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Found 5 results

  1. Can we have the option to hold right click to aim down sights instead of just clicking it once? Every other PC shooter that I've played behaves that way, and it feels much better to me. Many other players also want to see this added to the options.
  2. I'd really like to see the weapon your holding take priority when you right click an attachment. It's pretty annoying when I have a scope on my rifle, hear a guy coming up to me, right click my red dot... only to realize after I close my inventory it went on my pistol or secondary weapon. It's not a HUGE deal, as you can just drag attachments, but I'm lazy and that's a lot of work.
  3. Please give us a feature to bind the scope directly instead of dubble tapping on the right mouse. I always keep missing enemy's due too clumsy missclicking in the heat of the battle. Even beter would be to make it a toggle.
  4. Hello mates, beside the game having huge performance issues i have some Problems with zooming / scoping. No matter if i am in first Person Mode or third Person mode, i always have to double right click, to zoom into my scope. On a single right click, the crosshair just will be smaller. What do i need to do, to change that default game setting? Ist there any config file, where i can change that? Thanks for reading and may responding
  5. Hotkey Aiming iron sight n zoom.

    The amounts of times iv died because iv held right click for half a second to long and did a small zoom rather than going to sights is insane. PLEASE Can we get a hotkey to change or flip what right click does? Hold to sight / tap to zoom and vice versa.