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Found 71 results

  1. Basically the title, if I leave PUBG's tab and don't close it my mouse glitches. So in order to click on something my mouse has to be away from it instead of on it. I know its hard to understand but basically my mouse has to be offset from whatever I'm clicking on for it to work. This is getting really annoying when I'm in games. TL;DR : the title
  2. Many players accustomed to use HOLD right mouse button for aiming through the sights. And if you invert PUBG standard alignment: "Aiming from the hip" - toggle mouse2. "Aiming through iron sight" - hold mouse2. "Aiming from the hip" becomes terrible. You can't reset it, by holding mouse2 and start "Aiming through iron sight". At first you must disable "Aiming from the hip" by toggling mouse2. There is a proposal to cross the SNEAKY WALK and "Aiming from the hip". In General, the sentence with the following: 1. When you hold the SNEAKY WALK you enter the state of "Aiming from the hip". 2. Add to options "Aiming through iron sight" by HOLD mouse2 or TOGGLE. (ONLY ONE COMMAND BIND TO MOUSE2(or another key)) P.S. OR Only 2 option. Without SNEAKY+HIP AIM. I dont really want to use mouse2 for "Aiming from the hip". Only for "Aiming through iron sight".
  3. Controller UI taking over!!!

    TL:DR There is no function to disable a controller and now it's basically taking over and ruining my game. Problem: Controller plugged in, taking over UI. Reproduction: Open game with controller plugged in. Solution: Ingame function to disable controller??? I have my XBOX controller plugged in while playing. I never used it to play Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. It's always been a problem though. First problems started with not being able to disable vibrationmechanics. Then in the later few patches, the UI from the controller scheme is starting to take over my game. I can't see the menu anymore, it simply says Press A to return to game, and Press B to exit to menu. And for some reason it also works with keyboard presses. I cannot spectate my fellow teammates anymore, because the only option there is "Press A to return to menu". What I need is a way to disable my controller all together, without me having to get up and walk every single time. And yes, my PC is in another room, I'm behind an L table. That makes a total of 10 meters back and forth whenever I want to play PUBG, not to talk about the damage caused to the connection itself, from all the replugging I would have to do. // JustinCaseDK out //
  4. A UI suggestion for the controls - Off the bat after launching the game and heading to the controls menu. Each control like on-ground and vehicle needs their own tabs like in Battlefield because they have so many key binds. This also makes it where multiple keybinds can be used and not cancel each other out. For example, having 'jump keybinded space' but then 'hand-brake keybinded to space' as well but for the vehicle does not work at the same time.
  5. Happens 25% of the time

    This has only happened to me a couple of time and my friends a few times, but its like the screen is frozen on an invisible inventory screen and there is nothing you can do but exit the match, because you can only look in that one direction. It happens to me usually when i'm looking in my inventory just before it goes to the plane. if i can get a screen shot or clip i will update my topic with it. Date Seen: Sept 9/2017 Server: Live NA Error Message: None Other Information: All in the post Troubleshooting Attempted: I hit every button and checked all settings. Launch Options: Nope System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 (64 bit) Graphics Card: AMD R9 360 (runs the 50fps or above on min settings) CPU: I7-6700 Ram:16 GB DDR3 Hardware: Mouse: Logitech G402 Keyboard: Logitech G910 Orion Spark
  6. mouse bug

    i have a problem when i am looting, or when i am at the menu, to click on smth i have to put my mouse like 30 degree to the right and up it happens since the new update hope you fix this and of course keep working on the FPS.
  7. Alt tabbing to something like the steam chat window, replying, closing the window and then pressing anything out in windows will fire the mouse. Pretty inconvenient since it gives your position away instantly.
  8. Bloody mouse

    Добрый вечер всем. Интересует вопрос о легальности использования макросов для мышки A4Tech Bloody. Дают ли за это бан или нет? На ПК кроме этой игры стоят и другие игры где это используется. Не будет ли античит ругаться на него или придется выключать данный драйвер производителя мышки перед игрой? Просьба ответить кого-нибудь из саппорта.
  9. About 30% of the time in any given game, my mouse buttons become unresponsive for short periods of time (10-30 seconds). I can still look and move and interact with the environment (open doors, pick up loot, etc) so I don't believe this is a lag issue. Essentially I will be trying to aim or un-aim, or trying to shoot, and clicking, even repeatedly, fails to produce a response in-game, often leaving me staring at an enemy in my crosshairs unable to either shoot or zoom out so I can maneuver/unable to zoom in when I see an enemy across the way. Date Seen: As recently as 8/27/17, but has been in game since launch. Server: North America, both 3rd PP and 1st PP No error message Troubleshooting attempted: I have tried using several different mouses I own and all of them experience the same issue. I also run the game on minimum settings. Tried remapping key bindings to other keys on the keyboard, those keys then become unresponsive in the same way the mouse clicks do. OS: Win 10 64 bit Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ @ 2.6GHz (8 CPUS) RAM: 16384 MB
  10. While in fullscreen I have no mouse cursor, I can highlight and click on buttons but the cursor is invisible. I can see the cursor while in windowed-borderless mode but I cannot play the game in windowed mode because it forces the game to a 4k resolution that gives very low fps. I have tried compatibility mode, changing windows text scaling, changing DirectX versions, and all other methods I could find online but still nothing has solved this issue. please help!
  11. Question attached in poll: Does your mouse click not make the gun fire more often than not?
  12. Since yesterday my mouse is decalibarte, like i have to mouse over to the right of a button to click on something. It's like every trigger was move a little bit more to the right than the actual button. I tried to uninstall/reinstall and it's still the same thing. I can still play, but it's kand of annoying because i can't quit proprely without (alt + F4) since the quit button is in the top-right of the screen. P.S. sorry english is not my first language and for the lack of screenshot.
  13. Right Click Buggy As Hell

    Date Seen:25/08/2017 Server: Live EU Server Error Message: No error message Other Information: Right click button on mouse doesn't function once in game. Functions fine on spawn island but as soon as I try to use from inventory it doesn't do anything. There's about a 30% chance that I will be able to ADS with it. Troubleshooting Attempted: Changing resolution from Fullscreen to Fullscreen Windowed and back to Fullscreen again. Ran game as administrator through steam Ran game directly through steam Ran game as admin from .exe Changed mouse to see if it was the mouse or the game Checked both mice in a different FPS and found no issues whatsoever. Launch Options: None Changed System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia 1080 gtx 8gb CPU: i7 6700 Ram: 8gb DDR3 @3000mhz
  14. Mouse Cursor Bug

    Hello, First off, incredible game. Love it! Have great times playing with friends and solo. However, I keep having a very annoying issue while playing. Almost every round of PUBG I play, when I click to shoot, my mouse cursor will randomly click off of the screen. For instance, I see someone, I click to shoot, and I instantly cannot move(not lag). My mouse jumps off the screen. I have tested it many times randomly, and it still happens. I have attempted to re-enact this before the match begins. I click to punch repeatedly, and the cursor jumps off the screen. The mouse will jump out of the game and into windows. It will not minimize but the mouse will come up, and I have to click back into to the match. I am playing in full screen. This has happened while playing on one and two monitors(I've unplugged one to see if a double monitor setup was causing it. Happens regardless if there are two monitors). When I started playing PUBG, I noticed the bug while I was running Windows 7 Enterprise with an R9 290. I figured it might have been a Windows 7 and R9 290 bug, so I upgraded graphics cards to a GTX 1080 and Windows 10 Pro. Much better graphics and higher FPS but I still have the same issues. Please help. I will try to take a recording of this happening to post as a reply in this thread. Current PC Specs OS: Windows 10 Pro - Version 1703 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.00GHz Memory: 16.0 GB MotherBoard: Maximus VII Hero
  15. Hi everyone, We are the two people behind ProSettings.net. As some of you might know, we are huge shooter fans and so it has been long overdue that we do our research and analysis on PUBG as well. But first, let me tell you what we do: ProSettings.net is a resource for people who are interested in finding the best settings and gaming gear for competitive games. We research the settings (like sensitivity or DPI) and gear (like monitors, or mice) of professional players and analyze them. You can see an example of our list of CS:GO Settings here and analysis here. Now, we are doing the same for PUBG as well. You can find the PUBG Settings and Gear List here. But first we must gather data! This is still just a work in progress. So we really appreciate your comments. Is there anything wrong with the data? Are there any important players missing? Let us know! Please feel free to leave a comment here or contact us on Twitter @ProSettings Thank you so much. We want to support PUBG as much as possible. Just loving the game right now.
  16. Mouse Sensitivity FPP vs TPP

    For me, there is a difference in rotation for my general mouse sensitivity (when comparing FPP and TPP). If I completely move my mouse over my mousepad from left to right at the 50% setting, I get the following results: - FPP: around 380° rotation - TPP: around 315° rotation Should the rotation not be the same for FPP and TPP?
  17. FPS Drops & Low Frame Rate Issues

    after the latest game update and Nvidia driver update (384.94), I'm suffering serious fps drop whenever I move my mouse rapidly. when i first experience this issue, i thought it was a problem with my mouse but it wasn't. fps drops around 20. i used to have around 100 before the game update. my computer spec is i7 5820K @ 4.1Ghz 32GB RAM GTX 1080ti Windows 10 mouse: Corsair M45 using ultra option except shadow lowest, 1920*1080 resolution. I've changed my graphic options but interestingly, it gets worse. i used to stream using shadowplay, even i turn off the stream didn't get better. New post template: Date Seen:since the latest update, maybe 4 days? Server: Live server Other Information:described above Launch Options: nothing. System Specifications: i7 5820K @ 4.1Ghz 32GB RAM GTX 1080ti Windows 10 mouse: Corsair M45
  18. I have a consistent UI bug when I run the game in full screen mode while I have my Windows Taskbar in the top screen position. The mouse cursor renders an inch or so below where it should be. This makes it difficult to click buttons on the UI because the bug makes it so you need to click below where a button is located rather than clicking on the button itself. You can probably recreate this bug by moving your Windows Taskbar to the the top position. I usually play in 1920x1080 if that helps. The temporary fix is to move my taskbar to the bottom position while I am playing the game, but I'd prefer not to have to do that. You can also temporarily fix this bug by setting the resolution to a lower setting, then resetting it back to 1920x1080, but the bug re-occurs as soon as you play a game and reload back into the main menu UI.
  19. Mouse Bug

    So, I just came out of a match and suddenly my mouse is having an issue where it constantly keeps moving upwards to the left. You can move the mouse but it'll immediately start moving again. It's only seemingly happening in the game. It stops when the moment I close the game and starts the moment I open it. I've tried turning my mouse off and back on, I've tried restarting the game and my pc and I've tried verifying my game's cache in steam. Tried looking up any solution, couldn't find anything. I've not encountered this issue or anything like it before and it really did seem to just suddenly happen, no obvious cause. Thanks for your help with the matter.
  20. Bonjour, Since I put my taskbar on top of my PC, my cursor is offset from where it points, when I put my bar down, the bug is set, it would be cool that it is patched because it is Enough evervantant for loot, U can see the diffrence with this screenshoot : thx for this game, have a nice day,
  21. The location of the mouse on the screen is off from where the effect of the mouse is actually taking place
  22. Hi, I have the following problem: I'm starting pubg as usual and I can start a game normally. I have no problems on the loading island, as well as when I'm jumping out of the plane. BUT as soon as I land I can't move my mouse up or down. I can look to the right and left thou. My character looks up and down when I move the mouse out or down, but the HUD-point in the middel is always at the same horizontal line. Please help me with this problem... the game is not playable like that Thank you for your help, Aeon
  23. Hello, I am using a Logitech G300s mouse with the ASUS Republic Of Gaming laptop to play the game. I don't know what happened or what caused this huge uncalibrated mouse only with-in the game. As seen by the pictures and video attached to help show what I mean, I know I explained it terribly, the mouse has to be so far away from what I want to click. This is also while in the inventory and searching piles, this has gotten me killed because I grabbed the wrong thing while trying to quickly grab a gun, and the difference made me grab something else. PLEASE HELP ME FIX IF YOU KNOW HOW TO. I love this game already but it is difficult to play because of this since frustration builds from getting killed because of it.
  24. like it seems a little cheap to just see the standard mouse cursor when in the game's menus
  25. Date Seen: 8/4/2017 Server: SEA Error Message: Not yet crash Other Information: Plugged Razer Naga Hex v.2 mouse ,Enter game Normal FPS around 40 but by moving the mouse FPS drop extremely to 1~5 FPS.I do it with other mouse.There's no more FPS drop. Troubleshooting Attempted: Done , not working So I use Logitech mouse to play Launch Options: -malloc=system +mat_antialias 0 window -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=16000 -force-feature-level-11-0 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GeForce 940M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U @2.20 GHz Ram: 16.0 GB