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Found 221 results

  1. Test Server Ally Markers

    I'm relatively new here, but I can't find suggestion for test server so I assume they both belong here. With the new test server ally marker on the map, I find it incredibly hard to figure out where the exact location of my allies are at. The markers are huge and opaque with the arrow of where they are facing not being very visible too. In highly dense areas where it is important to see if your ally is infront/behind or inside/around a house, so that we know where is covered and stuff (also the yellow colour used for buildings/obsticles on the map became much more dull which also adds on the issue). Not only can we not see the precise location anymore, but also it blocks off quite a huge area of the minimap, especially when all 4 of the squad is in view. At this rate I would prefer the current live server viewing.
  2. Font and map

    The change in color of the map/ minimap is bad. My eyes hurt when I am trying to scout the map. Everything looks very grey and monochromatic. The font of the text looks like cheap Chinese cartoon. It gives the game a childish look. The increased size of the UI loot is a bit annoying as well because I have to scroll down to see all items.
  3. The fact that PUBG doesn't already do this has bothered me for some time. Almost immediately after downloading the game I realized that the compass doesn't align with the environment except at the very point that the cursor is facing. This means that you can't accurately call out something that you aren't directly looking at, and that seriously hurts gameplay. This can easily be fixed by scaling the compass heading markers by a value that I estimated to be around ~611% their current value (this is at 90 FOV, that scaling factor would have to be manipulated based on the user's FOV setting). As you can see, the current compass is made up of a whole bunch of useless information with the only helpful part being the current heading (which they so kindly separated in the test server, making the rest of the compass ACTUALLY useless). Spacing out the markers horizontally would make the side heading labels useful for calling out players on the side of your vision, so you don't have to turn to face them but you can still communicate meaningful information to your teammates. My new proposal removes a small range of the marker labels, true, but I think we're all familiar with the fact that N is bordered by NW and NE, etc. This also creates room for more detailed labels, such as a 5 degree separation factor rather than 15 (I didn't add all the labels to my concept screenshot b/c I'm lazy). The whole imgur album is available here. (Some of the headings in the concept screenshots are slightly off, this due to my faulty GIMP skills) - Os_Reboot
  4. IMO the new player map marker (in the big map) needs a bit more contrast since it's very hard to see in areas with a lot of buildings and text which are of very light colours. Just add a black line or something.
  5. -the new fonts make it hard to read the number and text. -the new map color when i press M is horrible, almost cant read. -the color on the map in the bottom right corner are too washy. -sound are fucked up at some place like near red zone. -my fps is better on the test server by almost 20 fps, but my experience on the test server this time is worst than the last one.
  6. Map is much harder to read

    Now that the map is super desaturated, all the semi-transparent whites are incredibly hard to read over other objects. Your own position and direction is completely imperceptible in certain locations unless you spin around in circles. Location names are much harder to read from the map screen and landmarks are harder to see as well.
  7. Mini Map feedback

    The new minimap feels like a step back from the live version right now, due to important information blending in with the map itself. The icon for the player and direction facing is a dull grey the same as the map, so hard to instantly get information off there; also the line showing direction of circle is very hard to make out. The grey map would be fine, as long as character / team information stood out.
  8. Healthbar: without the red color isn't easy to notice that you are low hp, it was really usefull when you get shooted but now you might die and say "WTF?! Did i was low? I didn't notice that..." FPS: there's no improvement about FPS, they are the same of the "normal" game Font: the font is really bad, it isn't clear and that is too much edgy Map: map isn't clear at all, too much grey and city's names are really small Redzone: sound effects are fantastic but in my opinion they make overmuch noise, you can hear the redzone also when you are average-outdistanced P.s. First game and crashed near the end (22 alives)
  9. Map Bug while spectating my friend

    Bug Description: I played with my mate on public server and after I died I used the map. I noticed, that after I zoomend in on the map, I can't move the map as fast as usual. The reason for this is I think, that he was using a 8x scope and this forced me to move the map slow. We played DUO FPP Date Seen: 22.11.2017 Server: PUBLIC Troubleshooting Attempted: No troubleshooting possible, after my mate left the scope, I opened up the map and it worked as usual
  10. Since the changes to the map, I'm finding that at some zoom levels, especially when showing the full map, the text is now hard to read. It looks jagged and like it has been resized to fit without smoothing. The text is also appearing under (behind) the map grid lines, where as I'd have expected it to be layered above the map grid lines, or at least the lines semi transparent to show the text. I'm running PUBG Test at 1920x1080 Screenshots attached: *1st screenshot shows the map as it appears when first viewing the map, no zoom. Text is hard to read, looks very pixelated. *2nd screenshot shows slightly zoomed in. Text is smooth and much easier to read (as I'd expect) but starts to show the issue with the map gridlines cutting across the text, particularly on the 'r' on the right hand higlighted item, which almost makes the 'r' look like it isn't there! *3rd screenshot is zoomed in further, again text looks smooth, however the map gridlines cutting through the text look wrong. Especially seeing as the text has some transparency to show the map/buildings below/under it, where as the gridlines don't have the same transparency.
  11. Hide map labels

    we need an option to hide labels in maps? It's a bit hard to mark a specific house, especially in Novo where the label is covering the houses.
  12. Доброго времени суток. Мне кажется что в игре очень не хватает Обозначение высоты на карте. Я думаю что не нужно объяснять какие тактические возможности это даст. вот пример: кто играл тот знает где такая карта.
  13. Map Recommendations

    Here is a few recommendations for further development to the map. These recommendations will prove quality of life in various aspects. 1. Mini-map would do well with the ability to zoom in and out. This would help tremendously with CQC fights or observing a destination at distance (Parachuting as example). 2. Topography lines. The map could really use topography lines to help players understand the height variations. The topography lines could be denote changes at (roughly guessing) 30 -50ft increments. This would let players observe possible changes yet not overtake the map with white lines. However, smaller increments would be acceptable to a larger majority of players if there was an option to turn on/off topography. This would mean players less concerned could turn it off while more tactical players could a more realistic map to its fullest. 3. Marking via Sight. A quality of life option would be to place a marker on the spot player is looking. This would quicken the act of marking an area for a broad number of purposes and be a simpler & far less invasive substitute for the 'spotting mechanic' found in other games (Which sees button spamming & takes away value of stealth and concealment, etc). This would simply lessen the need to reopen map to guesstimate the location players are calling out.
  14. I have around 600 hours of game time already and I'm slowly getting bored. The gameplay is not very smooth and the map is just poorly designed with a lot of open fields and a few houses with walls around it, but it's missing complex and unique areas with different height levels and paths to engage, it's just one house after the other and sometimes a wall inbetween. I hope the new map will be a lot better in that regard. Also sometimes there are unnecessary obstacles. I think with more focus on Detail, areas could be more interesting and give the players more options. The other aspect, the gameplay just not feel very smooth atm it feels debilitating on longer game sessions. I guess the vaulting and climbing is a good first step to make things better. But I really hope more will come. But also the map and interior design plays a huge role of how gameplay feels, so I'm very curious how 1.0 will play out. I'd really like to see more complex interior designs. The school or pool building are better and more interesting interior designs. Buildings with different possibilities to enter and not just one room after the other in along boring corridors. especially indoor fights lack options for tactical gameplay. Interiors and chokes inside are very tight in most cases and options to maybe stand on and go onto a more unexpected height to surprise and engaging enemy are missing in most cases. I also hope pistols get more viable and a few others weapons become more enjoyable. And the last thing is that it takes me too long to get into another game. I'd love to get a button right on the death screen to jump right into the next plane. This is how I feel about the game at the moment, pick what ever feedback I just gave, you feel is gonna help you to improve the game.
  15. I present http://gametactic.org/pubg, a tool to collaboratively draw/plan/strategize on the pubg map. It's simple, fast and has more features than you probably need. Give it a try, no registration or download required, just press the new room button. You can copy paste the link and give it to other people to plan together in real time. PS: A moderator can move this to community content, where it really belongs
  16. Last Resort Winter Map?

    Hallo, ich habe gerade ein Foto von PUBG gefunden was im Winter ist wie würdet ihr ein Winter map finden ? Ich würde es mega geil finden mit Schnee und Schneesturm wäre eine geile Idee -JumPerr
  17. So after my game crashed and I reconnected the dotted line did not get shown on the minimap, not problematic for me at all, but I still think its worth mentioning as the full release of the game is coming soon, although I hope that the game won't crash at all then.
  18. Map needs to show elevations

    When we look at the map by pressing M, its hard to tell which area is forest, which is flat land, which has a hill or ditch....etc..in-short the map needs to highlight the elevations in more details when we zoom in. This will help players not die in open and help them to get in a better position as well. I hope devs actually read this and respond else its waste of my time.
  19. Here are 3 really great map ideas that could give players more to do. (these are not in any particular order, they could be released at different times as well) City: New York or Los Angeles have skyscrapers with interiors and parking lots with cars that you can loot. Maybe add some zip lines to get from one tower to the other. Add door keys so you get get in to apartments or offices and add elevators. Suburban: low residential area of Los Angeles have houses that you can loot and have basements. Add fences and backyards so you can hold your ground with your team when the circle closes. Forest: a dense forest with tones of trees and grass with underground caves and maybe Add WWII guns. Have dirt roads to drive on.

    Hi everyone! I have some LITTLE suggestions for the team lobby.. 1) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, add the kick button (the admin of the team) for the AFK players and the people leaving the teams without using the dedicated control! ( easy mod you can add it the next patch ) 2) Text team chat before the match (people without discord or teamspeack) may need to talk before the match 3) Colored name tags, same as marker, it could be cool to assign different colors on the player's names, to assign roles or maybe for fast recognize them during the game 4) Map, waiting the match, better drawble with different colors (same as markers..) , people can decide different tactics and where to land during the countdown Keep work on this good game, and listen to the people bye

    Hi everyone! I have some LITTLE suggestions for the team lobby.. 1) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, add the kick button (the admin of the team) for the AFK players and the people leaving the teams without using the dedicated control! ( easy mod you can add it the next patch ) 2) Text team chat before the match (people without discord or teamspeack) may need to talk before the match 3) Colored name tags, same as marker, it could be cool to assign different colors on the player's names, to assign roles or maybe for fast recognize them during the game 4) Map, waiting the match, better drawble with different colors (same as markers..) , people can decide different tactics and where to land during the countdown Keep work on this good game, and listen to the people bye
  22. The "press space to center yourself on the map" feature was one I appreciated the addition of, but on the test server pressing space while using the map also causes the player to stand (from a prone or crouch position) or jump (from a standing position) I don't think I need to explain why this is bad. Here is a video:
  23. I think that everyone can agree that current gameplay is sniping favored. Shotguns are useful in some ocasions and on the start of the game, but if you don't have at least smg in the middle of the round - you will face real problems. No rifle or at least smg at the end? You are dead. Got a rifle but no good scope? Your chances against people with scopes are very, very low. And since most rounds ending up in the empty fields with barely any houses around you must either snipe or get sniped. Next map will probably be just the same, because desert is a naturally very open area. Not all people happy about that kind of gameplay. Where is the proof? Well, here: Also i understand that despite all upvotes on that comment there is a lot of people who love sniping and long-range encounters, and that is exacly why i do not suggest doing something with current map, and instead change the new one to make a different kind of gameplay there, so everyone will be able to play just as they like. So, how should that new map look like? First - it should have less open spots than covered ones. For example, this is how forest looks like in current pubg map: How it looks like in game where forest is an actual cover? Or even this: But i suggest going even deeper and chosing jungle as a map theme. Imagine almost whole map covered with very vast jungles, where 10 steps ahead you already won't see your opponent, but will hear the footsteps and maybe see branches moving. Also cities on the map should be really big to make round end either in the middle of jungle, or somewhere in the city - both will create a lot of opportunities for close combat and flanking the opponent, and even for a blind fire based on sounds. Anyway, unlike the original (and probably desert too) maps circles in this one should almost never end up at the open fields with no cover. Second thing that i would recommend - adding traps. If you can no longer see enemy from afar - you can predict his movement and counter it with the traps! Easiest way will be add wire to the loot, and if you have one - you can set up any grenade as a trapwire with it. Bear and other traps in loot will certainly help too. Thrid thing that is also important - is making a different ways into the houses. Sunken city is the best example of that - there is a way to get inside the houses from the windows and roofs, and since close quater fights will be the main thing on this new map - it will be only a good thing to make different ways to storm houses, so people inside would not be able to just camp one enterence. The goal - is creating a map where shotguns, pistols and smg's will be viable until the end of the round because there will always be a way to get close to someone, a lot of obstacles and no clear vision (except few places that will still be good for sniping to keep scopes somewhat useful). And for the people who will talk about performance that will be needed for all the trees and foliage - it's possible. For example, Ark's map has biggest parts of it covered in jungles, and still can host same 100 players, lots of player-made structures, animals, loot. Since both games working on UE - it's possible to achieve same result here. Also, it's not nessesary have to be jungle. Lage city, forested area - anything that heavily obstructs vision will be good. So, what do you think about it?
  24. Здравствуйте,зашёл в игру,все было нормально,не работает колесо мыши прокрутка. То есть зумить не могу,в настройках бинда такого нет,что делать понятия не имею. В системе все работает,в других играх тоже. Проверку кеша делал.