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Found 42 results

  1. I live in the middle of the United States, but for some odd reason, the game is continuing to default my choice to AS servers and not NA. This didn't happen a couple weeks ago, is the game not detecting IP's correctly? Perhaps something to do with IPv6?
  2. Hey Forum Users does anybody else have the problem that the automatic server selection is pretty fucked up ? When I wanna press "Play" everytime I get out of a game or start the game the Asian server gets selected for me, and when I go into statistics the NA Server is selected first. (I play EU normally) I think this should probably be fixed right? And to my second problem as stated above the Asian Server is auto-selected for me, because of that I played 2 Games on the Asian Server by accident. While that's not really an issue in itself I did luckily win both games there (both with 13 Kills) but the weird thing is that the calculated K/D Ratio is displayed as "0.00" and I get a very low rank. Don't get me wrong I don't care about the stats or my rank or what not but that doesnt seem right does it ?
  3. Hi Me and my friend can't connect to the PUBG servers it's always saying connection closed And it's not that the firewall is blocking that because me and my friend played PUBG for a wild and we didn't have any problems and suddenly it happend to both of us we live in the same country so maybe its something with my country cause I don't hink that the servers are down because them the forums will all be filled with "PUBG server are down?" and more Thanks LavaTime
  4. Basically they are saying South America doesn't have enough players to implement FPP. I say this is not the truth and they are analysing the data wrong. A lot of people from SA play on NA servers because we don't have FPP and sometimes for others just because SA servers are terrible potato machines and they just play on NA servers any time without even test if SA servers are good or bad in the moment. Please, analyse this data carefuly, I also payed for this game and I also want to play this mode on my server without the huge disavantage of high ping. I see this situation as a totally disrespect because for many people play on NA servers means a no go because the ping variation could go from 240ms to 400ms. Like I said, this is non sense, we also payed for the game and right now we can't have the same features that others enjoy for months already. I hope this time some mod answer.
  5. FPP in SA Servers

    I'm asking it because it has been too long and anyone from BlueHole gave us any clue when FPP would come to SA Servers (and all the others). Plus I have to say this is starting to get disrespectful since we also bought the game and we can't experience the same features. I just can't play in NA anymore, the lag spikes and the 250ms+ makes the game impossible to play at a fair manner and it drives me crazy. Also, for those who says: "This is early access, be patient" I say WE have been. But almost 2 months to do it? I wonder if the game will actually be released at the end of this year. I hope you understand my point.
  6. Hi Devs, Ive just read a news article about cross plat form being an options and the hesitation of mouse and keyboard vs controller. Its thr typical debate that had raged for ages in weather cross platform is viable or not. Im here in support of cross platform regardless of the competitive differences. I'd love to play with a freind on an xbox or ps4 from my pc as a squad. If its a concern from the greater public about the difference would it just be an optional setting on PC and Console? Cant there be match making options quickly added that allow for the ability to join just PC, just Console or Cross platform at the click of a button? This gives the flexability of a freindly game knowing full well as most do that PC keyboard assists. Id bet my son would give mody PC players a run for they're money with his XBOX controller. Counter strike for example has a setting that restricts joining servers with greater then x ping. Could the same flexability not be added to redtrict and choose the server type your open to joining? Love to hear from other people about an additional option being added that gives users options to cross platform.
  7. So I just glanced at an article that was all about PUBG sales and total revenue. Ok, good, the game is succeeding. MASSIVELY. Can you tell me why the games servers are still absolutely abysmal? I've grown tired of how terrible the servers are and with hit reg in general. No reason the servers shouldn't be stable, 128 tick beasts at this point. You have the resources, PUT SOME MONEY INTO THESE GOD AWFUL SERVERS. Tired of ghost shots, misrepresented hits/misses, and just overall shoddy gameplay. This is the #1 problem I have with this game and it is by far the most important thing in any game. Lets spend some of this cash guys. Otherwise, your game will die out. People are already getting super annoyed by this and it destroys the experience of an otherwise fun game. This is unacceptable at this point, and to think you release crates that can only be opened by spending real money. Take care of your game first, then worry about all that pointless crap later.
  8. As you know the servers are limited to some regions. The reason why I am making this post, is because the south african community of this wonderful game is growing. I am beginning to see more and more posts of south africans that are saying that the PING is proventing us from playing or buying the game, and in some cases this is true. Not all of the players has a High speed internet. So that mean not all of us get a ping of 150, but 200 or more. We have a few large companies that host permanent servers. Such as Mweb. So all I am asking is to think about this suggestion. And at least give me a confirmation that this is good plan or not. This will not only help us , but for you as well, because the community will expand and more players will be likely to buy the game. (I used a ping tester to show our ping on EU server, Because it is our nearest servers). Thank you, Bumblebee041
  9. Hi Can any of the devs give me feedback as to whether I can host public servers for South Africa
  10. Can't connect to the servers.

    Cannot connect to PUBG servers. I'm not the only one who is experiencing this problem. My friends from Ukraine (Odessa) and the United Kingdom also have the same problem. In case you need my location, I live in Russia (Moscow). By the way, I also couldn't connect to PUBG test server yesterday and today. This screenshot was made a minute ago.
  11. Hey there! I'm JokerOmen - a really big fan of PUBG. Altrought I didn't liked the idea of the paid crates, it made me a lot of money, so I put some effort into farmint BP's to get more crates. Well it gets harder, when you have 2 kills, and then out of nowhere, the game drop you these: My only problem is that, what compenstaion do we get, for still remain with the game, even after nasty accidents like this? I think we, thinking costumers are overcome the part when we just shrug, and say "Let it go it's only Early Access" - we still paid for it, and I don't like to play, for nothing. Every time I hit "Ready" I'm ready for the chicken dinner. I waited a bit, to the end of this situation but then I got an error, and went back to the main menu, without the option of rejoin. Hope you'll fix these, becuase now, I'm one step away from my chicken dinner
  12. Connection Timeout 2.4.24 -

    I can't join a game because everytime I search any game, I get this problem. I've tryed all the recomendations from the developers and still not working. When I search for a game the logo appears in the screen, stays like this about 4 min, and then the error: Connection Timeout 2.4.24 - Please fix it as soon as posible
  13. Streamsnipers getting banned

    Hi im not sure where to put this in the forum so here it goes... I recently saw someone getting banned 7 days for streamsniping. Although this is great dont you think banning the person from that server he was streamsniping on would be punishment enough? That way the still could play pugb but on a different server. Other servers than NA in this persons case. Open for discussion! Trouble.
  14. I'm really thinking of getting this game but i usually play Overwatch with a high ping (170ms), it sucks but its playable. now since there are no Winstons, Lucios or Mercys (dont need much aim) in this game i need to find out how this game performs with players with a high ping if there is anyone who plays with a high ping. I know i could always just buy and get a steam refund if it doesn't work out but figured maybe someone here can save me the trouble. Thanks
  15. Хотелось бы задать пару вопросов по поводу нового худа но как я понял темы нету. Это скриншоты уже предстоящего патча или же концепты ? Если же это скрины то частично изменена цветокоррекция ? Так же есть вопрос относительно русских серверов. Проблема заключается в отсутствии вендора хостинга или же в малок коммунити ? Наиграл достаточно много часов чтобы чувствовать пинг игры из за которого частенько прилетает за деревья и тому подобное, хотелось бы получить больший хороший экспириенс от игры но пинг часто играет свою отрицательную роль в этом (оптимизейшон не считаем так как гейм дэвы работают в этом направлении)
  16. Greetings from Soviet Russia

    Greetings from Soviet RussiaI want to express my gratitude to all those responsible for this game: THANKS!) How do you look at opening servers in Russia? What about binoculars? I would like to be more responsive ... Change the position of the character (different poses), for example as in ARMA 3 And the most important proposal (wish), how about the regime, or the opportunity to resurrect (after the final death) their teammates? Many times I went to the lobby, after at the very beginning of one of your teammates were killed, after an unsuccessful prize
  17. Dedicated servers

    Dedicated servers I would love to see dedicated servers added, it would allow for plugins, roleplay servers, higher loot, more pvp, more weapons, ect.
  18. finally we have an new update guys!! like for real, they added a new weapon and an awsome animation, where you can do flips in the air. Seems like we are going for the new gta her, uknow with all the stunt montages on youtube, people coming home from work just to have a good time doing stunts on pubg, while im sitting her waiting for the "pimp my car" pack, so i can show off my car ingame to all the stunters. okei enough of the fun and to the actuall topic of this post. why would they even use their time and money on this updates, when what we really need is an update for the dsync, lags, and the high speededcircle. they literally dont have servers that work, so instead of fixing the servers they add new weapons to the game! this doesnt really make any sense. its like have an broken engine on your car, you see the oil leaking, and instead of fixing your engine you start fixing the rims, your mirrors and the bodypaint, i mean why have an car thats fancy when you cant drive it ? I can see they are taking a beer down at the office to say it that way. anyway i will give this game a try when they fix the servers.
  19. Your servers are absolute trash

    The last two games have been horrendous with lag. First one I die to a vehicle running me over 10 feet to my left. The very next game I am in a vehicle, see a running player, go to run him over, push him 10 feet which spins me out and he proceeds to kill me in my stalled vehicle. Never have I ever had such a experience with servers such as these. Before you do anything else to the game, fix the servers!
  20. Are there any US East servers?

    I have been wondering this since the game came out, but I still haven't gotten a straight answer yet. Are there any US East servers in the game yet? I know that is an issue H1Z1 struggled with for a long time and since there is no way to show my ping in-game, I'm not sure if the latency I've been getting is due to the core engine bug the devs have been talking about or if it's also due to high ping due to no US East servers.
  21. Is there a Latinamerican server?

    Hi So, that's my question Is there a Latinamerican Server? Is it in Brazil or Chile? You guys, those from Argentina, how much ping/ms do you get while playing? Thx for spending your time reading / answering.
  22. I think this should be high priority right now instead of adding different colors to cars or adding new guns , i go behind a cover and in the next 2 seconds that i am behind cover they guy is still hitting me like WTF is this ? desync of the servers should be fixed ASAP before anything else.
  23. EU servers

    I think EU servers have more input lag then US server, i'm playing from EU but connecting to US i found the game less laggy

    Im sure that if you PUBG mod/devs limit the player on maps like 60-70 players,there will be almost 0 lag,so why dont try that in some day and see the feedback ?Keep up the good work,gl !