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Found 31 results

  1. Hi there, I have noticed a strange pattern that I wanted to let you know about. On the day of new patches (and sometimes the day after) I will experience multiple crashes during the first few games (5-6-7 games roughly) and it seems to me that the RCA for these crashes is that the Replay function is somehow active (even though I have it Disabled in the settings) so it seems the replay function "is made active" in the immediate time-frame after a patch is released. My PC is low spec and that is the reason for turning the replay function off in the first place and I can also see in the replay function that the replays are available for the games where I have experienced multiple crashes so that seem to be the underlying reason. (and in the settings the function is still listed as disabled) Just wanted to share that with you so that you are aware that it "seems" that the replay function somehow activates itself after patches even for users who have it disabled ahead of the patch.
  2. soaps67

    Characters disappear in replays

    Watching a replay of mine i noticed a lot of characters would vanish for a while, minutes at a time, and then reappear somewhere else. I even watched a character fighting, and then getting head shot by, a character that was simply invisible on my replay. It doesnt seem to be happening in game because the sniper battle they could obviously see each other, but ive seen people vanish while running or while fighting This was on sahnok tpp. Havent checked any other maps or perspectives

    leveling system

    Found this interesting tid bit on reddit and twitter earlier.
  4. I get that with the updates bringing changes to the game, replays will be rendered unwatchable eventually. That I understand. What I can't figure out is why we are never given any warning when a particular patch will wreck replays. As a PUBG video content creator I and many others live in constant fear that the projects we are working on will be locked away from us at any moment by a patch, and since patches arrive so often, It's nerve wracking having to wait until they download before being able to fire up the game and see if our replays are still watchable or not. Also, can we please have access to our replays even if the servers are down? It makes no sense having to be connected at all times just to watch a file that is stored locally on our computers. Either that, or let us rollback our game version until we can access the replays we're working on again. I've already lost two works in progress to sudden unannounced replay breaking patches. Please do something to stop this from happening again.
  5. reaperuk

    replay bug

    No longer shows name of player you are viewing, also many times will crash on trying to view death cam
  6. roboidiot

    Replay crashing

    Replay seems to be crashing today after earlier server issues. Tried it with two FPP games that were played / recorded today. The Replay function does work with games recorded 12 hours ago, i.e. last night. Generates the crash report, sent it.
  7. joshoyenbeats

    GeForce Replay Not Capturing Audio

    My GeForce Replay hasn't been capturing audio since the latest PUBG update. Anyone else have the same problem?
  8. Grafikstein

    PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch

    PC 1.0 Update #6 ~ Deutsch http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307926052 Eine Positive Bewertung sowie ein Daumenhoch wären im Guide erwünschswert. Aktuell haben wir eine Gewinnspielverlosung, zu Gewinnen gibt es Steam Guthaben. 1. Platz | 20€ Steam 2. Platz | 10€ Steam 3. Platz | 5€ Steam Wie kann man gewinnen? Ihr müsst den Rang 5 bei unserem TeamSpeak³ Server erreichen um automatisch für die Verlosung am 01.03.2018 teilzunehmen. Teamspeak³: ts.grafikstein.de Lg euer Grafikstein
  9. Os dejo una guía básica del modo replay que espero os guste! ya iré poniendo más cosillas según vaya grabando saludos!!!
  10. babayaga

    Replay Menu Damage Stat bug

    The Replays Menu has a glitch whereby when you scroll between the matches the damage per round info does not update, it keeps the field populated with the first selected round's damage metric. Vimeo Clip
  11. I joined a game and after loading into the airplane my client crashed. I relaunched then rejoined the game. Thankfully just as I was about to make it to the ground. Managed to Get a victory out of it and when I went to go check my replays nothing. I had 20/20 Replays with only 2 of them locked. Normally they just auto delete but I waited around even though I did get that Chicken Dinner. Still didn't show up. I doubled checked the Folder where they are saved and one it wasn't there. So the bug seems to be after a client crash, When the player rejoins the game the replay function will not record/save.
  12. HallowedGamer

    Replays Cause My Game To Crash

    I wanted to play a replay so I could record it. But every time I click play on the replay my game just crashes.
  13. Bug Description: Playing a replay crashes the application. Some replays crash it before showing anything, other replays crash at random points while replaying, but consistently at the same time point when replayed again. Date Seen: 2018-01-21. Server: During replay in the release version. I did not try the test server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I ran DDU to remove the graphics driver, then installed it again. win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.1.1-jan18 Other Information: Replays played with no issues with 1.0 release. I cannot recall with which patch the issue arised. Launch Options: No changes. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit, FCU, with all patches up to date. Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooling, AMD driver 18.1.1 CPU: Intel i7-7700K Ram: 16GB G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 PC4-32000 4000MHz
  14. mecks

    Replays just crashing game

    4 times in a row, now. It was working earlier today, so I assume this isn't related to the recent patch.
  15. Nikotoh

    Lost Replay

    Achieved my first solo dinner today (woopdi doo) with epic last battle but there is no replay available? I'ts been like 6-7 hours already, and the games after that come out just fine.
  16. Bug Description: Upon watching a replay, when going to a crate and hitting "I" (default button to view crate items), it shows the incorrect items. Once you wait for a bit, possibly until it gets looted or hits the ground, it shows the correct items. Date Seen: 1/13/2018. Server: Live, NA squad FPP. Troubleshooting Attempted: None. Attempted to recreate. It may be showing the previously viewed crate as they were identical items, but upon being looted it switched to the correct items (from Mk14 to M24 + other stuff). Edit: Confirmed it was showing old items. Recreated it multiple times. Simply go to the old crate, use I to view it, then right-click the map to the new crate and attempt to view it. It shows the old items rather than the new items. I can provide a video upon request, but don't feel it necessary. Other Information: N/A. Launch Options: None. System Specifications: i7 6700HQ, GTX 970M, 32GB 2133mhz ram, Win10, 950 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD.
  17. fakeinternetlaw

    [minor]Replay Dates messed Up.

    https://i.imgur.com/aGNdT96.png Bug description: If a user alters his pc's date/time it changes the replay files time stamps and can cause some issues, with sorting or even viewing the replays.
  18. Cześć! Jak pewnie wszyscy wiemy PUBG zapisuje powtórki z ostatnich 20 rozgrywek. Zapisywane są one na naszych dyskach lokalnych w lokalizacji: "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Demos" Czy istnieje sposób, aby odczytać pliki w postaci wideo? @PUBG_myshona__ Oczywiście można odpalić demo w samej grze i nagrać zrzut ekranu np. OBSem czy Shadow Playem. Szukam bezpośredniego sposobu
  19. Moneylefty

    sounds is bugged on replay

    hi! on the replay, my sound is not synced. this happens everytime. watching a replay, either my gun will shoot with no sound, then the sound comes a few seconds later. example:
  20. Hello i cannot figure why my game runs around 30fps when watching back my replays on the pubg replay system. When i play the game around 120fps. How can i fix this issue? Thanks for anyone that can help me out. Cheers!
  21. This is one of the known issues, I wonder if the devs planning to fix that? The crosshairs position are not accurate during replays and killcams, weird stuff going on, the crosshair is very far from its original place. It's completely harm your abillity to watch your gameplay and learn why you missed because the crosshair is just not in the original placeyou shoot at, looks like you missed the shots... Why they keep release features that don't work to the official game? I just don't get the way this company works...
  22. No need to elaborate I believe the devs are aware of this issue since it was discussed many times. In the replays the crosshair is off its original place, so you can't see how you or your opponent aimed. Sometimes the character looks directly down making other players think he cheated although it's just a bug. Please fix that...
  23. Nate Albush

    replays ending to early

    Just wanting to watch a replay even if i didnt get any kills in the game the replay ends way to shortly
  24. CrossbowCrossbow

    Replay shot delayed until reload

    Bug Description: I was trying to use the replay feature to figure out where some of my crossbow bolts were going. I discovered that unless the bolt hits the other player, the bolt doesn't actually hit the terrain in the replay until after I reload or switch weapons (or if I sprint for a while). To be clear, in-game, everything looks ok. But then using the replay feature, the shots are delayed impacting terrain. In the video below, the first clip I cut a few places to demonstrate the bug. The second clip is not edited and has one delayed miss followed by two shots that hit on-time, demonstrating that hits do not have this delay. Date Seen: 12/24/17 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: Multiple replays, restart game and try replay again. Other Information: None Launch Options: No System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) Graphics Card: NVIIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti CPU: i5-6600K Ram: 16GB I can provide the .zip file of my crossbow testing replay if that helps you debug, but it won't let me upload anything except images on the post.