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Found 6 results

  1. Character positioning is worse than before

    Rolled up to a house and cleared the majority of it. After entering a room I was pelted with bullets and saw my killer behind my shoulder facing the window and not me. I checked the replay and sure enough, his model shows him looking outside the window the entire time. Bullets are sprayed all over the place behind his model, but in front of mine, indicating that he was shooting at me from the corner I was looking at. But, there was no one there. Replay confirmed that his model was indeed on the opposite side of the room and that he was able to move/loot me while his model was in the room. See below for proof. Gif: If gfycat is slow for you, you can view the video regarding this bug by clicking here.
  2. Distance Info Next to Nickname

    Hello bros and sisters, I'm gonna suggest something basic. As you can see the title, I want to see distance information about my teammate's position next to his nickname. This can be prevent some bad things such friendly fire. (The only bad thing ) Is it a good suggestion? I mean this is so innocent. Nothing will be affected so deeply. Have a nice day.
  3. Fixed position bug

    I landed on the begin island. When I tried moveing i could only move in fixed directions, I could not change my directions by useing my mouse.
  4. If you have the windows taskbar located on the top the UI in FULLSCREEN will have problems with the mouse position, its like dont recalculate the position of the mouse depending of the taskbar position in the window. So everytime i open the game i have to move my taskbar from the top to the bottom.
  5. hit direction indicator

    Hello, the game is really awesome but it really needs a better indicator for battles if you got hitted. Sometimes it´s very difficult to hear from which direction the enemies shooting from. When you got shotted in the real life you also know from direction the bullet came. So a better indicator like in COD would fix this problem. (sorry for my bad english)
  6. Hello PU community I would like to share my opinion about shoulder view in BG . Over the games i've played the past 3 weekends there wasn't much that I felt was wrong or missing in your game , excluding what you already changed/are planning to change , except one thing , changing shoulder view *without aiming* . I have been playing alot of TPS games since I am like 10 back when the 2nd socom came out on PS2 and I just feel like something is wrong when I have to aim to change the shoulder view as i'm checking the corners on my left it feels very awkward I'm not sure if it was unintentional/you didn't deem it nescessary/still working on the feature but honestly I am surprised that there isn't more people asking about it . Not only does it feel awkward but a couple of times that I switched over my view while aiming to peak a corner then just finished fighting or just went on my way and happened not to aim for a couple minutes I forgot that my aim was still switched over and then got into another fight and died as a result . While I understand that it is primarly my fault for forgetting obviously , I still feel like something better could be done because in my eyes shoulder view switching in a TPS is mandatory and shouldn't require you to aim to do so Thank you