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Found 41 results

  1. Hey! Has anyone tested the new drivers for geforce Geforce Game Ready Driver 391.24 (03/20/2018) that came out today? I am afraid it is gonna ruin the performance again so If anyone tried it out already, I would really appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  2. Every time I read in patch notes that the game has been optimized, I await to find the inevitable nerfed or completely removed features across the maps. BlueHole, when is the dev team going to actually optimize the game properly? You know, without removing doors, walls and other features or objects in the game to reduce load on servers and users systems?! So far whenever you guys talk about optimising, what you actually do is nerf stuff or remove it all together. Yet apparently we all need emotes? EMOTES?! The Twitch viewer numbers don’t lie, the ever increasingly damning reviews don’t lie, the sales figures don’t lie. Popular streamers are all now favouring Fortnite, I fear you have not listened for too long and not addressed important issues in the game and people are tired of it. its a shame to see the game dying already, but can you blame people? I love the game, I just wish you would listen to us all and fix what needs fixing without removing stuff (seriously just don’t) or adding useless and unwanted stuff like Emotes. Thanks. /RANT
  3. Been playing this game off and on since July 2017. When I started playing, as a programmer, myself, I was appalled when I saw the in-game performance in combination with the overall visual fidelity (not great, even by UR 4), and mechanics regarding shooting and combat. However, I was understanding because the game was in early-access phases, and it seemed, for a time, that the devs were churning out updates that actually improved quality of life aspects of the game. While on Christmas vacation, I was incredibly disappointed to discover that the planned release date of late Dec was actually going to happen. I was disappointed because I knew what state the game was in earlier in that month, before I left my gaming rig for the holidays. Performance was bad, with framerates dipping far below 50% of average, being worse during periods of combat (kinda[sarcasm] important to maintain performance during combat for an fps game). Anywhere with more than a couple sizable map objects resulted in extremely noticeable performance dips. Fortunately, there were some periods of combat, if they occurred far enough in the middle of nowhere, that I did not suffer such dips and drops. However, this mattered little, as the server probably wasn't going to register a sizable portion of my shots, regardless. I will only briefly mention vehicle mechanics, as they are terrible and gameplay-ruining more than an acceptable amount, but I don't think they are on the same level of importance as combat-related mechanics. I wondered why in hell did a company with any number of self-respecting programmers, release such a mess. You had to have been aware of these problems, and if not, that is even more worrisome. Now fast forward nearly 2 months after "release", or as I see it, the second beta stage. The performance problems are slightly improved, but not in a terribly meaningful way, since combat is still massively influenced by wildly fluctuating framerates. The server performance/netcode/hitreg (wtv you wish to call it) issue(s) have had zero noticeable improvement; if anything, they have actually become markedly worse, due to increased traffic across your servers in addition to new game features such as replays and death cam. I am all for replays and death cam functions, but they should not come at such a detrimental price, if they are, as I have read, a factor. I saw data two weeks ago, analyzing server performance from PUBG, along with several other games of similar ilk. I won't mention or compare the other titles, as I don't believe them to be material to my point for this game, but the numbers were embarrassingly poor. An average server-side refresh rate of 20hertz. I thought, wow, that's bad, but when I saw how low the refresh rate troughs were, I had to put my glasses on, because I couldn't believe the value. A minimum server-side update of 500ms, or 2hertz. Two...and this was only from a single dataset, so I wonder if it ever hits 1 or 0hertz (goes an entire second or 1000ms without client-to-server communication). It definitely feels like it, sometimes. It really makes me miss the days of 66 and 100tic servers playing Day of Defeat Source in both casual and professional settings, over a decade ago. Now I understand the difference between 32 and 100 players in a server environment. However, I also understand the advancements in server hardware, and in engine quality. Algorithms are technically more advanced (more efficient) than they were in this industry a decade ago, and server power sure as hell is. This only leaves the question, why would you build a game on an engine that was designed for less than a third of the intended player count per match, if you had such inept software engineers who were seemingly incapable of designing code that executed in a reasonable amount of time? Now, I am obviously assuming the reason behind for this massive failure on your part, and it is likely not the full story, but regardless of the precise reason, this is a betrayal of your customers' trust, particularly when you have made as much money as you have, and done so little to rectify these issues. But hey, look on the bright side, we have a new map (one I actually enjoy, though most of my friends do not) which performs just as bad as the first, as many clothes as we can eat, and a cure for my occasional insomnia, in the form of PUBG esports matches. Note, this is coming from an esports participant at the highest levels of competence in DoD:S and WoT. I saw in the most recent patch that some fences were removed on miramar in order to help optimize the map. Great, what are you going to do in the real problem areas such as pozo, leones, etc? Remove all the buildings and map objects until there is nothing left but the ground mesh? This is not a serious attempt at optimization. Nor is the alteration in how the initial plane drops players. How much good does optimizing the spawn plane achieve, when nobody can even fight until they hit the ground, and the plane is basically out of render range? Are you guys even trying? I would be a lot less aggravated by this sort of crap if you guys were not spending so much time releasing different colored boots and advertising ESL dates or apologizing for server outages on your Twitter. I am frustrated, tired, and annoyed, as I am sure you have gleaned from my text. I am absolutely tired of one developer after another, promising and implying good things in the future, only to show no sincere attempt at actually delivering. These days, it seems all a developer can do is release new garbage "content" for players to spend money on, while allowing the core of their products to rot from the inside out. Show us that you understand these core problems exist, and that you care enough to try to fix them. I speak for many other players of similar mindset when I say, we do not want more clothes before our bullets register more than half the time. We do not want more ESL events before the servers stop constantly going offline and before high-end rigs' framerates quit dipping into the 30's and 40's on a regular basis. I apologize to any players who were inclined to read this, as it is intended mainly for any developers or managers/supervisors at Bluehole that care enough to read it, if any exist. I don't expect for all my points to be perfectly coherent, but I hope my general feeling gets across. I am a patient person. I have in the past, waited 7 years for a game to reach maturity, only to be bitterly disappointed and having regretted every second of it. I have waited nearly seven months for this game to become polished. I remain willing to give more time for this to start happening in a meaningful way, but I will be amazed if I can tolerate more than another month or two. I will not waste that much of my time on a sinking ship, again. Devs, you do some things extraordinarily well. I think you have responded quite well to the horde of unfair players and cheaters, and while you have much more to do, I know you have been doing a reasonably good job at combating that, considering the scale of the problem. Your weapon balance is also very solid, although there are certainly a couple of quirky characteristics with certain weapons (Winchester bullet drop, anyone?). I see some of the impressive things you have done in the game, which only boggles my mind when I don't see that talent being applied to performance issues. I hope this is all taken in the spirit with which it was meant. I am here complaining and providing feedback, because I still care enough to be bothered, and I want to see the game improved. And don't worry, I won't be around complaining forever. Keep on your current course, and I will be back to playing BF1 and other more enjoyable games, before you know it. Cheers for allowing me to vent.
  4. Specs: i5 750 2.66 mhz OC @ 3.6 mhz AMD r7 370 2gb 8gb Ram I know my pc is not good but I want to know what I can do do get at least constant fps and get rid of my memory leaks/problems because I have lost too many games on my fps dropping from 60 to 15 in firefights.
  5. PubG on Xbox has come a long way from what it was at launch in a short time. With the forums being active/full of suggestions of how to make the game better, I decided to throw this idea out there. I’d love to see an FPS counter or connection speed monitoring UI on the bottom left of my screen. Of course it would be optional; this idea is brought over from Tom Clancy’s R6 siege. Being able to see when your frame rates drop would allow us to give better/more consistent feedback on where optimization is needed. It would allow us to avoid certain parts of the map that would drop FPS, or certain actions, explosions, smoke, etc. once again this is optional but I think it would be great for those that want to have a smooth run.
  6. Для начала должен спросить у Вас, законно ли это? Говорят что нельзя править файлы .ini, но что если эти правки не сделают тебя сильнее, а сделают комфортней твою игру? Что Вы думаете? Я сейчас говорю о файле GameUserSettings.ini и таком параметре как FrameRateLimit. В игре есть такая проблема как просадка FPS, а на средних процессорах, оно более ощутима, так-как падает ниже значения 25 к/с. Лично меня это жесть как бесило и проблема в том что мой стабильный FPS 50, но игра пыталась выжать больше, из-за чего процессор уставал и уходил отдохнуть в сложные моменты игры вместе с ним и FPS уходил в низ. Из за отсутствия деятельности процессора Дискорд лагал и тиммейтов было не слышно. Помогло решить эту проблему как раз установка ограничения FPS до средне стабильного значения в этом файле, у меня это 50. И все как по маслу, и игра стала нравиться, местами конечно не обойтись без лагов, но вот тут уже не в моем компе дело, а оптимизация игры. И возникает вопрос!? Как вы думаете, законно ли это, ведь разработчики запретили? Если есть разработчики то было бы еще приятней пояснение!) Может стоит посоветовать разработчикам поставить в настройках игры такой пункт, по которому игроки могли бы ставить то значение FPS которое им нужно?

    Bluehole, You've done a great job with Everything optimization related. But please, don't stop now. There is still people out their with well capable mid range rigs barely hitting 60. Theres issues with Windows updates, Nvidia Updates aswell, we know. But please, Keep working your magic and optimizing, polishing up and smoothing out the bumps.
  8. Hi everyone! Please can someone explain me what happens: I have intel i7700K Radeon RX580 8GB RAM SSD disk 240 GB Monitor resolution 2550x1440 I am set medium and even some very low video setting and steel have not much than 60 FPS in the game. Why? What can i do to reach 100-120 FPS?
  9. as i am about to land from jumping out f the plane, the structures have not rendered in. this includes houses, apartments, cars, shacks, shipping containers, EVERYTHING. and i cannot enter them because if i do, i will die from falling. this has been an issue since launch and despite the 4gb updates it has not been resolved. please fix. it’s a game breaking bug that literally decides the game early on.
  10. Loot optimization? Loot nuking.

    Oh boy did the launch of this new map ever revitalize the game. At first I thought it was the map itself, and to an entirely satisfactory extent, it was. A new environment to explore, new secrets to discover, and an unfamiliar layout to learn. But I mean new only lasts so long. After discovering those nooks, crannies and mountain vista camping spots, I've come to the realization that why it was so fun, and the way to maintain that level of excitement and vitality, is to not nuke the loot like you have. The new map is a blast and all, but that freshness becomes stale quick. What hastens this decomposition 10 fold, is running around to the buildings you had previously found to provide excellent, top of the line loot, (and in turn would allow you to move onto the combat portion of the game), and not find even a fraction of what you once had. In my experience these spots are important areas of contention and conflict. They should be hot spots to drop and exciting to find pristine. Yet after this "loot optimization" they've become absolutely drab. We're back to Erangel (with uglier, unappetizing buildings to boot) where it takes 3 kills and 15 minutes of looting to get what you want and need for late game. You can say "This promotes combat" but I'm here to say that no, giving people the weapons they want and the equipment they need, gives them the confidence to go out and find fights. It prevents the unnecessary frustration and tedium of running from yellow patch of (ugly) buildings to yellow patch of (ugly, trust me no one likes entering these eye sore shanties unless there's a fair chance of a 4x) buildings. Combat is not fun when it comes down to "who had the 5% chance to find a scope and who better hope they are Shroud for the next 5 bullets they spray." TL;DR the new map didn't revitalize the game. It's great imo, but the loot surplus is what did it right. You should honestly buff both maps to Miramars state 1-2 "fixes" ago and revert the epic high loot buildings to previous standings.
  11. Я играю на стареньком Athlon II, разогнанном до 3ГГц, купил скромную MSI GeForce 1030 OC, маленький SSD на 60 Гб, оперативку добил до 8 Гб. Оптимизирую потихоньку, захотелось поделиться некоторыми наблюдениями. Оказывается, в программе MSI Afterburner есть отличный монитор ресурсов, который показывает гораздо больше, чем известные мне программы (по крайне мере, больше, чем менеджер задач). А именно: не только загрузку ядер процессора (ЦП), загруженность ОЗУ, но и загруженность графических ядер, видеопамяти, файла подкачки, температуры разных компонентов компа. Мне, например, это позволило сделать два неочевидных вывода: при том, что на компе 8 Гб ОЗУ, файл подкачки был использован по полной, так что я его увеличил с 8 Гб до 16 Гб (разместил на SSD-диске, чтобы побыстрее); кроме того, я увидел, что центральный процессор всё время загружен на 99%, а вот процессоры видеокарты загружены только на 70%, так что я не стал разгонять видюху и даже немного увеличил качество графики в настройках игры. Забавно, что совсем другой режим работы имеет место при нахождении в лобби: тогда ЦПУ отдыхает, а вот видюха прогружается на 100% :-) Возможно, вам программа поможет увидеть какой-то нюанс, который вы не замечали, и немного поднять FPS, сократить лаги или ещё как-то улучшить ощущения от игры.
  12. Optimization on main client

    Guys, we saw on test good optimization, I played with normal fps, so why dont you add on main client only optimization?
  13. The last 500mb updates is awesome, i buying this games 4 times for my friends and i hope there's more updates for game optimization for a player that plays in potato pc like me and my friends xD. How about day to night transition? i think it's gonna be awesome. And maybe a snowy map?
  14. Hello, I'm a big fan of the game, and despite it not being what most people would do, I use an xbox controller on PC. With getting close to 100 hours of PUBG with a controller under my belt, I've come to realize a significant issue that myself, and I assume future console players will run into. The current sensitivity settings system is geared towards only mice. Based on a given sensitivity, any amount I move the stick is essentially tuned for a specific range, so if an enemy is too much closer, or further away, than the given sensitivity setting is calibrated for, aiming becomes substantially more difficult. I understand, the game isn't even fully released yet, and console PUBG has only been on the horizon for a short while, but given that a person using a mouse is able to dynamically vary how fast they spin by simply moving their whole arm faster or slower, and controllers are notoriously "less sensitive", how do you deal with this, without a cheap "aim assist" system? I feel like a simple solution, that both mouse/keyboard and controller users would get a benefit from, would be basing sensitivity settings on the zeroing distance, and could be implemented in one of a few ways. Supplemental to current sensitivity settings:: Each Sensitivity setting would get "sub" sensitity settings for given zeroing distance (valid to the view/optic), and each of the zeroing distance sub settings would probably need to be a percentage of the optic/view sensitivity setting. Issue: unnecessarily complicated to tweak your sensitivity settings Benefit: more accurate for both hardware types Replace current sensitivity: Remove all scope based sensitivity, and make it only based on zeroing distance. In doing this, you would also want to adjust some of the scopes max zeroing distance, based on the magnification of the scope. Issue: constant management of zeroing distance Benefit: it doesn't matter which optic you have on your gun, you can track the person at variable ranges with the same amount of movement Optional Sensitivity Type: Make it so you can choose which sensitivity type you want, based on scope, or based on zeroing distance. Issue: Time and money Benefit: Everyone gets what they want, and they have a headstart on helping the console gamers out Thank you
  15. Reduce View Distance Plz

    Can u reduce the View Distance even more? i'm playing with a FX 8350 4.0 ghz and RX 470 and i have 40-70 fps, i think i should get even more with this game.
  16. optimization

    Dear administration! Please add the optimization for weak computers. Your game is wanted by all users, but the computers can't load the texture of your game. Thank you for your attention!
  17. Question: Should cosmetic loot spawn on the ground in-game? Argument: Clothes REALLY get in the way and should be removed from the game. I'm sure it would also benefit towards the optimization of the game in that hundreds of loot spawns wouldn't need to spawn. Counter Arguement: But that makes the game pay to win. Counter-counter Arguement: You can easily buy a full camo outfit for less than $1 on the steam market, AND you will eventually unlock better clothes for free in-game. So it might encourage people to play more. Conclusion: No, clothes should not spawn on the ground as loot. I only see benifits from removing cosmetic spawns, it makes things easier to pick up, it helps with optimization, and I won't accedently pick up a bright red shirt every game. (I know I can just use tab, but sometimes you just don't have the time)
  18. After the recent update, the game has been lagging as much as it did in the beginning stage of the game. Before this update/patch, it almost seemed if as optimization for this game was nearly complete. Now my screen sometimes freezes in combat with other players (again), lags like crazy when I land my parachute (yup, again), and quite a few times the buildings won't fully load by the time I land so everything looks like smudged cookie dough. Does anyone else experience this? Let me know. Thanks. PC Specs: -8GB RAM -i5 6th gen -NVIDIA GTX 950M -128GB SSD
  19. Kindly optimise the game for Dell inspiron 5567 laptop as i am not getting the required fps on it. The fps i am getting is around 20 to 25 but i should get a fps around 50 to 60 on very low graphics My specs are 7th gen core i7 2.9Ghz, 16 GB RAM, AMD R7 M445 4GB GPU. Regards
  20. Decrease the radius of the shadows! Because of the default shadows on a large radius a low fps. I have the i7 2700k + GTX 580 [GV-N580SO-15I] and at the minimum settings until the last update of the game I had 90-60 fps which allowed me to play comfortably, but after the last update where the shadows were turned on and made it on a large radius, my fps drops to ~60-35, and while driving, everything slows down because of the low loading speed of shadows. If you turned on the default shadows, reduce their radius and the shadows themselves! Play now uncomfortable!
  21. Question about optimization

    Hello, I recently bought PUBG so im fairly new to it. To get right to the point, whenever I jump in to a game it takes minutes for me to load all the textures in. By no means do I have a great computer, mainly my CPU and the RAM is my weakpoint. I can run the game fine though, the only issue I have is in the beginning after landing. All the textures for the buildings aren't loaded in still, i've been told by a friend that he has noticed that game loves SSD which I dont have. Now I wouldn't mind if the texture were not loaded in fully if it wasn't for the fact that im unable to see where the doors are and i am unable to interact with them. I kinda just lag through the walls/doors pretty much. But then the issue is that the floors aren't loaded in either so my character just kinda glides around in mid-air lagging all over the floor and falling through it if im on the second floor and tend to jump too much. Now generally you could abuse this since im unable to see through all the walls and floor I can see players inside the building behind walls or that are under me and simply just jump a tiny bit and fall through the floor and surprise them. Generally it takes about 1-3 minutes to load all the textures in and then I can proceed to play the game as it is meant to be played. The problem though is that the first 1-3 minutes im pretty much unable to do much other than hiding out and waiting for the textures to load in which puts me at a giant disadvantage and also unable to land at any of the high contested locations such as the military facility. This is ofcourse really frustrating and my question is are there any planned optimizations that will hopefully make the textures a lot quicker to load and if so when? I would really like to play the game more freely instead of having to continuously look for the isolated places to land with the parachute. I can provide pictures or computer specs if needed.
  22. I have an i3 6100 3.7 ghz and a rx 460 and I can play other games medium to high setting, (overwatch,fallout4,bf1) yet in PUBG on low my system can't even hit 60 and usually only gets 40 fps. Back on steam forums a lot of people said my system was trash.. but it still should be able to play on low to medium settings.
  23. I play in a very low spec computer and everytime that I pop up the tab menu, my game freezes for a sec because it loads out the character, but, it wouldn't be a issue if we had an option to deactivate this, or at least, when the game renders it follows the same renderscale as the game, cause as it is right now, in the inventory menu he renders at 100% everytime, even with my settings being at 50%. I know that it's there so you can have a quick look at your loadout more easily, but, if you can make this optional, i'm sure people would be grateful for that. Thank you for your attention.
  24. The game is using basically as much resources showing the menu as it is when in-game, and I think that is just damn stupid for a number of reasons: Can't have the game open in the background when doing other heavy stuff as the game drains CPU and GPU. A bunch of heat is generated. Having the game menu open in the background uses about 100 % GPU and 35% CPU on a i7-7700k and GTX 1080. But why is this? I see no reason for why it should use even a small percentage of that. The background seems to be basically static and all that is happening is some movement in the characters. Possible solutions: Render once and reuse the background. Add an option to use a static menu without animations, basically just an image that is updated with team and wardrobe changes. I would love to have it open in the background when waiting for friends to join without it making my computer half useless.
  25. Ryzen optimization

    I know you guys are super busy working on content and adding features to the game but I just want to make sure that optimization for the ryzen architecture is somewhere on the list down the line I just built a system with a ryzen 1700 in it (working on the overclock rn) and I'm hoping it will eventually manifest as amazing performance as my ryzen currently bottlenecks my 1070 in this game.