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Found 37 results

  1. Okay. One of the most frustrating things for me in this game is the revive thing. I LOVE that you have a chance to keep playing with your friend if he or you get knocked out. I dont like how stupid knockouts are in houses, Teams camp upstairs and you shoot him 3 times in the face and he gets revived over and over again. Another I dont like is, that you often die so fast if you run into people close up. Your friend might kill them, but you are still dead. I thought: Why not remove knockouts. Give a team 1-2 mins to revive a friend. If that time has passed, hes dead for good. That will give your teammate a chance to clutch it. Make the revive animation last longer. 15-20 secs. Maybe limit the amount of times this is possible. So many teams leave early cause one died. This way you will keep the momentum going in the game. Just a thought.
  2. A Revive Kit

    Hello, As the title says, i would suggest a revive kit for duos and squads that last 15 mins into the game in which you can use it to revive a teammate that is dead after you have won a fight, because usually when you win a fight once you land and your teammate is dead and you have killed all members of the other team you have to exit the game and start a new one, on the other hand this revive kit will make it more enjoyable to fight early and gain control of an area on the map, but since you cant use it in the middle of the fight it will take you 30 seconds to revive your friend. Best,
  3. Stuck in revive animation

    My teammate got knocked out, I proceeded to throw a smoke on him and when he was at 1/4th of his health I went to revive him. The enemy kept spraying until he confirmed his kill on my teammate while he was being revived that's when I found myself stuck on the revive animation and I couldn't aim with the scope attached to my gun I only shot at third person while my character was stuck in the animation
  4. Revive Timer Display Bug

    has anyone encountered this bug where the person reviving can see the revive timer counting down, but the person who is downed isn't able to see the timer? just happened in one of my games and am wondering if this is something you've heard of or encountered. thanks.
  5. Make reviving smoother

    Can you please make reviving smoother? Sometimes I cannot for the life of me get the right angle when I am near a teammate, and I end up with a dead teammate. It would be nice if the area I need to be in in order for the revive to work was a tad bigger. Reviving is so much smoother in Battlefield games. It feels clunky and unfinished in PUBG at the moment.
  6. Instant death in Duo FPP

    Is dying without getting knocked outa thing with anyone else? This just happened today and it kind of ruined the match.. https://streamable.com/vbffi
  7. Downed characters have wayyyyy too much HP. If you're down for the count and bleeding out you shouldn't be able to tank twice as many bullets that put you down in the first place.
  8. Cannot Revive with weapon out.

    Pretty simple, I was unable to revive my team-mates until I holstered my weapon. This was annoying to figure out in the heat of a fight. Thanks!
  9. Can't cancel revive.

    I was reviving my friend and saw a player and when i tried pressing cancel it would just restart the reviving Process
  10. Bugged Revive animation?

    Date Seen: 07.08.2017 21:00 (9pm) Server: Live server Error Message: No Other Information: "Proof:" PICTURE Weird bug, happened to me the first time.. Troubleshooting Attempted: No attempts. Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -maxMem=10000 -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64 Bit Graphics Card: GTX 1060 6GB CPU: I5 6500 Ram: 16gb
  11. Revive bug??

    Just saved my duo partner, went for the revive, and it would not let me revive him. GG. RIP.
  12. Reviving didnt work.

    Hey guys, Bug Description: I am not sure where to post this (if i am doing it wrong please tell me, cheers), but it is still a bug i guess. Did not see this in the known issues thread and thought i have to mention it, since it wasnt a good experience. I was playing with my friend today. At a certain point in the game he got knocked out, then he went for cover behind a hill and I had to revive him. But as soon as i went to him and pressed the "F" key, nothing happened. On my screen the revival animation started, but in a split seccond the animation canceled by itself. (I hit the key like 15 - 20 times, nothing happened). On my friends screen he did not see any animations. And basically I couldnt revive him. We didnt notice anything in the game that could prevent the revive. I didnt take a screenshot, and i couldnt get a recording to show it. Has this happened to anyone else, who could potentially support this? Edit: I went to the how to post a bug post Server: EU Troubleshooting Attempted: No didnt do it :L Launch Options: I dont use any My System specs: Graphics: GTX 850m
  13. Just encountered this bug when u hit prone, just before u die to get cover but u still die and get stuck in the reviving state.
  14. reworking the DBNO and revive mechanic

    recently some issues through playing and making new friends and being more active in reddit and here, im noticing complaint about reviving. and, as i become a more aggressive player, i start to see why these complaints are coming up. right now, wwhen you are downed, you bleed out, and if you are downed again, you bleed faster, and so on, until you end up bleeding out in a matter of a couple seconds. as it is now, I dont feel this is good enough. im sure many of you have been in firefights where you just keep downing the same guy or two constantly, and you cant progress, then you find yourself against the wall, realizing this firefight has gone on too long, and all your mistakes become evident. or, maybe you are landing headshot after headshot, downing everyone you see twice, but unable to secure kills due to the position of others. this is especially painful in trhe very late game, where cover is limited, and wall RNG puts most at enough of a disadvantage as it is, and you can only outplay a group so many times before you simply cant output enough damage and close the distance when you are against too many people able to constantly revive eachother. I see suggestions like headshots dont down, to things like complex scenarios in which the game would even let you be downed. my suggestion is; being downed has a cooldown. something long enough to reward players pressing the attack, but short enough to not encourage or reward extremely passive play over other styles, and not long enough that you can only engage a couple times a round should you be downed and have to wait way too long for the cooldown. this could be done either by having the revive action itself being a cooldown, or the act of being in dbno had a cooldown. i would prefer seeing the DBNO be on cooldown, rather than reviving action, for this; in squad, a person could be downed 3 times successively, and be designated pointman, then swapped out with someone else, while the revive actions cooldown on everyone, whereas dbno cooling down would require that swap to happen right away, and better management on who is looking/fighting and where would be a bit more important. maybe both could have cooldowns, revive requiring maybe 30 seconds between revives, and dbno requiring a minute or so to be able to be downed again, otherwise you outright die. thoughts?
  15. Reviving problem

    Does this always happen? When you get knocked out while scoped in, then once you're revived, you get back still scoped in? It's best if you reset and go in third person.
  16. Stuck in back of UAZ after downed.

    Description: My teammate @Nomadand I saw an enemy as we were driving, we stopped, and as I was jumping out, it started rolling, it said I was downed by roadkill by my teammate who was not in the car and had gotten out like 5 seconds prior. After that, I was stuck in the back of the open topped UAZ and could not be revived, or get out to the vehicle. Bled out in the back. Seen:06/03/2017 20:30 Server: 2.3.30 666AEF Troubleshooting attempted: Tried to get revived by teammate. Tried slowly moving the vehicle. Other info: Experienced in open topped UAZ. Launch Options: None.
  17. Revive Bug

    I was simply trying to revive my teammate behind a wall ( we were on the same side of the wall of course) and it didn't work. No items under him or anywhere near that could've caused this issue. I have a video of it aswell if it helps.
  18. Can we have revive be more important than picking up items? Currently when you try to revive a teammate picking up items overrides the revive, so you end up picking up all the items first before you are able to revive your team mate. Which imo is kinda retarded, if it could be fixed that would be great.
  19. Unable to Revive a teammate over items

    My duo and I were playing a round and we were fighting a player in a house, I went in and got downed then my friend came in killed the guy but he couldn't revive me because I was over an UMP and 3 stacks of 9mm ammo it kept making him pick up the gun or the ammo but not me and I didn't have enough health to crawl out of any items. I don't know if this is a bug or if I should be suggesting there to be a prioritization of downed teammates over most actions but it seems unfair if my teammate was able to revive me but was not allowed because there were items under me. Thanks, Simbahart11
  20. negative time on revive timer

    This might be a game mechanic, but why would the revive timer go to -5 seconds? One of two teams left and died because the revive timer went negative and gas overtook us
  21. So I recently lost a match because my friend had tried to revive me after I got downed in a firefight. I thought there was an update to pause the revive timer when being picked up? Is this a bug or do later circles negate this addition to the game? Here is the clip:
  22. Improvements to duo, and killzone

    I think the game lacks in teamplay, not because there is no communication tools, more because the unability to split and flank by your own. "Why?! you asking, well, the answer is simple: REVIVE. The revive mechanic is not well implemented, the player sldnt be able to crawl around, and the only way to wake him up, should be using a medical item. and instead of giving us 30 seconds to revive, we should have a nice 3 minutes counter, and it CANT be put down, (i mean, is inmune in this timeframe) so we can actually help our comrade, and we are not so dependent of his company in combat (AKA be close, otherwise i dont have time to revive in the worst case scenario). If its done this way, the solo game play combat would be the same in duo, giving the players more flexibility. To counter this 3 minutes, the player that is down, should have a very blurry vision, so he cant be giving info to the other player in the meantime, and move even slower, plus the requirement of medical equipment, and a longer cast t actually revive him. About the killzone, i think player outside should have a debuff to their vision, more like H1Z1 were you cant see shit outside of it. (Always getting killed from the outside, by players that are so far, that they are actually dead already)
  23. Reviving is a pain

    Whenever you try to revive a teammate there is a chance it will just push your savior away and not allow him to crouch and revive.
  24. Changes to Downed System

    I feel like the Downed system that is in place right now is favorizing house camping way too much. So I thought about some fair changes: Mostly I am about to remove the crawl system as it is pretty strong. When you go down you just fall to the ground. You got shot 4-5 times now and you shouldnt be able to move anymore. When downed through a headshot you fall to the floor immediately. When downed through bodyshots you are able to crawl for 1.5 seconds before you fall to the ground. I have thought about the amount of time you should be able to crawl and I think that 1.5 seconds seems reasonable. When you get shot and there is cover nearby everyone would try to get to it with all his remaining power.