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Found 3 results

  1. MSI laptop turbo fan problem

    i using a msi gaming laptop with turbo fan featue. i opening turbo fan first and launchin game. but sometimes when i'm in the game my turbo fan randomly closing. it's only when i playing pubg . can u help me? because when cloesin my turbo fan, my cpu up to 80 celsius and i m scaring this my laptop Msi ge72 vr 6rf apache pro
  2. Consistent mid-round crashes and BSOD

    It's obvious this game is plaguing a lot of people with in game crashes. I just read that the next update has been pushed to aug 3rd to address the client crash issue for the internal build. Anybody have any info if this is trying to solve the crashing issue? I've tried literally everything you can think of. My computer stats are above the preferred recommended performance. I have a x370 msi motherboard with a ryzen 1700x processor (16gb ddr4 ram) and msi 1060 6gb graphics card. The game crashes all the time. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Steam and Battlegrounds, played with settings all over the computer i'll never fully comprehend, and sent a ticket to en masse as well and tried all their t/s'ing stuff. Verified files the whole 9. I'm just listing my build and seeing if someone out there has come across the same thing. Just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks at this point. I would appreciate any other help. Like I said I've tried literally all the tips on this site and what en masse said. The game just doesn't wanna work. I've removed my firewall settings and I dunno I'm out of options. The only games I finish is when I die before the game crashes.
  3. HI guys i would like to desperately ask You for help. I have been having issues with this game regardless very decent specs. Multiple rebooting used to be the solution for last couple of days but it seems to no longer work . Whenever i launch the game, the black screen with BLUEHOLE logo loads up full screen, then the window shrinks once i get to main menu. I attach a screenshot explaining it all. I have only 3 basic resolution options to chose (800*600, 1024*720, 1920*1080), besides that the game seems to work as normal, but if i get into the game, my fps is horrible and game feels veeery rough - i get like 19 fps. The lower resolution i set, the smaller the window gets, outside of window stays unchanged and i can use desktop as normal without ALT TABBING the game although its set to full screen as you can see. Please guys, help as I am desperately trying to find a solution. Steps already taken: Complete Windows reinstall Game re-downloaded All drivers updated Power plan set to high performance Deleted AMD Crimson Relive Deleted AMD Raptr My specs: CPU: Intel i7 6700K SKYLAKE 4.00 GHZ GPU: AMD MSI RADEON R9 390 series 8 GDDR5 MB: MSI z170a m5 gaming RAM: Corsair Predator 16GB (8x2) SSD1 System: Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD2 Games/Programs: Kingston HyperX 480 GB LIQUID COOLING: Corsair H100i v2 PSU: Corsair AX 860 Modular HDD 8TB STORAGE