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Found 24 results

  1. Replay keybinds

    Hi. Now, i use my left hand on my mouse, and the right hand on my keyboard. This means that i have to use pløæ (Yes i’m scandinavian) instead of the usual wasd. But this shouldn’t be a problem right, just change the keybinds? Yeah see, here’s the problem; there IS no keybindsfor pausing and starting the replay file I’m looking at! So everytime i want to move forward, the replay stops, and th next time it starts again. Please add a keybind for this feature, i could learn SO MUCH from the replay!
  2. I just died first In my Squad FPP game. I exited the game while it was still in progress and went immediately to the replay client. I could see current game info 21 mins in while the game was about 22 mins in progress. This means the person who left the game can feed their teammates all current information available about the map. I could see 3 teams, their locations relative to my team, their gear, where loot box are, etc. This gives the cheating team a gamebreaking unfair advantage to know the locations of the enemies.
  3. When you play the replays, and change the player, sometimes they are without head, clothes and more.
  4. Replay: Pause Key

    Hi, I was playing around with replays and noticed that when you have the UI off and playing the replay, you can pause using the keybind "P" but you cannot resume the replay using the same keybind. You need to reopen the UI to resume the replay. The keybind works as intended when the UI is on. When the UI is off, it only seems to pause, does not play. I imagine that when the UI is off, it doesn't update itself to change the pause button to a play button when I pause the replay. So, when I'm hitting the keybind to resume the replay, it's reading it as me hitting pause over and over. Not sure that's the issue but it's something to look into. Really enjoy the replay function otherwise. Some camera smoothing would be pretty nice. Thanks!
  5. Replay system improvements

    I was not expecting the replay system to be added to the game this soon or even at all, so I'm very impressed and I think it's awesome. I've been a filmmaker in the gaming community for 5 years and I feel very entitled to give you guys feedback and some sugestions to improve this awesome feature. Here are the things I would change: 1- Add a stop button. Apologies if there is already one but so far I haven't been able to figure out how to completely stop my replay. 2- Add slow motion / timescale control. I think this is very important. Everyone knows slow motion looks awesome, but it also enables filmmakers to achieve extremely high framerate recordings (100fps+) which gives you full control over slow motion in post-processing software like Vegas Pro, Premiere, After Effects, etc.. and let me tell ya, it looks sick! 3- Add a dolly cam feature, or at least make it possible to fully control the camera with a gamepad. If I was the one in charge of developing the replay feature I'd make this my top priority. Getting the game to automatically execute camera movement and achieving awesome cinematics with it is a must in filmmaking. When this isn't possible, people usually use gamepads as they allow you to mantain a constant camera movement speed and get a pretty similar result, but it usually limits you in some ways. I've tried this method and I can't seem to move the camera in space with my left joystick on an USB Xbox 360 controller. I understand that this might be a very complicated thing to add in a game of this size, but a fully controllable camera with the gamepad will certainly do! 4- Depth of Field Controller This would be insane. Controlling the camera's focus is something filmmakers love. I hope this isn't asking for too much! 5- Make it possible to share replay files Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or the older Call Of Duty on PC offer the possibility of extracting the replay files in little .demo or .dem files that you could send to anyone for them to check out. It'd be awesome. And that's it.
  6. Replay system is AWESOME!

    Can't praise this enough. Fun feature and the ability to see how your wins unfolded is great! I've been playing in TPP so I was wondering if there's a way to switch to FPP mode in the replay so I could figure out how I potatoed my shots if and when that happens. Might've missed the key in the controls tabs, but I don't recall seeing anything else but follow, spec and free modes. Did not try zooming in if the functionality is in that one. Otherwise - love it.
  7. I think it would be awesome if we could directly export a replay entry in PUBG to a MP4 video file. Due to the complexity and awesomeness of the replay system, the exported video should only contain your player's viewpoint shown in the chosen game type perspective (so 1st or 3rd depending). This would make it a lot easier for us to export our best moments. We can re-record the replay playback for more advanced functionality such as switching between different players and modes. I think that would be awesome! We should be able to choose where we want to save the MP4file. I guess it may take a while to process and convert, so maybe if there was some way the replay could launch in a separate process for the conversion, that would be best. Just an idea. Keep up the great work! Love this game.
  8. Conflicting Replay Key Bindings

    Is there a way we can change the bindings for the replay system? My forward key in-game is mouse 2 (right mouse button). This appears to toggle 3rd person mode in the replay system. However, it should allow me to move forward during free-look. There's conflicting bindings. How do I fix this?
  9. In the Replay mode, when you are outside of the 1KM recorded replay range away from your player, it says: "You outside of the recorded replay range. Press 'B' to spectate your player" It should presumably be "You are outside". Screenshot attached.
  10. Replay

    Cool, just loaded up after the patch, and I already have my last 20 matches that I can watch in the replay mode!
  11. REPLAY mode made my game crash

    Each time I want to see a replay, my game crash 5 min after...
  12. last kill replay

    Hello I was thinking that it would be cool if the game will replay the last kill for everyone that is still watching , sometimes I just want to see how I died And maybe make it possible that people can spectate other players even if they have no teammates alive, just to see how others are playing Not sure if this was already suggested Thank you
  13. If possible, have team/all audio play back when using the replay system. If it's too risky to do team voice audio (esports tactics etc.), then at least do voice audio from the "all" channel. Would be very interesting to hear what people who killed me are talking about in-game right before they kill me. Also, I want to hear my victims rage at each other for grouping up when I run them all over with a car.
  14. Kill Cam

    It would be perfect to have an option to see how you were killed (where was the player, what gun, how much damage you gave took, etc) in a clip (kill cam), also it will help for players (streamers) stop just reporting other players just because they didn´t know how they died (were killed), PLEASE! It will make players improve in the game and stop banning nonsense
  15. It would be perfect to have an option to see how you were killed (where was the player, what gun, how much damage you gave took, etc) in a clip (kill cam), also it will help for players (streamers) stop just reporting other players just because they didn´t know how they died (were killed), PLEASE! It will make players improve in the game and stop banning nonsense
  16. Suggestions & Bugs

    Hello dear Unknown Player at the Battlegrounds, as I am by nature a much thinking and creative Producer I always see have Ideas and thoughts about anything I do. In this Post i want to introduce you Guys some of my Ideas and thoughts about a few things that could be implemented to the Game. I put a lot of lot of love and time into this Thread and I hope it will be seen by the right persons. I think about doing a Video about all of what I describe here too. However, below I will list some Suggestions and Bugs. I see the hate incoming and want to tell you Guys that any hate will be ignored. •I want to start with the biggest Suggestion. *Nightmap* This suggestion will be hated the most, since I always see People leaving foggy and rainy Rounds, for a reason that I just dont really get. But I am pretty sure, some People enjoy it, for those who enjoy the more competetive Gameplay, this will be your Ultimate challenge. A completly dark Map, where you can barely see over 50 meters, only Lamps on the streets, in houses and on Cars light up the surroundings. The option to brighten the Screen will of course be disabled. Nightvisions in Airdrops only and a flashlight attachment for any Weapon such as flares commonly spawning buildings are youre only way to get a better vision. Since there would be a need of a few more Items this could be a big and timetaking investment that could also take a lot of time to be balanced. A lot of critism will be come in tho, from people that dont know they could simply leave the round to get another one. •The Nightmap would require a few attachments: •Flashligt attachment •Nightvision •Throwable: Flare •Landscape: Lamps on the Streets and Inside Buildings, able to shot them off for sneaky tactics. •Weapon Suggestion: The 500 Magnum Why are there no Secondary Weapons in Crates ? And why do many Players dont pick them up ? Well the G18C was a great update, with an extended Mag 25 Bullets and a full Auto mode is amazing, doing alot Pistol only Games with that. But why not motivate People to enjoy Secondary a little bit more ? Here comes the 500. Magnum into Play. The 500. Magnum is an really badass Revolver that hurts alot-not you enemys tho, no, it hurts you! In reallife the 500. Magnum is a Revolver with aaa looot of recoil, even Weaponfanatics on Youtube have troubles with it and complain how much it hurts to fire it. 500. stands for the caliber, a very very big one that can remove a Human Chest, you will not be able to find the Impact on the chest since it´s simply crushed all over the place. I say add it ingame as Airdrop with limited Ammo like the AWM and maximum 3 Bodyshots to level 3 geared player, simply ending any discussion with your enemies. A standard Scope on it like on VSS with 2x magnification, very very very big spread in noscope for the balance, ironic, in Reallife you would be scaref of using the sight since you could break youre nose. Recoil as hell and no Silencer add able. This would bring a very realistic Gun to the Game except the fact that you would be ingame dead with max 3 Shots on the Body, in reallife you bleed out very quick by a shot to the leg already, since If well aimed, the Bullet will rip it off completly. Sadly this is no a Joke. •Rangefinder Many people dont use the option to set up your Weapon for a specific Range, since they dont know how to calculate it accurate with the Map. The rangefinder coming in Airdrops will help you out! Since it would take a lot of time by now to implement another Weaponslot for a rangefinder, it will be more like a Scope, you aim at an enemy and it shows you the distance inscope. Simple and quickly added. •Laserattachment Adding a laser on your Weapon. Pointing at the Players Head will blind him for a bit. Decreasing ADS no Scope Spread. Found as rare as an 4x ACOG Scope. The Laser automaticly turn to On if in ADS (zoomed noscope), the bliding effect is limited to 25 meters, making sure it not get abused over hundreds of meters, since this attachment is made for closecombat only. Sunglasses could lower the blindingeffect but this is an advanced improvement and only semi important. Due to the lot of work that is going on at the moment with all the Cheaters all of the Suggestions shouldnt take to much time. •Different colours of Smokes. Make the Game more colourfull! •Different Ammotypes for Shotguns Some people hate it, some people love it. The Shotgun! In reallife there are Hundreds of Ammotypes: Glasspellets, Slugs, Firepellets with Magnesiumpowder and and and... Dont bring us Slugs, sniping Shotguns...No thanks. But Magnesiumpowdererd Pellets that look great when shooting, hell yeah. Google it, it looks awesome and can make your cloth taking fire. Ingame it will be very rare to be found with a very low chance of making the enemy and everything else burn for an of course shorter period of time then a Molotov and with less Damage. Its more to bring the shotgun Fans some more to play with. The balance is still a fact that shouldnt be forgotten. •More Scopes! Im not talking about more in mass, or higher magnification, I talk about different designs. There are so many out there, give us some change and chance to choose. •Picking up fired Arrows. Why not ? •Liveviewing Players can applicate to become volunteer Sheriff of the Community. In a 5 Minutes delay they get while in lobby invites to watch Games. Once they accept the invite they get into the Game with only the Map, no Playercharacter, one the Map they see every Player, they can click them to spectate. While spectacting a Player they can see like a Wallhack every other Player through Walls, sohow they can see if someone maybe use Cheats. Once they think someone is suspcious they can use the Video to send it to the Support, Tickets opened by Sheriff are in a priorized que and can be reviewed by employees that decide for any further step. Sheriffs abusing the Liveview can be banned. Thats about my Suggestions. Lets get to the Bugs. •Weapon through Walls. There is a Bug that let the Weapon stick out on the other Side of the Wall, if you are staying to close to it. "Dont stay to close than!" you say ? Wouldnt need to take care of that, if I wouldnt have the Magicpower to put things through walls. •Anticheat! *FairFight*I add that in the Bugsection, because it is clearly a Weakspot in the Game We have Battleye here detecting Software on your Computer that is made for Cheating. Sadly it doesnt detect most of the Cheats since there are to many so called "Privatecheats" out there, coded for around 100-2000€ for only a few Users to keep the User of a single Software small. Battleeye cant detect programs that are not known to BE. Sohow the "Free public" hacks get detected because of the big mass of Players using it, while the rare Users of privatecheats are so rare that this programs dont ever get detected as a cheat the bypasses are simply not in the blacklist of programs. FairFight is a well working Anticheat System detecting Cheaters by hidden Stats, known from Games like Battlefield 4, it counts any Shot you fire and calculate your Precision. The Gamedeveloper can add a limit of precision for each Weapon. An example: +35% Headshotrate with an Uzi on above 50 Meters, gets you flagged and set on a list to be reviewed, for an manual ban. The list will be updated by me as soon as I get more Ideas. For now, thanks for your Attention. Now go disrespect my work here to complain because you dont get that anything can get balanced. Please let me know if you have some Ideas too, I might add them to my list. Best regards
  17. I personally think they should rush this thing a bit. Just to get rid of most of the '... is cheating' reports. The player could verify if someone was following him for a few minutes while he was not paying attention or there was something really suspicioius going on, before spamming the forums. Hopefully an option to share the replay so everyone could take a look at the incident and make up their own mind. Take the 'report button' out of the game and add it to the replay function. This will stop players acting very emotional and just reporting everyone that killed them they did not see coming or just got lucky.
  18. Replay system features

    It is already known that a replay system is in the works for PUBG, but lets discuss additional features that can be implemented into the system. My suggestion is that there be a system added in the likeness of Evolve's end game system that shows an overview of the map that displays the movement of all players from start to finish. I think it would be rather interesting to see where everyone landed and moved about during the match. The attatched .gif showcases Evolve's endgame map.
  19. there isn't really much to say.... everyone that is using replay feature (which is like a shadowplay but for amd) is constantly crashing i did some searching and it doesn't matter the windows or specs, its crashing for everyone that is using it but it doesn't crash instantly. It takes some time, than the game stops responding and you have to force close it. after that happens you can't even reconnect for some reason
  20. So hello guys and developers ! I think that this options is super needed to this game... Because those situation when u was killed from nowhere is kinda often. And i bet it will be super interesting for player to see - how he was killed by the other player, from where does he saw u, ect ect ect. Those option already exist in alot of shooter games. Atleast it should be added for a solo survival. For duo/squad it can open the position of the attaker for your teamate. For example the guy just killed me from such spot, where he just could do it. And i got some decent fillings about this... mb he was a cheater, or mb not, and i play bad.
  21. The game needs something to help curb the paranoia of cheating. We've all seen it in all forms from instant replay of your death from your Point of View to the PoV from the player who killed you. We've seen killshot cams with bullet flyby, we've seen killer cams that lock on for spectate on the person who killed you for the rest of the match. I think you can take it a step up with PUBG. Full Match/Round recording and playback ability on match completion. It is simple to do this as the data is already being viewed by your servers, just collect it in a form that can be played back later. Once a match ends, offer a Match ID # so that players can then download the match that corresponds to the match ID #. Once a match is downloaded (it would be a text file, fairly small in size), have the ability to playback the match locally on the players machine. The player would be like a "god view" or Satellite Camera view with a panel on the left listing all the names of the players participating in the match. Each player would be represented by a green dot on the map overview if alive, yellow if wounded and red if dead. The left side panel info window of player names should begin to grey out the names of players once they die, players that are still alive should be white and be selectable to allow the view to "JUMP" into the players body and view the game just as that player did while playing. The viewer should offer control tools to fast forward, rewind, play, stop, pause and also offer a timeline at the bottom to be able to jump around to key events during the match. This type of tool would basically bring an end to cheaters as it would be painfully obvious to everyone when a cheater is playing. Everyone can view the evidence and decide if cheating happened or not before submitting endless false accusations on cheaters/hackers with your companies report tool. In addition, this can help players learn from others to get better. This is only a win and positive thing for the game. Please consider this request.