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Found 4 results

  1. Was couriously bored last night so I decided to try out the shotguns with and without choke. Shot both from where player is standing. Left spread: without choke right spread: with choke. Choke does way more then I really though it did as far as grouping. Almost essential to have it.
  2. ---Warning my English really bad--- I have some idea for new map. I think if we put vietnam forest into the game it will look great and fun to play because it like you in vietnam war. If you think differently from me you can share your idea too. About map Vietnam forest have many type of tree such as Banana tree and you can use in to hide,ambush. It will keep you excited all the time. when you have to walk through the fields with lots of trees and shrubs so don't forget about marsh too. you can find some wooden house around the map it was a vietnam house style it can be burn by Molotov Cocktail and this map will have viet Cong underground tunnel that can surprise you all the time. Redzone redzone change to napalm strike. Weapons AIRDROP ONLY M79 Grenade launcher - add new type of ammo in game M406 40 mm HE and smoke grenade AIRDROP ONLY M60 Machine Gun instead M249 BUT M60 USE 7.62 AMMO NOT 5.56 COMMON MAT-49 Submachine Gun 9mm ammo COMMON M16A1 5.56mm ammo BUT Only 20 Round Magazine + 10 Extended Mag VEHICLE M151A1 "JEEP" 4 SEAT PBR Mark II 4 SEAT (MAYBE?) With out Machine Gun Turret MH-6 Little Bird (With out gun Only for transpot ) And last one Harley Davidson J Series instead Normal Motorcycle OR Norton 16H THANK FOR READING. HOPE DEV SEE THIS AND CONSIDER ABOUT THIS LOVE YOU ALL
  3. Black squares on scopes With picture

    Whenever using any type of scope of any kind a black square will flicker.
  4. Killfeed Details

    Greetings, It would be great to see in the killfeed the distance of the kill and possibly even a picture of the weapon used... In some instances it may help with spotting hackers. e.g. kills with pistols over very long distances etc. Here's an example - obviously you'd want to change the layout a bit. CP out