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Found 35 results

  1. The fire behind the plane right after starting island is caused by the players still burning from the Molotov. I'm really surprised I couldn't seem to find this bug anywhere on here. Even tough it might seem like a simple fix I think it's wierd that it haven't been adressed yet.
  2. I'm just looking for some people I can play with who are chill, we don't have to win. I usually go around, try to find people and face them rather than playing safe so if you want to have fun and if you're more casual than serious hit me up. I play on EU.
  3. Looking for Players

    looking for people to play with that speak english and play on NA or EU servers.
  4. Public discord

    I've made a public discord for everyone to join who is seeking a team to play duos, squad or just wanna chat and chill with other PUBG players https://discord.gg/cG4zF3W
  5. I was playing a game earlier this week where I was duoing with a friend, and we were in two pretty distant locations (still could see each other on the minimap, but we were by no means close). Right as I revealed myself behind cover I got instantly headshot, and my duo partner did too. From the same guy. But we were very far apart. My conclusion is that A) he's hacking, or B) there's a bug where if one person goes down then you both die instantly. Either way it would be much appreciated if it got addressed. Here's a link to the video I posted on my channel about it:
  6. So i noticed since i started playing that this is the only game i have ever played where lose-lose situations are the most common thing possible, example- i was playing and had good gear and good guns and some guy i saw went to hide in a shed and the barrier was about to start moving, i threw a grenade and killed him and started on my way to get to the next circle, the barrier closed in on me and i died just short of reaching the new barrier. conclusion- there was literally only 2 options for that match, ether A) run and get distance before it closes in and lose to said guy coming out and doing the same thing and seeing me running and gunning me down from afar B) lob a grenade at him and kill him and die to the barrier because of its speed i wanna hear some lose-lose situations that you have had, and dont say its not common its beyond common, its almost every game around 75% of the players in a match end with a lose-lose situation where they cannot win even if they somehow had a way.
  7. Hi, I`m a 14 year old Norwegian boy looking for people to play duo or squad with. I know English very well even though I can speak a bit slurry sometimes. I have clocked in 24 hours in the game and I`m kinda decent, i guess.. My preferred communication methods are twitch or discord. Feel free to add me on steam, just tell me that you wanna play PUBG so i know. My steam name is emilwie, steam nickname is Borb, and ingame name is runketryne.
  8. MYTHIC PUBG || Join and be Immortal Attention Players! Are you looking for a server that knows what it's doing? Well, I'm here to tell you that MYTHIC is that server! With over 300 joined members you can benefit from a strong, stable, and fast-growing community with professional staff who do NOT abuse their player base. What do you say, Arcanist? Will you join us? Other Important Aspects of MYTHIC: We actually listen to our player base! If you want something changed or added, we will happily consider putting it to a community vote. We listen to everyone. Because it's important enough to bear repeating, our staff is professional. We train all staff to handle whatever might come our way to ensure that you, our player base, can have a wonderful time within our community and on our servers. If you tire of PUBG or want to branch out to other games, we also host servers for Dark N Light, Conan, ARK and others, and are always looking for suggestions regarding any other servers our players want to see. MYTHIC community Details Direct PUBG server connection! https://discord.gg/Fw8yy5 Our Forums: MYTHIC forums[dawnofthephoenix.boards.net] Our SteamGroup: Mythic Community Steam group Our discord: https://discord.gg/2PaPSb3
  9. Steam Friend/Recent Player Integration

    Everytime I find a good group of people that I would like to continue playing with in future, I tend to lose them. All of this due to the fact that I cannot find them after the match. PuBG does not show up as a "Recently Played Game" under Steam -> View -> Players. So I cannot go back and find people I just played with. I have also tried finding them on the Steam ID's they provided, but the lists are in excess of 1000+ players, all using similar names, so you never know which one it is. Why does PuBG not show up correctly, so that we can track down people and continue playing with them?
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Pubg_stars Hi Survivors! PUBG ⭐️Stars⭐ Looking for players and members! TeamsSpeak 3: We want to extend our team with some people to play around. We prefer players from EU because of the timezone. We have a teamspeak server too where you can join and find partner for Duo & Squad. Just we need to fill up with our community! The teamspeak is also suitable for other games, and other players too. If someone got friend to play with and he/she is a PUBG ⭐️Stars⭐Member then we can make also private room. PUBG ⭐️Stars⭐TeamsSpeak 3: If the staff members not available then just comment under this post! We hope we see you soon!
  11. Earlier today, I was playing a match and was in the top ~12 players left, where the circle was closing in on an open field. As with such circles, this usually evolves into having most players crawling around in the dirt. And I was crawling. I could see some movement over in the distance; figured that someone else would kill whoever was sticking his head up, so I just kept on crawling. And then... I bumped into something. Now, let me say again, this was out in the middle of a flat field with nothing but grass around, yet there was a weird, egg-shaped, person-sized region in the dirt that I could not move through. The way how collision detection was working reminded me of what happens in Spawn Island if you try to move through another player; you simply get pushed away. The same thing was happening here. I crawled around it and tried crawling through/over it from all angles, yet the invisible region seemed absolutely impenetrable. At this point, my fascination turned into the question, "Could this be a player?" I started shooting at it with my pistol and half a second later there was an incredibly loud shotgun blast to my face, and I was just dead. Yup, it must have been a player. At this point, I'm still not sure what to make of it. Was the player invisible? Was he slightly below the map? The way how the other player took many seconds of allowing me to crawl all over him leads me to believe that it may have been intentional on his part, but who knows. I find it odd that I could see other players in the distance but not someone half an inch away. Here's dxDiag, for those who might be interested. I did just update my video drivers a day or two ago. Possibly related? PS, this all happened on Sosnovka Island, all the way to the west in the field that is past all the roads, south of the cluster of ~5 houses. I wouldn't know how to reproduce this as I play solo and doubt I would have much luck getting a random player to cooperate for experimentation!
  12. Hey, Just played duo's and my random partner died earlier in the game. It's down to the final circle and I'm lying there after killing someone healing up. I'm there thinking it's just me and one guy... but I cant see him anywhere and he hasn't merc'd me yet... so after a bit I get up and run around the circle looking in all the grass and bushes for the last player but there wasn't anyone. The final circle closes in on me and its just me standing in the middle trying to suck in my fat gut.... until I died. I then I get 2nd place "better luck next time" screen. This would have been one of my few ever wins, and first duo win, I was hungry for that fine fried chicken dinner! Anyone else get this?
  13. looking for people to play pubg with? just started a discord group drop in if your over 18+ have a mic and want play some games https://discord.gg/g6nDtC
  14. Hello! I'm posting a new topic on our new YouTube channel MKR Gaming! A fun YouTube channel hosted by me and my buddies Sam and Thomas! We are looking to grow our discord and feature everyone in our squad PUBG YouTube videos! We are in it to win it so make sure you are experienced and know how to win! Here's our new channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNwnFTNnrFDFYjm9_9mdCg Here's our first video! (kind critisicm is always welcome! videos will get better and better as we grow our channel!)
  15. I'm looking for players to play with my, from SA. I'm from brazil and want play with you. I'm a newbie, so keep calm. http://steamcommunity.com/id/roneman/
  16. we are looking for 3 competitive players to join our team, requirements are 18 or older, must be a competitive player and a teamplayer, good aim and you have to have game sens. EU players only and prefer Dutch players. of course there will be trails (2 or 3 games) you can add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/zerzain
  17. Hi girls/guys! I'm looking for friendly and skilled players to play some duo's squad games! I live in UK and speak English, POLISH and little bit Russian LOL. I'm looking for players who enjoy the game and have a laugh but also have a competitive edge to them and would prefer people with mics for better communication. I look forward to playing with you and feel free to say Hi!!!! and add me on steam!!!! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999872627/ Regards R.
  18. hey, i jusy bought the game today, and i really like it. the only problem i have is, i can't find the option how i can make the voices come though my headset instead of over my boxes. how do i change this? so the game sounds are coming through my stereo and peoples voices over my headset? it would help me alot thanks!
  19. 3 player teams/TRIOs ???

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has heard about teams of 3? It would be great to play with 2 of my friends (total of 3 people) and play in squads, WITHOUT BEING AT A DISADVANTAGE straight out the gate. I always felt it was strange how they skipped over TRIOs(teams of 3 players). Solo, Duo, Squad. Its like they are trolling us haha
  20. New community team for PUBG

    Hey guys Phantom here, just wanted to inform the community that there is a new team/ community forming. We are calling ourselves Royal Gaming. Message me on here or on discord for more information. Thanks!
  21. I have looked, but not found it anywhere. When you play a game on Steam you can see which game your friends are playing. I think it could be nice to see in the PUB lobby how many people are left in the game my friends are playing. This would help me to see if I should wait for them to finish and for how long before we can play duo or squad.
  22. Hey guys. have been playing this game alone for some days now, but I really want to try out the squad play. Duo or any number of players possible. Add me on steam and send a message if you are up to. No requirements. Just want to experience the game in a new fun way. The steam name is "lancelobato". My profile pick is a velociraptor.
  23. Dedicated servers

    Dedicated servers I would love to see dedicated servers added, it would allow for plugins, roleplay servers, higher loot, more pvp, more weapons, ect.