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Found 6 results

  1. My suggestion is simple and straight forward. Can we please get the russian Kobra 1X sight for the most guns ingame? Kobra offers a better tracking imo and certain guns with high recoil and spread values would be easier to be controled when adsing compared to red dot. Also it can add some diversity in the gameplay and the gunfights. For anyone who doesnt know how Kobra looks like is basically a T shaped sight ,i am also linking a pic of the Kobra sight from another game (bf3) to get a better idea how it looks like. Cheers
  2. Glitched 15X Scope?

    So just witnessed a glitch where a diagonal line was crossing through the x15? I wasnt able to get a screenshot because i was mid gun fight? is any one else able to test this somehow?
  3. Optics

    I think it would be pretty cool to be able to use optics as if they were binoculars, if you don't have a gun that will accept them as an attachment. Often, I leave a town with shotguns, and pistols, and have an 8x in my bag, it'd be nice to be able to scope in and see if a town had, or is being looted despite not having a gun for the range.
  4. Couldn't find anything directly dedicated to this, so i'm just gonna throw it out there. I like fighting in the hills, there's just one problem - Do you see it?
  5. Binoculars from the start

    It'd make sense to let all players have a simple x4 or x6 pair of binoculars from the get-go, so that they can be aware of distant activity without making everyone just turn into instant snipers, don't you think? Besides, there's nothing better than proning at the crest of a hill surveying a base/area through binocs to work out how best to make your approach... Plus, if you have no scoped weapons and there is a nearby threat, you've got added strategy of choosing whether to stick with your weapon and hope for the best, or switch to your field glasses to get a better idea of that threat, with the risk that if they know you are there, they'll get the first shot off because you have to switch back to a gun before shooting. Risk vs reward. Pictures from other games, obviously!
  6. Right so I have a few hours in single, duo and as a group. There is one thing that I thought would benefit the game. Fewer optics. They are honestly a crutch and I think should be something rare, like a 'Holy shit a fucking 4x' rather than stockpiling red dots like theyre on sale. Seeing as optics are mostly used for spotting I would prefer to see a set of binos and maybe monocular, they could have better fields of view but are only good for scouting and spotting, it could take the melee spot. Again, I think we need fewer assult rifles, they are very powerful out to a few hundred meters. Perhaps a couple of lever action rifles and more bolt actions with reduced damage.