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Found 44 results

  1. Camaxide's PUBG Graphics Guide

    I've put together a graphics guide with the current early access build. Graphics options are likely to change and get richer with new releases, so the guide will be updated later. The guide shows the same view, comparing all the various graphics settings, with their impact on graphics, gameplay and performance. If you want a quick recommendation scroll to the last page and use either my recommended settings for competitive play, for casual play - or better yet, go through the guide and make up your own personal opinion on which settings suits you better. The guide is best viewed fullscreen, and shuffle back and forth between the slides to compare the settings. Please tell me if anything seem wrong with the guide, or if there is anything you might not understand in it. Enjoy >>> Download Camaxide's PUBG Graphics Guide <<<
  2. Hi everyone, We are the two people behind ProSettings.net. As some of you might know, we are huge shooter fans and so it has been long overdue that we do our research and analysis on PUBG as well. But first, let me tell you what we do: ProSettings.net is a resource for people who are interested in finding the best settings and gaming gear for competitive games. We research the settings (like sensitivity or DPI) and gear (like monitors, or mice) of professional players and analyze them. You can see an example of our list of CS:GO Settings here and analysis here. Now, we are doing the same for PUBG as well. You can find the PUBG Settings and Gear List here. But first we must gather data! This is still just a work in progress. So we really appreciate your comments. Is there anything wrong with the data? Are there any important players missing? Let us know! Please feel free to leave a comment here or contact us on Twitter @ProSettings Thank you so much. We want to support PUBG as much as possible. Just loving the game right now.
  3. Clear keybindings in settings

    It would be great to have a clear keybinding option in controls so that if you messed up a keybinding or want to get rid of a keybinding, you can just clear it instead of clicking DEFAULT or completely changing all key bindings or putting the same key binding twice for the control.
  4. Graphic Card VRAM Usage

    I think they should display the amount of video ram you are using in the graphic section of the settings, some people may not find this helpful/useful, others do and I think this could help people with graphics as they will be able to see how much is being used of their vram and whether they have enough or not.
  5. Problem with the mouse

    I have a Logitech G502 and i can´t appropriate in G6 and G7 button. Can you fix that. Ty
  6. FpsCameraFOV influences mouse sensitivity

    Changing settings from 80 for FpsCameraFOV influences mouse sensitivity in game only. This bug need to be fixed as soon as possible, please.
  7. Settings can not be saved

    Hi guys, in the game, The graphics, control or game settings can not be saved. I have to make the settings again every time. Does anyone know any solution for this problem? Thank You!
  8. Controller Bindings Won't Save

    Since this morning, the new update allows the game to recognize controller buttons and be keybinded. For example: After selecting a bind window, if you press the B button on an Xbox One controller, it will register as Controller Face Button Right. The problem is, after setting all my bindings the way I'd like, when I hit Apply nothing happens. The apply button will still work if no controller buttons were binded. Restarted the game a few times, but I can't get the Apply button to save my bindings. For now, back to the Steam Controller Configurator, I guess.
  9. Every time I start the game up it resets the graphics, audio and basically everything back to default. if anyone has any help on a fix it would be much appreciated.
  10. When I try to go back to the default settings and hit "Apply" it doesnt do anything. Even when I hit "OK" after that I go back into the settings then there are a bunch of keys that arent assigned. This is frustrating because I cant move or do anything in the game except look around with my mouse as I am stationary. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. When ever I click the in-games settings button, my game lags, as well as my computer.(The mouse lags as well.) Whenever I'm in a voice chat it will lag as well. Hopefully someone has a solution to this. Thanks
  12. Hi, Just started playing the game and I'm having a blast, but I would like to use my controller rather than my keyboard. I've tried with the default in game binds but I cannot find a list of what each button actually does. Is there a list of which button does what action or has somebody made a optimal bind setting? I realise I will be at a huge disadvantage and this isn't how the game should be played etc etc but I would like to play the game like this. Any input is appreciated. FightMe
  13. Before the config. file was made to be unavailable to us for alteration, I set the file to be read-only ( which may or may not be the main problem ). When the 2x scope was added in, it is set to a value of 50 by default. I want to set it to 25, but the game would not save that setting so I have to do it every time I start the game. When I searched for a solution on the web, all that comes up is a solution involving the config file. If there is a solution that I do not know about I would appreciate it if I were to be notified, if not, this really needs to be fixed. So far, I tried: Uninstalling, browsing properties and permissions, ran in administrator, messing with settings in game, setting it to default. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
  14. Controllers Apply ERROR

    well, when i play PUBG , i tried to use my ps4 controller to play PUBG. it worked for a minutes . then suddenly i can't control it anymore. then i switched to my keyboards then this happened i tried to open settings > Default > Apply > OK . Then , i open my settings again then i looked the controller setting then it changes to red blank again . then i opened my PUBG files then Open "Engine" Then "Config" Then delete the controller.pdv . then the controller stills red blank, and then my controller.pdv is gone too just bought the game yesterday :'v and can't play . and im scared if i reinstall the PUBG then the controller is saved by the profile not the games files. and can't play forever
  15. Addition of an in game console

    it would be nice to be able to change setting faster on the go without having to open the freaking setting menu. just a little thing I think we could all appreciate even if we didn't all use it.
  16. Cant apply sensitivity changes

    So i couldnt find anything about this anywhere so im posting this here. all my ingame sensitivity settings are set to 50 by default, but i find that a bit too high when im trying to ADS close range. Anyway, when i try to change it, the "apply" button grays out and i cant press it. Sorry for my poor english anyone else experienced this or know a fix or why this happends? i have a Logitech g502 gamingmouse if that matters.
  17. Pointer Issues

    I started up the game with the pointer reading a great deal to the right inside the game. The further right it is, the less accurate it is. I can't even access the settings options from the home screen. When I tried doing it in game, I was able to restore all the settings to default, but now it is running higher settings than I wanted. When trying to adjust them, clicking on the graphics qualities and screen options does absolutely nothing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and restarting multiple times. Even when opening it on the test server, I am still encountering the same issues. This also effects gameplay as accurately changing weapon accessories is nearly impossible and picking up loot is a challenge of its own. It operated perfectly fine until today and I have no idea what to do
  18. Volume/Sound settings

    Help me pelase. Which volume / sound settings would be good during streaming, playing
  19. Bug with settings

    I'm currently experiencing an issue with trying to change my settings in game. It isn't actually allowing me to select the setting I want. For instance when I click on the drop down box for My Voice it will begin to automatically start selecting the most bottom option until it stops at Mute. I'm unable to click on anything else because it'll go immediately back to mute.
  20. Guten Tag, bin ich zufällig der einzige bei dem das Problem auftritt, dass sich nach Neustarten des Spieles die komplette Configuration wieder zurücksetzt? Das heißt alle umgestellten Controls und Grafikeinstellungen werden auf Standard gesetzt. Habe bis jetzt leider noch keine Möglichkeit gefunden dieses Problem zu fixen. Es lieft auch für 120h Spielstunden ohne Probleme und plötzlich lies sich nichts mehr speichern. Hätte jemand eine Idee was man insbesondere überprüfen oder einstellen könnte?
  21. Settings Reset

    I've tried asking around, but it feels like no one else has this issue. Every time I enter the game I have to redo all of my settings because after I close out of the game, they reset. It would be great if this were fixed because it's feels like I'm constantly redoing my settings.

    Simple question, why the hell do my settings keep getting reset every single time that I launch the game? It's very frustrating to have to go through and re-apply all my settings and keybindings EVERY TIME I LAUNCH THE DAMN GAME!!

    Hello Team, I wanted to report a glitch I had today when changing my my old monitor to my new 21:9 monitor. Seems like it is caused by the shadow as it ran perfectly once I set the shadows on LOW resolution. I know that your team is already aware of this issue with AMD, however I have never seen that yellow glitch before I thought it could be helpful for the future 21:9 Resolution optimizations. PC SPECS: OS: WINDOWS 10 64BITS CPU: i7 4790k GPU: AMD Radeon 200 series RAM: 16GB Regards,
  24. when do they optimize the fps

    hello bois, ive got around 40 to 70 fps average on the lowest settings, are they still optimizing the game so we can get a good amount of fps? Operating System: Windows 10Graphics Card: msi amd radeon rx 480 8gbCPU: fx 9590 5 gbRam: 16GB greetz
  25. Маленький FPS!!

    Доброго времени суток, я обладатель как и многие далеко не слабого компа, помогите с i7 7700k - gtx 1070 И у меня постоянные траблы с FPS в игре, может кто знает какие-то настройки игры через корень игры, или ещё что-то? Буду очень благодарен кто поможет!