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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS team is committed to rolling out servers to every region where there is a big enough player base to warrant it. Unfortunately, not all regions will have their own official servers due to limited player numbers, as the PUBG wants all players to have a quick, fast experience of being able to load into lobbies and have them fill quickly so you can all play lots of high player count games without much downtime waiting for a match to start. The system used to deploy servers for PUBG means that new servers for new regions can be spun up and put into use extremely quickly, so if there is enough demand from a particular region, servers will be made for your region. If its the case that your region simply doesn't have enough players for the PUBG team to offer official servers with fast filling, high player count games, down the line sometime after early access there will be a chance for unofficial servers to be ran in your local regions. -- If you wish to post about below about wanting servers in your region, you've very welcome to do so! But the best thing you can do, is just get in there with your friends and start playing the game and show the PUBG team that your region has enough players playing the game to warrant servers. SOUTH AMERICAN SERVERS: CONFIRMED AND NOW AVAILABLE OCEANIC SERVERS: CONFIRMED AND NOW AVAILABLE SOUTHEAST ASIA SERVERS: CONFIRMED AND AVAILABLE THURSDAY 6TH JULY, DEPENDENT ON WHETHER THE PATCH IS STABLE - COULD BE DELAYED SLIGHTLY
  2. Precision Region selection

    I've been playing on the Asian server, but most of the players are Korean. I am Japanese so when I'm matched In with three Koreans I don't understand what their talking about. Addind an additional region selection in the start menu and allowing players to toggle between being matched up with the same region could be a beneficial change.