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Found 89 results

  1. Teamspeak Server mit Alters Kategorien

    Hey zusammen, ich habe einen Teamspeak Server erstellt, auf dem man Mitspieler für Duos und Squads finden kann. Das Besondere ist, dass man in verschiedenen Alters Kategorien suchen kann (ab 12, ab 16 und ab 18). Ich denke das ist ein sinnvolles Feature. Wenn sich Mitspieler finden, dann wird sich der Server auch schnell vergrößern. Es werden in diesem Zuge dann auch Moderatoren gesucht. Also kommt vorbei und findet nette Leute mit denen Ihr dieses tolle Game zocken könnt. IP: Grüße der Rugen
  2. Hello, I have a problem with the game. I cannot connect to the servers. Whenever i join matchmaking i get stuck in loading screen and after a while it says "connection timeout 2.5.39". My PC is pretty much high-end and i dont have any problems in other online multiplayer games. Its pretty frustrating and i kinda wasted my money on this game so far. I recently moved so it has to do something with my network, but since i live in a dorm i cannot really access much. As i said, all other games work perfectly fine so im wondering whats happening here. I hope you guys have some ideas
  3. Server Locations

    hi i was just killed by a player on the OC server i joined. when i tried to look him up, he wasnt found, but he was found on the AS server. and he has zero playtime in OC servers. can you explain how the servers work for my region and if you pair with other servers? that seems problematic for me with the ping (ms) to sydney at 45ms, all others are 4-6x slower than that which puts me at a distinct disadvantage. regards
  4. Crash Report on Test Server

    Bug Description: I was playing a match and received the "Network lag detected" message. Eventually I was sent back to the lobby and received "Connection timeout." Server: 2.5.39 - BCCA4B Date Seen: 8/10/2017 Server: TEST Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 X64 Graphics Card: GTX 1060 CPU: Intel I7 6700k Ram: 16GB DDR4
  5. Potato server

    What is the difficulty of this company in releasing an update without giving a problem? EVERY UPDATE gives some server problem. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT A PROBLEM EVERY WEEK THAT SERVER IS OUTSIDE?
  6. Bug Description: I was playing a match and received the "Network lag detected" message. Eventually I was sent back to the lobby and received "Connection timeout." Server: 2.5.38 - D341D0 Date Seen: 8/9/2017 Server: TEST Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: None. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 X64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  7. Kurze Einweisung in die Server-Welt

    Hallo zusammen, durch einen YouTuber habe ich mir das Spiel schmackhaft machen lassen. Jetzt habe ich es gekauft, kann aber kaum spielen da alle Server immer voll sind, schon spielen oder nicht starten. Ich verstehe den Filter nicht auf welchem Server man spielen will und welche Art Solo, CoOp nachdem sich eh nichts ändert. Ist das noch im Entwickeln oder verstehe ich hier was verkehrt? Grüße! side note: (der einzige Server der dann funktioniert hatte war mit einem Zombie-Mod was schrecklich langweilig war. Am Ende haben 12 Zombies überlebt und man musste das Spiel händisch abbrechen da eh nur noch Zombies übrig waren)
  8. I've seen more server crashes in the last few days than I recall seeing in the entire month before that. This is getting ridiculous.
  9. I was playing a duo as in the lategame the game freezed for me and my m8 followed by a big lag and the message in the screenshot. DUO EU
  10. Hello, In attempting to find the cause of the unacceptable amount of latency issues I have had with the game from day 1, a trace route revealed that PUBG is hosted on some Amazon AWS space. Now, this got me thinking: Is this really the best solution for PUBG? Now yes, Amazon does have a dedicated game server service for their AWS service, but how much does that help the game? How much does a general, "one size fits all" solution work for a game genre that has had only 3 big titles to it so far (DayZ (which was a mod at that), H1Z1, PUBG). Now sure, for testing purposes, AWS is a Godsend. I've used AWS during my internship to test custom cloud-based solutions before, and it works wonders, but the fact of the matter is, is that unless all of PUBG's servers are actually on their own private network whereby all gateways only take PUBG traffic, PUBGs servers must therefore share traffic loads with other servers that themselves may also be game servers. As a result you get additional latency that could otherwise be avoided with other solutions. I would stress that it is unlikely that PUBG get's it's own network to itself, because it would seem quite economically inefficient to allocate mass blocks of network space to somebody who won't necessarily consume all, or even most of it. That being said, I don't do IT for Amazon AWS, so I have no way of knowing for certain. Therefore, I have to ask: Why not just buy your own servers? Sure, it'll be plenty more expensive to do it yourself, but your QoS would see a healthy boost, as you wouldn't have to worry about sharing bandwidth with other people, and you could potentially have more smaller servers distributed in more areas around the globe. Even if some price somewhere for players was increased, considering I'm by know means the first person to talk about latency issues, I'm sure people would understand. Lastly, to tie this all together is this: If you are going to release a game, even in "early access", you should know better than to release a game whose core released mechanics have very bad latency issues, whose storage R/W requirements are above your average player base, and then hide behind "but it's early access". That is an excuse, and a poor one at that. I would be willing to bet that most players would rather see a higher quality game later, than a poorer quality game early. If you are having lag issues due to the amount of rendering, than drop the render distance (make use of foggy weather), or at least give players a slider to do so themselves. "Early access" means a "what is out now should be free of major game-breaking bugs, and any major game breaking bugs that do exist will be given highest priority and fixed with released patch ASAP, and latency is at a minimum for most gameplay situations". Minor bugs like the broken pump shotgun reload sound are perfectly normally and to be expected, as they are of low priority, but when I drop into the island with 'melted' low-res buildings with half-functioning collision boxes such that anything farther out isn't even rendered meaning I may as well have wall-hacks on, in addition to driving through walls, and falling through bridges, the game feels less like "early access" and more like "I'm a dev discovering that in my current build, I fucked up the collision meshes and need to fix my mistakes now" If anyone working for Bluehole/Enmasse is still reading to this point, as an IT technician, if you plan on making proper dedicated servers so you can have some proper QoS, I would be more than happy to take a position in your company. As much as I have to complain about the quality of the game, I am more than willing to help fix it as best as my skill set can.
  11. I've been having this problem for the past 3-4 hours where I can't join a game (I click play and it says matchmaking failed) and I'm unable to see my BP and inventory, as well as through Steam. I've tried restarting Steam as well as changing the location of the server that I'm on from Steam, but that hasn't worked. The inventory also doesn't show up on my phone as well.
  12. I have been trying to understand some of the issues in the game, in particular the rubber banding at start of match and Server Too Busy errors etc. Not sure if I am correct but from doing some basic trace routes it appears that when you join the game from any region you get linked to a USA based server (I am in Australia) which I am guessing is the main server that stores all character items etc globally. So I am guessing that this is due to the loot tables, vehicle spawn location tables etc all being stored centrally (and possibly BattleEye?). Then when you go into game you appear to hold the link to this server and once everything has been "spawned in" the connection to the centralised server seems to drop after the first 2 to 3 minutes. I often notice at about the 2 minute mark there is a noticeable rubber band event that may be as the global server "hands over" fully to the region based server. If this is close to being correct then maybe in the future it may be possible to have a main connection server in each region so as to remove the pressure on one centralised server and the lag at the start of the match and the Server Too Busy errors may reduce.
  13. Firstly, I wanted to apologize for my English, I'm using google translator Two days ago I have problems getting into the game, so I start PUB is on a screen with the following image: After waiting a long time and nothing happens, I click on refresh and the following screen appears: Even after waiting a long time, updating the page appears the following message: My game is already in this version, I already did integrity check that did not find anything wrong and still continues the "errors". And after updating I often get to play but when the match is over and I go back to the lobby it's the same story.
  14. Pessoal comprei hoje meu jogo e não consigo conectar a nenhum servidor. Sempre dá esse erro: Tempo de ligação ultrapassado. 2.4.24 - O que pode ser? Instalei o jogo num HD particionado que não é o do sistema será isso? Já desativei AV, já reiniciei, já fiz de tudo e nada. Segue o print em anexo.
  15. Sever Lag Not Fixed.

    Still having an extreme amount of lag does not look like anything has changes since the patch. please revert patch maybe test it on the test server for a few days before you go live. as for now the game is now unplayable.....
  16. хотелось бы что б добавили сервера в нашем регионе . на европе не мозможно играть . я живу в Белгороде у меня логает пиздец . бегаю двери через 2-3 сек токо открываются стрелять уже не говорю . персонаж телепортируется в доме . пиздец у меня сил уже нету. это не игра а мучение получается .
  17. So I've been playing PUBG for a while now only 50+ hours. The game had no problem with connection, everything ran smoothly. Now I get insane amount of rubber banding making the game practically unplayable. This started about a week ago and has not stopped. It's on all servers that I have played on including US and EU. I also get an occasional message saying something about error connecting to server but never kicked out. It has led to a lot of preventable deaths. Please Help. I have the same ISP and plan.
  18. The Ark - Servidor de Discord latino Muy buen día a todos, con el motivo de poder conectar con otros jugadores latinos les comparto un link a un servidor de Discord el cual tiene como propósito chatear/encontrar jugadores para las partidas (No necesariamente solo PUBG pero si principalmente) con el motivo de poder compartir ya que como todos sabemos la mayoria de estas comunidad estan en inglés y no todos los latinos se sienten cómodos hablandolo. El servidor "The ARk" (Por decir un lugar centralizado) recien creado actualmente cuenta con algunos usuarios activos pero queremos introducir mas compatriotas a que se unan y entre todos crear una experiencia amplia, limpia y amigable con el tiempo basandonos en las reglas de comunidades externas de PUBG: Aquí les dejo el link para que se unan :
  19. My friends and I are pumped about this update, but we were just discussing the lag/frame issues that were the same as when we played on the test server. Would it be a good idea to keep the update on just the test server for a week or so, work on major bugs/glitches throughout that week or however long it takes, then actually release the update so players arent stuck with all of these issues? Obviously the game is still in pre release and will have issues as all games do, i'm just curious to see what others think of this.
  20. Hi, there is the error "Verbindung verloren. 2.4.24 - (BC3D27(sometimes))" (German) almost everytime i want to join a game. I've tried everything i've found so far but i nothing worked. I can search a game and the loading screen comes up. Then in fewer cases i actually join a game or often the message from above comes. Picture attached. Fludched
  21. Connected Waiting For Response....

    When will they finally fix the potato?
  22. Hi, me name is Dominik Korčák and live to Czech Republic and owner gaming project Inspire-Gaming.cz. I wonder if I can get server for our players? This amazing game. Thank you in advance for the reply Regards, Dominik 'jAk3r' Korčák - Owner | jak3r@inspire-gaming.cz | | inspire-gaming.cz |
  23. Hallo, ich wollte hier mal meinen Discord Server vorstellen. Dieser Server soll dazu dienen, eine relativ einzigartige Community aufzubauen (Kein pures Matchmaking). Über einen Namen, Motto, und Logo wird abgestimmt, sobald eine gewisse Anzahl an Mitgliedern erreicht wurde. Streamer und YouTuber können es sich auch bequem machen! Konkrete Regeln werden hier momentan nicht aufgestellt. Es wird eine gewisse Reife gefordert, d.h. jeder sollte wissen wie er sich zu benehmen hat! Keine (Ernst gemeinten) Beleidigungen und rassistische Aussagen. Hass ist hier nicht erwünscht. Störendes und negativ auffallendes Verhalten wird nicht geduldet (z.B. Spam) Schwarzer Humor darf gerne sein, bei dem momentan geforderten Mindestalter (16 J.) sollte ein Fehlverhalten ausschließbar sein. Das heißt, es kann ruhig lockerer und privater als sonst zugehen, solange Nichts und Niemand dabei zu Schaden kommt - Es handelt sich schließlich um eine (teilweise) geschlossene Community, nicht um ein öffentliches Forum. - Im #general (Voice-)Chat könnt ihr euch über alles mögliche unterhalten, wie der Name schon sagt. - Unter #spielersuche könnt ihr euch als Duo oder Squad zusammentun und die dazugehörigen Voice channel nutzen. - Informationen zu Spieleupdates und Serveränderungen findest du bei #neuigkeiten . - #fehlerbehebung könnt Ihr zum Lösen technischer Probleme nutzen - Sollte jemand mit o.g. oder Sonstigem nicht zufrieden sein, kann derjenige sich in #vorschlaege-und-wuensche beklagen. Eventuel wird eine Lösung gefunden. Es werden keine E-Sports Teams aufgebaut, deshalb spielt euer Können hier keine Rolle. Musik- und Moderations-Bots sind ebenfalls vorhanden. Je nach Erfolg wird der Server vergrößert und sich mit mehr oder sogar allen Spielen beschäftigen. Momentan ist ein Mindestalter von 16 Jahren benötigt - Änderungen stets möglich. Ich selbst bin 18 Jahre alt und mitten in der Ausbildung, deshalb eher Abends aktiv. Da dies alleine doch etwas viel werden kann suche ich noch einen oder mehr Partner, also: Wer Lust hat beim Aufbau und zukünftiger Moderation des Servers zu helfen, oder einfach der Community beitreten will, kommt über folgenden link auf den Server: https://discord.gg/FXpJjSY Ich werde mich so schnell ich kann melden und alles weitere wird dann auf dem Server besprochen.
  24. Menus Unclickable

    Bumping this issue because the other thread isn't getting any attention My menus are unclickable except the three buttons in the top right. I've tried everything on my side to get this working again; Re-installing, verifying cache, changing options in game. Nothing is working. I have a feeling this is something to do with the servers going down earlier but I'm not sure. An official response or help to this would be appreciated
  25. 60hz tick rate

    @Hawkinz When is planning to move tick rate to upper value like 100 or 120? http://battlegrounds.gamepedia.com/Frequently_Asked_Questions_(FAQ)#Servers.2FGamemodes: