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Found 610 results

  1. Hey Xbox Gamers Falls ihr/du auf der suche nach Xbox One Spieler seit die Deutschsprachig sind/sprechen oder ihr aus Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz kommt dann sucht doch einfach mal nach dem Club " PUBG German Community " wir sind mittlerweile schon über 100 Mitglieder und hoffen auch das wir größer werden, täglich kommen neue Leute dazu, hier findet ihr sicherlich jemand um ein Duo oder Squad zubilden, ihr könnt eure Clips sowie Stream teilen desweiteren ist vom alter alles vertreten 18, 25 ,30 und auch 50 jährige sind dabei und bevor ich es vergesse die aktuellen Updates News bekommt ihr natürlich auch bei uns . Einfach Club suchen --> Einladung anfordern --> kurz warten --> schon seit ihr dabei ! nadann haut rein
  2. Hello, if you are on Xbox then Shockwave Gaming will be the place for you. We are a community of gamers that play all different titles, whether casually or competitively. We are all laid back, easy going individuals who can have fun no matter what or we can be serious and go hard on games. Being led by two former cod pros we have a system which allows gamers to get better with little adjustments and coaching. We also try to help all of our members if they are having a problem whether on a game or in their life. Shockwave is a brotherhood of some of the best gamers on Xbox and we would love to add more members that share our same values and interests. If you are interested please take the first step and sign up and apply on our website Shockwave-Gaming.boards.net. You can also message Sw Vybe and/or Sw l Boston l when you do so they can review your application and give you the next step. We will be the biggest and best community on Xbox but we need people who share our interests to help us grow. Do not wait to join, this will be a great opportunity in many respects, not just gaming related. I look forward to possibly meeting you in the near future.
  3. boltazzz

    Wicked Intent Gaming

    Wicked Intent Gaming a Global Gaming Community are looking for active PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS players to join our Discord Community CURRENTLY OVER 900+ MEMBERS COMMUNITY WIDE Do you enjoy Tactics & Teamwork? A place you can call home and a family of fellow gamers that share the same interests and goals as you? Mature 18+ Community - We enjoy adult humor, topics, and lots of beer. So by mature, we don't mean we act like a bunch of stuck up guppies. We take care of our own. Teamwork & Tactics - We work with a chain of command, and employ organized tactics on the battlefield. Camaraderie - Most importantly, we want everyone to feel like they belong. And we do a damn good job at it. Mission statement: We strive to promote a great gaming environment for all that have the honor to be a part of our great community. Through the years we have been able to develop not only a great gaming experience but, also long lasting friendships; as we are more than just the games we play. We believe that our community should be built on more than just games. We are held together by the bonds of friendship and the sense of belonging to one great online family. What we are looking for: -18+ English speaking -Discord -Working microphone What we offer: -Multiple gaming rooms configured for each game. Only see the rooms you want by selecting the games you play -Teamwork. Looking to improve? We can help. We have professional level players through to beginners. -Competitions where we give away hundreds of dollars of games a month -A place to call home Whether you hot drop, play it safe, go aggressive or simply play for fun. Whether you play in DUO, SOLO or SQUAD Whether you play for the dinner, casual or competitive WE ARE THE PLACE FOR YOU! http://discord.me/WiGaming
  4. I was looking at leaderboards and really just looking at the pic people have and I saw some custom made ones that I thought were really cool and creative. Does anyone know how to make these? I would probably be able to but I don't have a computer anymore(house got robbed two weeks ago while out of town, only have my Xbox cause I brought it with me). If anyone knows how to make these gamerpics and wouldn't mind making me one let me know plz. I would just like to have one I don't think I will ever be on the leaderboards but it would be for myself to enjoy. If anyone does want to make me one. I would just like it simple with either SG or SubGamers on the pic I don't have a logo, I wish I did and was creative enough to make one but I can't lol. Thanks ahead of time to anyone who even took the time to read this in advance I know it's not really anything to do with PUBG but I just thought I would ask in a post.
  5. This is about the 10th time this has happened to me and it's absolutely enraging. There's absolutely no reason for it. Didn't hit anything, and the back wheel just comes up and I explode. This is minor coding stuff guys. Been out almost a year and you still can't fix it. DO IT. The no reason death wobble is pretty dumb too. Either fix the bikes, or just get rid of them for another type of vehicle. Maybe a 4-wheeler or something more stable? It's not that hard. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/s1lent-w4ve/video/56160370
  6. Если понравилось или не понравилось - не забудьте написать об этом в комментах, чтобы я учел на будущее. Приятного просмотра)
  7. Hey Everyone, Just thought I'd say hi to you all and try to introduce myself and my YouTube Channel to everyone. A little about me.... My in-game name is Goblination, as is my reddit account name.. However Goblination on YouTube was taken prior to 2006 so on there I’m Goblinational I’ve played a little over 1300 hours of PUBG since it’s early release and in that time my best ranking was 484th (Top 0.0144%) on the TPP OC Server (Squad) – Often carried there by my team of RL friends. People often mock TPP for it’s “I see you but you don’t see me” corner peaking. I can understand this feeling but having played more than 1000 hours of the Arma II Day Z (Epoch) Mod and having fallen in love with spending literally hours waiting for that perfect shot I became accustomed to it. I initially began uploading PUBG content to YouTube in late December last year – mainly just to able to share a few amusing highlights between 6 – 10 of my RL friends. I then started getting a small percentage of views here and there from my first overseas viewers which I thought was amazing. I live in Australia and since I began posting clips online I've received a little over 12,000 Views (7.5k of which have happened in the last month) I've been loving reading comments (both positive and negative) and getting more involved in the PUBG community. If you're interested in seeing frequently updated highlights, full games or just an amusing series of rare situations I've got over 200 videos to have a look through. All my videos have in game English Commentary - Feel Free to check me out My YouTube Home Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/Goblinational Below is a link to a playlist with almost 200 highlights (or low lights depending on your thoughts) I look forward to hearing all your feedback on what I can do to improve. Thanks Peoples.
  8. Welcome to my Youtube channel Name: Dats Awesome Video Standard: Very High Type of Content: Everything Awesome / Games Type of Games: PUBG (ofc) And anything i can make something cinematic or funny with Something about me I've always had an act for making and editing videos. From way back when i used to record with fraps. I basicly started making videos when i played world of warcraft around 2006. using the ingame game and wowmodelviewer crossed with chroma keys and all that. I'm about 30 years old, i live in Norway the land of high taxes. my goal is to someday earn a living of of something i really love doing. I'm still working out the kinks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like my content then please feel free to ''subscribe by clicking subscribe button on the video above'' My goal is to atleast push out a video a week, hopefully more. As editing takes up alot of time, i usualy spend about 6-8 hours editing a video before i feel it's good enough for release. Ofcoure it allso depends on the content i'm editing, recording the clips and choosing angles wich to record from. It all adds up. I want to thank you for the time you took reading this. You're Awesome!
  9. Wieder zurück mit einer neuen Folge von den viel gelobten PUBG Highlights Deutschland ich hoffe Ihr seid auch wieder mit am Start Viel Spaß beim anschauen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwNrU6gAlBw&feature=youtu.be Mit freundlichen Grüßen PUBG Highlights Deutschland
  10. Zapraszamy wszystkich którzy szukają fajnych (+18) ludzi do wspólnego grania w PUBGA i nie tylko. 24/7 Wszyscy szukaliśmy ludzi do wspólnego grania i tak stworzyła się ekipa. Nasz niedawno otwarte forum. www.pornor.pl FB: https://www.facebook.com/PornorPL-564143927312843/
  11. HerrHebel

    Shroud's quitting PUBG

    https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperTawdryDeerTriHard Post title kinda clickbait-ish but imo its important when the last big streamer of this game, that casts it almost everyday for multiple hours, says something like that. We all know that devs cant take words of one man with no concideration, no matter how famous and influential he is, but such a attitude to Shroud from them and from PlayerUnknown himself in a suicide. Nevertheless such words from him are significant no matter if you like him or not. My current opinion on this game, even though I love it and have no as addictive alternative for it, is similar - devs seem like they dont know what theyre doing. Putting a game with the highest concurrent players number ever on steam in such a state is unbelivable. I REALLY HOPE theyre gonna fix it but honestly I dont think its posiible and Im still in a pursuit of a game that could make up for it when it finnaly will drive so mad that ill uninstall it. Looking forward to your opinions on this topic m8s
  12. Like the title says, I am having an issue where the game/battleye does not close down after exiting the game. Battleye continues to run, viewable in task manager and in Steam. You can not start PUBG again because it says it is already running, The only way to close Battleye is to end task in task manager. If anyone else is having this issue, or someone knows how to fix it please leave a comment...
  13. Endside Gaming

    Endside Gaming sucht Dich!

    Guten Tag liebe PUBG-Community, Wir von Endside Gaming sind auf der Suche nach neuen aktiven Membern, welche Interesse an einem Clan haben. Zu Beginn ein paar Informationen über uns. Wir sind eine Community, welche bereits seit 2011 besteht und ständig wächst. Die Community teilt sich größtenteils in Counter Strike, Overwatch, HotS,LoL und selbstverständlich PUBG auf. Natürlich werden noch andere Spiele wie z.B. 7 Days to Die, Diablo III, Minecraft, etc. gespielt. Die Community besteht aus ca 450 aktiven Mitgliedern und ist seit kurzem ein eingetragener Verein. Jetzt kommst du ins Spiel! Wenn du Lust auf eine starke, freundliche und treue Community mit familiärem Flair hast, bist du hier genau richtig. Hier habt ihr die Möglichkeit einfach nur Spaß am Spiel zu haben oder auch etwas Größeres zu erreichen. Dein Rating ist hierbei nicht relevant – jeder ist willkommen. Was erwarten wir von euch: -ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren -eine gewisse geistige Reife -aktive Teilnahme am Communityleben -und natürlich Spaß am Spiel! Was wir euch bieten: -ein Teamspeak-Server und ein Forum -eine aktive und gut geführte Community -regelmäßige Events sowohl Online als auch Offline -die Möglichkeit, Teams zu erstellen bzw. beizutreten und dabei unterstützt zu werden -zahlreiche Gaming-Server Haben wir euer Interesse geweckt? Besucht uns doch einfach auf unserem Teamspeak: endside-gaming.de und meldet euch dort bei einen Memberbetreuer (grüner Stern) oder auf unserer Homepage: endside-gaming.de Ihr könnt uns auch gerne via Steam unter folgenden Accounts kontaktieren: http://steamcommunity.com/id/r4le/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Quacksmuacki Die Community freut sich auf euch! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Endside Gaming e.V.
  14. Imspacedpillow

    Community Events

    Hey guys, i have been really enjoying the community events even though they are nothing special, has given me a small reason to play and a goal for my play time. however i think these events need to be displayed in game. i would really like a section on the title screen with the event name and goals to complete. i'm sure this is something bluehole has already discussed. i also think it would be cool if it tracked your personal contribution to the event goal with small BP bonuses for achieving personal goals throughout the event, for example, get 10 head shots during the headhunter event etc.. if they made the system server side which i don't know if that is possible or not they could even show their updates on it easily. i just think the console community doesn't engage as much in forums and i have personally played with people who didn't know the event was taking place until i informed them. i'm not sure if this topic already exists or not just thought it would be worth me bringing up. Also wanted to say well done to the devs the most recent patch has been very solid for me and my friends with the only real issue being a menu bug when we switch to NA servers for duo FPP.
  15. DoctorZlo

    Doctor Zlo I PUBG

    Всем привет! Здесь будут видео разного формата по PUBG, начиная от Hiqhliht до Fragmovie. Цель: Делиться интересными и местами познавательными моментами из игры. Буду рад конструктивной критики. Приятного просмотра!
  16. ProxyPC

    PUBG Team.

  17. So seeing as my reddit post was removed.posting through the #suggestions channel in discord. Dont expect anything to come of it seeing as more and more attention is being paid to non essential thing likes skins. so this has been said time and time again that skins dont affect the overall development of the game. however look at the game currently. we have how many crates and skins added in for various things. and whats the most important thing added to game next? an event(battle) pass which is hilarious to think about considering that pubg is meant to be suing epic games over similarities in fortnite. (but thats a different argument altogether) with the introduction of the event pass and the development hit a complete and total standstill this game is nothing but a cash cow for the devs. nothing more than a money grab. think about, the development team was tasked with implementing a system that tracks challenges and tasks within a game and programme it along a reward system. meanwhile things that the community has asked for and stated countless time over the last year has been swept aside. bullet penetration(coming soon) -mentioned twice since 1.0 launch before the new year. last it was mentioned was march(update #7) of this year. anticheat(coming soon) - incredibly vague information but as far back as february "new anti-cheat measure has been added" the nothing from update #6 until #14. and even thenin #14 it talks about testing it in test servers before releasing to live servers. not very helpful considering the longest a patch has been on test servers have been maybe 36 hours? if that. yet here we are with 14 total crates to date having been published. and from the looks of it adding more skins at PGI, you can bet that theres no sign of functioning game mechanics to be arriving anytime soon. even at PGI, youll find many professional players tweeting about the fact they lost out on placements or kills because the game is still crashing and bugs that were present a year ago are still present. nothing but a cash grab. this is the most ive put research wise into a reddit post because as opposite as it may seem, i want pubg to succeed but all i am seeing is more and more skins and with the introduction of the event pass/event modes i can see this game remaining as dead as it is right now. just before july last year was probably the last time things were looking up for PUBG, its just been spiralling down ever since. we need months of no skin releases, no event modes and none of this useless event pass. give us maybe 2 months of that alongside solid development work and bug fixes similar to the way you were in closed alpha and even closed beta and maybe just maybe the game could actually regain some of its former glory.
  18. rONJa gONJa

    Low T Gaming 1v1v1 Tournament

    https://mixer.com/rONJa_gONJa 6pm Central. Come check out some of the best players out there going for that top kill game!! Not looking for a chicken dinner.. but a TOP KILL WIN. Most kills wins. Check out LowT Gaming Http://discord.me/LowT
  19. Mapy Interaktywne do gry Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Interesuję cię może gdzie jest najlepszy loot na nowej mapie ? Zapraszam cię do mojego autorskiego poradnika Witaj! Okej zaczynajmy! Nowa mapa a ty nie wiesz gdzie lecieć by się nalutowac ? Albo wylądowałeś za blisko i nie wiesz gdzie jest najbliższy pojazd ? A może chciałbyś się postrzelać ale nie wiesz gdzie lecieć ? Oto i odpowiedź na twoje pytania: Wchodzimy na stronę: https://pubgmap.io/pl/ Opis strony: Gdy już wejdziemy na nią to naszym oczą ukażą się 2 mapy "Erangel i Miramar" Wchodzimy na nową mapę "Miramar" gdyż ona jest najczęściej losowana podczas dobierania meczu. Naszym oczom ukazuje się owa mapa. Teraz wystarczy wybrać np. spaw pojazdów i vuala możemy kierujemy się do pojazdu pokazanego na mapie. Symulacja toru lotu samolotu: Możemy sobie symulować tor lotu samolotu z ostatniej bitwy "analiza" coś dla graczy którzy nie lubią powtarzać tych samych błędów związanych z za wczesnym bądź za późnym wyskokiem z samolotu. Pomiar odległości: Co gdy czas na lutowanie się kończy a my nie wiemy czy zdążymy do strefy na czas ? Gdy nie mamy pojazdu a wydaje się nam że mamy daleko do strefy wystarczy wejść w "pomiar odległości" Zaznaczamy miejsce w którym się znajdujemy oraz miejsce do którego musimy podążać, pokaże nam się odległość która tak naprawdę nas nie interesuje, nas będzie interesował czas dojścia do strefy. Zapraszam do obejrzenia filmu który prezentuje stronkę oraz jej zastosowania, film robiony na szybko "zobacz godzinę";) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOFwRk46-OI Miłego Dnia!
  20. Is 30 Fps (Frames per second) good enough?
  21. Во время игры в пубг, в последнее время стал замечать, что начала греться видеокарта. И греться до таких температур, которых я прежде вообще не видел. До недавних пор, естественно такого не было. Потому как, вот сидишь за компьютером, и ничего не шумит, играя в кс, доту, или какие либо другие игры. Как только зашел в меню в пубг, можно посидеть 2-3-4 минуты, как начинается постепенный шум, это видимо шумят вентиляторы на видеокарте,(3 шт, они все работают). Глядя в прогу Techpower gpuz, температура от сидения в меню может достигать 77 градусов. Что критично. Некоторые пишут, что это еще холодная карта, но работая на 70-80-ти градусах, она долго не продержится. Использую я как и все, дефолт параметры запуска, которые есть везде в инете, так же конфиги свои, со всякими параметрами. И все бы ничего, все раньше работало, до вайпа, но с недавних пор, началась вот такая хрень. И как только температура доходит до 65, начинаются подлаги, падение фпс, да и вообще не очень приятно играть. Даже спайки происходят иногда. Я пробовал все, отключать решейд, убирать параметры запуска, менять настройки,даже с конфигами делал дела, и ничего не происходит. Просто суть в том, что в других играх, у меня чуть ли не температура простоя, в той же кс, максимум может быть 55-60 градусов, что я считаю не так много, может даже меньше. Да даже в браузере с 20 вкладками температура 40, в простое 30-35, и только в пубг самая высокая температура. Ну и последнее, gpu usage в techpower gpuz достигает 99% в пубг, в меню, только в загрузке из меню в игру, она сбрасывается, как и сама температура, в то время как в других играх, в той же кс го,это значение равно 0 или же 10-20 процентам Вчера играя в портал2,так же шумел компьютер, и было мало фпс, пока не убрал Vsync, как убрал, фпс на высоких сразу под 300,вместе 60, и компьютер перестал шуметь(подразумевается что и карта перестала сильно греться). Так вот, мой вопрос - как это пофиксить,что мне отключить в ЭТОЙ игре и что мне сделать, чтобы не грелась карта так? Наиграл я не много, не мало, 250 часов.
  22. We have a Discord server for finding groups (people to play with) in PUBG. We have a bot that has the best functionality for PUBG anywhere, including automatic ranking, assistance to form your squad, stats output of anyone, and so on. Each night I play with people on the Discord, I get dinners. Literally, I average 3-4 dinners per night, when playing 7-10 games in a night. Really. Join the Discord and you can see for yourself. Welcoming all players from all regions! Come get some dinners with us =) https://discord.gg/zyUua2h
  23. Ищу напарников для совместной игры в пубг , играю часто , наиграл более 600 часов, писать сюда либо в дискорд https://discord.gg/9XEtC9
  24. Video 45 ist so eben online gegangen! Schau doch mal rein und bewerte das Video und lass ein Feedback in den Kommentaren da Mit freundlichen Grüßen PUBG Highlights Deutschland
  25. Revise Gaming ist eine eSport Organisation die am 01.06.2017 gegründet wurde. Das Hauptziel von Revise Gaming gleicht auch der Grundidee des Clans/Organisation - eine Gemeinschaft aufzubauen und dabei lieber auf die Qualität statt Quantität dieser Gemeinschaft zu achten. Deswegen ist es uns auch sehr wichtig, dass ein gepflegter Umgang zwischen den Mitgliedern herrscht. Dazu möchten wir den deutschen eSport Raum weiterausbauen und fördern Teams! Wir bieten: ●Professionelles Management● ( Semi-Pro Erfahrung ) ●⮞ Teamspeak³ ●⮞ Gameserver ●⮞ Sponsoren ●⮞ Professionelles Auftreten! ●⮞ eSport Aktivität ●⮞ Designs für alle Mitglieder! ●⮞ Jersey & mehr! ● Fragen offen? Kein Problem einfach vorbeischauen und nachfragen! Wir suchen: Spieler die eine familiäre Gemeinschaft suchen und die an sich und ihrem Team arbeiten möchten! Wir möchten keine Member haben die nur zum Spielen mal vorbeischauen! sondern Aktivität zeigen und sich am Projekt beteiligen! ●⮞ Respektvolles und freundliches Auftreten besitzen. ●⮞ Kritikfähigkeit sollte aufjedenfall vorhanden sein. ●⮞ Kompetitive Erfahrung sollte vorhanden sein. ●⮞ LAN & Bootcampfähigkeit sollte da sein. ●⮞ Zielstrebigkeit & Einzeltraining. Kontakt: Homepage: Revise-Gaming.de Email: info@revise-gaming.de Teamspeak³: ts3.revise-gaming.de Mit freundlichen Grüßen Revise Gaming