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Found 14 results

  1. Now that grass cover open fields better, it would be nice if my buggy didn't flip over a cow turd. Its harder to see the raised dirt now and with no way to upright the vehicles, driving through fields are more risky. Love that low settings still shows a lot of grass, but certain vehicles (jeep and buggy for example) should be less prone to flipping due to better suspensions or higher ride heights. I know its early access, just a suggestion.
  2. Healing in Vehicles

    Right, i think that you should be able to heal in a moving vehicle, I've taken painkillers and energy drinks in vehicles in real like, and i imagine jabbing yourself with a syringe isn't any different so i think that PlayerUnknown and the crew should implement healing whilst in moving vehicles, as it is completely possible (as opposed to drinking an energy drink while lying down) any other opinions?
  3. Here's a quick youtube video of it. I only uploaded in 720p due to it being a fairly easy thing to see.
  4. Damage is to high when falling of a bike. YOU SHOULD NOT DIE FROM FALLING 4 FEET AT 70KMH (Triggered)
  5. FPP Camera and Motorbike

    Date Seen:I saw it on the 3rd of august 2017 Server: Live server, FPP (Solo) When driving fast on a motorbike(without sidecart) if you turn the camera to look directly behind you you will occationally be able to see your characters own face. Other times you will see a body without a head.
  6. The motorbike speedometer twitches rapidly back and forth between 0 kph and 1 kph while the bike is either completely stopped or turned off.
  7. When taking off on a motorbike, the engine will rev up and sound fairly normal, but as the bike goes faster, it is clear that the engine is making two different sets of sounds at the same time. At very high speed, the bike will even sound like it's revving up and taking off again, alongside the normal running sound.
  8. Currently if you land slightly on the back wheel the bike will 100% flip forwards and you will fall off. This doesn't make sense because when you jump with bikes in real life you are in most cases supposed to land on the back wheel before the front wheel. In the motorbike's current state, landing on the front wheel is safer and performs like landing on the back wheel should. It doesn't instantly flip at a ridiculous speed. The core problem is that the back wheel is stationary. It doesn't have any suspension at all which makes the entirety of the force from landing with the back wheel into rotation and death. The back wheel should move up and down depending on the terrain and how much force is put on the wheel.
  9. Really important motorbike issue

    Hey, i dont know if i should create a Topic for this, but i thing is GAMECHANGING. HEY GUYS GREAT GAME! REALLY IMPORTANT: If i have a helmet and body armor and etc... and full life... its really anoying to die from a MOTORBIKE crash at normal speed. I didnt fall from a cliff, the bike just flipped so my body touched the ground. I think that if you have a helmet, motorbike crashes SHOULD NOT KILL YOU INSTANTLY. Also, when you jump from a moving vehicle should kill you instantly. I think the best optimisation would be to calculate damage from speed and type of helmet or/and bodyarmor equiped. Regards, Lisandro.
  10. Click F for join in the car

    All the time when you try to join in a car when you click for the first time F you didn't join, sometimes you join at second attempt. But 8 times on 10 you need to spam F for join, that's really annoying.
  11. Death From Motorbike is Back

    Since the patch today I've died 3 times from a flip of the motorbike. Has some recent optimization made it possible to instantly die from full health on the bike again? Pretty frustrating to loot like a fool then die from a near non-existent bump
  12. Side car bug

    Not sure if big or I had too much loot haha https://youtu.be/2Lco2CQihE4
  13. Bug Description: After coming to a complete stop on the motorbike and dismounting, the vehicle can slide down a sloped terrain surface. Date Seen: 23/04/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: N/A
  14. Just found that link on reddit (thanks to /u/SubMachineGG) Not gonna lie, this look pretty sick! The movement/control seems pretty nice What do you guys think ?