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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys! which one do you prefer to buy first. I want to upgrade my pc cause it's not rendering textures in game fast like buildings, cars, etc when I first dropped from a parachute. Which one you think I should buy first in terms of what the game needs more? SSD or RAM? What I prefer is not that high end and expensive ones. I only have 8gb ram and 1tb HDD. Game runs smoothly but in the beginning of the game I kinda lose my advantage of getting inside buildings to get equipments cause I have to prone in grass first just to wait for textures to load up XD. Thanks in advance! I would appreciate any suggestions!
  2. My rig [Not the best but gets the job done] GPU: GTX 970 4gb OC Cpu: I5-3350P 3.1Ghz PSU: Supernova G2 Gold 550 Watt RAM: 8gb 1600mhz ddr3 Okay so the main problem here. Lets say i spawn in gatka or near the field i will get always 65-100 FPS and when i walk around for like 900 Meters. But then after like 20 Minutes i start to see that my fps is always 45-65 in the same places. Is this due to my 8gb not being enough?? I play on all Very Low except Textures at Medium and FXAA is set on LOW Thanks for your help.
  3. 8GB TO 16GB OF RAM?

    Hey guys I was just wondering, since I've got the option to, if I should upgrade from 8GB of ram to 16? Will I gain a huge boost or are games just not coded or optimised to use all of it? I'm talking about any game but PUGB, I'm doing this for you babe ❤ Ps it will be ddr3 as my motherboard does not support ddr4
  4. I checked the game on two computers. On one Win 10 on another Win 7. For the same time of the game, on a computer with win 7 the game took 7 gigabytes of RAM, and on that where the WINDOWS 10 - 3 GB of RAM. Please fix this, it's very difficult to play on Windows 7.
  5. Here are my pc specs: CPU: intel core i5-2300 GPU: gtx 1050ti 4gb RAM: 6 gigs So, when I jump out of the plane and land, somewhere now the game crashes and says I don't have enought memory/ram. I have verified the game's files and tried chaning the virtual memory. Didn't work. Are there any other fixes known?
  6. Crasht sofort nach gefundener Lobby

    Hallo, Ich habe mir das Spiel grade gekauft und ich konnte noch keine Runde spielen. Das Problem ist, dass jedesmal, wenn ich eine Lobby gefunden hab und in der Pre-Game Phase bin, crasht mein Spiel mit der Anweisung keinen Zugriff auf den Arbeitsspeicher zu haben. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass dieses Problem schon einmal vorhanden war und dies mithilfe eines Patches gefixt wurde. Das blöde dabei ist jedoch, dass es bei mir nicht funktioniert. Im Anhang seht ihr meine Fehlermeldung. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen. Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Apollo2244
  7. Vram issue

    so i changed my vram cause a YouTube Video told me if i change vram i should expect more fps but nope not the case here now i cant barely play it cause windows wants to say YOUR COMPUTER IS LOW ON MEMORY but its not really 44% of my memory is being used i have 8 gigs of ram so it shouldnt be saying YOUR COMPUTER IS LOW ON MEMORY windows i didnt get a picture so i cant show it...
  8. Witam! Mam pewne pytanie, czy na owym sprzęcie PUBG ruszy na niskich, oraz czy dość płynnie będzie dało się grać? CPU: AMD A8-5600 Grafika: GTX 750Ti 4GB RAM: 8GB
  9. Multiple bug

    Hello, first my cfg: motherboard z170a i5 6600k gtx970 4g 32gb ram 2133mghz ssd install windows 10 100m/b fibre optique I have the last update of all drivers. I try everything but nothing works. I can't enjoy the game... 1- Launching the game and returns to the menu after the game is really long... 1-2 minutes 2- I have multiple bug sound already reported ( mostly the one in beggining of the game, sometimes while I play the game) 3- I have a message of server lag issue for 2 sec sometimes 4-5 I have really a game who lag or ram a lot, I can't shoot someones because of that... It's not smooth... I have already try everything in the wiki and some others post I found... Nothing is working... How can I help you to fix that ? How can I fix that ? I can tell you all the thing I already try if someones care
  10. Bug Description: After the last Update. I experience the 0x00000109 CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION randomly while playing. When it happens the screen gets the "got killed" red tint and stays like that for a couple of seconds before soft rebooting. Date Seen: 25.06.2017 Server: Live Server: AS and EU Troubleshooting Attempted: Standard procedure so far (Check integrity, drivers up to date, etc). It is ONLY happening in PUBG and I never encountered this Bluescreen code before. Other Information: Like I said it happened after the update. Game was running okay before. Launch Options: No System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 Graphics Card: AMD XFX R9 280X CPU: i5-2500 Ram: 8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 Well this is certainly an interesting one.
  11. Hey guys, the game recommends 6 GB RAM but i have only 4 GB RAM. The other stuff ( CPU, Graphic Card etc.) is fine, the only thing that is not good is the RAM. Will it work or not ? I hope someone can answer my question, thanks for your help ( Sorry for my bad english )
  12. Help for buy system

    Hello All . i want buy System For PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS please help me for buy give me name and model ram . cpu . mother board and any need only give me best system for play this game i want fps more than 60 or 60 i want remain stable please Not too expensive ok? sorry for bad engilish regards.
  13. ----- By PLAYERUNKNOWN: After some investigation, we’ve managed to reduce the RAM/memory requirements for this coming weekend’s test back down to 8GB. To achieve this, we’ve had to temporarily remove the HLOD system, which allowed us to show buildings at distances over 1.5KM from the player. The pre-loading of these distant assets was using up a considerable amount of memory and was also responsible for the long loading times when entering a game. Now that the HLOD system has been disabled, loading times should be much more reasonable. Twitter: Dev Blog link: http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/alpha-2-test-update-2/ ----- CAUTION: If your computer does not meet the Minimum requirements specifications necessary to run this Alpha version, you may experience significant problems while playing the game. Please note that these do NOT represent the requirements for the final game.
  14. ----- By PLAYERUNKNOWN: ----- Note: As of 11/22/16, the RAM requirement got decreased back to 8 GB. ----- CAUTION: If your computer does not meet the Minimum requirements specifications necessary to run this Alpha version, you may experience significant problems while playing the game. Please note that these do NOT represent the requirements for the final game.