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Found 3 results

  1. As most people already know you can use Crouch/Jump while in the water to dive/emerge from the water respectively instead of using your mouse and aiming downwards/upwards. I bound crouching to CTRL and cannot dive/submerge with that exact hotkey while I am in the water; when I leave crouching on the default hotkey C I am able to do that (which is supposed to happen by using crouching in the water).
  2. Sprint rebinding issue

    After mapping sprint to another key (in this case pushing in on a thumbstick or a bumper button) the game is no longer allowing me to sprint. I tried resetting the keys to default, trying another keyboard, using a different controller, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Anyone have a similar issue or know how to fix?
  3. I am a lefty gamer so I have to rebind all of my controls, I noticed that when you try to rebind sprint to another key like "right shift" the sprint function transfers over fine, but the breath holding function will stay bound to "left shift" and not transfer over. I haven't tried to see if this occurs with other keys like "o", "t", "f", etc but I did notice that binding "mute voice" to "right control + shift" does not work either, so it may be a general issue with command keys. Just something that is probably an easy fix that most people won't care about, but if you feel like fixing it then I'd be happy.