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Found 8 results

  1. To the developer. Hi there Love your game, spent more than 400 hours but I cannot stand cheaters anymore. I listed below a list of solutions I thought of for fair players not to be matched against cheaters. See below: -You obviously collect numerous statistics for all players (time played, K/D ratio, Win/Lose ratio, headshots, distance travelled, team kills and especially reports). -I'm certain that statistical patterns can be created for cheaters. -I'm even more certain that patterns can be created for fair players. -When matching players together, players should be matched according to their statistical patterns (at least for cheater / fair players) -For example, I have 400+ hours, don't have unusually high win/lose and K/D ratios, don't have an incredible number of headshots and more importantly wouldn't have (I hope) numerous, if any, cheating reports. I should be matched with players with the same or a relatively similar statistical pattern. -On the other hand, a cheater would have very high win/lose and K/D ratios, numerous HS AND A LOT OF CHEATING REPORTS! These players should only be matched to players with the same statistical pattern until they are banned. If possible, you could also allocate low quality servers for them to play on and tweak the game settings so that they get bored (poor loot). -The time played is an important measure as it would weight other numbers (eg. high number of cheating reports in a very short period of time would be a red flag). -You should encourage players to check the deathcam and should also educate them with online videos showing what they should be looking for in terms of cheating so that they can report cheaters appropriately. If the above-mentioned solutions can be implemented great! We wouldn't need to segregate players according to the location of their IP (indeed, I got to say that most cheaters have Asian nicknames). Btw, I do NOT want this solution as I often play with friends living in other regions around the globe. Cheers
  2. As they said they were going to implement azure servers for Europe, I would like them to add a matching to play on nearby servers with nearby people. This is something that can not be done with amazon due to the bad location of your server in Europe for a large part of players. It would also be great to completely eliminate the amazon servers over time in Europe. They have always had problems of instability and loss of packages, this problem is very common in other games such as h1z1. (d-sync, hit reg, host closed the connection...) This problem does not happen in other places like asia with amazon servers, it seems to be an exclusive problem with European Amazon servers. Regards and thanks for your excellent work!
  3. AUTO stuck on AS server.

    I live in EUROPE and since the update with the FOG & M14 the game automatically ticks out ASIA as my default server, it's not game-breaking or anything but it's REALLY annoying to keep changing it back and forth between every game..
  4. Auto switching FPP off?!

    In the main menu, after playing an FPP match, the game automatically swaps matching from FPP to 3rd person search instead of maintaining itself on FPP search so when I ready up for the next game I get into a 3rd person view game instead of my expected FPP match. This does not happen if im in a group/team, only when playing solo, and yes, it happens after every game, regardless wether of it being a loss or a win!
  5. Playbutton bugged

    Since last update Play / Matching is somewhat bugged. After playing a round it's still "matching" and you can't press play to be ready. You have to restart the game and press play or it doesn't search for server (duo/squad).
  6. stuck in match making

    as soon as i open the game it is already in matching even if i dont click it but its actually not searching, friends cant invite me cause it says im in matching, i cleared cache,restarted steam,computer and i re-installed the game twice while deleting the entire folder before re-installing and its still glitched into matching wich mean i cant play the game anymore help me plz
  7. [QoL] Matchmaking at Low Ranks

    Bug Description: This issue is more quality of life than an actual bug; however, if your ranking is abysmally low (400-700k), the time it takes to find a match is increased exponentially. Additionally, time to fill the lobby also increases (as expected). At default ranks (never having played), the queue is roughly instant (0-5 seconds) with a starting lobby of 50-70; however, as rank decreases, the time increases to nearly 5 minutes with a starting lobby of 20-40. Date Seen: April 27th and prior Server: NA/EU - rank appears to have the same effect on matchmaking regardless of realm Troubleshooting Attempted: Standard generics: changed servers; verified game files; restarted client; reset internet connection. Other Information: Tested occurrence by changing play mode to squads (with team matchmaking disabled) - queues, at first, were near instant. However, after tanking rating to 400k+, queues increased to 3 minutes. Moreover, on April 27th when statistics for solo were not functioning, all queues were near instantaneous. After the leaderboard issue was resolved, queues returned to 3 minutes+. Launch Options: Default settings (none).
  8. I cant cancel matching game

    Two hours ago this happened and since then I cant play... i restart game and my PC and nothing happened