...OFF ROAD!
  24. as the title says, it is long past time for a practice mode or map to be added. how hard can it be to add a mode where you spawn next to a few crates filled with all kinds of rifles, attachments and ammo? add a couple of targets and voila, you got a practice mode. pubg is a game where you spend a lot of time looting and running around. that's very inefficient for practicing aim and mechanics like recoil, bullet drop and so on. and no, dropping school is no substitute for a practice mode. it is very inefficient as well.
  25. Add an option to chose a map you want to play! Im tired of the new sand map, and its ruining my score! I love forests more than that emty housed map! Make an option to chose map i want to play and thats all!