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Found 1,111 results

  1. PUBG Youtube Videos UNGS Clan

    Hello everyone Our clan UNGS been around since 2007 in 2008 we took part in MLG, couple years past and 90% of members dropped out and left xbox, but the main group stayed around me been the founder and the co founder. both leaders and few members.. Our forza H 3 GROUP as 165 members, but then PUBG came along and its all kicking off again PUBG Members are growning to 25+ and people joining up all the time.... Why this post then... UNGS is also on the look out for new members but we have some rules ! UNGS wants members video clips to be made into youtube clips, for our brand new youtube channel. Why join us ? Game with a great bunch of people, nearly there someone online 24/7 Rules Instant Ban for hate speech related to ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, life choice, political inclination or slurs of any kind., Harassing and personally threatening , No Spamming.. Be Friendly and Polite We are only based on xbox one, xbox one s, and the xbox one x. So sorry guys No pc gamers yet, unless someone wants to start PC UNGS ? UNGS Closed facebook group and also on twitter just drop your name below and i get back to yous Link to our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuhgzL662_9sZiKv9ywkHZw
  2. Thanks BlueBalls. I mean ''Bluehole''. The patch has been marvellous so far. I know everyone moans when it goes to shit, but are lack of praise when it goes well. ANd I hope I dont speak too soon ? But since patch 11 everything seems to work better, look better and god darn it play better. Thank you BlueHole. (Why is it Blue?)
  3. Собственно сабж. ReShade, вроде как, был запрещен (если я ничего не пропустил), но им продолжают пользоваться многие. Так запрещен он или нет? p.s. Ничего против не имею, просто хочу сам юзать, вместо NVFreestyle. p.s.s. Если запрещен, то поделитесь своими настройками NVFreestyle. (Да, да, в нэте полно СЫРОЙ и НЕЮЗАБЕЛЬНОЙ инфы от каких-то NoName, дабы хайпануть на теме.)
  4. Hey I’m jumping on my mixer for a quick live stream with a few other steamers! Join in me now! mixer.com/NoBamaBama
  5. Привет, дорогие друзья! ДОСЛУШАЙТЕ ЭТОТ РАЗГОВОР ДО КОНЦА И ВЫ НЕ ПОЖАЛЕЕТЕ! В этом видео вы услышите о том, что на самом деле творится в нашей любимой игре! Вы думали что разрабы борются с читерами!? Делают АНТИЧИТ! Да хрен там...нифига! Читеров примерно 80%, остальные это мы...честные игроки! Так что делайте выводы ребята...играть в это или нет!
  6. Pro Player Highlight Vid

    Hey guys, I wanted to share my 1st highlight video, these a just a few clips I put together from the last few days. The video isn't finalized, but I wanted to share with you guys and get some feedback or even provide tips. Thanks again everyone ✌ this is was also like a test upload to make sure everything would render right and upload.
  7. Looking for a du partner to play with today for xbox one. i have been playing pubg on xbox for a while now. And would like to have some more people to play pubg with. My gamertag is Tukkert Grandpa (the name is an inside joke among my friends). message me on either xbox or here.
  8. grenades

    you guys should fix the grenades because u can hold on to it for as long as you want and i was running away from a grenade and i was pretty far away from it and it needs day an night on here more building more guns
  9. Clan Wars?

    Is it possible if we could have a feature added for Clans and clan wars. So teams can form and compete for Top Rank on the XBOX ONE. With leader boards for the clans?
  10. Clan Wars?

    Is it possible if we could have a feature added for Clans and clan wars. So teams can form and compete for Top Rank on the XBOX ONE. With leader boards for the clans?
  11. Hey! Has anyone tested the new drivers for geforce Geforce Game Ready Driver 391.24 (03/20/2018) that came out today? I am afraid it is gonna ruin the performance again so If anyone tried it out already, I would really appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  12. There are way too many threads in this forum, complaining about the performance of the game and also to many answers arguing, that this game is still in early access. While true, this is not really a valid answer here. In fact, everyone who paid the 30$ to get access to the game has a reason to be salty, but I have never seen anyone getting to the point. So here is what I think about it: The game is sold as “early Access”. This is a major flaw in Blueholes strategy and this also is the reason why a lot get upset (even if they don’t realize it). Let’s start with a definition of early access – by Wikipedia (others are very similar to this…): “Early access […], is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can pay for a game in the various development cycles (pre-alpha, alpha, beta) and obtain access to the pre-full release versions of the game, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue work on the game.” Please note: Early Access is a funding model! This is a big point, because the Early Access today is often misused not for funding but for pre-selling copies of the game. The company using this selling strategy can sell an unfinished product. If an Indie Developer does this (e.g. Astroneer by System Era), they must have a big motivation to go on developing the game and make it something that will become really nice once finished. In the Game Astroneer this happens – the game came to early access at it’s basics and features are tested, tweaked, new stuff is introduced, the game is actually being developed (and still in early access)! PUBG on the other hand has less development but more bug- and performance fixing. It’s literally a port from PC with some tweaking, so we do not have “real development” in the XBOX version. On top of it, with the success PUBG had on PC, Bluehole did not need a funding for the Console-port. So it is safe to say: Early Access here was not chosen as a funding-strategy but a selling-strategy (be honest… how many % will buy the game after release…? This clearly was not the scope of this) … What is the risk coming with this? Let’s look at the game “The Culling” (The first Battle Royale game on XBOX – I loved it!) The Culling was also a Early Access game on XBOX and at the beginning got quite a lot of work done. The longer it continued, the worse things went. Updates always introduced new bugs, Bugs took always longer to be resolved etc. etc. After about 1 Year of Early Access, the game was finally released to Version 1.0. With the release, the Developer announced, that there would be no more Updates for The Culling. The Discord-server where shut down about 1 month later. The Game still exist, but it is buggy and it’s playerbase is gone. The release was not worth a Version 1.0. Today, the game literally is dead. I do not predict the same outcome for PUBG but I think this really shows the downsides of Early Access: The Developer does not need to deliver a good product to be able to sell it. If we do combine this with the selling-strategy (instead of funding-strategy) of Bluewhole, this whole thing does not look too good. What does Bluehole need to do to improve this position. The biggest thing they can do is show us, they are developing the game. They need to improve the communication to it’s early-access community. A lot say this in the forum, Bluehole stated, they are hiring new staff for this, but here is what we really need this staff to do: Give us a roadmap. And no, what they gave us a few weeks ago is not even a timeline. It’s a draft what they want to do next – bestcase a Brainstorming. I already used Astroneer as a good example above, let me do that again: This is Astroneer’s Roadmap See the difference to PUBG’s roadmap? Bluehole needs to show what different points they are working on, when they will be released, what has which priority, etc. etc. They need to give an ETA on when which feature is planned for, when the game is released to version 1.0 and what is included in 1.0! So in a Nutshell: Bluehole is abusing early Access as a selling strategy and on top they are not including the community in the developing process as it should be in a early Access game. I didn’t want this to be a rant and I made my best to stay objective. To not make this an ever bigger wall of text, I tried to stick to the core and therefore did not talk about the many good things in PUBG. So yes, a lot of negative stuff here but I guess I topped it off with constructive feedback at the end… Thanks if you made it through.
  13. Sup everyone..starting out my streaming channel and just getting the ropes of it. Competitive player with good amount of wins and looking for good team work. Send me a message if interested. Will be streaming just for some fun....let's make that hype zone and get some chicken dinners! TPP GT: Stormshadow312
  14. Me trying

    I combine my clips to one video, i hope you like it i will make moreee from my hoodie I miss so much others but now i have a pen and paper
  15. Das 25. Video der PUBG Highlights Deutschland ist soeben online gegangen wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim anschauen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrYrpJXcQLs Mit freundlichen Grüßen PUBG Highlights Deutschland
  16. Hey guys! I just wanted to share my first highlight content video "Get Kar'd" I have been playing pubg for months now and decided to start sharing some of the great and fun moments me and my Angel Squad have together. I am planning a weekly episode and if you like the first one feel free to keep watching! Always open to suggestions! -Stridah "The People's Champion"
  17. Hey Everyone, Just thought I'd say hi to you all and try to introduce myself and my YouTube Channel to everyone. A little about me.... My in-game name is Goblination, as is my reddit account name.. However Goblination on YouTube was taken prior to 2006 so on there I’m Goblinational I’ve played a little over 1300 hours of PUBG since it’s early release and in that time my best ranking was 484th (Top 0.0144%) on the TPP OC Server (Squad) – Often carried there by my team of RL friends. People often mock TPP for it’s “I see you but you don’t see me” corner peaking. I can understand this feeling but having played more than 1000 hours of the Arma II Day Z (Epoch) Mod and having fallen in love with spending literally hours waiting for that perfect shot I became accustomed to it. I initially began uploading PUBG content to YouTube in late December last year – mainly just to able to share a few amusing highlights between 6 – 10 of my RL friends. I then started getting a small percentage of views here and there from my first overseas viewers which I thought was amazing. I live in Australia and since I began posting clips online I've received a little over 12,000 Views (7.5k of which have happened in the last month) I've been loving reading comments (both positive and negative) and getting more involved in the PUBG community. If you're interested in seeing frequently updated highlights, full games or just an amusing series of rare situations I've got over 200 videos to have a look through. All my videos have in game English Commentary - Feel Free to check me out My YouTube Home Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/Goblinational Below is a link to a playlist with almost 200 highlights (or low lights depending on your thoughts) I look forward to hearing all your feedback on what I can do to improve. Thanks Peoples.
  18. UI suggestion

    hey, wouldnt it be cool if we could actually see how many kills our squad have during the match? it's like in the replay where it displays how many kills each of our team members have on their names. i've provided a screenshot. it's a small thing that i think will not have any disadvantage or downside to server performance. im fine if the "total kills" are not included. it's the small things that can make a game looks better. just a suggestion, cya and take care!
  19. Extremely soft sound

    Since I think about 2 updates ago, I started noticing my sound is EXTREMELY soft. I am using a Razor Kraken USB headset and all volume settings are maxed out aswell as ingame sound settings yet I can barely hear anything. This is especially troublesome when playing with friends because when they talk I can't here anything ingame. Please note that this is also restricted to PUBG and I don't have problems with sound in any of the other games I play.
  20. WIN94 тащит!

    Суперский клип о WIN94
  21. После последнего обновления совершенно не могу понять где находится противник (стрельба, езда авто, шаги и т.д.). Проблема только у меня? Или отключили поддержку китайских ушей? (:rofl:)
  22. Hi My squad and I had a funny car vs car "fight" and I made into an intro. The rest of the video is a nice FPP squad game chicken dinner with 12 kills. (voice in norwegian)
  23. Ох, ну просто очень, когда прыгаешь в окно с соседней крыши и вроде влетаешь в него, но падаешь вниз, потому что твои руки не цепляют подоконник, пример АC любая, думаю технически будет не трудно, мани в кармане имеются у разрабов.
  24. Yeah, i'am russian, but it dosn't metter, boiii