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Found 19 results

  1. rewards

    Hello I think we need something for winners of the season. My ideas: I would give TOP 3 players/teams unique skin or skin set with a sign: "S1winner" "s1top2" "season1winner" I really think there should be something to reward these good players and motivate other to try to grind What do you think?
  2. XP system

    Hi, could you add some sort of XP as well as the coins, so we can level up as i like games with this mechanic in and it makes it even better and feels better the more XP you get. Please add or leave feedback.
  3. Linked my twitch prime to my account weeks ago and never got my prime loot... IGN: Spartanise
  4. I won a game on NA servers, And then I did a screenshot and then I was kicked out of the session, after that I did not receive the credits. *(I'm not trying to scam, I'm just warning.)*
  5. Missing BP After Match

    On at least two occasions that I know of I have not received the BP I was to be given after returning to the main menu. The first time I missed out on 400+BP, this time it was 300+BP. I also see that I'm not the only one who has experienced this problem. Something tells me those of use who've lost out on BP won't be seeing any sort of compensation. Something else tells me that if I tried to buy a crate right now that I wouldn't run into any such issues. I'll keep an eye out to see if this gets fixed, but I don't have high hopes that it'll happen any time soon.
  6. This topic is about the Crate Drop Rates and the urge to balance what drops as well as creating a system that shows drop rates % of each item. With full understanding for Early Access and the priorities of development... For a long time players have been facing disappointing results regarding the crate system. The duplicates keep on showing up and there is not much of a fun factor to this system as of yet. We players can all agree that the tab "Reward" looses its meaning and slowly fades away in the depths of despair as the tab does not live up to its name. ( Great... another pair of the same boots, this is the tenth of the same shirt..." All I wanted was that skirt, the mask or "insert your most wanted item". ) There is no feeling of Reward going into that tab, more so disappointment and pain. Most players do respect the early access and phase that you developers are in, and I do believe we all understand that there will be more amazing stuff up the road. However I must urge the fact that this system must become more balanced than what it is and get a serious fun factor boost! When you get 10 pair of the same boots or in this case have an Early Access product with not so many items, please make sure that the players who love customization does not get the same items all over again. Some quick fixes can easily make up for that. Today drop rates is a great discussion across the gaming community from various top tier games and communities out there and there are many versions of crates and rewards which keeps the players exciting but also frustrated and disappointed. A great way of cooling down both disappointments and frustration is releasing and showing drop rates of items and balance what can drop in a set of time. It would be truly amazing if PUBG shows the player what kind of drop rate there are and what the chance is to get duplicates in the crates. To be blunt, as for now the crate system is neither fun nor rewarding. It is dull but also disappointing. I do look forward for more work on the Crate System and new exciting visuals. Developers, you have to fix a more balanced Drop Rate and SHOW players what the Drop Rate are and look over the the loot table so duplicates can become less of a problem. Turn the tables around here is what I ask, for a more excited and rewarding community. A great example of transparency is Grinding Gear Games, the creators behind Path of Exile. Recently they decided to be more transparent and that with great results, their player base is thankful to be able to see what drop chance there are in their mystery box. The studio also allows players to directly buy specific pieces of the cosmetics table which is great! If players get the opportunity to buy what they want directly but also have fun opening balanced packs, crates and boxes that are up to date with the drop rates, expect players to stick around and give developers more in return too. "You can not receive with a closed hand..." I repeat, please look over the Crate System, Balance the drop rate and let the good loot drop more often, instead of having it as extremely rare, because that only creates disputes and negative loops. I do not want this game to be a bad experience and neither do I think other players want to. Please be more transparent and release Drop Rates and let the good stuff drop more often from the crates and try your best to not let there be too much of duplicates! "There is a fine line between keeping players in the cosmetic chase of greed and disappointments and giving the players what they do want to wear and keep them excited to continue playing your game and look bad ass when they do and instead of poor and frustrated." Will the Crate system become a fun and rewarding experience or will you use it as a tool to fish for more money? It is up to all of us to decide here. I look forward to have PUBG as a great example to show the community that they care and give rewards to their player base and not leave them with headaches. Best Regards Zangie
  7. As the title suggests, I would love to see smaller rewards for the 2nd to fifth players and a bigger reward for the first player, apart from their chicken. I think it would add a better sense of achievement to the game.
  8. I had an idea for the gameplay in regards to clothing and character customization. Since crates are currently the only way to get clothing, I thought, what if the reward for winning a chicken dinner rewards you with whatever cosmetic/clothing items (excluding armor/backpacks/weapons, obviously) you are wearing at the end of the match. This would exclude care package only items as well, like the ghillie suit. It would essentially be an alternative way to gaining clothing items, as well as a lasting reward for getting a chicken dinner. Again, this would simply be whatever cosmetic items you are wearing, nothing with defense or attack benefits.
  9. Better reward system for earning battle points

    I think the reward system and the amount of battle points awarded for certain things should be improved. Like, I came in the top 20 and only got 100 battle points. Yes, I got 0 kills, but I think this is still an achievement worth being rewarded for, as it still takes skill and time to get there. I just think there should be some sort of reward system depending on what position you came, as this better reflects a player's skill than just how many kills they got imo.
  10. Reward Crate - Repeat Items

    Bought my first reward crate for 700BP and received a red t-shirt. Played some more games and bought another reward crate for 1400BP this time, but received the exact same item, a red t-shirt. So now I have 2 red t-shirts. And do they sell for anything? Sure, 20BP. So I wasted my points on the same item and can't even get the points back. Kinda lame.
  11. Sorry for my bad english. Well, the title says everything. After purchasing the 4th crate my next one was the crate level one, and not lvl 5. I was thinking it's a visual glitch so I purchased it and the next one. After rebooting the game I still have the duplicated crates lvl 1 and lvl 2, making me lose my ingame currency and ending with 2 duplicated items. Now my next crate to be purchased is the crate lvl 3(another duplicated, and i can imagine when i purchase this one the game will make me get the lvl 4 again.). Could you guys check my account and delete the duplicated crates giving me the ingame currency back? And ofc making the next crate be the lvl 5 and not the lvl 3. would this be possible or do I need to purchase everything over and over again in a infinte loop?
  12. This has not been really helpful to me and there is no one out there to come and help the people who are victims of this kinds of bugs and problems, i have not even played a game after this bug as i refuse to make myself work double the effort for what i have already done. I hope that this bug/problem can be fixed as soon as possible if not i have just wasted my money on a game that does not even care about customer feedbacks and services.
  13. Reward Crates

    You earn money by playing matches and killing people. You can save that money for reward crates. I just purchased the $2800 crate, and received one dirty tanktop. C'mon! Can those rewards be a little better?
  14. Reward box bug

    Hey there, When you buy 2 reward boxes in a row you only receive 1. I was saving points to spend once the weekly reset came up last week, and then I bought 2 boxes right away, but I only received 1.
  15. Reward crates cost 7000bp

    Is it the same for everyone or the crates are bugged for me? i have to pay 7000 everytime i want to open a new crate while my friends got their crates price reseted, to 700, 1400, 2800, 4600, and reset and so on. Its so weird.
  16. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, is that all?

    So im not a good player by any means but ive managed somehow to grab a few wins in various modes, yay me. The issue i'm having is - the games are chaotic/tense/addicting, i love it, i manage to fight, steal & sneak my way to a win, my heart's pounding, my hands are sweaty but ive done it. The win was hard fought through maximum effort but it was all worth it for the......battle points? Thats it? Not even enough for a crate to get a new/dirty t-shirt, surely that cant be the only reward? It leaves me a little deflated.
  17. Wrong Reward Chest Number

    Hey there, after the servers were down yesterday my reward chests were set back to the 1st one for 700 coins. I directly tried to buy it, which didn't work, therefore I tried to spam the button for some time Today after logging in I had 1 pioneer crate in my inventory but when I check reward the the reward chest now costs 7000 coins and is set to the 56th! So far I only board 4 in total therefore I would love if you could check and set it back
  18. Not Receiving Reward Points

    Just bought the game, have played 3 games so far, it gives me the window that says how many points I have received for that match, but when I go back to main menu I have 0 Points.
  19. Bought a reward crate, was unable to open it, now its disappeared? Seriously annoying when you save up for them, and pretty much the only thing to build up and buy at the moment so when it just disappears on you.... If a dev reads this, any chance of getting it back please?