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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, my suggestion might be an impressive improvement to 3rd-person close combat gameplay: instead of the red dot on a wall that your weapon is pointing to the crosshair could blur, fade out or any other appropiate style of indication. Imho that would be a lot quicker to realize that your weapons not on the target, because you are always watching your crosshair rather than the wall in front of you. If someone says that would be another addition to the game making it "easier" I will point out that everyone in reality would know if the guns pointing in some concrete... much love
  2. My suggestion is simple and straight forward. Can we please get the russian Kobra 1X sight for the most guns ingame? Kobra offers a better tracking imo and certain guns with high recoil and spread values would be easier to be controled when adsing compared to red dot. Also it can add some diversity in the gameplay and the gunfights. For anyone who doesnt know how Kobra looks like is basically a T shaped sight ,i am also linking a pic of the Kobra sight from another game (bf3) to get a better idea how it looks like. Cheers
  3. I'm expriencing annoying black/dark retangle flickering randomly when using Red dot or 2x scope. Could be with holo too but I rarely use it. It appreas right over, or very near the sight targetin center point, making aiming hard at long ranges.. Sometimes it happens not at all, sometimes a lot, cannot really reproduce it at will. It can be clearly seen it this video at 1.07:24 when I zoom in with 2x: (It's a long video export from twitch of my stream testing, and the retangle can be seen many times over the whole video too) Also the retangle is seen when not streaming or recordring with OBS Specs: CPU/MB/RAM: i7-4790K / Asus Z97-a / 16GB. no overclock. GPU: Asus Strix 1080 Ti OC, latest drivers available at the time of post. This issue has been active with previous driver version too. No overclock either. Playing at 3840 × 2160 resolution 60hz 4K LG IPS TV, mixed medium to low graphic settings. Win10 pro 64bit.
  4. Couldn't find anything directly dedicated to this, so i'm just gonna throw it out there. I like fighting in the hills, there's just one problem - Do you see it?
  5. Micro Uzi red dot

    I think now since we can put red dots on pistols we should be able to put it on the Uzi aswell. Makes no sense why couldn't put it on the Uzi to begin with, I am pretty sure you could always put one on it in RL. Anyways show the uzi some love! Happy hunting
  6. Image - P1911 Red dot concept

    I was bored and decided to do a P1911 red dot attachment. What do you guys think?
  7. Red Dot Sight Issue, Flickering

    When I use the red dot sight it has a square that appears in the middle of the sight and flickers it seems like maybe that part of the image is rendering properly. This happens pretty regularly just now it got me killed i had the sight mounted on the akm at the time but it seems to happen on all weapons.
  8. I've seen different streamers playing and they have their scopes close to them once they use it, I don't know if I explain myself, but sometimes when you have the default scope on weapons, the inner circle is too small in my game, but I see some streamers scoping in with default scopes from weapons and inner circle looks way bigger, how do I change that? is it FOV? and if it is, how do I change FOV in game?
  9. Weird ADS bug. GIF inside.